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Example of Cultivating Consciousness Through Lucid Dreaming like Inception

I recorded down a lucid dream that provides some real-life example of extending time showing how we can cultivate conscious experience through dreaming as I published on my blog with the article entitled, “Dreaming a ‘Century of Time’ During one Night of Sleep.“.
The movie Inception plays on this concept but in real-life practices, we can extend the perception of time during dreams. I hope to provide some real-life examples of this on the blog.

I gained about 2h 20m over the clock time. Recorded as much detail as I could.

Lucid Dream – July 26, 2010

Time To Bed: 5:30am
Time When Awoken: 7:20am

Time required to fall asleep: ~30 minutes.

The Techniques
This is the WBTB method using MILD to prepare myself to have a lucid dream. My intent is to cultivate extra time; possibly share a dream and be fully awake and aware during the process.
You can read some lucid dreaming techniques on my blog entitled, “Lucid Dreaming Techniques

I set aside the following concepts: Ego, Fear, Expectations, Sexual Desires and lesser desires, belief in time, belief in physical body, belief in physical law leaving all of these concepts with physical systems so that while in the dream state only the raw experience can go as unfiltered as possible.

The process of falling asleep.
As I start to fall asleep, visual imaginations seem to happen nearly instantly. I start to see in a 2D window view people walking, I am not even physically asleep yet and unable to engage them in a full-Spectrum 3D dream environment.

Hypnogogia then emerges. I look at the fractal pattern. It is a repeat fractal of triangles that have a clear black triangle and blue triangle creating the pattern. They form clouds and rotations. I am becoming more relaxed.

The hypnogogia morphs into dream imagery, I visually click into a field where I dump a pot of soup into some flowers and some ladies are angry at me for doing so. I am still falling asleep but my sense of vision is completely involved in this imagery.

I click back to the hypnogogia and semi-awaken state. Audible sounds emerge, I hear my wife calling for me. This and the visual patterns confirm that key indicators of lucid dream success are nearly imminent.

My body drops off, I go into complete darkness for a second emerging in a car.

The Lucid Dream

The dream starts and I am sitting in my black 2006 Saturn Ion holding the steering wheel. I am a bit confused and bewildered. I wonder if I am drunk or stoned because I am not thinking clearly. I decide that I better pull myself together before I drive.

Looking out of the window, I see a lady who has a semi-automatic rifle and she aims it at a house and shoots. I am in shock at this. Then I realize that I am in proximity to what could be a psychotic woman with a gun who is going to go on a killing rampage.

I notice some people start running towards her and she is now walking down the street. She turns and shoots at them, they scatter and I start my car. She is walking towards my general direction but not looking at me yet.

Now I am fully awake and alert but not aware this is a dream quite yet. Fearful for other people instead of driving away, I decide I must make any effort to stop this woman before she kills anyone else, even if it means I die trying. I take a deep breath and with my resolve I step on the gas and point my car right at her.
She notices me and takes aim but I am moving and ducking left to right as I drive and this throws off her aim. She seems to be holding her ground and I have the car pinned. Now the Saturn doesn’t have the best pickup speed and this is very well portrayed in the dream.

That said, she just opens fire and I slam the car into her sending her flying over the windshield and roof. I speed around a corner and take off.

My inner though asks me, “You just hit a woman! You might of killed her.”

Then start laughing, realizing I am dreaming. “Yes, she got what she deserved, she was on a rampage.”

My inner thought then asks, “You know you are dreaming now, would you have done that in real life?”

“It is tough to say what happens in circumstances such as these, I have a lot to live for with a family but I know that I am capable of taking action in an effort to save others.”, I reply.

I look at my hands holding the steering wheel, the detail of the car is perfect. I fully realize I am dreaming by now and decide to drive the car back to see what the end result is. When I get there and park partly on the sidewalk. There is nothing there. No people, nor the woman I shot at.

I don’t expect there to be, I decide to go with the flow. My daughter who is 12 is there. She is special needs. Has a long list of complications from brain-damage at birth, down-syndrome, autism and pervasive learning disorder. I wonder if we are somehow mutually sharing the dream. I decide to treat it as if that is the case.

I walk to her and take her hand. It feels like her hand, the same textures and size. I am very aware of my tactile senses. I look at her and she smiles.

“Looks like we get to hang out in a dream?”, I tell her.

“Let’s just go for a walk to the beach and have some fun, how does that sound?”, I ask her.

She nods.

I wonder just how she may interpret dream data. I imagine that she is quite capable of dreaming in the same vivid spectrum of detail that I am experiencing with her. I am very curious and happy to have this opportunity to be in a lucid dream and simply walk with her to the beach.

As we walk I tell her that I don’t want her to limit herself here. That she is still a very special person that has the same freedom to grow and be limitless. She just looks at me smiling and walking in her complicated walk that she usually does.

As we walk, I decide to tell people that this is a dream in the event of any mutual exchange is possible. It seems every time I am lucid I cannot dismiss this opportunity having had mutual dreams in the past.

People don’t really seem to respond to well. I stop a couple and tell them they are dreaming and they just tell me to piss off and walk away. There is this african lady and I hear her say, “This is my dreamworld, not yours.”

“If this is your dream, then I really want to talk to you.”, I reply.

She ignores me and continues walking, “If you are dreaming, let’s talk about this dream. I want to know more about what you think about it.”

“Just go away, leave me a lone. You are not real!”, she tells me.

“I am real enough to talk with, let’s just chat about your dream.”, I ask… but it’s too late she vanishes leaving the dog she was walking bewildered as it looked around for her.

My interaction with her caught the attention of a person who seems to be an amputee. He is probably in his 50’s, a bit weathered looking and he angrily yells at me, “Get out of here, no one wants some crazy person bothering them!”

I walk over to him, “This is just a dream, there is no harm in talking with each other.”

He seems to respond to the dialog and replies, “This is not a dream, you crazy son-of-a-bitch! Get out of her before you piss me off!”

He pushes me with his one good arm and I let him.

“There is no need to get violent, you won’t be able to hurt me even if you tried.”, I explain.

“You wanna make a bet? You don’t think I could kick your ass?”, he yells.

I calmly stand there looking at him knowing I am dreaming and I laugh, “No, you couldn’t hurt me even if you tried. Go a head, hit me if you want.”

He pushes me and grabs my arm and I don’t resist. “You won’t be thinking this is a dream if I bite your damn finger off!”, he yells.

I laugh, “Go ahead, bite my finger off. This is a dream, I will prove it to you.”

He is a bit shocked that I am not resisting, not afraid and allowing him to just do what ever he wants. Angry at my claim that this is a dream, he sets out to start to bite my finger. He bites into it and it really does hurt. I can feel his teeth press the flesh of my finger against the bone. This is a rare sensation of bone; I seldom have that much tactile clarity but regardless of the pain signal, the detailed realism of the event. I stand resolved that I am dreaming and know it’s no big deal, I let it continue.

“It’s ok, you can keep biting the finger clear off if you want. I don’t mind. It’s starting to bleed and I think you really need to bite harder.”, I tell him as he is kind of crunched forward holding my arm gnawing on my finger looking up at me from his side profile.

I just enjoy the experience, I look at the blood now running out where the teeth join my finger. In frustration, he lets go and I show him my hand. There is a bite size loose piece of flesh in the middle of my index finger. Instantly I heal the finger and all the blood disappears.

“There, it’s good as new, this is a dream this should be your first piece of evidence.”, I tell him.

It seems like his mouth is sore and he has loosened some teeth and one of them starts to fall out.

“You teeth are not falling out, this is another very common dream experience where we construct a fear that our teeth are falling out when in reality you are fine. Don’t give that too much attention, this is a dream. I assure you.”, I tell him.

He looks at me amazed and bewildered. “It can’t be a dream! It’s real!”, he tells me.

“Dreams are real, when you are able to observe them. They are a kind of dream reality.”, I point at the sidewalk and cause the concrete to start to reveal a hypnogogia mesh underlying the concrete.

He looks at that and it really gets his attention. “Oh my god, this is a dream!” he yells.

“Enjoy the dream, and tell all your friends.” I tell him as I then take my daughter’s hand and decide that now is a good time just to enjoy our walk on the beach. I was satisfied in trying to connect with others.

We walk down the beach and the sand feels nice. It’s a beautiful day. I could see the Ocean. We were walking on a sidewalk that had bricks laid down with a concrete rim. There were people sitting on the beach, some had lawn chairs, others towels.

I just walk in silence with my daughter and just enjoyed our time. I wondered about dream objectivity and if she in any way is actually with me. Having had mutual dreams I do not doubt that possibility but then wonder how on Earth could she ever tell me. She can’t speak in real life. This produces an impossible realization that in no way could I ever know; she couldn’t understand or confirm a mutual dream. I muse on these thoughts as we walk.

After a while of walking, she disappeared. .

During the walk, she disappears. I decide to go look for her. I walk back the way I came, past the finger biter who is still there looking at his hand and clearly in deep thought. I walk to the place where I first met my daughter and enter an apartment building.

I walk around the hallways for a while and it’s like a maze, I feel a bit lost so decide to use the elevator. At first there is only one floor on the elevator; which makes no sense. I press the button and the elevator just opens at the same floor. The reason for this is I am loosing awareness that I am dreaming.

When the button’s change again to a new set and I hit a secret basement key labeled “F”; I do a reality check and realize I am dreaming again. I stop and just observe the dream. I examine the stark reality of it.

The elevator door feels like real steel. I see my reflection in the grainy steel. I look up and see a black widow web with insects stuck in; there is no spider. This causes me to remember many dreams I have had where very aggressive and exaggerated spiders have attacked me. I laugh about them and know not to project such thoughts into that web.

I simply observe the details and how clear they are rendering. If I didn’t have a keen sense of dreaming there is no question the overwhelming realism that presents itself would certainly make me think otherwise.

Here I am, in this lucid dream experience and so far it’s been a lot of wandering around and although interesting and fun it seemed to lack anything purposeful. I decide that I want more from the dream then just details and environments; that is never going to change.

I have been in e-mail communication with a few researchers. There are two that I have spoken with that I thought if in any way I could induce a mutual dream amongst us; that would prove to be one of the more interesting topics in our e-mail exchange.

I focus my intent and then focus on them. Perhaps dragging two into a dream is a bit much but I feel the effort of trying is far more important then not. The first obvious problem was I was stuck in an elevator; or at least thought I was in an elevator.

They were not present so I would have to try to summon them here. I started with that tangent and focused on their names, even saying out-loud that I want to summon them to my dream. I focus and call out, even stick my hands out but all this does is cause the texture of the elevator to swirl into hypnogogic meshes.

I completely remove the elevator and all sensory details away by focusing; soon I am in a void where there is no details. Just emptiness and swirls of energy.

I get mental impressions of them in the void. There is white light flickering in a vertical mirage, it seems to move and fold on itself. Everything is in flux and I lose focus.

I emerge out of the void at my home area. There is no sign of the people I want to share dreams with; I cannot expect that my effort is the technique that could be used although I realize this is a very difficult task. I should be happy that I was even able to try at all.

There are people I know around me are there so I resume engaging people in efforts to tell them it’s a dream. The problem is and I realize it, is how would I be able to verify that it is a mutual dream without sounding like a complete weirdo in real life.

I decide that the reward would be if I could help them gain some insight that they are in a dream world should my telling them; and the objectivity exist… then that is worth an effort.

Anyone I know or recognize I tell them they are dreaming. One runs away from me and runs into the house. I follow him up a flight of stairs. He was carrying some boxes into the house; then he returns but this time he is invisible but the boxes are not. I watch as these boxes float as if carried by someone down stairs. The detail was really fascinating to watch. It was very surreal and also helped me stay centered in awareness that this was a dream.

The inside of the house is not what it looks like in reality. I know my friend lives here so I call out at my friend. “I’ll be with you in a minute, I am just upstairs”, she yells.

“That’s ok, I just want to let you know that this is a dream!”.

She doesn’t answer back and I decide to explore this strange surreal house. I walk by a crib and I look inside and see my oldest daughter from the previous dream sleeping in there with a blanket I recognize.
I look at her and she changes to my youngest daughter, the 18 month old.

The focus causes the dream to shift yet again, and now I find myself in a hotel room. There is this attractive blonde woman in the dream. She has long flowing locks of blond hair, really nice make-up. She has a nice sized set of boobs on her and over all is quite a sexy woman.

I am not centered and she is talking to me as if she is my girlfriend. She hits on my and wants to have sex, I tell her I am not interested. “Why don’t you want to make love to me! Am I ugly or something?”

I look at her up and down, she is very attractive but I realize I am dreaming. “No you are very beautiful, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to have sex with you. I am just not interested.”, I explain.

She gets angry and throws a couch pillow at me. She storms into another room and I sit on the couch and just relax and go with the flow. I re-affirm that I am dreaming and look back to see her changing. I can see her panties now, she is bent over and I shake my head. It was quite nice to see but I reflect on how happy I am with my wife in real-life and how great our sex life is.

She doesn’t believe me when I tell her that even in my dreams I do not cheat on her. This is yet another example of just how tempting that can be. The girl dresses up in a cow-girl outfit with this really tight and short pair of shorts. She has a belt with two revolvers on it. A bra with a vest that is open with some tassels. Everything is white, she has a scarf and a cowboy hat and boots. Finally a whip.

It was like a scene in a movie with the perfect woman standing there, holding a whip dressed in sexy role-play fantasy wear. I swear that when I looked her up and down, wind even tossed her hair. It’s the kind of dream you wish you could at least snap some pictures. But that said, my intent on not having sex in a dream clearly was being tested.

She walked over to me and I told her the bad news, “You look amazing, really amazing. I love the outfit and the whip just tops it off. You see, I’m married”, I show her my ring, “And I don’t really know you. This is a dream and I don’t want to use my dreams to fulfill sexual fantasies when there is more important items on my mind right now.”

She doesn’t like the bad news one bit, and this doesn’t stop her. “You don’t like the outfit! Just tell me you don’t like it and I will change! What do you want me to dress up as. I’ll do anything you want. Anything!” she pleas.

“I admit I do love everything, its sexy and you are gorgeous. I love the detail it’s like living breathing artwork, and I do love art.” I tell her. “I’m just not feeling it.”

She changes again, this time into a mechanics outfit. I really don’t know what kind of sexual fantasy I would want with a mechanic but that said, her big boobs and nice body certainly made this the best looking mechanic I have ever seen. I kind of digged on it.

As much as she wanted to have sex, I really was genuinely not interested. It’s not that I couldn’t… clearly the opportunity was in front of me. All I had to do was engage the fantasy and fulfill what ever desire. Except there was simply no desire. I clearly remember my intent and know that this might just prevent growth opportunities.

She was really upset and I gave her a hug and told her she was very beautiful. That if circumstances were different I would love to have sex with her. I told her that this is a dream, and I would rather just maintain my awareness and see what growth opportunities might come from it.

She wiped away tears and smeared mascara from her eye and smiled. The phone rang and I told her I had to get that. I grabbed the phone and it was my family doctor. He told me the results of his test had come in. I wasn’t aware of any tests so the dream gave me a “flashback” moment to fill in the blanks.

In the dream that lead to the phone call; I was at the doctor’s office for a normal checkup. I decided to ask him if he ever had deja vu. Then I asked him if he ever had deja reve. He didn’t know what deja reve was. I explained it to him and we talked about precognitive dreams and some of the experiences I had. He took some notes and found it really fascinating. Happy to have shared that with my family doctor I left the appointment.

On the phone however, the doctor had a more serious tone. He looked into what I described and said that I could be suffering from a serious delusional disorder called paramnesia and his colleagues urgently wants us to meet. I know I am dreaming and know that paramnesia in dreams is plausible as we often cannot make connections with language and symbols.

“Well, it’s funny that you have called with this prognosis because it just so happens that I am dreaming right now.”, I muse on the phone.

“What do you mean you are dreaming right now?”, he asks.

“Well, you are concerned that I might be delusional or suffering paramnesia however the fact is this is really just a dream. You’re diagnosis is really just a fantasy and has no reality to it at all.”

The phone goes quite and he talks in a very somber tone, “If you really think this is a dream, and we didn’t have our appointment, you really need to come to my office right now.”

“Easy peasy Doc, I’ll be there in a second.”, I tell him

I phase to his office instantly, I am sitting in a chair and he is there with his colleague. He doesn’t seem to make note that I just instantly materialized into this dream focus.

“We want to have you come and stay at our mental health facility”, says his colleague. “You are suffering from a serious mental illness and you need help.”

I kind of laugh because this whole mind-play that the dream is pulling off is kind of entertaining. “What kind of illness do you think I have?”, I ask

“You have a dissociative disorder with reality, you are claiming that reality is a dream when in fact this is a psychotic detachment from the real world.”, he explains.

“So you are trying to tell me that this ‘dream’ is actually the ‘real world’. Then what does that make the ‘Real world’ when I wake up? Is that a dream also?”, I ask.

“It is still the real world, there is no dream world that you wake up too”, he tells me. “The dream world is part of your illness, and that is why we urgently want you to come to our clinic so we can help you return to normal reality.”

I start to laugh, the whole irony of the conversation is killing me. “I’m sorry doctors, I appreciate your intent to help me realize that this dream is not a dream, but is in fact reality. Which I will say I cannot entirely dismiss. It seems certain that we are indeed here having this conversation and the details match what one does expect from a ‘reality’. That said, this is still a dream in all context of the word.”

“Why do you think this is a dream?”, he asks.

“Why do you think it’s not a dream?”, I ask.

“I know it’s not a dream because I know what reality is.”, he tells me.

“You are going to have to do a reality check then. This isn’t the reality that you think it is. It is a dream.”, I tell him. “Look, in my real-life I don’t go around telling everyone that it’s a dream. I reserve that for this reality. In the real-world I work hard and enjoy researching dreams. I love it when we share dreams, when we have dreams that come true and a whole myriad of experiences come with dreaming.”, I explain.

I tell them both about precognitive dreams and how there is entanglement and interconnectedness with everything. That information and data are all parts of how consciousness processes and renders data. I hold up my hand and make it glow, rays of energy beam from the fingers.

They look at it in awe and are stunned. I cause more hypnogogic mesh to appear in the desk and cause it to animate. They look at it and my doctor recoils backwards from the shock.

“This is a dream, it is easy to prove. I enjoyed our conversation but I know I am waking up soon.”, and that was my queue.

I woke up.

Time Estimations:
Driving car until I stop: 20 minutes.
Walking with daughter on beach: 1 hour.
At apartment building and elevator: 30 minutes.
At home area: 30 minutes.
With girl: 1 hour.
With doctor: 30 minutes.
Total estimated time: 3h 50m total sleep time 1h 30m total conscious realization cultivated beyond clock time: 2h 20m

Dreaming a "Century of Time" During one Night of Sleep.

Dreaming a “Century of Time” During one Night of Sleep.
By Ian Wilson (2010) Public Domain No Copyright

Psychological Time[1] or “Duree” coined by French philosopher Henri-Louis Bergson[2] is a sense of time[3] that cycles beyond what is expected from normal clock time. The perception of time[4] in certain altered states such as dreaming and drug use can create a longer vertical of time or shorter sense of time then how the normal passage of clock time would allow for.

The Kappa Effect
When traveling long or short distances in real life, the sense of time can feel different. This is also as the Kappa effect[5] or Tau Effect[6] caused by a form of temporal illusion. The focus of this article is to explore what potential stems from dreaming and how the perception of time can greatly exceed clock time.

Perception of Time during Dreams
When our body sleeps, there is potential for time in dreams to last longer then the time we sleep. This is another self-evident experience that you may already have had experience with. You nap for 30 minutes and have a dream which appears to last several hours. The potential can even create a perception of time that lasts weeks and even months. Some people have reported months of vertical dream time and others have reported living entire lifetimes within the span of one dream.

These extreme claims share a similar re-orientation to waking up as in some cases people who have had the sense of time span many years say it can take a couple of weeks to readjust to the life they left when they went on this epic vertical of time during dreams. Anthony Peake[7] writes in his book “Is there life after death?” about “Maury’s Dream” where a student entered a 2 hour trance and relived in minute-by-minute detail 20 years of memories from the age of 6 to 26.

The longest period of time I remember experiencing during a dream occurred within a 30 minute nap where in the dream state I was consciously aware I was dreaming and just allowed the dream to continue. The passage of time spanned into what felt like two weeks of conscious dreaming. I have had others spanning what seemed like a week and some spanning days. It is a rare observation in my experiences but when it occurs; the potential for acquiring more time through dreaming is certainly worth investigating.

I spoke with Tom Campbell, author of “My-Big-Toe” on his forum[8] regarding this phenomena. He is far more advanced in consciousness during sleep than I and he reported experiencing 3-2 months of extended dream time as his personal record.

The longest account I have read was posted on a forum unrelated to this topic where the poster with the username Ubasti[9] described nearly two centuries of time passed in four generations of lifetimes that he lived in one dream.

Ubasti wrote, “A couple of years ago I had a very strange dream. It was not precognitive as much as plain weird. From the time I started dreaming to the time I woke up, it seemed to me that the lifetime of four generations passed.

I was dreaming about four generations of people – birth, lifespan and death, and I was very disoriented when I woke up. It took me about two weeks to adjust to the fact that I found myself back in the “normal world” after being present in the “dream world” for about 2 centuries.

It was the most strange experience I ever had.”

Other online forum examples of people claiming extended periods of time can be found here on Anthony Peake’s forum as Anthony and I along with other members discuss this phenomena. link

In drug culture Aldous Huxley[10] reported a trip lasting an eternity. It is not uncommon with psychedelic drug use to have temporal illusions and experience Duree. That said, there is a very strong debate on Tom Campbell’s forum on how drug use retards spiritual development and can cause far more harm then good. link

My Theory
Where clock time is cycling out a 1000 microseconds a second; psychological time allows for a much faster rate of computation to take place exponentially affecting the increment of time. We can assert that everything we experience in a dream is virtual including the space we see and the time we experience.

The answer to why we have psychological time that can exceed clock time may be linked to the research of Takaaki Musha[11], who expands on Penrose and Hameroff’s[12] “Orch Or model” of quantum computing in his publication, “Possibility of High Performance Quantum Computation by using Evanescent Photons in Living Systems”.

Takaaki suggests that the use of evanescent photons by the brain allows for the possibility of faster-than-light speed in the quantum tunneling within microtubules. He provides mathematical theorem in his article.

If consciousness and perception are linked to brain function and how the brain processes information; then it is suggestive that these faster than light computations could greatly accelerate our sense of time if we are not longer focusing through our five physical senses.

As discussed, we know that certain psychoactive drugs like LSD and Mescaline can cause an experience of prolonged psychological time where the user feels like hours have passed in minutes. The interference in their perception may allow for the FTL computations to start cycling out more psychological time.

A Simple Formula (Ian Wilson)
If clock time (ct) cycles out at 1000 milliseconds and psychological time (pt) remains in sync during normal waking perception; then we have a simple formula:

ct = pt

If FTL computations are affecting perception this high-performance we would have to introduce a multiplication factor based on an “uncertainty principle” that could affect psychological time represented by U.

ct*U = p

Increasing the Clock Time interval in Psychological Time
Based on this formula: ct*U=pt, if U is a factor of 2 our psychological time interval will be 2000Ms vs 1000Ms of ct.

If 30 minutes pass in ct while we are asleep and dreaming, we have the potential to experience 60 minutes of psychological time as a result of this theoretical effect of high performance computation by the quantum evanescent photon.

How this affects a much longer duration that spans into days/weeks/months and potentially years may depend entirely on your Memory, Awareness and Perception (MAP) and beliefs during these anomalous cognitive principles affecting the perception of time.

This is a self-evident phenomena to anyone who starts to become an avid dreamer. You may already have some experience in this field of anomalous cognition thanks to naturally occurring awareness of your dreams.

In my opinion, this represents potential that we may with skill and focus be able to improve and control. In some cases when I have had a fully conscious dream and ignored the signals to wake up; I have managed to allow myself several more hours of conscious awareness during sleep.

Take my two week excursion and apply it to this formula to see how this extended PT affected the uncertainty principle U by a factor of 627 ( or two weeks in 30 minutes of sleep). If we look at Tom Campbell’s potential 3 month record and assume only that it happened in 30 minutes we would have a U factor of 4,368, Ubasti’s epic would be well, epic if we knew how long he slept for.

An impressive feat of consciousness to produce this much perceived time during sleep. This phenomena in my experience happens more when I am consciously awake during sleep. This may have a profound effect on people who believes that when they die; there is no more existence of their self.

Cheat Death by Prolonging Life through Consciousness
If there was one theoretical way to prolong your life and stretch out time; this potential to affect time and increase a longer experience of self-realized consciousness during sleep adds to our total conscious experience pool (TCEP, Ian Wilson) which could be the summation of what our life is.

If you could add 20 more years of conscious experience to your life thanks to being able to consciously dream; wouldn’t that in effect allow you to experience a longer life through high performance computations? This is certainly something I try to take advantage of. I will break down why you may want to harvest consciousness during sleep if you are seriously considering excelling at this gift. Looking to get an extra few minutes of experience in before you cease to exist forever?

Lets say you will live a nice long life until 80 years old. However, you develop Alzheimer and are cognitive unaware for the remaining 3 years. You sleep an average of 8 hours a day. You do not practice mind awake / body asleep techniques and don’t care about your dreams so have no MAP realized.

The Alzheimer has stripped 3 years of your total conscious experience pool reducing your conscious life to a potential 77 years. You lose 8 hours a day to unconscious sleep, leaving you with 16 out of 24 hours by which to be conscious. 16 / 24 = 66.7% of your life being lived consciously; thus reducing the 77 years rounded down to: 51.

Out of a potential 80 years of conscious experience; you in fact have only lived 51 years of that time consciously aware. 29 years of existence has been lost to unconsciousness.

Taking this same formula but factoring in conscious dreaming during this time. Let’s say that you have an average uncertainty factor of 20 as you manage to enjoy a lot of consciousness during sleep. During sleep you have 30 minutes of conscious dreams.

30*20 = 600 minutes or 6 hours of consciousness through the passage and perception of psychological time regains you 6 hours from the 8 hours you lost to unconscious sleep to add to your total conscious experience pool: 22/24 = 91.7% thus only reducing your total conscious time lived to: 71 years with only 6 years lost to unconscious sleep.

If there was ever a fountain of youth or a way to slow down the passage of time; taking a conscious interest in dreaming is an investment where you gain the one thing you value most; the ability to exist. Even without the extremes in PT “Duree” you will still recover years of consciousness that otherwise is lost to unconscious sleep.

I think this is a good argument for the people who are convinced death is final; skeptics and atheists alike can benefit from consciously participating in their dreams. We know people dream and can be fully awake and conscious when the body is asleep. This has been scientifically proven since the 1980’s through Stephen LaBerge[13] at Stanford University.

Lucid dreaming provides an excellent means by which to slow the passage of time by adding additional conscious awareness during sleep. Lucid dreaming is a learned skill and nearly anyone who takes an interest in learning how to do this can have some measure of success. Here is a link to a tutorial I wrote that references laboratory tested techniques known in dream culture to be very beneficial in helping a person achieve lucidity during sleep. link

Stretching time into extreme moments of “Psychological Time” is not a belief; it is a potential experience that waits for your own personal exploration of the dreams you already have. Although I cannot guarantee you will experience prolonged time such as described in this article, you can at least learn to harvest more time through your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming is a skill that takes passion, dedication and commitment. There is no easy way to achieve the acquired knowledge through practice and repetition. If there was ever a reason to take dreaming more seriously, knowing it can add more years of conscious experience to your life is a very rewarding positive along with all the other great positive potential that exists from dreaming: seeing the future, sharing dreams, having epic adventures. The limits on dreaming are self-imposed limits. It’s best to leave those limits at the doorway to your dreams.

Ian Wilson
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