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Here are some Books and Abstracts free for download written by Ian A. Wilson. They are in PDF format.

Feb 20, 2018 – Thanos and Friends Lucid Dream.

I’ve had a couple of dreams with Infinity Stones and the entire Infinity Gauntlet but todays Lucid Dream adventure was staring Thanos, the Mad Titan himself with the full Infinity Gauntlet and he looked absolutely fantastic, was a fun dream character.

The dream starts off where I am watching TV with my daughter. I see a show called Thanos and Friends, and it is a cartoon animated series staring Thanos, complete with Infinity Guantlet but he is friendly. There are two characters I recognize Rocket Raccoon and Groot but others I do not.

I’m watching the show and Thanos, Rocket and Groot are all at this Alien Daycare babysitting a bunch of Skrull children and other alien races. Right away I am laughing at how stupid this idea for a show was yet how funny it was. I am watching in disbelief thinking how badly could Marvel sell out a character just to cash in on some series. And thinking in a dream is a good thing, because it leads up to the reality-check.

I’m talking to my daughter and telling her Thanos is a super-villain who wields infinite power, he would be babysitting kids with a weapon of mass destruction on his hand. But then I start to think about why I was with my Daughter at my Mom’s place watching TV when it wasn’t the weekend. Would Marvel really do this to Thanos? Or maybe something else is going on… like I am dreaming.

It can be tough to break that immersion, the general dream setting was a near perfect replica of my Mom’s living room except the TV show was really the only detail indicating that I was dreaming at all. Sitting in a recliner it was very easy to stabilize and focus on lucidity as I was already in a very connected and relaxed position.

I become fully conscious and the animated cartoon is playing but now I love it, I understand why it’s not based on actual reality yet the quality of the animation and characters was so fantastic. I had to have a closer look so I focus on the TV and project myself into the story. This is a very old trick I’ve used in dreams switching from one dream environment to another. Just a focus technique.

Now, how can I describe how amazing and cartoony the dream reality became. Dream reality is a master of simulating color, form, texture, sound even other sensory states. The first thing I did was stare at Thanos checking out the details, even to the point where he said, “Stop staring at me kid, you are creeping me out.”

There is this uncanny perfection in the dream simulation where the dream character looks identical to Thanos, not from the new Avenger’s Infinity War movie trailer, but with the way he looks in the comics with a much larger mouth and teeth. His skin was more purple, but it was like CGI graphics with a style filter giving more rich color to the suit. But the Animation quality, his speaking and movements were just perfect.

I didn’t want to really get drawn into the dream drama because let’s face it. How often does one get to see Thanos rendered in near perfect reality simulation that only a dream can provide? This was my first time and I guess the fanboy in me knew to soak it up and capture the moment. He was very muscular, I followed his shoulder down to the arm to the Infinity guantlet where I saw the colored gems gleaming with energy, having a very nice outer glow effect to them.

Being lucid, aware I was dreaming to now be in this cartoon themed dream was just magic, pure magic. Rocket and Groot also had a animated style to them so they didn’t look like how we see them from the Guardians Movie. Rocket had more brown hair that clumped and again this is because the dream took his Comic book appearance keeping in theme with a more comic book style. I almost didn’t recognize him but referencing how he looks in comics that is exactly the source my subconscious used.

Groot as well had a comic book simplicity to him but all three looked very real as they were in full 3D walking around as if they lived and breathed in the dream environment. The Skrull kids looked very cartoony, and they were basically driving Rocket crazy by getting into everything and doing the opposite of what he was asking him. His voice did sound like the Movie version obviously, my subconscious used that reference because it is all I would be familiar with.

Thanos goes and sits down on this chair which is kind of like his throne and the Skrull kids start to climb up and get all over him. Rocket and Groot are all trying to figure out how to calm the kids down.

Then Dr. Strange appears with some great special effects right before Thanos. He accuses Thanos of still being the Mad Titan, “I don’t know what game you are playing Thanos, but running a daycare is not one of them.”

Rocket yells out, “He’s a good guy now, has gone totally legit!”

Groot says classically, “I am Groot!”

