43. Ian Wilson in “Dreamscapes” | Lucidity, Precognition, Qualia & Interconnectedness

Ryan from Occulture offered an opportunity to discuss dreams and this is the result of that discussion. Thanks Ryan for a wonderful discussion.

We’re slashing through your subconscious like a nightmare on Elm Street with this supernatural sonic paralysis, and we’re diggin’ deep into the dreamscape in this one with Ian Wilson. Ian is a private dream researcher and dream explorer who has been recognized by members of the International Association for the Study of Dreams as a pioneer in the exploration of precognitive dream phenomena. Ian is also the man behind the website YouAreDreaming.org, which is a wet dream for anyone interested in dream research, consciousness or anything associated with these fields. Ian has tons of free articles, abstracts and ebooks available on his website, including a book titled “You Are Dreaming”, which I stumbled across a few years back and recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in this topic. We’ll be digging into the material in that book and much more. So why wait? Let’s curl up, close our eyes and cast this pod off into a space where the kick is something you get while you’re sleeping and where dreams really do come true. Enjoy.

The Theory of Precognitive Dreams

For those of you interested in Precognitive Dreams, I would like to present a new abstract that I’ve written entitled, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams” edits and contributions by Dr. Art Funkhouser.

The paper described and categorizes precognitive dream experience into lower-order and higher-order groups,  provides compelling research and evidence in favor of precognition,  details how to lucid dream and explore this particular experience in first-person and provides theory as to why it occurs.

This should prove to be a valuable asset for those of you who have this experience and insightful for those who do not.

Here is the link for the paper.  If you like, please share as it’s public domain.

The Dream that Saved My Life

Have you ever had a dream come true? I have. Many times since I was 15 years old. Having dreamed of tragic events, a cousin dying, a neighbor committing suicide, it never occurred to me that one day I might dream of my death.

That dream came in October 2012 when in the dream, I was driving my car and turned down a snow covered hill. It was virgin snow, no cars had been down this route and was dark. My daughter was in the back seat of the car. The hill ended at a T section and when I tried to stop, the snow covered hill revealed that underneath the snow was black ice. The car slid through the stop sign and a white truck smashed the driver side door. I woke up in shock at the literal realism and details of the dream.

Having had many precognitive dreams in the past, and the fact this concerned my daughter I reconsidered what tires I had set out for the winter. I had two winter tires and two all seasons that got me through the last winter just fine. Until the dream, changing this tire set wasn’t an option. However, reviewing the details of the dream I couldn’t dismiss the foreboding sense of doom that it conveyed. After speaking about it with my mother, I opted to buy 4 brand new winter tires and have them studded just in case this dream was precognitive.

What made this interesting is where I live studs are not a requirement and the Walmart clerk certainly made it known that I shouldn’t waste my time on having studs put on the tire. He showed me several different brands and I kept insisting on the best winters that supported studs. Finally in the end, I had the tires I wanted.

It would be the first winter in 24 years of driving that I would put studded winter tires on my car.

That winter, I was house sitting to avoid a commute between cities for work. Having my daughter I set out early to her day care and took an alternate route. It was a fresh snowfall and I took a the back-roads concerned that the highway driving might be too dangerous having had some close calls on the first day of snow in the past.

On the back route however, I was the only car that had driven as no other tracks were present. Making a right on the only hill that connects to where my destination was, I was suddenly confronted with the same scenario that I had previously dreamt.

By the time I remembered the dream, it was at the same spot where I started braking to stop on the hill. Like the dream foretold, there was black ice under the road and even with the studded winter tires, the car slid horribly and I panicked. Uncertain if I could even stop, I started to honk the horn to warn on coming traffic. Fortunately, the studs were digging into the black ice and when I was about a foot past the stop sign, the car stopped. Just as the white truck drove full speed less than a foot in front of me.

This certainly has made me grateful for these kinds of dreams and now, I can honestly say I owe precognitive dreaming my life. When my daughter grows up uninjured and still has a father, she can be thankful I changed the outcome of the dream by simply changing a set of tires. A life saving choice anyway you look at it.

Here is a person who dreamed about Hurricane Katrina before it happened.

The original website that had this precognitive dream posted on it is no-longer in service. Which is even better as I had to use the web-archive known as the way-back machine to pull this example which was clearly posted well before Hurricane Katrina which happened August 23, 2005 putting this prediction in the 2 month range in the path.

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20050720015548/http://www.prophecies.us/

Two Strange Dreams
Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2005 @ 16:43:06
nemisis writes “I had two strange dreams last night. In the first one I was asked to help my brother evacuate from New Orleans ahead of a hurricane. For whatever reason we were unable to make it before the storm hit. I was turned back by a Lousiana state policeman who told me that the shoreline for the Gulf of Mexico was now the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. He said New Orleans was gone, so, as he put it, my brother was either in a refugee camp somewhere or he was gator bait (not very empathetic if you ask me). “

Person Accurately Predicts Japan Earthquake on a Forum!

This is a very compelling example of a precognitive dream. You may want to read my abstract to find more info on precognition: Precognitive Dream Abstract


Precognitive Example

“Last night, I had a brief dream in which I saw a map of the USGS world view (which I do check on and off)

On it I saw a LARGE RED sqaure surrounded by many other smaller squares just of the east coast of Japan. The thing was this square was much larger than the normal size square USGS put up for a 7+”

If you follow the link and read the post you will see the time stamp. What makes this really compelling is it accurately predicts the magnitude, location and details of the Japan earthquake a Month before it happens.

This is yet another classic example of precognitive dreams in my opinion.