Dream Journal Entry July 2nd, 2014

Wasn’t able to record my dreams this morning due to circumstances of having to get to work and not having the time. I did have several dreams but they are quite difficult to remember now so let’s see how much dream content I am able to pull back from waking induced amnesia.

Dream 1: Hanging out with Monty Python Members

The dream I remember most was on a movie set. The movie had John Cleese playing a role where I saw him on set rather aged and yet still very funny. It’s hard to piece together now what he was acting other than I saw him wearing white clothes. After he was done, they took a break and I sat at a table with him joined by actor Eric Idle. They were both aged unlike my previous dream with Billy Joel. No doubt, I was very excited to have these two prestigious former Monty Python actors sitting across at me at this table. We were having some food.

Both of them were in very good spirits and I couldn’t help by comment on how much I enjoyed their careers with Monty Python and how funny and brilliant it all was. I told Eric that the last thing I remember seeing him in, he was pinned to a cross singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” at which he smiled and stuck out his tongue and made a funny face as I talked about it.

I noticed that John had some very dark veins on his hand, almost blackened which made me a little concerned about his health. But he seemed in very good spirits and was joking and laughing with Eric over lunch.

There wasn’t much more I can recover from that dream this far in the evening.

Dream 2: Lucid Dream or not to Dream

Another dream was actually a waking dream where I was lying in my bed and my roommates cat jumped on my chest waking me up. I was fully awake and still feeling tired and thought I was too tired to pet the cat, and as it wasn’t doing anything other than visiting I decided to go back to sleep. Everything looked perfectly normal relative to my room when I am awake so I had no clue that I was actually lucid dreaming at that precise moment. And I went back to sleep only to wake up realizing that the door was shut and there was no way for the cat to actually enter my room.

Dream 3: Bicycles

Now that I am writing, I just remembered another dream where I was driving in my car. Traffic was very heavy on the road so I wasn’t going very fast. There were two people on bikes riding on the inside lane to pass the slower moving cars. I wasn’t impressed because there wasn’t a lot of room to yield to them, and they were weaving in and out of traffic.

Traffic would resume and I would catch up to them, only to pass them. Then get caught in traffic and they would again pass by. This happened a few times and I thought they really need to get out of traffic and ride on the side of the road.

That is all I could recover of the dreams after such a long day of work et al. Still, it’s interesting how just thinking about the content allows triggers which brings back memories of dreams that I had forgotten. If I had written them down in the morning, I am certain there would be a few more dreams to write about.

Dream Journal Entry July 1st, 2014

Back from another night of wonderful rich dream content. As I have just written about what dreams are, I wanted to take a more analytical approach to the dream content from this dream so I will quote the dreams and discuss some opinions on the dream data.

Billy Joel impersonates Jack Black

The first dream was quite entertaining. Singer Billy Joel was preforming a song in a live performance. Yet his facial features were slightly characterized, as in his eyes were just a little more exaggerated, he was younger than how he is today. He wore a plaid suite and was playing cool in how he acted.

There was a comical aspect to his songs because later on in the set it seemed like the dream was merging Jack Black’s persona in how he does some free-style vocal mimicking of musical instruments and Billy Joel in the dream started to break out into a similar free-style version of scat which reminded me while in the dream of Jack Black and I started to laugh because his facial expressions were also quite entertaining.

Although a textual representation never conveys the realism of dream content. What has always attracted me to dreaming is that while in the dream, the world it simulates can be as real as how I expedience my waking life. If there was a technology that allowed us to watch movies with the same level of virtual reality that dreams provide, I’d pay top dollar to stand in just one of my dreams to have that experience from an entertainment standpoint. But we don’t and I get that technology for free every time I sleep… so the rewards are always rich experiences that go beyond what I can experience in my waking life.

It’s not an escape, I am dreaming regardless so rather ignoring them, I made the choice to opt in and fill that potentially dreamless sleep and waste of time with something exciting and fun. The Billy Joel dream although not super-fantastic like one of the more exotic fantasy sci-fi dreams I can have, was still very entertaining. The music was crisp, the way the dream character created a kind of caricature of him was great to see. A few months back, I do remember seeing a few videos from the Old Grey whistle Test, and some of them were Billy Joel preforming his songs.

It’s likely that those videos probably contributed to this dream content, otherwise I haven’t really seen or heard from this artist since the 90’s and although he has some good music he’s not really on the radar, so it is unusual that the dream selects this persona to characterize. Not complaining, it was really well done, very entertaining.

Karate Philosophy

The second dream I was in a large building that had a karate class going on. There was a young girl dressed in a white karate outfit carrying a bo staff. She was talking with my daughter and wanted her to join the class. I decided to check out what they were all about and meet the instructor.

