Have you ever have deja vu where you linked the familiar memory to something you dreamed of in the past?

This is known as Deja Reve or already dreamed.  Takes some time to remember moments of deja and if it made you question if you already dreamed about the event?

Yes?  Comment below I’d love to hear about it.

For thirty years I’ve have experienced observing dreams relate to future events.  This often starts with a feeling of deja vu that triggers the memory of the past dream.  The dream can take place days, weeks, months and even years before the onset of Deja Reve.

How often have you had this type of experience?

It is more common than people realize and often deja vu is mistaken for Deja Reve.  Frequency studies by Dr. Art Funkhouser show that up to 33% of people have this type of experience when polled.  I tested his theory on twitter and had a 35% rate which you can see in from this twitter poll.  Find out for yourself.

Ask the question:
Have you ever had deja vu where you linked the familiar memory to something you dreamed of in the past?
Post it on social media, ask it at the dinner table, to friends or family or even strangers and just let them share their story.
Below are some of my examples that are timestamped on forums and linked to news articles, or supported by witness testimony or photographs.   There are more examples in the Journal section.  Check this Reddit thread for thousands of accounts.  This is more common that people realize and I share information on this experience spanning 20 years.

Peace between North and South Korea dreamt 93 days before it happened in Reality.

On January 25th, 2018 I had a dream that North Korea and South Korea announced peace on a TV news feed. In the Dream, I was in South Korea, here is an excerpt from the dream:
the family have the TV on which a news article covering the North Korean event. It was a bid for peace and unification. There was also this celebration and parade in the news clip.

Time Stamped Sources for verification:
Posted on my blog on on January 25th, 2018:

Posted on Reddit on on January 25th, 2018:

Tweeted on my twitter feed on January 25th, 2018

April 27th, 2018 Historic Headline:

North And South Korea Declare End To War, Proclaim “New Era Of Peace”

This event took place 93 days after the dream. North Korea and South Korea met for the first time in a bid for peace to end the 68 year long Korean war.

In my dream, the message about peace was brilliantly portrayed as a major event centered around this historic moment in Human history.

Link: North And South Korea Declare End To War, Proclaim “New Era Of Peace”

The announcement of this meeting took place April 17th, 2018. The news was a buzz regarding North Korea and South Korea pending announcement that they are going to end the 68 year war and finally have peace.
News Article

As the event didn’t take place yet people who were reading this dream said at that time it hadn’t happened yet so this dream wasn’t a confirmation. But that all changed on April 27th when Kim Jun Un met Moon Jae and Kim announced, “We solemnly declare to our 80m Koreans and the world that there will no more war on the Korean peninsula and a new era of peace has begun,”

As dreamed of the bid for peace and unification has taken place. It has been on the media and TV as clearly demonstrated in the dream. This isn’t the first time I have dreamed of something and it has come true. In fact, I have had dreams that have come true spanning 31 years.

Dr. Art Funkhouser has been researching and gathering evidence since the 1960s

“Many years ago, through my research, Ian discovered his past dreams that were linked to future events gave rise to a form of déjà experience that involved precognition. He found out he was not alone. It turned out that many others have déjà vu experiences that derive from precognitive dreams. These are sometimes referred to as “déjà rêvé” which means “already dreamt””
Art Funkhouser
C.G. Jung Institute Zurich and Déjà Researcher known for “The frequency of déjà vu (déjà rêvé) and the effects of age, dream recall frequency and personality factors” and his website https://deja-experience-research.org/

Traveling 4,427 Kilometers to meet someone from a past dream for the first time.

Meeting Someone for the first time in a past dream.

On March 3rd, 2018 when I arrived at the Monroe Institute I met a person for the first time in my waking life that I only ever met first in a past dream that I had on February 13th, 2018, 18 days after I had the dream of this person. For me, this was such a significant precognitive dream because I traveled 4,427 kilometers across Canada into the US to go to a place called the Monroe Institute near Charlottesville VA. A place I’ve wanted to go to for 30 years. The odds of meeting someone you dreamed of without ever meeting first in waking life seems impossible.

Not only was this the person from the dream, I identified him as being middle eastern with tattoos. Sure enough, he is middle eastern and I recognized his tattoos on his arms from the dream. To further cement the connection to the dream, he mentioned a person named Tamara, however in my dream I recalled her name as Sumara. This inconsistency is derived at how difficult after waking up from a long dream to recall the finer details. Pulling a name from a dream especially one I never heard before is not an easy task. I have a hard time remembering dreams in my waking life let alone trying to recall one from a dream.

