June 24, 2014 Dream Journal Entry

June 24, 2014 Dream Journal Entry

It’s been a very busy work period since my last dream journal entry. Working on multiple projects staying up late and loosing a lot of sleep in favour of working every free moment I have on completing these projects as quickly as possible which means… no time to blog dream entries. Which is too bad as some of the dreams have been very incredible lucid ones and even with minimal sleep, 4-5 hours a night, I am still able to have quite an nice abundance of dreaming.

One lucid dream took place in Las Vegas, and I was so elated that here I was in a lucid dream on South Las Vegas Blvd near the Bellagio.

It was absolutely beautiful and full of the vivid Vegas lights and colors. I decided to fly down the strip which completely filled me with a sense of joy, fun and adventure. It was a genuine mini lucid-dream vacation.

Why I decided to blog todays dream is because it really demonstrates just how powerful our ability to dream can be at bringing alive the world of imagination. Take movies, comic books and video games as a form of entertainment then strap that level of content into a first-person dream-world and you have todays dream-worthy post.

Dream 1: The Infinity Gems

In this dream, I am looking at my hand and willfully create the six Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gems are part of the Marvel Universe which grant the bearer of these gems infinite power. Here is a synopsis of the gems from Wikipedia.

Infinity Gems
NameColorPowers and capabilities
SoulGreenAllows the user to steal, control, manipulate and alter souls, living or dead, and is the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe. The Soul Gem is sentient and has a hunger for souls.
TimeOrangeAllows the user total control over the past, present and future. Allows time travel, can age and de-age beings and also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies or entire universes in unending loops of time. Also at full potential grants Omniscience.
SpacePurpleAllows the user to exist in any or all locations, move any object anywhere throughout reality and warp or rearrange space. At full potential it grants Omnipresence.
MindBlueAllows the user to greatly strengthen and enhance mental and psionic power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. Backed by the Power Gem, the Mind Gem can access all minds in existence simultaneously. When searching for it, the Illuminati apparently discovered that the Mind Gem was the personification of the universal subconscious.
RealityYellowAllows the user to fulfill wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws. Occasionally stated to be the most ‘dangerous’ of the Gems if wielded without the other Gems to keep its reality-altering powers from accidentally surging out of control. During the storyline where The Hood had control of the object, it at one point rapidly cycled through multiple alternative universes (apparently showing its ability to not only control reality, but travel to and through different realities as well).
PowerRedAccesses all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can boost the other gems’ effects. Allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and grants Omnipotence.

Each Infinity Gem grows out of my right hand on the top knuckle of each finger, and the purple gem grew out of the middle of the top of my hand. All of this was followed with a surge of power and energy crackles around my hand and body. I feel absolutely unlimited and god-like and kind of lean back a bit with my fists to raised to shoulder length and just surge with power.

The power is absolutely overwhelming, so I turn it down and look at each gem embedded in the flesh of my hand with all their vibrant colors. I could see cosmic clouds inside of each gem slowly swirling as if each of them contained their own Universe.

Now that I have absolute infinite power, what was I going to do. It seemed to present an immediate problem that I hadn’t really thought of. What does one do with the power to do absolutely anything?

My thoughts were that I could use this power to help other people and make reality a better place for all to live in. In the dream, I had a friend who had been wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. Thus, freeing him would be a noble and just thing so I teleport (forget flying) to the prison cell where he is at.

He is shocked to see me appear and is somewhat fearful. “How did you get in here? Why are you in prison?”

“I’ve come to free you.” I tell him. “And I am going to grant you the power to fly and run at near light speed so that no one can catch you again.”.

I point my hand infused with infinite power drawn from the six Infinity Gems and a beam of mystical energy envelops him and his body absorbs it. I turn around and dissolve the prison bars and clearing a path for him to escape. He runs like the Flash from DC comics and bolts out of the prison travelling like a streak.

I teleport outside the prison next to him and he leaps up to the sky and blasts off a remarkable speeds. Again, I have to teleport to his location and he’s now at an abandoned industrial section of a city learning to control his power.

We talk about what he can do and I tell him that no only can he travel fast but his body will adjust to absorb the kinetic impact should he crash into anything. He decides that he wants to also help people and use his power for the better good. Thus, a new super-hero is born.

When that need to help this friend was fulfilled, I was back to contemplating what I wanted to do next with all of this power. Knowing that I could create and have anything that I desired made me really desire nothing at all. I was satisfied in knowing that just such a possibility existed and that was good enough.