I stand there looking at Dr. Strange thinking this dream just got even more surprising epic. Then Strange decides to test Thanos by using magic to do these humiliating yet funny things to him. He casts a spell, and Thanos suddenly has blond curly hair like Goldie locks and this crazy little collor with a bow tie. He get’s this look on his face of confusion and sees the golden curls and tells Strange to stop it. I see him flex his infinity gauntlet and he makes the hair vanish.

Strange then casts another spell and makes Thanos head shrink into literally the guy’s head from Beetlejuice with the big eyes and funny mouth. Again Thanos says “Stop it!” used the glove to restore himself and the tempo picks up and as fast as Strange and change his appearance, always the head and always funny Thanos would say “Stop it!”

This back and forth goes on and I am just killing myself it looks so damn funny. Finally, Thanos says “Enough” and he turns Dr. Strange into a cartoon child version complete with the Strange’s beard and he plots down with the rest of the kids, his outfit too large and the Eye of Agimoto now touching the floor with the chain making it look like bad ass bling.

Thanos then says to Strange, “How do you like it.” and Rocket and Groot are laughing. Baby Strange starts to cry, cartoon tears shooting out each side of his eyes and the crying Rocket and Groot are now annoyed by the crying.

I look at Thanos and I laugh. “You can conqueror the Universe with that thing and instead all you wanted to do was setup a daycare?”

“Someone has to take care of the kids.” he tells me. And I just laugh, it was too much. The comedy, the cartoon quality of the dream was just over the top.

Thanos looks at me then gives me this smile and unzips himself as if he was wearing a suit. This energetic being slips out and folds up the skin. Bops me on the nose and says, “Nice dreaming with ya! I gotta split.” and leaves.

Everyone packs up and leaves, I follow after Dr. Strange but he shifts into this guy with red hair walks down a corridor that now becomes just normal looking every day reality. The corridor opens up to a sidewalk and we are outside.

“You know Thanos could have kicked your ass with that Infinity Guantlet.” I tell the now normal looking person.

“Yeah, who cares it’s just a dream kid.” he says as he blows me off and walks away like it’s no big deal.

Then I stop and laugh, yeah it is a dream. I decide to explore the dream now that it looks more like waking reality. I walk into this pub, sometimes I like to have a drink or eat food in my dream. There is a nice bar with a bar tender and tables and chairs.

I look for a chair and as I walk past a table I see a very old friend from my high-school days sitting with some people at a round table. I walk over and say Hi. He is both surprised and happy to see me. He gets this big smile on his face and stands up, shakes my hand.

“Of all the people I never expected to bump into.” he says. “What have you been up to?” he asks.

“You know, the same old work, being a dad and of course dreaming. Always dreaming.” I tell him.

He asks, “You are still into that dreams stuff hey?”

“Well, considering this is a dream I would have to answer yes.” I tell him. Which immediately makes his company and himself a bit weirded out.

They start to argue with me that it’s not a dream. This one lady says, “What is he talking about? This can’t be a dream!”

The other man says, “He’s probably crazy.”

I pick up this glass candle holder from the center of the table and I smash it down on the table, it hits hard I could feel the solidity and even the vibration in my hand. The glass edge chips and even dents the table.

“What the hell are you doing?” yells the lady.

I pick it up and smash it down hard a second time. “This is a dream!” the glass hitting the table makes a loud cracking sound and now other patrons in the Pub are looking at me.

They tell me to stop it but I wind up and smash it down as hard as I can and say, “This is a dream! I should know, I’m the one dreaming it!”

But they still are not convinced, so I resort to some more classic tactics. I put my hand on the table and grab a steak knife. “If this wasn’t a dream, I wouldn’t be willing to stab my hand in real life to prove it.”

They tell me it’s not a dream and not to do it. “Hey man, I don’t know what you are on but stop before you hurt yourself.” complains my friend.

I touch the tip of the blade between the tendons of the middle and ring finger. Now, unless you have super-real dreams where you feel pain this isn’t always as fun as you think. I am at a point in the quality of the dream realism where I now feel bone to near accuracy which is something my dreams never had, used to be a give away but I could feel the sharp tip of the knife pressing metacarpal bones. My hand in that dream felt as real as my hand in waking life. This is the deep level of immersion I have come to know from lucid dreaming which makes breaking it and challenging it to prove a point always worth it.

