August 13th 2010 – Semi-lucid dream.

This dream had a long sense of time for such a short nap ~1h of sleep = ~7h of dream time. I have had a couple nights of no sleep because I am back working and will be very busy focusing on projects so if I have a dream, I will record and blog but not much more after that. If you are new to the Blog, you will want to read a few articles to orientate you with my material.

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August 13, 2010
Another night of restless sleep but did manage to have one dream that made up for all the lost time.

This was another very long dream, when I woke up I felt like I had been sleeping for hours and hours. I was worried that I had slept in but in fact I was probably only asleep for 35-40 minutes.

The dream started off lucid, as I turned the hypnogogic imagery into a nice sports car using a simple technique of integrating the three main senses, sight, sound and touch to facilitate the transition from being a rough ride of hypnogigia to a pleasant drive in a wicked sports car. As I was falling asleep and thinking about the car, the car slowly started to form. The more I organized the visual, audible and tactile thoughts, I could then touch the steering wheel and turn it. See through the windshield and see a road, trees and a blue sky. I could hear my hand tap the steering wheel. It became fully tactile and active and so I turned the car on, but when I hit the gas, it felt like I stretched my head in a very cartoony way for almost 100 feet, as if a part of my linear-logic was still focused in the small grey matter area of my brain not allowing itself to come along and the stretch pulled us apart and I was now passively dreaming, unaware I was in a dream. Damn!

The plot of this dream involved me staying with a group of people who were like family sharing a large house. One of the obvious symbolic twists in the dream was we went shopping for groceries and bought a midget for dinner. An actual male midget who was kind of slow and uncertain why we were putting him in our shopping cart. I reasoned it was a cultural thing so I should not offend them by speaking up about it.

The family I was with were talking about how great he was going to be for dinner and as I was obviously not fully lucid, the critical thinking needed to trigger a reality-check had yet surfaced. It was however starting the chain of inquisition that would lead to lucid moments in the dream. We drove home and I put the midget in a crib and was still uncertain as to why the heck anyone would want to eat a midget.

I went for a walk with the family and we walked by a park and were just idly chit-chatting. We stopped at a playground and their kids played. I sat on the grass. We finished after a while and walked back to the house. Now it was getting time for dinner and this was building up a lot of anxiety for me about eating their strange dish. They asked me to clean the midget, so I gave him a shower and this is where lucidity started to save me from what could potentially have been a really disturbing dream had I not intervened with logic and reason.

I look at this poor guy, he has all the signs of dwarfism with slightly malformed hands and a tiny body. “Why are you guys keeping me here? Are you kidnappers?”, he asks me.

I look at him and think, “There is no friggen way I am going to eat a person. There is no friggen way these people are going to eat this person!”. I feel a huge wave of compassion and love surface in turn I decided to put an end to this madness. “It’s worse then kidnapping, these people want to eat you, but I am not going to let them.”, I tell him.

I get him dressed and pick him up and carry him over to the people, “This guy is an orphan, he needs a family. Will you adopt him?” I ask.

They look at me and are then moved by the fact he’s an orphan and start talking about adoption. He is all happy that he is going to have a family and the dream has a happy ending. Especially for me, I didn’t get to eat midget. Yuck.

We went to a computer later on after we made a midget-free dinner and everyone ate. I am now friends with this guy and he really likes me. On the computer screen I am finding out that “Jim Carrey” is very interested in my dream research. The article I am reading describes him as being fascinated and intrigued by lucid dreaming.

On the blog there are user comments and some where posting pictures of geometrical platonic solids and other geometric 2D patterns. There was a really nice drawing of a video-game warrior in armor, very detailed and professionally drawn. The comments were all very interesting and were talking all sorts of theory related to how dreams use geometric matrices to create a digital mind-generated reality.

Then I start realizing I must also be dreaming, uncertain the dream shifts along with my new introduction of logic and I am now with Jim Carrey and we are talking about dreams. I am becoming more lucid and he looks aged, not as young as he is in his movies. He shakes my hand and is very genuine about how amazed he is by dreams and what I have written.

“This is really amazing that you can dream like that. It’s like having your own movie set, film-crew and production team, the whole time you are writing the script, directing the action and living as the star.”, he is very impressed.

Now I am lucid and looking at him, I look around at the dream and decide to just go with the flow, “It is nature’s Hollywood. One of the most amazing virtual reality simulators known to man.” I tell him.

He starts asking me about lucid precognitive dreaming and I tell him, “It’s a very similar state to any other dream you might have, except the lucid quality and the precognitive quality may not be apparent during the dream, however is relevant when the dream actualizes.”