Another key element of the dream was a conversation we had as a group of us sat at a table which lead up to when I revealed the dream journal. In the conversation a person talked about Robert A. Monroe’s idea of the “projector” which is a concept of a projector projecting our reality from a single source. In my dream the projector was mentioned and was coming from a conscious singularity which I described in the dream as the one who dreams us all. A pivotal part of the conversation in the waking world as well as the dream itself.

The dream clearly portrayed a person named Banipal, who was Middle Eastern and had tatoos on his forearms. I recognized him from this dream, and even knew which part of the journal entry I wrote about our encounter.

Here is that excerpt from the dream:
Then this man comes into the room. He wants to find out what happened outside. He has tattoo’s and looks like he might be middle eastern.

I tell him that I just exposed the one who dreams us all, the conscious singularity of which all existents flows from, our true self.

He’s concerned about Sumara’s disappearance and I tell him she’s fine.
Here is the full dream:

Here is a photo of Banipal (to the left) in the middle is the famous retired US intelligence officer and trained remote viewer Joe McMoneagle and myself to the right. My memory of Banipal in the dream is an identical match for who you see in this photo. In dream-to-text one doesn’t have the ability to share this rich visual medium of dream information suffice to say I recognized him immediately when I met him that fateful day:

I wrote about this experience and my entire trip to the Monroe Institute which I encourage you to read here.


I also posted this dream on February 13th, 2018 on Reddit.

And linked it on my Twitter that same day.

Here is Banipal’s account via e-mail.

I was attending the Gateway Program March of this year at the Monroe Institute when I meet Ian for the first time. I was sitting at a table describing a story of a close friend. Ian stopped me mid sentence, pulled out his dream journal, and told me to read…
In a dream, Ian was educating my friend Tamara, whom in the journal was spelled Samara. Ian was explaining to her that she is dreaming, which she didn’t believe. Ian, in the dream began to manipulate the sky to prove that they are dreaming. This act by Ian amazed Tamara. Tamara then asked Ian if he is God, which Ian replied no. When she exited the dream, a middle eastern man with a tattoo on each arm entered the dream and inquired about her. Ian recognized my tattoos at the table……..

“Soon, you will discover, it is you that will become the most influential teacher for yourself.”
Banipal Seperghan

This dream is a prime example of symbolic precognitive dreams which I cover extensively in my paper, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams”.

Example of next day lucid symbolic precognition.

Here are four books that I’ve written.  The Theory of Precognitive Dreams covers my view of how this process works.

A Shoshoni Dream Walker shares my dream in August 21, 2010

Is it the first time I’ve met someone in my dreams first? No. And not the first time I have confirmed it. On August 21st, 2010 a Shoshoni Dream Walker who heard about me via my interview with Anthony Peake wanted to try to share a dream with me and I posted a dream during that time where I met him and later confirmed via a video of him that he was in the dream mentioned in this post.

The meeting was confirmed when his wife linked a video of him after I posted the dream on a forum (now defunct) back in 2010. I kept a transaction of the chat log with permission.

After I watched a video of him, it was undeniable that he was the person in that one particular dream. From the above link.

[3:03:39 PM] Ian Wilson: That was definately Cochitlehua , I recognize him in the videos 100% certain of it now
[3:04:06 PM] Ian Wilson: Now I have a picture to match that person…

Before I met my wife, I had a dream about her son 10 years before I met him for the first time. When I met him, he was only 9 years old at the time but was the same person at the relative age in the dream. Why I remembered was he was African in the dream and where I live at that time there were not very many African people so I always wondered what the significance of that dream was and who that person was. Now I know.

It is not often that I have the dreams recorded so many times I just know when I meet a person in my waking life to whom I’ve met in a past dream, and this has been on going for over 30 years. Even as recently as January 2019 when I had a dream about a person I never met to meet them at a pub a couple of days later.

A Warning dream about a cougar at my apartment later confirmed on the News.

Here is another example of symbolic precognition that spooked out some Reddit users. I had dreamed about a cougar in my room and the next day there was a real event where a Cougar had hid in an alcove right beside the door of our apartment building and I was warned not to go outside because it was right by the door and this story broke in our local media.

That is just a fraction of the dreams that I’ve had which have come true. Many are covered in my papers and book and buried deep in the journal section of this website, over 8 years of dream journal entries and examples but you'd have to dig and search for them.

If it wasn't for precognitive dreaming I'd be dead. I talk about the dream that saved my life in this post maybe right click and open it in a new tab. The Dream That Saved My Life

A 1998 News Article where I share my findings with a local newspaper.