I stab the knife down full force stabbing through the metacarpals into the wooden table. And I could feel the blade pass through my hand. They all scream out in shock and disbelief. I tell my friend to take a closer look, “See the knife went right through my hand. It has to be a dream.”

“That doesn’t prove it’s a dream, it just proves that you are nuts!” he tells me.

“Watch closely.” I tell him as I pull the handle of the knife and remove it from my hand. The knife even has resistance being stuck in the wood. But as the knife is fully removed my hand shows zero sign of damage, no blood. I hold it up and show it too him.

“If it wasn’t a dream I would be bleeding all over the place. Not a scratch on me!” I tell him,.

“No way! NO FUCKING WAY! This is a dream?” he explodes with enthusiasm. “Didn’t that hurt?” he asked.

“Yeah, kind of feels like a knife is passing through the hand but it’s no big deal.” I tell him. “Go ahead, give it a try.” I pass him the knife and put both my hands on the table one over the other and tell him. “Just stab it through both hands, it’s a dream so it’s not as bad as you think.”

He stabs the knife down into both my hands and this time I feel nothing, the knife blade actually disappears as it touches my skin like one of those fake knives. He looks at the handle and says, “The blade is gone?”

I still have my hands on the table and the lady who was all in dream denial grabs a knife and stabs my fingers almost cutting the tip of the ring finger off. And that one hurt, I got a very sharp pain and this time blood came out. She panics because it doesn’t heal. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I didn’t think it would cut you!” she tells me.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a dream, sure they can be very real but I won’t wake up with a cut on my hand.” I look at the damages and it hurts but I don’t mind. The finger has a large gash and I push it closed and then focus my attention of simply fixing it and it returns to normal.

I show her that it’s fixed, “See, aren’t dreams fun? It’s like a big game of pretend.”

I decide that I wanted to something else kind of wild and extreme so I walk over to the bar tender and ask him for his most expensive bottle of alcohol. He gives me this whiskey in this fancy bottle. It is flat on one side, but the back side is curved. I open the lid and proceed to chug the whole bottle down, the bartender freaking out over it.

It tastes like whiskey but has a sweetness to it. Also, there is no burning sensation or effect. I’ve never chugged a full bottle of hard alcohol so no idea what that would feel like but I know by doing a couple of shots it would probably suck in real life.

I put the bottle down on the counter and tell the Bartender to relax, “It’s only a dream!” I tell him.

“You have to pay for that!” he tells me.

“What with monopoly money?” I reply. “You think you’ll even be here when I wake up?”

“No with cold hard cash!” he tells me. “That will be $1,500!”

I take the bottle and close the lid then focus on it causing it to fill up, he watches in amazement as the bottle starts to refill, at first it looks like whiskey but then these colorful strands start to appear and it becomes like a Universe with glimmering stars and nebulas. It was actually really beautiful to look at.

“How? How in the hell did you do that?” he asks.

“Like I said, this is just a dream. I’m just having fun.” I reply.

“I can’t sell this! You still have to pay!” he demands.

I smile like a magician snap my fingers and a $100 dollar bill in US currency appears in my hand and I give it to him. Then I do it again and another appears which I flip his way. Then I shake my hand and a stack of $20 dollar bills appear and he complains that it’s too many bills and just wants $100 dollar bills.

I try to make another bill but my focus is shifting. “Sorry mate, will have to pay you later can’t focus.” I tell him.

“Ah you are finally feeling drunk!” he tells me.

“No worse, I am waking up!” I complain so I try to stabilize right away and stop engaging the dream. I put both hands on the counter and resist. There are outside noises, roomate has returned with his dog and they are right by my door.

It is crazy, the dream starts to destabilize and I fight like hell to stay in the dream. I feel like I am being stretched into infinity, real intense effects and it’s hard to focus but finally I snap back at the bar and am still in the dream.

This is a very tough fight, I don’t always win this one because the body when awake usually snaps me back so fast but I have been finding if I really cling to the dream and by some act of pure willpower I can resist returning and the body just drops back to sleep. So I won this round.

But the effect on the dream was noted, the bar had changed slightly and the bartender disappeared. I was all alone. The pub was empty, even my friend was gone. I was a bit disappointed in that, kind of liked how things were role-playing.

I go outside and walk on the street. There is some commotion in the distance and I walk over to see what was going on. There was this female news caster holding a mic by some abandoned building.

I couldn’t hear what she was saying and was interested so why not fly over and check it out. I lift up and start to fly over and land right beside her. Her camera man screams, “Jesus Christ that guy just flew over to her!”

She is all blown away! “Did you just fly here?” she asks. It never get’s old when dream characters role-play real-life when in reality it’s a dream.

“Yeah, I wanted to hear what you were reporting on, so I flew over.” I tell her.

“How did you fly? Do you have a rocket?” she puts the mic to my face and starts interviewing me, her camera man focusing.

I start to laugh, “No, this is a dream. You can fly in dreams you know. It’s not a big deal.”

“Wait what? You are telling me this is a dream? It can’t be!” she asks now all confused.

“Well, if it wasn’t a dream, I couldn’t fly over to talk to you now could I?” I nudge her arm and wink.

“But this can’t be a dream, it’s real!” she points out the obvious.

“Yeah, dreams are a type of reality. They have realism. That’s why I love to dream them.” I reply.

“How did you discover this?” she asks.

“I’ve been at this little game for about 30 years now. I love it. I get to be here, my body gets to sleep. It’s a win win!” I tell her.

“Can you show me more? What can you do?” she asks.

“Anything really.” It’s night time in the dream so I make it instantly day time. “See, just change it at a whim.”

She drops back in shock and awe. “Oh my God! You just made it daylight!”

I laugh, “Yeah, like I said. It’s a dream, so no big deal.”

Then she changes the questioning very unexpectedly, “So… if this is a dream, then I can have sex with you.” and she just throws her self at me. I was like, not expecting that but really I should have.

She starts to kiss me and I am resisting and push her back.

“Don’t you like me?”, she asks.

“No, it’s not that I just wasn’t expecting that!” I told her.

She stops being so aggressive and takes my hand and rubs her finger down my face and bites her lip. “But, I really like you.” she tells me. Well here I was in a moral crisis, a beautiful model quality woman with long blond hair and beautiful red lips and me without a girlfriend in real life. It wasn’t a hard choice let me tell you. The rest you can fill in with your imagination suffice to say I could smoke a whole cigar after that dream. Woke up with a smile on my face.

Total time to sleep: 1 hour 30 minutes. Not bad for a nap.

Feb 18th, 2018 – Today’s Lucid Dream was an epic journey into the Art of Dreaming

This dream embodied everything I love about dreaming. It’s one thing to just be in the passenger’s seat of your subconscious mind and have random, noisy, potentially scary dreams that make no sense, or leave you scared to close your eyes. But when you understand what dreaming is, as a skill and learn to control the rich content driven experience. Dreams yield an ability to create a form of art unlike anything we currently have in our modern age. It makes even Virtual Reality head gear seem lame in comparison because dreams offer not just the quality of virtual reality visually but engages every sense and offers 100% immersion into a first-person 3D reality experience.

30 years of Lucid Dreaming has not only allowed me to hone a skill of producing a organic, dynamic and vivid artform. This type of art lives and breaths with intelligence, beauty and deep personal expression. I wrote about the technique that I use which I call “Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming” on Reddit a year ago here’s the link:

The key to play natures finest virtual reality simulator known as dreaming is consciousness. Without being self-aware and awake in the dream, you get half the experience or nothing at all. The true art is not just in making it to a dream, but is becoming fully self-aware and conscious so you can take that dream to the next level.

I’ve practice nearly every day for 30 years because the rewarding experiences in each dream never cease to amaze, inspire and drive the raw passion I have for this part of myself, and my desire to help other people achieve lucidity so they too can enjoy living the best of two worlds.

The dream starts off where I am in an unconscious state of awareness. If this happens, it means I failed at the more challenging WILD technique and have fallen back to rely on MILD where a reality-check is needed to break the immersion present in this focus state.
If the dream is too mundane and normal, it can make a reality check difficult because the logical mind doesn’t catch on, and that is the part of us that needs to be able to question what the current situation is and determine if it is a dream or if it is waking reality.

You might think that’s easy, a dream should be obvious but the fact is a dream presents a form of reality simulation that can appear as natural and real as waking reality that looks and feels 100% authentic. The immersion this creates is the problem, because we naturally go with the flow of the drama present in this immersion. To break the immersion you need to question the reality and prove to yourself it is a dream.

In this dream, I find myself in a city walking on a sidewalk full of people. There are cars driving on the street. A homeless man pushing a shopping cart. The city looks and appears real, as do the cars driving on the street. There is nothing out of the ordinary that would make me suspect it is a dream because it’s perfectly simulating the waking world as effortlessly as breathing.

I feel hungry and am looking for a place to eat. I see a Boston Pizza restaurant, it’s part of a strip of shops so not stand alone. I open the glass door and go inside. The restaurant is busy, it has booths and a kitchen at behind a counter at the front. The layout is more accurate to a Diner. There is a middle eastern man with a beard and short curly black hair. He is the only one working at the restaurant.

I watch him taking orders at the counter with people lining up to place their order. There is a menu board above him. Right away, this triggers a sense of something being not quite right as I thought I was supposed to be in a Boston Pizza and I’ve never seen one that looks like a Diner. However, I rationalize that it’s because I’ve never been to this city so maybe they are different here. Reality-Check 1 failed.

I walk up to the counter and wait in line as people place their orders. Finally it’s my turn and I order a small pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper pizza and a drink. He gives me a glass and points out the pop dispenser to go fill up. I walk over and push the glass into the ice dispenser then proceed to fill it with coke. Grab a straw and find a booth to go sit at.

Now at this point, everything is vibrant, very sensory real. I can hear all the sounds of people having conversations. I had no problem reading the menu board and noted that it had food items I didn’t recognize as part of Boston’s menu. This just caused me again to rationalize that it’s just different in this city.

The table had a metal napkin dispenser, the rectangular stand up kind that has two sides where you can pull out a napkin. There was salt, pepper and a sugar container for coffee. I relax and sip away at the coke. It’s cold, tastes like coke again everything seems very real, very natural. I’m hungry and a bit impatient for the food.

The restaurant is busy and I watch as the only employee is bustling to deal with all the customers and think that this place is way too under staffed to run efficiently. I pull out my cell phone and start to distract myself with reading some Twitter posts. I go to a forum that I frequent and scroll down the threads looking for something interesting to read. Time keeps ticking, I watch as he’s carrying out other people’s food order in anticipation that one of the orders will eventually be mine.

The battery on my phone is low, so I put it away now restless with nothing to entertain myself with as I wait so I focus on how long it is now taking to get my food. Time ticks and I watch people leave and others take their place. It feels like 30 minutes since I placed my order and finally I’ve had enough. I was sick of waiting and had other things I needed to do.

The man walks by my table and I tell him, “It’s been over 30 minutes and I still don’t have my pizza.”

He stops and looks at me, “I’m sorry, it’s coming we are just really busy today.”

“I have to cancel it, I can’t wait any longer I’m just on a break and am out of time.” I complain.

He tells me he has my food, and walks me up to the counter and pulls out this take-out box that is full of rice and beef/broccoli stir fry. “Here you go, it’s ready now.” he tells me.

I look at the box lunch, it has a black plastic bottom and clear plastic top with dividers for the different foods. “But I ordered a pizza, and since when does Boston Pizza serve Chinese food.” I tell him. “I don’t want it, it’s not what I ordered.” I complain.

He becomes frustrated and apologizes. He tells me I have to fill out a complaint if I am not going to pay for my food. He hands me this note pad that has a form on each page. There are already several pages filled out with complaints. I read some of them as I dig through to find a blank form for my complaint and much of what the people were describing were my own experiences. Long waits, incorrect order, short of staff.

I have no problems reading in dreams, the thought one cannot read in a dream is simply a myth. The form has all the correct questions. Spots for my name, address and phone number. I start to fill it out, then I get to the long comment section with lines cascading down to write on. I start to write that the restaurant is under-staffed, busy and took to long for my food order. In the end the food was not what I ordered. At the end however it has a spot for my visa information including expiry date and pin. This raises a red flag immediately. I hover my pen over the visa line and look at the last line being the signature.

“Why do you need my Visa information on this complaint form?” I ask him sensing a scam.

“It’s company policy, you have to put your visa information on the form.” he tells me.

I’m not falling for it, I don’t want to pay and sure as hell not giving out my Visa information on a form that includes my full name, address and signature. But this is a good thing because it has got me thinking. Something is not right here, bigger than this scam, the whole Boston Pizza as a Diner serving Chinese food, all the drama then it hits me. It’s a dream. I look up at the man and smile. I put my hand on the counter and anchor my awareness in the dream. This key step for me is how I focus and draw in my full waking mind. In the MILD wake-up into the dream, lucidity can range from semi-lucid to fully lucid. And I have to go through a process of self-awareness exercises to really draw my waking self into the dream.

Now that I knew I was dreaming, I didn’t care about the incorrect order, the wait time, the visa request on the form. I also wasn’t angry at the dream character anymore and decide to be nice to him.

“Actually, forget everything I said. I’m happy to have the Chinese food and you can have my visa information.” I tell him as I pull out my wallet and fish out my Visa and show it to him. I grab the container of Chinese food and a plastic fork. Open the lid and steam comes billowing out. I stab a slice of beef and scoop up some rice and eat the mouthful. It’s hot, tastes like beef-broccoli on steamed white rice and the fact it’s a dream and this is so sensory real, I love it.

I can see that he is happy that I have changed my attitude and am willing to pay for my food. “Thank-you sir, thank-you.” he tells me as I eat some more of the food. He’s watching but then his smile changes and he says, “You still have to pay for the food sir.”

But now that I was dreaming, and had a nice tasty snack having enjoyed the dish I had other plans. The second challenge in a dream is pulling your intent of what you want to dream forward. The immersion is always so acute that it can constantly distract with what I call dream drama. I had something else I wanted to dream about and as much as I liked the current dream, it wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve been playing a game called Borderlands 2 with this wonderful cartoon cell-shaded graphics and it’s a Genre I wanted to dream in.

I go back to the note pad and start to draw on it pulling my intent to now create a vivid Borderland themed dream. I sketch out a mountain range and some details from the game. Shifting one dream content to another completely different dream style is really the art of dreaming. I was about to change the entire dream from a very stable vivid normal waking world version to the world of Borderlands 2.

How this transitions is an effect of reality morphing if there ever is such a thing. As I focus on the game style, the genre and the context of memories I have about the game the sketch I was drawing started to leak into the counter as black lines moved slowly from the notepad now outlining the till, the edges of the counters and the very texture of the counter itself changed to a cell shading.

I look up thinking in this genre now impressing it into the current dream canvas and these wonderful black ink lines grow and consume every detail, the kitchen starts to shift and the back wall opens up where I can see a sky and mountains that I recognize from the game. In the distance there is water and I add a bit of my own flare creating a giant turtle with leather straps, a saddle and saddle bags.

I turn my attention to my hands and start to shift them into cell shading, and leather gloves form around them with buckle straps along the arms. I create a sniper rifle with a scope very accurate to how they look in the game.

I look at the owner and think he would be more suited as Marcus the Gun dealer and I transform him into the character voice and all. I make the whole dream envelop this Boderlands 2 Genre down to the very cartoon coloring and artform.

This whole transformation completes and now I am fully awake and aware in a new reality based on the influences of a video game that I enjoy. Marcus is standing there and I have to influence is conversation to fit the role-play required to make the dream more authentic. I cause him to talk about his guns and the sniper rifle.

“This is a E-Tech Baddass slag rifle, you made a good choice. It will kill a lot of bad guys for you.” he tells me.