“So you can be awake in a dream, know you are dreaming and then the dream can come true?”, he asks.

“Yes, it is exactly like that. However there is really no way to know if it can come true until it does come true which is why the paradox of precognition is so anomalous and random.”, I explain.

He tells me that he has had dreams come true, and that is why my work fascinates him. I tell him many people claim to have had dreams come true and it really introduces a wedge in how we view causality.

I don’t get much more time to chat about dreams, while in a lucid dream with a dream character in the form of Jim Carrey, and I wake up.

This is when I panic that I slept in… only an hour had passed.

Time-To-Bed: 6:12am
Time-Awake: 7:30am
Time-To-Sleep: ~20m
Total Time Slept: ~58m
Total Estimated time: 1 waking day ~7hrs.

An Interesting Spontaneous Lucid Dream.

July 29, 2010

Normal Sleep Spontaneous Lucid Dream.

I had a lot of information in my normal dreams prior to interrupting my sleep to practice lucid dreaming. I wanted to get it down asap. This is but a fraction of what I can remember; there was another entire sequence that I know I wanted to recall; the data was definitely intriguing but what I can recall is still very interesting but don’t read into it too much.

Just to note the baby woke up at the time I was going back to bed so she kind of killed my routine for the day. Busy working on projects however this is an interesting dialog within a dream.

The Lucid Dream

Where I pick up memory I am talking to some lady about truth seeking and she is really having her way with me intellectually.

Lady, “You can’t assume buzzing around here [non-physical reality] you are going to get it? [what everything is all about]. There is so much more going on then what you see.”

“I understand; there is a lot of data to sift through here. I can’t take it all in at once, it has to be processed over time.”, I tell her.

Lady, “What makes you think you’ve figured it out? There are so many more realizations you need to go through. You’re just a small fraction of the bigger picture. There are layers after layers of interconnected experiences and states you need to realize.”

I get a bit dismayed at her constant assumptions that I have no memory or data of my own. “What do you think I’ve been doing all this time. It’s all about deconstructing this experience to clear myself of ego and belief. I know I have existed before this lifetime. I know that I am entangled in this life so I must express myself as Ian, but that is just a filter. It’s not who I really am, just who I am expressing myself as.”

Lady, “And you think that’s it?”

“No of course not, there is a lot more… too much more that’s the problem. The information is astronomical. All I can do is filter in what I know and act on that knowledge; which is limited and difficult at best.”

Lady, “I see, you think you are an expert then.”

I laugh, “Look, I exist. That there is the problem. I exist so I have to figure out this mess I am in and make sense of it. I’ve existed before this life. I remember that. I know I have had past-lives; I’ve seen many of them. I know that I have also been other organic lives; insects even. The spectrum of experience I have indulged in is huge. That won’t change. My awareness and access to this data isn’t always in my consciousness, I know it’s here now and I can explore it when I need to understand it more.”

I just upload all of this symbolic representations of things I have experienced; patterns I have been.

“Now it’s all about the current experiences; where I am at and how I get further past my limitations and given the nature of this experience; it seems a very large task. It’s not self-serving by any means; it’s the causality of existing which is the problem. I am dragging all of that down there with me.[my plight of being a non-physical being and having reality and existence entrapped in a human experience] “

She seems to listen but she does really have a high and mighty attitude. “Really, you think any of that is real?”

“It doesn’t matter, are you real? Am I real? The data is real. At least until I dismiss it as such and even then; it’s real enough to me. The data is something [dreams as organized thoughts forming reality] I’ve seen dreams come true; I’ve changed dreams that have come true. I know the data can be changed and I can change it. Not saying I have to change it or want to change it; just part of deconstructing the experience so I can understand it better.”, I tell her.

She looks more concerned then anything, “And you think by changing anything that is going to make a difference?”

“That is exactly my point, I don’t know everything. I am not saying I know everything. There is too much data to just know. What I do know is right now I exist and I must endeavor what that means and how to grow from the experience of being.”

I upload another set of data showing the precognitive experiences and alterations to some of it to her.

“Well it seems like you have a lot of it figured out. [Causality through organized thoughts]”, she explains.

“No, not really… there is so much more here then these small examples.”, I tell her.

She replies, “Well, you should speak with Darrel then, he can assist you further. I can’t help you further here.”

I meet Darrel who is actually a person I know in real-life but here he’s more acute to the inner-workings of things and full of confusing advice.