In the class there were several children many wearing white and yellow belts. They all had bo staffs and I picked one up and twirled it around and held it more like a walking stick in the end. The girl would then play attack me with her staff and I defended and deflected the attacks very casually and it was all in a very playful manner.

I am assuming that another child in the class saw us playing and wanted to join in as suddenly I have this kid leaping on my back and knocking me forward. I tuck and the kid rolls off my back onto the mat in front of me. His mom was there and she ends up running over to him telling him not to do that.

This makes me laugh, and I tell her it’s alight that he was only playing. Kids will be kids.

The instructor is Japanese he’s probably in his early 40’s and has badges and a black belt on his karate uniform. I walk over to him to discuss what type of martial art he teaches and what to expect if I enrol my daughter in his class. He tells me about how he builds up a good self-defence framework and improves the child self-esteem and helps the children to become more disciplined.

It all sounds very much the usual expectation from a martial arts class. While talking with him, we are standing here a counter that has a potted plant on it. I notice this small bug walking out from the bottom of the planter. It’s a black insect that looks like a cricket and it catches my interests.

The bug moves and I am watching it’s legs walk finding it amazing how mechanical it is and perfectly engineered in it’s movements. While I am admiring this insect for it’s natural engineered perfection, an older teen sees it and squishes it with his thumb and the insects guts spill out.

“You didn’t have to kill it.” I tell the kid.

“It’s a stupid bug!” he told me.

“Yes, but the bug has a life to live too. You just robbed it of any future that it had and now it cannot continue on in it’s journey as a part of life.” I tell him.

“Who cares, it’s just a bug.” he replies.

“Even so, it’s self-aware and has consciousness. It’s a living system just like you with it’s own life to live. You don’t have to kill them if it’s needless is all.” I reply. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it but I had momentary found delight in watching the bug be a bug and it wasn’t hurting anybody.

The Karate master then argued, “Bugs don’t have consciousness, they are just mindless things.”

“Every living system has consciousness and this provides each living system with an experience of being alive. It may not be as evolved as ours but that’s the point. They are evolving their consciousness along side of us, in their own way.” I tell him.

He doesn’t believe me, thinks that sounds kind of silly.

“You’ll see when you die, when the body breaks consciousness flows out into everything and when something permits its, your consciousness you will be alive again as something else, it could be that bug. Everything is a part of everything else, we are all connected through awareness.” I remark as I leave the dojo.

I walk up a flight of stairs that has lots of plant overgrowth on it. To my delight there is a butterfly but something about it seems very strange. I decide to catch it and notice that it’s not a real butterfly at all. In fact, the wings are made of paper and on the paper there are advertisements. The body of the butterfly is a small mechanical motor and each paper wing is attached to these thin metal wires that bend in sort of a loop back to the motor.

Then I notice a few more mechanical advertisement butterflies fluttering about and I’m thinking, “Who was the clever person who created these? That’s one hell of a way to get someone’s attention and market a product.”

I’m so amazed by these mechanical butterflies I have to stop someone just to show them how incredible and clever they are. “We see them all the time, it’s no big deal.” the person says quite disinterested.

The rest from this point is rather difficult to recall so I will pick up at the next dream.

This was an interesting dream as there is no doubt some views I expressed in the dream that do not match my views in waking life. For example, I do like insects and respect them as a lifeform. But I do kill the little bastards if they are in my home, crawling on a counter or on a wall. I don’t interface well with bugs because I don’t like them ending up on me, or in my bed.

Do I think bugs have consciousness, yes. I do suspect that they have some level of awareness in which they operate and experience their bug life. It’s certainly not like our human consciousness as we tend to be unique amongst all other lifeforms.

Is my belief in the dream that if we kill a bug that we will reincarnate into that bug once we die the same in my waking life. Absolutely not. So I don’t know where that belief came from in the dream as it doesn’t pair up with what I actually believe. I’m open-minded in the fact that bugs could have continuity of consciousness like all lifeforms, and move from one life experience to the next as part of an evolutionary process of consciousness. But I don’t know this to be fact. As I cannot prove or disprove it, it’s one of those mysteries that I’ll leave open-minded about but make no assertion that it’s true. In the dream however, this seemed to be what I believed but then I wasn’t lucid and functioning with my waking life beliefs as that likely would have resulted in a different attitude over the bug killing. I likely would not have given a damn as the bug was inside a place of business which makes it fair game.

Will I stop killing bugs because of this dream, nope. I don’t take the dream message literally rather I view the content as purely fictional entertainment in nearly everything I dream.