In this newspaper article about me from 1998 I meet with a reporter and share my experiences with dreams that come true.  20 years later I am still sharing those experiences.  It started when I was 16, so over 30 years worth of experience in this very unique window of human potential.  In the article I talk about something I write about in my books called “Lucid Precognitive Dreaming” where I was able to bridge into a normally unconscious precognitive dream and experience it in the same manner one experiences a lucid dream.  In these cases, I altered the dream in some specific way and later when the dream came true, those changes took place.  It really was the most extraordinary experience to see a direct influence of the originating dream reprogram reality.  I’m one of the first people to actually provide techniques to explore this covered in my book, “Theory of Precognitive Dreams”.  Over the years only a few people have contacted me via e-mail where they also altered the originating precognitive dream to observe those changes come true.  With the right direction, why keep it to just a small select few?  I’ll provide some examples after this newspaper article.


If you read in the article, I talk about how I caused a triangle to appear on the forehead of someone at my workplace.  This event was part of a set of experiments I was conducting in the dream state as I explored lucid precognitive dreaming.  In the dream, all I did was use intent and dream control to map the dream by leaving a footprint like a geometric marker as the dream state is a vast astronomical spectrum based experience and isolating the precognitive layer is a navigational nightmare.  Suffice to say, I was successful.  In the originating dream, I was following my protocol of mapping and came into a lucid dream that seemed to fit my waking reality.  I saw Kevin in my work place about 8 feet away behind a concession counter and put a triangle on his forehead.  It was a dream, so this method was very easy.  The dream is still a dream regardless of it being precognitive in nature.  The triangle formed easily as I edited and modified the dream content.  However, the dream was a precognitive one and this event later actualized in the future when the dream came true.

What happened next shocked everyone that worked there, including Kevin.  I had Kevin write down his account of the experience and took some pictures.  Here is his account.

Kevin's Account from 1998

The original photographs of the Triangle

I took two photographs, what you are looking at here is the result of changing a dream before it comes true by being fully awake, lucid and self aware in the precognitive spectrum of the dream experience.  I’ve been an avid lucid dreamer since I was 15 and never could I have expected what tumbling down that rabbit hole would bring.  I’m a skeptic but when you have direct experience to something that provides you evidence it’s hard to argue with the facts even if other people were not privileged to those events due to the subjective paradox which I cover in my books.  The link to mind-over-matter is in this covert relationship between dreams and reality, hence why its something a person must experience to believe.  I’ve done my homework, what about you?  The images on the net are not photoshopped and the original photos can be scanned and the triangle clearly shows up on the still and the polaroid.  They still exist in original format on my 1998 defunct geocities website on the wayback machine.

This is a closer look at the first photograph with the contrast shifted slightly.

Here is the polaroid picture close up.

I’ve dramatically shifted the contrast, the triangle pops out every time.  This is the footprint I left in a past lucid precognitive dream, and the after effect of how it altered this allegedly physical reality.  If it was so physical then how can changing it in a dream first produce this effect?  Perhaps science is missing out on something much greater in our relationship with reality and dreams of which we have four-to-six a night provide a more profound insight.

Reproduced the effect on my Hand. It is still here today I wear the evidence.

This is my left hand, I also changed a lucid precognitive dream.  In the dream, in the classic look at your hand reality-check I decided to put a triangle on my dream hand.  Like above with Kevin this took place specifically in the precognitive spectrum and that dream came true and the triangle left its mark, it is still in my left hand to this day.  I consider it a string-on-my-finger reminder of this amazing discovery back in 1998 should my life ever change course and I lose focus on this particular part of the dreaming spectrum. 

I didn’t stop there, here are some other accounts with people who I demonstrated this too in that same time frame.

Some other example from other people in front of witnesses from 1998

In Summary

Hopefully you find this material interesting.  It is absolutely rare and unique, there is no body I know living today who presents this unique perspective.  If you have had your own dreams that have come true then through your own direct experience you can see that I am speaking of a real genuine truth.  You may not have lucid precognitive dreams nor changed them but have you ever tried?  I’ll leave this here for people to accept or deny as there are always those who regardless of evidence refuse to accept any possibility but consider this, if I never shared this material and took it to my grave which almost happened in 2013 then no other person could benefit from this insight which could spark an interest to explore there own relationship with precognitive dreams and reality. 

If you like this article, please share it with your friends and post it on website, social media… get the word out.  I have helped many people over the years understand that they were not crazy in their own experiences with dreams that come true.  That they are not alone.  If I can offer any advice, participate in your ongoing four-to-six dreams a night, be conscious when you sleep.  Explore your inner cosmos and perhaps see through direct experience the truth of what I’ve shared.
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