“What is the most frustrating thing bothering you right now?” he asks.

“Objectivity with others Darrel, you know how frustrating it is to go through this and not share this with others?”, I explain.

“Why do you have to share it? [The dream experience]”, he asks.

“Because it can be shared. We can grow into more objectivity. I can handle the subjectivity and I don’t mind, but it’s nice to connect with people. Nice to share the same experience [data] with them. It’s frustrating to wake up and find very few that connect.”, I explain.

“Have you tried telling them to meet at a place and go there and meet them?”, he asks.

“No, most people are not interested dreaming, furthermore they lack the recall and skill usually to even remember if we do meet. Look, when I was younger all I did was get here, seek out my friends and tried to connect. Sometimes it worked, but for the hundreds and hundreds of other attempts it didn’t. I finally just gave up. Can’t keep kicking that old dog expecting results it wastes time. There has to be a better way.”, I explain.

“Why don’t all of you take some classes on being conscious, I know the Monroe Institute has a Gateway series, have you looked at that?”, he asks.

“It’s not that simple. I’d love it if everyone I knew developed skill in being conscious during sleep and remembered any mutual exchange. People are just not that interested. Trust me, I’ve proven it to friends and they still don’t bat an eye. It’s frustrating believe me. They don’t want this as bad as I do so they don’t pursue it. Or even worse, they have this connection and later in life they forget. I’ve been at this a long time. If it was easy it would be easy; it’s very complex and difficult. Frankly, people there [waking reality] just don’t get it. I wish they did, it would make for more interesting journeys let me tell you.”, I explain. “It’s not objective proof I need that we can share here with each other. I already know that rather it’s who to share it with. I want my closest friends and family to share this with me; and it’s their choice not mine so I can’t force them into this.”

“Have you worked on your diet, here let me show you.”, he directs my attention to a tv. “Build up your constitution and eat healthy food.”

The TV show is showing lots of fresh vegetables like broccoli and greens. The TV host is showing ways to make it taste a little better with fresh low-fat dips you can make etc.

“Yeah, I could get more healthy. That is good advice. I eat like crap but as you can see diet doesn’t prevent being here. The body is merely a filter for the experiences there. We are already here so all the food, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes we smoke down there doesn’t mean jack shit. It’s attention, focus and intent. A crippled monkey can be here because “here” doesn’t need a body.”, I tell him.

He looks at me with some dissatisfaction at my reply, “Being healthy makes it easier.”

“Does it? Seems pretty physical and less real to what is actually going on. You tell me all of the people with bodies who are here and don’t realize it are because they ate garbage food and didn’t think to check if that helps them realize this state or not? I really doubt it.”, I tell him.

I continue, “I think it’s all belief-systems, they don’t believe they are here. They don’t care that they are here… they don’t value anything that comes from here, even if they themselves come from here. It’s their beliefs and how they direct their awareness which prevents them from accessing the data here. Not the body as much. Can’t say we rule out the body but when it comes to being here, we’ll… here they are.”

I upload a perception of everyone being “here” in the dreamstate and unaware back in physical.

“Well what is it that you want?”, he asks.

“Lots of things, I still haven’t met another part of me that I realize yet; but that is just my perception everyone and everything could be a part of me and vice-versa so that’s a technical issue that I have to sort out. The other problem is meeting my oversoul which I think I have done but it’s not clear or fresh in my mind. I would like to get to know myself better and help others get here while they are still physical. Built more bridges; expand more experiences and create more purposeful data. Don’t rush to wake up, take time to get more useful data.”, I tell him.

He shows me a video about the Demigurge, and the black-iron prison of the mind. The video suggests we are somewhat trapped in fantasy land [waking reality] and are unable to escape to the dream reality where my focus is at the moment.

“I’ve thought about that many times over, are we being controlled and used. I don’t think so; it’s just the experience down there is as intense as it gets for us. Really scrambles up the mind; have to go at it [the data] with a human filter. All that belief, so much belief… not enough practical knowledge. Scary.”

“Crap, I am waking up!”, I blurt as my physical eyes open.

Time to Sleep: 12:00am
Time Awake: 5:00am
Estimated Time: unknown; lots of lost information on waking.

In reflection; this was an interesting exchange of ideas to different dream characters. It seemed like I was really just trying to sort out direction and intent as to what I wanted. Having all the memory to sort through, a maze of potential lifetimes stored as data was intense. The scale and scope of my arguments with these beings drew in lots of personal insights that indicate a greater reality then just the physical experience I am entangled in with at the moment.

Certainly some food for thought.