I’m still at the counter and pull the scope to my eye which produces a targeting HUD and zoom into the background. I see a Bullybog walking on the icy tundra and open fire. The gun gives off a loud energetic crackling sound with a kick back as the bolt zips and hits the target causing it to become enveloped in energy and burn into slag.

“I’ll take it.” I tell Marcus as I now swipe my visa in a terminal he had. I lift the counter top up so I can walk through the access point. I go out the back into the scenery so I can now stand in the world. It looks perfect, and I feel also very great admiring this accomplishment knowing what I just did was nothing short of miraculous.

I take this massive flying jump into the world flying towards the turtle I created off in the distance. The turtle isn’t part of the Genre but I just wanted to be badass on a bad ass turtle and use this as a mount. This thing looks absolutely awesome though, the head was armored with tech. The turtle also had two mounted heavy cannons.

The saddle was a fusion of leather and a cockpit having fighter craft style joysticks one for each hand to steer and shoot. The turtle also gave of these billows of steam as it breathed which made me see a bit of a steam-punk influence in how I designed it. It’s eyes also had a deep red glow to them. It’s beak was enhanced with razor sharp metal. Let’s face it… this turtle was badass.

I start to walk it on the terrain and needed to create some things to shoot at, when you take full control of a dream sometimes one has to keep creating the content at run-time and I visualize in my mind, what I want to create for an encounter. I really like the Rakk which is a like a flying mini dragon. I summon one from the snowy ground, the Rakk bursts through the snow covered tundra spiraling upwards and expands it’s wings. It is massive, much larger than in the game and is also white. The whole scene is very epic.

I watch as it animates and flies, more interested in the living art as it flaps it’s huge wings. I decide not to shoot it but rather admire it enjoying the quality of detail and coolness of it all.

I walk the turtle to a bandit camp and there are lore accurate bandits and Goliaths with guns who run out shooting at me. I use the cannons on the turtle and return fire, the blasts are fiery bursts, large plasma like balls streaking like a comet towards the encounter with big explosions. I rain death upon them with burst after burst watching explosion after explosion consuming them in fire. Absolutely loving every minute of it. Knowing I am mastering this art of dreaming, if not already mastered.

Then this lady penetrates the dream, she calls out to me and is not rendered in the cartoon cell-shading rather looking very human and waking world normal. “How are you doing this? This is amazing! I can’t believe you are creating this dream!” she tells me.

I look at her and dismount the turtle and walk up to her. “It’s a dream, and I like to play with the mechanics.” I tell her.

“You have to teach us, we want to know how you do this.” she tells me as more people start to emerge in the dream shifting the dream content breaking the cartoon immersion as it starts to fade. The dream is morphing into a classroom and they all sit down at desks. I am now in a class full of dream characters who want to learn how to dream.

Well, satisfied with the success of simulating Borderlands 2 I was ok with entertaining the request of the dream characters. “So you want to know how to dream?” I ask the class. I see them all eager and smiling, nodding their heads.

I proceed to explain, “If you have not realized it by now. Dreams are a highly-organized form of thought. Dreams invoke a process by which you can think in a format that expresses a desire or intent to bring about an experience.”

I use the chalkboard like a TV screen and animate movie like content showing some of the potential uses of dreams to simulate highly entertaining experiences. “Many think flying dreams are fun, but there are so many possibilities with using dreams as an artform that one can be the writer, director and star of their own dream productions.”

I ask the class, “How many of you would like to experience a Space Odyssey?” and I make the screen show a beautiful scene with exotic space ships flying near a planet. They raise their hands. “How about changing the dream to an entirely exotic artistic format. Take Native American art for example, what if you could be in a world that is based on that design even for a brief moment?” not as many hands go up, but I liked the idea and I changed the entire classroom setting into thick black lines on white making the entire decor inspired by Native American artwork.

“Don’t just dream, use this canvas of the mind like living art. Master the art of dreaming.” I tell the class as they look at the changed environment and they clap.

Students start to get out of their desks and come and shake my hand thanking me for the lesson. They ask me some questions but that point of inevitability arrived where I had to wake up from my splendid dream world.