Books and Abstracts

Here are some Books and Abstracts free for download written by Ian A. Wilson. They are in PDF format.

Had a dream where I was Flash from the Justice League.

Had a very cool genre specific lucid dream today which was not only visually stunning, but had some very intense experience psychological effects.  What made the dream specific to a genre was obviously influenced from watching Justice League and I took on the roll of the Flash.  It had Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, so how cool is that?

The villain in the dream was an alien plant that uses mind control and it took over a 12 story building.  Why I know it was 12 stories?  I had to climb through each set of stairs to reach the top to get to the heart of the plant and it wasn’t easy with it’s mind control powers.

At the start of the dream, I was hanging out with Gal Gadot as Dianna and we were all in casual wear at some restaurant.  The restaurant was very nice and I started to realize that I was dreaming because of the company I had in the dream.  I looked at Gal obviously anytime you see someone in a dream you know you will probably never meet in real life it’s easy to make that reality-check needed.

Here I was sitting at this table looking her and started to clue in that I the only reason why I would be at some restaurant hanging out with Gal was because I was dreaming.  I didn’t want to change the dream and decided to just go along with it.  I realize that I am not myself, rather I am playing the role of Barry Allan aka the Flash.

The idea that I am in some super hero dream was very exciting.  As we are sitting at the restaurant, pandemonium starts to break out with cars starting to drive crazy and people running down the street.  I’m looking at it all unfold through the window of the Restaurant.

Unknown at the time, the pandemonium was caused by the mind control effect of this alien plant, and police and civilians under it’s control were attacking people who were not.  I get up with Dianna and as we run to the door, we transform into our costume and head out to the street.  She has her shield and sword, and I am wearing the same flash outfit almost a perfect simulation of the costume from the movie.  My transformation had the nice flash lightning effect, it was wicked.

I blast down the street, and disarm some of the police who where randomly shooting at civilians.  When moving fast, I could see the bullets moving slow and could dodge them easily as everything in the dream moved in slow motion during the Flash effect.

Once we get the chaos under control, we see this building which has this massive plant growing from the outside moving all the way up the building.  Branches and vines have also grown out from the building and of course at the top was this massive alien looking flower.

Dianna fills me in that the plant is causing all the chaos using some form of mind control.  She tells me I to head to the top of the building while she attacks the plant at it’s roots.  When I enter the building through a fire exit, it opens to a stair well.  I think I’ll just race up the stairs in a flash but it was about to get really weird with the plant now using it’s mind control.

I make it part way up the first flight of stairs and this powerful emotional effect hits like a sledge hammer.  It’s all very psychological causing a sense of total powerlessness and despair, I collapse into a crawl feeling this powerful emotional force.   It was a very unexpected and interesting effect because of the intensity of emotionality.  From hopelessness and despair plus the sense of total debilitating powerlessness it was hard to even move.  I had a nice chance to look at the carpeting on the stairs while I work through the plants brutal influences.  Very hard to describe how the dream affects consciousness while simulating the powers of mind control but I worked through it by realizing that it was a dream which is probably cheating because once I regained lucid control the plant no longer had an influence and I resumed playing the role of the Flash because  who wouldn’t how fun.

I make it up to the last floor and at the top there are all these people under the plants control.  This man asks me what I am doing there and I tell him that I have to stop the evil plant and he was all like, that ain’t gonna happen.  Pulls out a syringe and goes to strike me with it, but having super fast powers again, I just move out of the way and do this dash past everyone blocking the way and again really great special effects with lightning.  I stop and look back at the mind controlled zombies as energy is crackling around my body and smile.

Need to note thought at this point I was also very conscious about constructing the effects which is interesting in terms of dream mechanics.   It was like I had to layers of thought, one being the first-person effect of the dream and the second being the dream itself where I was creating all of it’s environmental effects and settings.  At the first layer I was the avatar acting out the role, but at the second layer I was creating the dream content at run-time.  Found that split in focus to be very interesting as if both my conscious and sub-conscious were available to me the dreamer.

