Brian Whitworth

Dr. Brain Whitworth, Ph.D., Information Systems, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Information and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand has written several papers related to Virtual Reality theory.

When I read Brian’s paper entitled, “The Physical World as Virtual Reality” it really struck a deep chord with dreams and how the brain already naturally produces virtual reality in the form of dreams.

Not only was Brian’s work compelling in describing an alternative theory as to what the “Physical World” could be, but it synchronized with everything I knew about dreaming from a mechanical perspective.

Brain’s work into information processing and computation has practical value both in real world applications and how the brain processes and creates it’s own virtual reality experiences in the form of dreams.

We have chatted over the year through e-mail and his theories strongly influence the virtualization of dreaming found in my book. There is no question the Brian’s work is valuable and very important in understanding many of the underlying mechanics of “Physical Reality” and even “Dream Reality”.

Here is a link to all of Brain’s papers: