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    I suppose this is the place for a quick introduction as well. My name is Kristopher Kelley and I stumbled upon learning about Dreaming from the books of Carlos Castaneda and his main character, Don Juan Matus, in 1988. I used to have a great deal of lucid Dreaming in my early teens, but then as I matured I focused on waking life it went away as if it never was.
    I focused on the techniques Carlos wrote about, as well as a couple others, and finally managed to get my lucidity back in Dreaming. Since 1997 I’m lucid in Dreaming anytime I take a nap or at night, sleeping. I’m often asked, “How do you manage to get lucid all the time?” My reply is, “I’m not sure.” :) Seriously, I don’t know. I have no fancy technique as mentioned by many authors and such. The best way to describe what it is that I do…Is it is like a switch that is just flipped on once I move out of waking to sleeping. I just know, automatically, that I’m Dreaming, and proceed from there. It’s a pretty lame explanation, but it’s the best one I have. ;)
    I’ve Dreamed of the past, present and future, even Dreaming of future events that occurred exactly as they did in the Dream. I used to Dream a great deal of this physical reality, yet now-a-days, I Dream mostly of other worlds that almost defy description. Ian, and others I’m sure, say that our Dreams our are thoughts, and I agree, yet don’t fully understand it. I don’t consider myself a particularly brainy or thoughtful person, meaning, if my Dreams of these other worlds are my thoughts, how do they come about? Many of the places I’ve visited I have a difficult time describing, thus how could I have ‘thought’ it before-hand? I dunno…
    Also, as I re-read this post, a bit of clarification. I use a capital ‘D’ for lucid (D)reaming, and the word dreaming for non-lucid dreaming.
    I used to keep a Dream log and write out in great detail all of my dreams and Dreams, yet I’ve lost interest in writing about them, now. Dreaming, now, is to be experienced and that’s about it. If I have a particularly odd Dream I may write it out, but that’s about all.
    Ok, enough for now.

    Hi Kris,

    That’s an excellent introduction. Great that you have daily lucid dreams also. I need to get my 2 times a week average up, likely I need to sleep more as I often spend too much time on the internet reading forums, articles and posting after work. Would be nice to simply be lucid all the time, seems like a waste not too so great job on that. I know of one other person who only ever lucid dreams when they dream and like you, it’s just an always on switch, no techniques very natural. Can you say … lucky! I have to work for it each night and sometimes get lazy.

    As for dream content, as we are agreeing it’s a type of thinking, you ask how can you be thinking such enriched beautiful worlds at “run-time”. As you may or may not be aware, I talk about how our consciousness is compartmentalized where we have our waking consciousness and our unconsciousness. It ties in with a Freud’s idea that we have an Ego, Id, Superego and Unconscious. A lot of our dream content comes from the unconscious thought processes we have at sleep. The waking part of ourselves if aware enough often ends up being involved in that information during a dream.

    If you follow Jung, then it’s not just the unconscious but the collective unconscious contributing to dream content. I’ve described that dreams are not only thoughts, but they are a type of language that we use to communicate from one aspect of our self to the next. I use Robert A. Monroe’s description of Non-Verbal Communication where NVC is our thoughts organized in such a way that they create 3D sensory experience packets where thought programs the visual, auditory etc sensory forms, and also the spacial vectors between objects and such as to simulate space. The framerate between one NVC dream frame to the next represents time and refresh rate of the animation of events. These are all properties of NVC and our dreams are vivid examples of how we communicate in this language from one aspect our consciousness to the next.

    So what we have is a language system between specific aspects of our consciousness as it breaks down into our waking consciousness and the subconscious (to simplify only). In Tom’s My-Big-Toe metephores this is the Individualized Unit of Consciousness (waking consciousness) communicating with the Larger Consciousness System (which appears as sub-conscious, unconscious information). The LCS is a massive information system filled with an astronomical array of content which is likely the origin’s of much of these elaborate worlds we appear in. It sends you a NVC packet (datastream) of thought, you interface with that and render out a very vivid dream world as part of your lucid dream experience; all the time it’s just language and communication between these different aspects of yourself.

    The second comes from when you as your waking conscious self decides to generate the content and thus it may go in reverse so you construct an elaborate dream describing all the content and it can happen very fast. Here is one of my dream journal entries where I take charge of content generation of the dream and it might reveal similar processes within your own dreaming when lucid.

    I’ve been having these after work naps, and they have been working wonders for lucid dreaming two days in a row. Today’s adventure lasted for the full time I was in the dream so I thought I would share some of the experiences.

    As a side note, I’ve been modding and playing Fallout 3: New Vegas and one of my goals was to recreate the Fallout world in a lucid dream and was successful on the first night of lucid dreaming. This is something I have done with games I enjoy throughout the years and I’ve managed to re-create recently Skyrim and now Fallout New Vegas which was just incredible being in that post-nuclear world with robots and cowboys. Nothing like a nuclear Nevada desert to wander around in and have fun, and to have it so detailed and rich is an adventure in itself and having a successful second round the next day with a different lucid dream really motivates me to keep up with the after work naps.

    In this session, falling asleep took some time as I was trying to enter the dream fully conscious but it was keeping me awake so I switched techniques and allowed myself to sleep hoping I could do a reality check in the dream to resume wakeful control.

    The dream starts out and I am at my mother’s house and have to go to my Car to go to a store and pick up a few items. My former wife has a disabled daughter who was in this dream as a character; she wanted to go for a ride with me. I did notice that she was talking a bit better in the dream but didn’t want the bother of having her there but she seemed really excited about going so I asked her if it would make to happy to come for the ride and she said yes.

    We drive to a store and have her wait in the car. I’m nervous about this because I didn’t want her to wander off but also didn’t want her in the store knowing it would complicate things with her disability. In the store there is a self-serve pop machine. I start to pour an orange pop for her but only water was coming out. I was disappointed that the machines was out of syrup, and try the pop next to it which does work. I have a sip and it tastes good and the ice is cold and refreshing.

    This lady starts to talk to me about my disabled step-daughter as she seems to know her. She’s telling me how unhappy she is and miserable which makes me very sad. Tells me people are often cruel to her when left alone with her, and she’s unable to vocalize the negative treatment. I feel really bad and it moves me to tears as I wish people would just be nice to her.

    There is another person there, and I notice she’s been looking out the window at the car and watching me. She talks to me about the pop machine and seems like she’s trying to distract me from looking at the car. When I do turn to look some people are abducting my step-daughter and I become furious. I go to help her but this lady uses dream control and prevents me from being able to move blocking my exit.

    Which is good, as it helps with my reality-check. Angry and now knowing she’s using dream control against me I move at super-human speed, like DC’s Flash superhero and grab her by the neck. She is surprised by this as I lift her off her feet.

    “You dare mess with me in my own dream? You’re not very smart.” I tell her. She keeps beaming me with this negative feeling energy. I focus on her neck and create something like black-hole gravitational field which causes her to implode within a matter of seconds. At the end, I compress her into something the size of an electron and toss her away. All of which tipped me off that I was dreaming and I then took control and relaxed.

    The first goal was to stabilize my focus on being aware so I gauged just how conscious I was and looked at all of the scenery in the store. It was very real, again the dream super-realism is so accurate one would think they were awake in a physical world short of the ability to shape it into anything one desires.

    It always impresses me when all of the five-physical senses tune in and the dream experience becomes extremely vivid. This is where a second-life adventure takes place as it really is another reality of sorts.

    I decided to test taste and touch on the pop and sure enough, the ice was hard, cold and had all the texture and feel of ice. I chewed on a piece, it was perfectly emulating ice. Even the outside of the cup had condensation and a cold feel to it. The pop ended up being orange pop after all.

    All my concerns about my step-daughter was gone as she was removed as a dream character and there was no reason to become involved in the dream drama so I decided to explore the dream setting and walked out the store.

    There was an orchard with tall grass, the sky was at the end of dusk so a bit dark. The trees were vibrant and full of green leaves. I stopped mid way in my walk to re-adjust my focus, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t loosing lucid control so affirmed that I was still in control of the dream.

    Which also allowed me to just enjoy being there fully aware that here I was in this amazing rich detailed dream world with my body fast asleep in the bed. The realism does tend to want to test my conviction that it is really a dream and that I am not actually in a body walking around because as far as realism goes I may as well be in a physical body while lucid in that state.

    Now the game-modding comes into play and I decide it would be fun to create an adventure but the goal was to allow immersive dream content to have rich interactions but not let the drama cause me to lose the crucial focus needed to remain conscious as it’s very easy to get caught up in the realism and forget one is again dreaming. Keeping that in check was top priority.

    For the moment, again I recreate a Fallout post-nuclear world and the store becomes an artifact of a shack, warn down. I walk in and there is this elderly man with a cowboy hat, white shirt and he’s very tanned as if being scorched in the sun for a long time. The store is almost identical to what stores look like in that game with litter strewn around, very few items on shelves.

    He’s very angry and is throwing out a female customer. “I don’t want you in my store you wasteland trash!” He throws a bucket at her and she runs past me. She’s dressed in this 1800’s style dress and has a bonnet for a hat. Then he looks at me.

    “What the hell do you want? We’re closed. I don’t want any more god-damn customers. Can’t you see I’ve got nothing for sale?” and he throws a red bucket this time off his shelf and I trip backwards falling down trying to avoid it.

    “Get out! Get out of my store before I walk over there and throw you out.” He yells.

    I have to admit, I was absolutely loving it and wanted to play along as a character from that game in role-play. He was so perfectly grumpy and senile, made a really great convincing job of what that mad gameworld might be like.

    I stand up and brush the dust from the dirty floor off my pants. “I didn’t know when I came to shop at this store that I would find a crazy old man.”

    “What did you say?” he yells.

    “You are a senile old bastard, you can have your store I’m leaving.” I tell him.

    “Damn right you are, and never come back. I don’t do business with the likes of you. You’re all wasteland scum!”

    He follows me out of the store onto it’s wooden porch. I’m just loving these details with the creaky wood floor planks making up the porch and his senile angry demeanor, and he’s flipping his had at me trying to brush me away. “That’s right you keep walking boy!”

    The road was all cracked and dust blew across, the sky had a dry orange tinge to it and I stop just to admire the success of again re-creating Fallout in such vivid detail.

    “Hate to have to break character, but I have to say you are doing an excellent job at your character.” I tell the person. He seems taken back by the comment.

    “What are you getting at boy?” he asks.

    “Well, this dream you see is a life-like recreation of a video game that I’ve been playing. I love the game and thought creating it would be fun and didn’t expect such an animated well played shop keeper like yourself. You really made that experience fantastic. Your acting, role-playing is top notched.”

    He doesn’t know what to make of that. “Well, that’s fine but you still need to run along and get out of here.” He tells me.

    “Oh don’t worry I am leaving, and it’s too bad because you are such an interesting character I’d probably like to stay and interact with you more. One of those characters you’d like to get to know better but can’t because he’s such a grumpy old ass. That’s you.”

    He shakes his head and throws me off throwing his hand in the air as he walks back in his shop still grumbling and angry as ever.

    It’s better than being in Disney land. I am just overwhelmed by the freedom to create this world I have to pause again to admire the scenery. I reaffirm that I am dreaming, and make sure that the drama didn’t cause me to lose wakeful awareness before I continue exploring.

    I’m thinking to myself, “Well that was fun, but already did Fallout so this is so yesterdays dream.” And then I did something very incredible. I literally took a slice of the world turning it into a miniature so that I could look over the world and it’s buildings, vegetation and started modding the dream treating it just like a video game.

    The world was a perfect circular shaped slice and I could rotate it, zoom in to work on some details. I literally played God fine-tuning the details of the dream world before I set it back down and entered a location in that world to play in.

    I zoom back into a relative first-person perspective and had modernized the world so that it wasn’t a Fallout 3 realm. It was now more modern with apartments, and ended up on the street. There was this posting for players to attend this Role-playing guild and it had some society name. It’s eluding me now but was like “Dark Castle Role-Playing Society” and definitely had role-playing society at the end of the name. Had an emblem of a dragon on a gold crown. Being in a game mood I thought that would be a fun place to start my second adventure. After all, I did create the society. (I know, such an RPG nerd but my dream so … )

    It takes me a while to find the place, I am walking along the streets that I had just finished creating and admiring my handy work. I followed a cobble-stone road with cracking street lights at the dark of night to this shady apartment and could see the people in side. Sure enough it was the place so I walked on in.

    There were four people present. One of them was a girl, she was kind of goth, a little on the heavy side with a t-shirt barely holding her cleavage. She had some string necklace on and black finger nail polish.

    “Are you here to join the society and play role-playing games?” she asks.

    “Absolutely, where do I sign up.” I ask her.

    “You don’t sign up, you need to roll a character so you can play.” She tells me. They have this table with a digital top that shows the game world. They even had these chocolate dragons which were relatively the size of a normal chocolate bar.

    “Well, I want my character to be focused on lucid dreaming because after all… that is what I am doing right now and anything to keep me reminded that this is a dream would be a plus.” I tell her.

    “Whatever, it’s your character just don’t be an idiot about it.” She tells me.

    There are two other players both male who instantly take an interest in me. “So you want to play a lucid dreaming character in a lucid dream, that’s crazy deep man!” the one person tells me.

    “I think so, it’s kind of different but I hate losing focus on the fact that I am actually dreaming so that has to be up front first otherwise I’ll just wake up and what fun is that. What kind of game are we playing?”

    “It’s like dungeon and dragons except more centered around the medieval ages with kings, knights and jesters. Not as much magic or monsters with deep role-play for the characters.” He tells me.

    “You’ll want one of these, they are delicious.” The girl tells me as she hands me a chocolate dragon.

    “Thanks” I tell her as I take a bite. It has a softer chocolate filling with about an eighth of an inch of hard chocolate around it. I bite the head off and I have to tell you… I absolutely love dream chocolate more than real-life chocolate. It tasted so perfect and better in every way. I was even thinking, “Mmmm… dream chocolate, so rich and creamy…” and it raises the bar, hard to find chocolate that good in real-life, hate to admit it.

    I lean over a counter and look at my character sheet. The game setup is totally different than what I know but I can see the stats column and character details such as name et all on the character sheet.

    The other person tells the guy, “Dude you have to give him one of those things. It’ll be hilarious.”

    This prompted the other person to pull out a stick of gum that is inside of a plastic sandwich bag. “If you are going to play, you have to eat this.” And he pulls out the stick of gum.

    “What is it, laced with a narcotic? Won’t work on me, I know this is a dream and will ignore what ever effect.” I tell him.

    “No man, it’s crazy fun just eat it. It’s not a drug.” He tells me as his friend watches wide eyed already holding back his laughter.

    “What’s so funny about a stick of gum?” I ask.

    “Just try it, you’ll find out.” He says as he hands it to me.

    I unwrap the gum and am actually curious about it because after all it’s a dream so what is the worse that could happen. The gum is marbled with purple and lighter purple color. The wrapper itself was a dark purple and the tinfoil wrapper as expected. I smell it, it smells sweet like gum and take a bite.

    At first the gum feels a little spongy and starts to immediately expand into a foam and they start to laugh their asses off. I find it funny to and instead of spitting it out I eat the rest of the gum creating turning my mouth into a foam volcano and they laugh hysterically as this purple foam oozes out dripping onto the floor.

    There was a loud crack and suddenly I wake up from the dream and almost fully wake up as I can sense my physical eyes and face merging with my dream body. Quickly I snap back into the same dream and am confused as to what woke me so suddenly.

    I’m back outside the same apartment as the role-playing society. Now there is a helicopter flying over head with a sniper who is shooting at me. The bullets hit while I try to reaffirm my reality-check and stabilize in the dream. I have to ignore the bullets as the rip into me and grab onto a railing and start to relax.

    I look up at the chopper and laugh. “You’ll have to do better than that” I tell the sniper as I wave my hand and cause the chopper to fly out of control spinning away from me in a Jedi like force blast.

    I walk back into the RPG society and the people are totally shocked to see me back. “What the hell man! How the hell are you still alive?” the person who gave me the gum said.

    “Holy shit, it must be a lucid dream.” The other person belts out. “He’s still alive.”

    “Yeah, it’s a lucid dream I suddenly woke up but I am back now.” I tell them.

    “Derrick shot you in the fucking head point-blank over a year ago!” the one person tells me.

    “Who the fuck is Derrick?” I ask him. Well as it turns out, Derrick was the fourth player who was being the silent type sitting at a couch and I guess took offense at my lucid dream affirmation and decided to put a bullet in my head to prove that I wasn’t lucid dreaming while I was busy foaming at the mouth which woke me up.

    “I’m Derrick and you should be fucking dead. What the fuck are you!” he tells me.

    I laugh, “What the hell is your problem, you can’t just shoot people in the back of the head.”

    “I’ll fucking do it again.” He tells me.

    “Go ahead, you can’t kill me. The worse thing that happens is I wake up. Big whoop. Don’t be such an asshole, or be an asshole I don’t care it’s all fun and games, this is after all the RPG society.”

    The girl comes over, “You’ve been dead for over a year. We dragged your body out of here and buried you.”

    “Well, it’s more like seconds for me. Dreams are crazy you know.” She is all wide eyed like she’s staring at a ghost.

    “Stop calling this a fucking dream ok!” yells Derrick. “This can’t be a fucking dream! You can’t be alive! I killed you!”

    “You need to relax Derrick and show me some respect. I have seen the birth and deaths of entire Universes and run old and deep into the moors of creation.” I tell him.

    “So you are fucking God then? I’m talking to God?” he argues.

    “No, I am not God but I suppose in this dreamworld I am after all I did create it.” I tell him.

    He gets even more pissed off at me telling him it’s a dream. “That’s why I fucking shot you in the first place, you keep calling this a goddamn dream and it’s not ok. This is real!”

    “Well, I’m not dead, I can raise myself from the dead and have god like powers here so I wouldn’t try to pick a fight with me or try that bullet to the head trick, or I’ll raise you from the dead.” I tell him… all the time just loving the fact that it’s all a dream, I know he’s just a character and he’s perfectly role-playing unaware that this is the actual game.

    He makes another sucker punch move at me but this time, I grab his shirt and flip him on his back throwing him down hard to the ground.

    “Well, I’m usually a nice guy Derrick but now you’ve gone and pissed me off and really hate what I am going to do next.” I tell him as I start to punch him in the face… but they are not regular punches as I am throwing down like a jack-hammer.

    His face breaks and bones crack, blood comes pouring out of his mouth. I hit him about 7 times killing him and stand up.

    “He had it coming, you all know he did.” I told the other players. They are all terrified.

    “Oh my god, you killed him! You fucking killed him!” the girl screams as she tears up.

    “Yeah, maybe I killed him. He’s pretty bloodied up now isn’t he.” I tell her as I look at him lying there in a pool of blood.

    “But maybe I can bring him back to life too.” I tell her. “This is after all a dream now isn’t it?”

    I roll him over clearing the blood from his mouth and start to do some chest compressions. Then realize that’s just too much effort. I wave my hand over him and he comes back to life, his face heals and he starts to gasp and breath.

    “Welcome back Derrick, I told you I could kill you and bring you back to life.”

    He’s really stunned and finally relaxes, “All right man, you’re right. This has to be a dream. I’m sorry.”

    “It’s ok, looks like I patched you up good as new. You didn’t have to shoot me in the head though, almost ruined this dream for me… waking up is the worse.”

    “What happens if you wake up?” he asks.

    “You all disappear and this world comes to an end.”

    His eyes go wide. “Ok man, whatever you do… don’t wake up!”

    I laugh… “Easy for you to say… I have no choice and will eventually wake up but until then I have this dream to enjoy.”

    “Well, then you have to try this.” The guy who gave me the gum says as he hands me a package that has this colorful white speckled candy in it. It looks like nuts or something covered in a white glaze but ends up being another foaming gum trick.

    I eat it and instantly my mouth starts to fill up with foam and spills out, they start to laugh. I try to stuff it all in there to make more of a mess and can even feel it expanding until it has no choice but to spew everywhere.

    But now I did have to wake up as my roomate came home interrupting the sleep which was fine, I had a great time in dream-land playing God so thought I would share the wacky nerdy side of my dreamlife with you. What can I say, it’s better than TV.




    Most excellent Dreaming, Ian!

    As to the Jung & Freud stuff, that’s the stuff I’m not interested in at the moment, although if I read it a bit closer and focused attention on it I’m sure it answers my question 😉

    You mentioned Robert Monroe, and he’s one of my favorite authors. I’ve read his books several times. What I’m not fond of is The Monroe Institute. Why? The prices they charge. It’s ridiculous! I’d love to go there and have them hook me up to all kinds of gadgets, share my experiences with others, etc., etc. Yet, not at the prices they charge. I think with the experience and experiences I’ve had we could all learn something, yet again though, I’m not paying their prices. I have the money, it’s the principle 🙂

    I wish Robert Monroe himself were still alive; we could have some great discussions. I’ve actually found him in Dreaming, or someone/something that resembles him and stated he was Robert Monroe, yet it’s I’m still not keen enough in Dreaming to have total recall, or whatever it is we have here in waking.



    Most excellent Dreaming, Ian!
    As to the Jung & Freud stuff, that’s the stuff I’m not interested in at the moment, although if I read it a bit closer and focused attention on it I’m sure it answers my question ;)
    You mentioned Robert Monroe, and he’s one of my favorite authors. I’ve read his books several times. What I’m not fond of is The Monroe Institute. Why? The prices they charge. It’s ridiculous! I’d love to go there and have them hook me up to all kinds of gadgets, share my experiences with others, etc., etc. Yet, not at the prices they charge. I think with the experience and experiences I’ve had we could all learn something, yet again though, I’m not paying their prices. I have the money, it’s the principle :)
    I wish Robert Monroe himself were still alive; we could have some great discussions. I’ve actually found him in Dreaming, or someone/something that resembles him and stated he was Robert Monroe, yet it’s I’m still not keen enough in Dreaming to have total recall, or whatever it is we have here in waking.

    I agree on Freud and Jung, they are a bit dated but lead into examples of their beliefs which describe how we have a mind that is partitioned into other aspects of ourselves. And Jung leads into the collective unconscious which leads into Tom’s larger consciousness system as a source for some of our dream content. Monroe simply facilitates dreaming as a form on non-verbal communication.

    Thus we have content we create, and content that exists which we are communicating with the larger consciousness system for a two fold answer.

    The Monroe courses and fees are quite pricey and we have a lot in common Kris as I am not interested in paying for my own personal spiritual enlightenment, for me such a thing has no price and should be readily accessible. But then I don’t charge for my work and research based on those personal principles. We just need to dream; it’s all right there.


    Kris, my maiden name is “Kelly”. We both have the same initials. I was “KK” for awhile. Then, I was “KM”, now I am “KV”. I have this natural inclination towards anybody whose name begins with a “K”, and you and I both have double Ks. Did you know that there was no “K” in early Gaelic? There is something about the symbol “K” that involves a snake and a staff. I forget the exact story.

    I found all the Jed McKenna books you listed, and began to read parts of them. I enjoy the conversational tone that he takes with the reader. I want to read more before making too detailed of a response, but, off the bat, I definitely agree that the responsibility for one’s reality (or dream) is without a doubt upon one’s own shoulders. I also agree that one really needs to work on one’s emotions and beliefs in order to get anywhere with manipulating the dream. I can see other people who are clueless and refuse to listen to any advise in this regards, but then I realize that I am on the outside and can see where another is coming from. It is so much harder to see the glitches in one’s own self.

    Years ago, these very same conclusions occurred to me. McKenna writes:

    “The emperor has no clothes, and sooner or later everyone is going to see what’s staring them right in the face. When that happens, perhaps, there will be a major shift—a mass exodus away from the complexity and futility of all spiritual teachings. An exodus not outward toward Japan or India or Tibet, but inward, toward the self—toward self-reliance, toward self-determination, toward a common sense approach to figuring out just what the hell’s going on around here. A wiping of the slate. A fresh start. Sincere, intelligent people dispensing with the past and beginning anew. Beginning by asking themselves, “Okay, where are we? What do we know for sure? What do we know that’s true?”

    However, I have to say that I am not very curious about “truth”. It is my experience that “truth” changes constantly. If something changes, it can’t be true, then, can it? I make a point of avoiding absolutes. I think that when one delves into the exploration of “Who am I?” — or better yet, “WHAT am I?” — that “truth” goes out the window. I don’t think there are any truths. I think it is ALL made up. I think all realities are inventions.

    I read Carlos Castenada several decades ago. I was too young, I think, and read his books as if they were adventure stories. Nowadays, I simply wait for people to quote meaningful passages from his books…and the ones that get quoted ARE very interesting. I missed out on recognizing the juicy parts back when I was reading him.

    I, too, do not record every dream I have. I also keep a journal in which I only write things that I feel inspired to write about. I have a special relationship with my journal. I will have to tell you about it some day.

    I have a thousand electronic books scattered between internal hard-drives, external hard-drives, thumb drives, PC, laptop, and Kindle. I have hundreds of print books and, like, five full bookcases, to say nothing of the stacks next to my bed that I am supposed to be finishing. I have read at least half of everything I have collected. I sometimes wonder why I do this. I don’t know that I am any smarter for having read so much. It also makes it kind of hard for me to find a cite when I want to prove something I am saying. I can’t remember for the life of me where I read something or how to locate it again.


    Glad you are here, Cosmo! I grew up being called “crazy”, but it is now paying off. I see and experience things that would put me in the nuthouse if anybody else knew, but I also have a much better grip on how to manipulate my reality than do “the others”. It is all a dream, and it is only the ones who realize this that are able to do things that most of the rest of the population consider to be impossible.



    I am so do happy to have found others ! I would like to sometime soon tell you of my experiences too . I am a very sane person with a great career and family ! They have accepted that I am a little different yet they do believe me as they have witnessed my dreams becoming realities. Talk soon, I have deadlines at work this week. I would love to chat more! Cheers , Eva.


    Welcome back Eva,

    It’s always nice connecting with people are more hands on in their life experiences and actively engaging their dreams. No doubt some people, who are unable to understand or see the relationship that dreams and reality have will likely make assumptions that people like us, who see this internal sub-system of reality as having a greater purpose and meaning behind it than what most do not see.

    I also agree with Kathleen that the truth can be dynamic and changing because the substance of our reality can change. This may be a very hard concept to grasp when we are locked into only knowing physical reality and believing it to be the greater reality that we exist in; but like Kathleen says reality is an invention much like our dreams are inventions. Not to dismiss any importance however, but the laws of physics and perception change from one system of reality to the next; and there is a lot of reality out there beyond just our physical world. Which is very exciting.

    However, what holds true in all of them sits us the ones having the experience with reality and that there is more to us than meets the eye. The dreamers of dreams. That’s a nice part of who and what we are.



    ” Until we recognize the universe in our heads, attempts to understand reality will remain a road to nowhere.” Robert Lanza


    Another one:

    If you ever reach the edge of the universe, you will most likely bump into the back of your head. – Anonymous



    “I’m often asked, “How do you manage to get lucid all the time?” My reply is, “I’m not sure.””

    Another way of saying the same thing is: habit.




    Two nights ago I had the longest Dream (precognitive Dream?) that I’ve ever had. Lasted eight days based on ‘time and days’ displayed in the Dream. I was in the middle east in a country of unknown origin, yet felt familiar based on trips to several of the countries I’ve visited. I was with a very large group of American people on a sight-seeing tour.

    Mid-way through the first day of sight-seeing there was a huge fallout between this countries government and the U.S. government, and the local military was attempting to round us Americans up. They were very violent, even shooting some American tourists, so of course most of us fled. Fleeing the locals was the entire theme of this Dream, and was completely lucid.

    I could go on forever in regards to the details, yet I’m not interested and have no motivation at this time to do so. What I found most interesting were a couple of things.

    First, I allow the Dream to just play out, knowing in the back of my mind that I was Dreaming. I didn’t use any ‘Dream powers’ or exeptional abilities to avoid being captured. Second, at night when I was tired I’d find a dark abandoned building or some such to lie down to sleep, and upon awakening the next day, I was still lucid in the Dreaming. This is one method I figured I’d been there eight days, as I went to sleep seven times and woke to a new day each time. I also asked a couple of locals what day it was when I arrived there, as well as asked what day it was a day before I departed.

    I’ve changed Dreams within a Dream, or entered a different Dream while Dreaming, yet this is the longest I’ve ever been able to remain in the same Dream.

    Was pretty cool stuff.





    I am insanely jealous of you Kris. Did you get an actual date (year, month, day) or just “it’s monday”? Just in case it is precognitive.


    Hi Kris,

    That is a very long dream. The content may not be precognitive and for your case I hope not. What I do like about the dream is it’s an example of what I have written about (based on similar dreams) that we can have dreams that last days in a single moment of sleep. I’ve had these from time to time some spanning as long as 2 weeks. I’ve asked Tom Campbell what his record stretch of time was, he said about 3 months. I’ve also talked with people via the internet who claim to have lived entire lifetimes in a single night of sleep. What was interesting in each account from these totally different people is that each one made a similar claim.

    When they returned to this waking life, it took them weeks to adjust to being back in it. That’s some really wild experiences I haven’t had that level of time duration but even in 2 weeks of it, like your 8 day dream it shows the potential so I am open-minded that we can have this vertical of time outside of our current time/space flow in waking reality.

    Thanks for sharing it and I hope it’s not precognitive as it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun experiences. Best to stay a dream probability if anything 😉

    For those who haven’t read my article on time in dreams I do have one that covers some of this material.

    Dreaming a Century of Time During One Night of Sleep




    A commented: Did you get an actual date (year, month, day) or just “it’s monday”? Just in case it is precognitive.

    Kris: No, I did not. What I did get was upon arrival one of the group members commented that it was the 2nd, and the day prior to me ‘waking up’ it was the 9th when I asked (and I was there one more day.) Thus, eight days.

    Here’s an interesting perception…I’m sure when most everyone first gets lucid in Dreaming we pay attention to a lot of detail. Yet, I’ve been doing this so long I’ve actually become lazy and my perception has fallen off in Dreaming. I kind of glaze over and skim the details of the Dream. Perhaps I was told the day of the week, month and year, as well as many other details, yet I just didn’t pay attention. Looks like an opportunity for me to work on 😉

    Ian commented: When they returned to this waking life, it took them weeks to adjust to being back in it.

    Kris: Yes, this is very accurate for me as well. This is also one of the reasons I don’t feel like writing out the details. Over the past couple of days it’s as if my mind doesn’t want to think. A lot of internal silence as if meditating and such. This is Ok with me, and especially at work as a massage therapist, as I can just ‘zone out,’ relax, and take it easy.

    Ian: That’s some really wild experiences I haven’t had that level of time duration but even in 2 weeks of it, like your 8 day dream it shows the potential so I am open-minded that we can have this vertical of time outside of our current time/space flow in waking reality.

    Kris: Not to get all weird, but what you mention above sounds similar to what Carlos Castaneda wrote about in his books in regard to ‘Dreaming the Double.’ The Double is the Dreamed self or energetic body. One thing I’ve been working a lot on is this as mentioned to Castaneda’s books: While Dreaming of this world we are awake in, to be able to ‘wake up’ from our Dream bodies into our full physical body at the remote location where we were Dreaming. This description is poor, so allow me an example:

    Let’s say I went to sleep in my bed in Nevada and became lucid in Dreaming. I Dreamed I was at my parents home in Arizona up in the woods. Thus, I would then wake up from the Dream in the woods in Arizona, not back in my bed in Nevada where I went to sleep. Is this possible? Who knows? I’ve actually done this several times within my own home, yet no-one has ever been around to confirm it. Perhaps I was just sleepwalking? How did I manage to awaken in my backyard with the door locked from the inside still? I love this stuff!

    As to it possibly being precognitive, I think I used the wrong word. As Dreams are thoughts, and I’m x-military and actually had to do a great deal of what occurred in the Dream while serving, it’s probably just a combination of a bundle of thoughts and experiences all strung together.

    Did I mention that I truly love this stuff? 🙂


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    I love it also; we have two realities to play in. One when we wake up and one when we fall asleep; both are equally compelling and interesting that offer similar yet different experiences.

    The thing with precognitive dreams and this is my experience so others may be different is that it’s hard to predict if dream content actually is precognitive until it actualizes and comes true in the future.

    Dream content on it’s own is capable of simulating literally anything we can imagine obviously as thoughts and imagination go hand-in-hand. It’s really an all inclusive virtual reality simulator that we are born with, and I love it. Makes the Xbox One and Playstation 4 lame in comparison and gives Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas a run for their money on special effects. Even lame attempts at real-life virtual reality like the Oculus Rift will never match the resolution, sensory stimulation and experiences that nature’s virtual reality simulator aka dreaming can.

    I merely become suspicious if something is precognitive and may act on it, or let it ride. Either it is and it comes true, or it’s not and never happens. I know when it comes true if I have enough memory that it linked to the remembered dream or not.

    You dream could be precognitive but we won’t know unless it does come true which in your case I hope not; it sounds much better as a probabilistic node of reality that may never need to come true now that you have an experience with it. That is the fickle nature of precognition as I’ve experienced but others may be more adapt at it so I cannot speak on their behalf.

    Now what Carlos Castenada is talking about; Tom Campbell also discusses as having the ability to experience a physical body while your other body is asleep. Robert A. Monroe also discusses this when he had “future” experiences where humanity evolved past our current cycle.

    But… and I think Tom will agree; the sensation of physicality within these simulations still ultimately become a “simulation” of physicality so we are simply simulating a physical body in that dream reality frame.

    The same can be said however for our current physical body if we follow a virtual reality model. That our current physical body is also another type of simulation based on this quality of information processing that gives us reality experiences be they dreams or this waking one. So physical/non-physical are part of the same package and does it really matter?

    The experience is what matters most. That is the real point of it all in my opinion. Everything else is simply the stage by which the experience happens in.

    What ever it is; it’s amazing that we can become “dream locked” for a duration of time that exceeds the amount of physical clock time that our body is experiencing. I do want to try to have a lifetime dream assuming lol… I am not already having that dream that lasts a lifetime right now 😉

    Why stop now, gotta try to have my next mini-dream vacation.

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