What I do like is just how real and perfect the bug was in how the dream was able to simulate a bug. That’s the quality of content I enjoy from dreaming. How the dream world is so well described in real-life simulations creating a content rich dream world.

The mechanical butterflies were really awesome to interact with. They had such a cool cyber-punk kind of robot feel to them and I enjoy that kind of content as it’s at least different and interesting.

Cafe Artist

In this dream, it’s night time and I am at a small cafe style restaurant. There is a person working behind the counter but what he is doing aside from taking people’s food and drink orders, is also creating these wonderfully imaginative works of art either as a 2d painting, or a 3d paper machete. He creates these really cool looking masks and does it way beyond human possibility in terms of speed, like the art just flows from him and instantly forms for the customer.

One mask was of a person where he put the mouth over a grill to give the mouth wavy triangle teeth that matched the grill pattern. The mouth is also mostly an open jaw so the bottom jaw hangs down in a gape.

“I love your artwork, it’s fantastic.” I tell the artist.

“Thanks, I love creating artwork.” he replies.

“How do you do this so fast though, you just throw it out like it’s nothing.” I ask.

“Been at it a long time, just comes naturally now. Don’t have to think about it.” he replies.

“I do artwork as well. Well, not as much now as I used to. It’s a different style from yours but I agree, it’s fun to create.” I reply.

He tells me he would love to see some so I pull out my smartphone and swipe the screen to unlock it. I scroll through the apps until I find a browser but by this time a group of customers walked in and he was suddenly busy. I put the phone back in my pocket and walk to a table.

There is a group of people there that I know. Women mostly with two other guys that I don’t know. One of the men is interested in sparking up a conversation with me and asks, “So what do you do for a living?”

I tell him that I work for a company building websites and programming a webapp, and then in my spare time I write and blog about dreams.

“Dreams huh? That sounds interesting, why the interest in dreaming.” he asks.

“Entertainment mostly, they are very real when I have them. Like mini-reality systems that I just wake up in and sometimes I can know that I’m dreaming and control them.” I reply.

“How do you control your dreams?” he asks.

“Not too hard to do, it’s all based on thought so you just need to use your imagination.”

The women want to leave so suddenly we are pulled from our conversation and walk out of the cafe. I say good-bye to the clerk and want to come back some other time to talk about art.

One of the ladies is piggy-backing her girlfriend and they are laughing and having fun as we walk down the street. I look the two of them acting like kids and shake my head. I thought they made quite the sexy couple as both women were very attractive, but knew their orientation kind of took all other options off the table, which was fine as I liked them for their friendship anyway.

As we walked I couldn’t help but look at the one women’s nice rear-end who was being piggy backed as she was bouncing up and down a bit and thought, “Damn, now ain’t that a shame. No getting in on that action.” and laughed about it inside.

I do have an appreciation for art. I have done some art in my life although I currently do not do any art due to career et al. No time for that hobby. There is always an aesthetic value to any artwork I see. I’ll pay to go to an art gallery just to walk around and see what other artists have created and have enjoyed such things since my child hood.

Here is a link to my old gallery on Deviant Art:

And some thumbnails:

So seeing artwork in a dream is akin to seeing a gallery in real life. Here I am presented with these very unique and brilliant sculptures and illustrations that have really wild composition and layouts. The creations are very vivid and detailed as the dream again simulates the realism in such perfection. If I saw this person’s art in real life, I would love it for it’s unique style and technical quality as well as how imaginative it was.

I don’t think I’ll see such artwork either unless there is a precognitive quality to these items but I doubt it. Quite likely it was another fictional dream that was nothing more than entertainment. It has it’s own intrinsic rewards in that I satisfied a passion for new and exciting art and gained that experience as a reward for participating and remembering this dream.

It’s times like these that I wish I could just extract these images as it would be something else to show objectively just how detailed and powerfully visual dreams can be. Of course if you are active in your dreams you should be able to see the same level of quality that I am talking about, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to externalize some of the more spectacular dream content. It would blow people’s minds literally if they could really see and appreciate this highly creative ability we have in how we can simulate reality through dreaming.

Baffles me in that some people treat dreams with such a poor attitude and as a taboo when they pay hand and fist to go see a 2 hour movie for entertainment… for those of you who don’t dream… you are missing out. They are your dreams after-all, and an extension of you in other reality simulations that you create, how cool is that?

Motorbike Riding

I am not sure if the above dream segued into the next but I find myself at a motor bike and hop on it, turn on the ignition (no kick start) and start to ride. The seat is quite large and lots of comfortable padding. I twist the gas on the handle and start to speed up. It feels really awesome riding on the bike. Traffic is a bit heavy so I find myself having to speed up and slow down stopping for red lights which is not quite as fun as it should be.