It was time to deal with the Alien Plant, except it didn’t turn out as I expected.  I was at the heart of the plant and tried to do an attack not factoring in the plants mind control power.  Being closer to the flower part this effect was even more powerful than at the stair well.  It hit me as I lunged in for an attack.  I was instantly crippled worse of all the alien flower head was like one of those insect eating plants that have stalks with glue that fold around the insect.  Imagine these gooey plant tentacles enveloping you while you are rendered completely powerless.  The end result, the plant ate me and that caused me to wake up.

Not the desired ending to the dream but it was so visually spectacular and fun I can’t complain.  Have to wake up at some point.  May as well be the moment before digestion kicks in.

Buddhist Monks have been appearing in my dreams recently here is the latest.

Lately, I have been having some dreams with Buddhist Monks appearing as characters.  I don’t always have the luxury with time to write my dreams down but woke up early enough to transcribe tonight’s dream.

Before the Monk appears, I am doing all this work on a server through a linux terminal and was having problems with parsing a file using a command called awk.  The problem wasn’t the syntax, I had the code down pat rather it was the fact it was a dream and basically didn’t resolve the command properly but was great to be able to read and program.  Those who say you can’t read in a dream might be because they never developed the skill properly.  I’ve read entire books.  Reading for me is common.

When I left the computer I see this Buddhist Monk standing by a large window looking outwards towards a city.  There is a large channel with boats floating on the water.  It’s night-time so the city looks lively with lights shining through windows.  The realism of the dream was such that one would think it was reality again a quality of dreaming that has always inspired me to pursue this alternative reality experience of the night.

I know I am dreaming and now seeing yet another Buddhist Monk in my dreams having had other dreams nights prior the theme is by now apparent and I walk over to him.  He is wearing robes, his head shaven and like all the other Monks I have been meeting he is Asian.  I tell him, “So it is all a dream eh?” (yeah I’m Canadian).

He looks at me surprised, and to make it a little more challenging his English is not very good.  “What do you mean?” he asks.

“I saw you standing in my Dream and thought it would be nice to talk about dreaming with you.” I tell him.

“You mean this is a dream?” he asks.

“Yes, it is indeed a dream.  But the dream doesn’t stop here, I wanted to talk about all reality being a large unified dream.  Even the physical world is a type of dream world.” I tell him.

“I don’t know about that.” He replies.

“Really?  You don’t think the physical world is could also be a type of dream similar to the one we are having right now?”  I ask.

“How do you know this is a dream?” he asks and we sit down to talk.

“That’s easy for me, I usually always know I am dreaming.” I tell him, and I pet the soft cloth of the couch arm I am now sitting on.  “Sure, it has a quality of realism that makes it difficult to realize but all of what I am seeing to me is highly-organized thought.  This couch, the patterns, the texture certainly feels real but I know what makes it real is the underlying thought that programs the dream.”

He looks at my hand patting the arm rest.  He seems confused and uncertain but interested.  “How could the physical world also be a dream?” he asks.

“Like this dream, it is also composed of the same thought that is creating this setting.  It has evolved over time  in such a way to create a type of deep immersion where the dream becomes masked with continuity and persistency but the underlying mechanics that drives it is a unified field of consciousness using this type of dreaming as a highly evolved programming language.” I tell him.

I’m not sure if he really understands my metaphors and again seems very uncertain and confused.

“Look closely.” I tell him as he is still looking at the arm rest.  I cause the textured pattern on the arm rest to start to animate and it reveals the hypnagogic mesh.  “See, the underlying texture of this couch is all geometric fractal information.  This is what produces space within the dream.  It is like a computer graphic in many respects.  Hypnagogic fractals are part of the meshing system.”

His eyes widen in shock watching this change happen.  “How are you doing this?” he asks.

“Easy, this is a dream.  Very easy to change or influence.” I reply.

His eyes start to flicker and he goes into a blank state processing and processing.  I have his attention now but then he fades out.  The effect was interesting because his head expanded perhaps the dreams way of saying mind blown.

I was kind of bummed that he left because I wanted to pick his brain more but he didn’t really seem to offer much in the same tangent of conversation that I was aiming for.  I spent the remainder of the dream playing with some very friendly and loving animals who enjoyed being petted.

Not sure why all of a sudden there is this Buddhist theme in my dreams, each time I’ve been kind of schooling the monks on the nature of dream reality and its relationship to the larger universal dream we are having.