Video on Precognitive Dreams, Deja Vu and Deja Reve

Here is a youtube video I created where I discuss Precognitive dreams, deja vu and deja reve.

As promised in the video, here are the images from the photographs which show how I changed a precognitive dream when lucid, and how those changes came true causing a triangle to form on this persons forehead. This is photographic evidence of changing precognitive dream content when in a lucid state during sleep when the dream content is precognitive in nature.

Original Images as seen in video”

Close up of developed image

Contrast enhanced of developed image

Grey Scale of developed image

Close up of Polaroid

Contrast enhanced of Polaroid

Greyscale of Polaroid

Written account from the perspective of the person in the photographs

  • Tamra

    You’re speaking my language! I started having precognitive dreams in 1988 after taking college algebra, which I think may have flipped some switch in my brain. That led to what seemed like OBEs and lucid dreams by 1993. I learned the WILD technique to get OBE/lucid. I hesitate to just call it OBE, even tho it feels that way when I’m lifting up, because I’m not 100% convinced I’m actually leaving my body. After years of writing down my dreams I began to wonder if I could have a lucid precognitive dream as well, since they seemed to occur separately up to that point. On 1/22/95 I had a lucid dream where I was standing in my grandmother’s rose garden and an old man with suspenders was smiling at me. Since I was lucid I asked him who he was and he said, “I’m her daddy and I’ve come to take her home”. My grandmother passed exactly one year later on 1/22/96. This is just one of I don’t know how many…. But hey, it’s great to find someone else who is interested in this stuff!

    • YouAreDreaming

      That’s fantastic. They are very profound experiences which certainly paint a different model of the nature of reality where by we can see a relationship between the dream world and the waking world in a very literal sense.

      Consciousness during sleep is the only way to go. More people need to understand being conscious isn’t just about waking up but also about taking control during sleep and learning/growing from the opportunities presented there.

      One day perhaps we will en mass. Thanks for sharing.