So I decide to try to find an open stretch of road to just open up and speed, I cut out of traffic and go down an alley way, but it ends at a person’s yard and I don’t care. I drive through their back yard, around the house and through their front lawn, tearing up a flower garden (which I feel bad about as I can see the bike tracks and knocked down flowers when I look back) but then go back to not giving a damn and just open the bike up.

The bike accelerates and now I am racing as fast as I want on an open stretch of road, it feels awesome and I am leaning in to make turns but again, a red light causes me to pull the brake and I come to a stop but not after having a really great burst of speed and it felt totally awesome.

There is a lady on the left street at the intersection screaming at another woman to give back her shoes. As I am waiting for the light to turn green, I watch the lady screaming for help as another elderly woman is hobbling off with her shoes. I mean… she has to be at least 80 years old and not walking very fast. Not like the other woman who was much younger couldn’t just run after her. But no, she stands traumatised crying for help over this shoe thief.

I’m on a bike and realize that I can speed right after this evil shoe thieving granny and come to the rescue of this damsel in distress. I crank the gas and turn down the road stopping in-front of the old woman. She’s a really grumpy person with her face all full of anger and wrinkles.

This is your classic old lady, a bit port with a bandana over her head. We are talking at least 80 years old and if stealing shoes likely senile. I stop the bike and walk up to her.

“Give me those shoes, they belong to someone else.” I tell her.

“They are my god-damn shoes!” she yells at me. “Get your own damn shoes!”

I grab at one, and now here I am engaged in a tug-a-war with this granny over someone’s stolen footwear. “It’s mine! Leave my god-damn shoe alone!” she screams and curses.

Finally I pull the shoe free and tell her, “What does the shoe say to the face?” and she goes “Huh?” then I haul off and slap her across the face with it.

“That’s what you get for being a shoe thief! Leave other people’s property alone.” I reprimand her.

She hold the side of her face in absolute shock that I just hit her in the face with the back-side of a shoe. “How dare you! How dare you hit me with a shoe!” she growls.

“If you didn’t steal them, you wouldn’t get shoe-slapped.” I tell her. There is now this older man also involved and he’s angry at her also but unlike my shoe slap, he just hauls off with a full force punch and drills her in the face knocking her flat on her ass.

He then stands over her with both fists clenched yelling, “Just you wait, the police are going to be here any second.”

The lady who had her shoes stolen now finally runs over and I give her the shoes back. “Thank-you, these are my favourite shoes and they are so expensive.” she tells me as she puts them back on her bare feet.

Then I wake up.

What I liked best about this dream was the motorbike riding. I don’t ride a motorbike in real-life so this is now a relatively new experience for me. The rush of accelerating, the joy of driving fast was wonderful to experience. In real life, I have a genuine phobia of riding a bike because in my early teens I had two friends nearly die from bike related accidents and the gory detail of one friend who’s leg-bone was fully exposed as the flesh was pushed right back made me literally sick to my stomach so that was it… I never wanted to put myself at that level of risk, so yes. A fear developed and I never took an interest in motorbikes.

But now here we have thrilling simulated experience of riding a motorbike and I have to say, I loved it. I would most definitely do that again and might have to give it a try again in real life because wow, it was awesome.

The old lady was kind of like that Rubarb Lady, not sure if you saw the video so here it is.

It wasn’t the Rhubarb lady however, rather a much older looking woman but with an equally grumpy disposition.

Would I slap an elderly woman in real life with a shoe using a Dave Chappelle joke? My god no! I was surprised that I even did that in a dream because it’s so not what I would do. If I was lucid, or if this was a real life situation my first assumption would be that the woman was suffering a form of dementia. I likely wouldn’t have gotten involved unless I did see a man punch the woman in which case I would likely intervene to protect her from him.

So why the sudden personality change? One thing we need to remember when dreaming, especially when we are not lucid. There is a neurological fact that our prefrontal cortex is much less active. This region of the brain is responsible for our personality, our decision making, our social behaviour and thoughts and actions.

With this part of us inhibited during sleep, we are acting in a way were we lack these cognitive qualities that we take for granted in waking life, thus the choices and decisions we make are not based on our waking reason and knowledge. Rather we simply respond to the dream content without the ability to rationalize and think critically about the content. We just go with the flow.

Hence why I favour lucid dreaming over non-lucid dreaming because in that perspective I tend to have more control over the decisions I make should I choose to engage the drama that dream content seems to present.

Even non-lucid dream content is rich with new experiences and are often very entertaining as they still have a level of realism and resolution that simulates waking reality in vivid ways. Every dream is something gained instead of nothing at all during sleep.