I go for a walk down a city street looking at it knowing at a whim I could change it into anything that I wanted which only made me want to keep it as it was. I looked at the sculpted architecture of the buildings and the people walking about, it was already perfect in it’s own unique way. Why change it, and affect the will of others I thought? Again, I was just satisfied knowing that if I really wanted to, I could but it was better to just let things be as they were.

One of the interesting effects of this dream simulating the infinity gems was that I was also picking up the thoughts and emotions of people. I could feel their anger, jealousy, fear, love etc. I could hear their surface thoughts if I focused on a person.

This is where I pick up the jealous emotions of one Mephisto, who is a demon character in the Marvel comics. He desires nothing more than to get these gems from me. So the dream takes a nice plot twist. I can sense him and even see him peering into me wanting that absolute power. He decides to send his daughter after me, Mephista.


Mephista appears on the street in a swirl of energy as she teleports from Mephisto’s realm. She’s invisible to others, but I can see her because she is focusing on me and the power of the infinity gems immediately registers when someone focuses their intent my way.

She is wildly beautiful and is wearing a white short cut dress with a belt. She’s like a Succubus with dark black wings and horns, with black flowing hair that is animated as she surges with her own kind of cosmic energy.

I turn and look at her, which catches her off guard as I believe she thinks she is supposed to be invisible. Startled and not sure what to do next, she asks me, “You can see me?”

“Yes. I saw you before you left your father’s realm when you made the decision to come after me.”

“Then you know what I want?” she asks.

“You want the Infinity Gems. But they are not yours for the taking.” I tell her.

She looks at me, uncertain as to what she can do. After all, I have more power at this point than she does and it seems like she realizes it.

“What are you going to do with all that power?” she asks me.

“Nothing, I am going to keep it safe and use it sparingly and only if needed.” I tell her.

“Isn’t there anything you really desire? You can have anything you want, control who ever you want. You mean to do nothing with it?” she asks.

“Just because you have power, doesn’t mean you should use it. There are a lot of people who could get hurt and I would much rather help those people have a better life.” I tell her.

She walks up to me, now with the only power she thinks she has, which is seduction. She looks into my eyes and tries to be like a friendly flirty succubus. She runs her finger down my face, “Surely you can spare just a little of that power.”

She looks down at my hand infused with the gems and her eyes fill with a wild power lust and she smiles madly. “Can I have just one of those gems?” she asks, trying her best to use some kind of seduction power on me.

“You’re just going to hurt people with it. Look how unique and amazing everyone is, with such power it’s better to just let things be as they are. Why put your needs before the needs of others?” I ask her.

I’m giving off this very strong wave of love and compassion which she picks up. Amplified by the power of the Infinity Gems obviously, this causes her to finally realize that hurting others was always the wrong thing to do. She has this total epiphany and betrays her father and as laughable as it it, falls in love with me.

So here I am, Infinity Gems in one hand, the dark beautiful daughter of one of Marvel’s most fierce demons now standing firmly at my side who has turned from the darkness towards the light in an absolutely stunning personality transformation. Mephisto on the other hand is furious and comes back into the picture as I can feel his anger and hate growing towards me and now his daughter. He cannot believe that she betrayed him and turned away but again… he realizes he does not have the power to do anything about it and feels defeated.

She gives me a big hug and holds my hand and walks with me down the street now seeing the world through my eyes in a more compassionate and loving point-of-view. She still looks like a wild demonic succubus but her face has changed from an evil look, to a kinder gentler look.

The dream reunites me with my friend who I granted super-powers too. He has joined up with a team of scientists and is now using his power for deep space exploration and mapping out the solar system.

He introduces me to a group of scientists that he’s working with. I watch as he blasts into space at hyper-speed. Then I wake up.

What a wildly imaginative dream. I didn’t wake up with the Infinity Gems unfortunately, so back to living my usually mundane and simple life but to even just dream like that and have the embodiment of such power was a really fun adventure.

I haven’t read a comic book in years, and the last time I read the Infinity Gem series was nearly 4 years ago so why today would I dream about them in such an interactive way is beyond me. I didn’t know Mephisto had a daughter and I had to google for it to get her comic name. Obviously my subconscious mind remembered and was able to conjure her up as a villainous dream character for the plot.

