Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake is a British born author who has written two fantastic books: “The Daemon: A Guide to your Extraordinary Secret Self” and “Is There Life After Death: The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die” (also known as ITLAD).

When I was first introduced to Tony, I had no idea who he was, or what he was about.  When I read ITLAD, I found many of the concepts quite intriguing.  What I appreciated the most was Tony’s keen sense of science and theory as he progressed into the underlying workings of what he called the “Bohmian IMAX” which greatly inspired my interests into human perception as a whole.

I joined Tony’s brilliant Forum back in 2008 and started to get to know this Author.  Over time, through his many forum posts I began to become more inspired to share in the ideas and concepts that he also took great interest in.  My desire to write my current book came from Tony’s influences.

It is quite likely that had I not met Tony and had the opportunity to share and exchange ideas on the scale that we have, my current book would not have been realized.  His work is one of the key contributions to striving to stick with scientific facts and embrace the value that science offers in terms of understanding the more difficult problems of consciousness and reality theory.

Tony is currently writing three more books, and I recommend everyone joining or at least checking out his forum at:

There are few times where you can meet someone as genuine, intelligent and brilliant. Meeting Tony was one of these times. He is a true thinker and an Author that everyone should become familiar with. His work is truly cutting edge and of great value.

It would be Tony’s forum that would lead me to meet Dr. Art Funkhouser.