Well, this is what I get to do when I sleep… have amazing fun adventures in dream land. There is no other place where we can bring our imagination to life in such a vivid and wonderful way than through dreaming.

Dream Journal Entry June 11th, 2014

Dream 1: Hotel with Brother

This is a nice long dream where I am with my brother, we are staying in a nice hotel. The lobby has a large fountain in the center. My brother and I go to some restaurant and dinner and drinks, we are catching up on old times. I tell him work is good, that my daughter is growing up fast. He tells me about his family. There is a bit of a memory lapse but I do recall driving back and forth to the hotel and going up to the room a couple of time.

Dream 2: Father’s House

This dream has even more amnesia, all I can remember is that I am at my Dad’s place with my daughter and we a visiting.

Dream 3: The Big Toad

This dream is likely linked to dream 2, but due to the amnesia it’s hard to know where the break point was. There’s more clarity in this one as I am at a pond and there are some children playing. There are turtles swimming in the water. I see this really large bull-frog and catch it. The thing is the size of a large cat, fat and heavy. I put it down on the ground and the children are all amazed by it. My daughter is there, she loves the frog and wants to keep it as a pet. I tell her he’s a wild animal and we have to let him go.

It was some great dream exaggeration on the frog. The turtles however were fairly tiny, likely fit in the palm of my hand.

Dream 4: Guitar Tuning

I am at a coffee shop in Penticton known as Fibonacci’s. I have my guitar there with someone else who is tuning his guitar. We tune our guitars together. The dream was very clear on sound and also the guitar tuner on the guitar would indicate red/green as we tuned up the systems. He told me he bought his guitar for a steal of a price, $150.00. He thought mine was nicer but then suspected I paid a fortune for mine. We had some Red plastic cups with beer in them. While we were tuning someone had set down a cup near mine.

I ended up grabbing that cup and drinking from it, it had the sharp needle tip from a surgical needle at the bottom. I suspected who ever used it was doing heroin and was disgusted at taking a drink from the cup. It ruined my evening and I got up, packed up my guitar and left.

Dream 5: Star Wars

This is a very fun Star Wars inspired dream where I am a Jedi equipped with lightsaber and force powers like force jump. I am with Yoda and we are infiltrating this dark sithlord’s fortress. We force jump over a wall, and abuse the force to leap up onto a ledge with a open window. Yoda and I split up and I am walking stealthy. There are creatures that are large, almost as if they are made of stone skin with magma veins and dressed in clothing you would expect from the Star Wars Universe.

I end up making the wrong turn down a corridor and come face-to-face with the Sith we are to kill. He’s a bad ass looking dude over 9 feet tall probably 4 foot wide shoulders and not very happy to see me. He does something so quick, I cannot respond the next thing I know, I am dead.

But the dream resets like a game loading from a save point. I am back force jumping with Yoda and this time I am aware of what will happen next so I plan my next stratigy accordingly once we breach the building. This time, I take more effort in hiding in dark corners, waiting for people to pass. I use the force to move objects against a wall to create a noise distraction to get through to the next corridor.

I’m close to where the person was in the first attempt, so I move down a flight of stairs knowing he will pass by soon. The dream starts to morph a bit as this person finds me hiding under the stairs near a concrete wall and shugs it off. I wait for a while to see if he sounds an alarm and nothing happens. Soon some normal human looking people join me and the dream shifts so that it’s now an underpass with a fire.

There are two heavy set ladies who each have poisonous snakes for pets. They are talking about how best to care for them. One does something strange by holding the snakes head and blowing on it’s mouth to get it to open up and show it’s fangs. This also causes the snake to start to shapeshift and morph. It turns into a cross between a cat and a dog with two sharp snake fangs along with other large canine/cat teeth.

The thing hisses at me and tries to bite me. The lady tries to encourage me that the snake won’t bite and that I am safe. I have to use my hand the deflect its attempts while I ask her if it’s poisonous. She tells me it’s deadly if bitten. The stupid thing keeps trying to get a bite, but I control the side of it’s face with an open palm pressed against the base of it’s jaw. Finally, I push it forward then soccor kick the thing and the lady is all upset that I kicked her pet like a soccor ball.

I leave to go find this person I am supposed to assassinate, and the stairs revert the path back inside a building. However, this time it’s a large theater at the end of the corridor with large wooden doors closed as people are watching. I walk along the hall confused as to where this person could be and why the world was now so different. The hall opened up to a lobby.

There were some people wearing masks and wearing tuxedos, smoking on long black cigarette holders with a white tip where the smoke was placed. They had on white gloves and looked down on me as I walked past. I end up deciding to use the bathroom and walk through the lobby until I find one. I wake up shortly after that and make notes in my journal regarding these dreams.

Second Sleep Dreams.

It was 7:00am after my summaries were written and the alarm was set for 8:00am. I decide to see if I can have a lucid dream as second sleeps often present a good opportunity for success.

Dream 6: BBQ

As I fall asleep, I watch the dream form around me. It starts off like a translucent hologram before it pops into a full simulation. I am with my friend Todd and he is having a BBQ. He has some steak that he’s grilling and we are drinking beer. I lose lucidity when the dream hits and although very vivid and real in how it’s simulated, the dream reality locks me in to thinking that I am really there at my friends place.

We are talking about projects we are working on and I tell him that I’ve been working very hard at being conscious during sleep. That I am tired of being locked in to waking life knowing there is just so much more reality to be had during sleep. He tells me that it’s a big waste of time and pointless. I argue that it’s actually the most important thing I can be doing because dreaming yeilds so much new experiences and fun events that it only adds content to my life. I tell him that maybe he has too much negativity and his attitude prevents him from enjoying the rich creative content that dreaming provides. Why not just have extra reality when you sleep.

He doesn’t buy it and decides we need to drink more beer. While he cooks the steak I pound back a beer then another. We have steak and drink more beer and talk about world events and politics. Time passes, more beer is consumed and I am starting to get drunk. Towards the end of the dream, I am completely smashed and don’t want to drive my car. I think also that I have to go to work but then realize that I am dreaming and that the effects of alcohol will instantly pass when I wake up, and there will be no hang-over or adverse side effects. This makes me happy so I drink even more beer not concerning myself with the negative effects of alcohol.

Dream 7: Work Party

The dream shifts and I am at a party with my work continuing the drinking, this time it’s rum and coke. My boss is there and many people from work. I realize that I have to go home because I needed to freshen up. I drive home, have a shower. There is this woman there visiting my mom. She is elated that she has beaten cancer and tells us how happy she is with her new lease on life.

I invite her to come with me to the party. She’s not sure if she want to go. Instead, she ends up kissing me. We end up lying down cuddling. She lies partly on top of me and I stroke my hand along her back. I can feel the silky smooth skin on her back, everything feels very real. She has alot of realism including body heat and again had this not been a dream, it would easily pass as a normal day in waking reality in terms of resolution and detail.

After a while of being together, I tell her I have to go back to the party as people were expecting me there. She decides to come and we drive back to the party. People were wondering where I left too. My boss was happy I was back and buys me a drink. I walk around the party socializing and having fun. This woman is at my side the whole time.

Dream 8: More Jedi Adventures

The dream shifts back into the Jedi game world which is fun. Suddenly I am back having force powers and a red lightsaber this time. Instead of being stealthy, I have the lightsaber out and I am attacking these shadow like figures cutting them down as I move to the same downstairs area of the last dream. I see myself in a full length mirror, I look like Darth Maul wearing all black with horns on my head and face colored in black and red. I stop and look at myself, it looks really cool.

I flip the lightsaber around and it falls on the ground, feeling stupid and clumsy for dropping it I pick it back up. There is a shelf full of items and I start to loot the shelf. It’s very much like a video-game except in first-person virtual dream reality. My inventory fills up and I am unable to loot more items from the shelf. There is a woman there (likely the woman in this dream) and she is scared of how I look and runs away.

I walk back up the stairs and see the corpses of these shadow people that I previously hacked down. I leave the building and the dream shifts into another one.

Dream 9: Psychic Investigator

I go to a parking lot where I have a rusty old truck, it’s brown with rust and paint spots warn out. I have to drive to go meet this psychic investigator who wants to examine some items that I had apparently altered using dream control. I have a briefcase full of these items.

When I arrive to the meeting place there is another lady there who also has the same ability. We are comparing notes on how we are doing these strange things such as changing objects in dreams which later effects the same objects in waking life (in this case… still the dream).

My items all have symbols an marks etched into their surfaces. The investigator examines a cup that has been altered and is fascinated by the way the marks have impacted the glass. He wants to examine them under an electron microscope and I sign a waver allowing him to take these items and preform some experiments on them.