Active Lucid Precognitive Dreaming

Active Lucid Precognitive Dreaming
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Published on: Dec 7, 2010 @ 15:37

ALPD is a concept that not many people have had a chance to think about… let alone experience. What is Active Lucid Precognitive Dreaming? You may know what lucid dreaming is, if you have watchedChristopher Nolan’s Inception then a lucid dream is a dream where you know you are dreaming.

I have been blogging some information from mypersonal experiences as a lucid dreamer thatInception touches on; yet has relevance to real-world dream phenomenology. Here are a few articles to read that have been covered by Inception before taking on this larger concept that the movie did not cover.

Inception Related Ideas in Real-World terms.
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“Dreaming a ‘Century of Time’ on One Night of Sleep”

What Inception did not cover.
“Robert Waggoner Interviews Ian Wilson”
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These articles will inspire your imagination; you will have some experience with some of the topics discussed. Maybe you have none. Where you rate in the above blog-posts in terms of personal experience, is totally up to your own personal growth with dreaming. I cannot predict where you are on this journey; suffice to say I support your journey with love and understanding for the ride.

You may already know what precognitive dreams mean; this is a dream you dream that one day later comes true. It has been linked to Déjà Vu and has been called Déjà Rêvé when you link theDéjà experience to something you have dreamed.

If you have not had a lucid dream, or a precognitive dream then it is logically assumed that you have never had any experience with ALPD. ALPD is when both the lucid dream awareness emerges with the precognitive paradox of dreaming. The active component in ALPD is when you actively engage the lucid dream. Through actively engaging the precognitive dream from a lucid state, you then affect causality.

What this means is; by actively participating in the lucid precognitive dream; when this dream actualizes that active participation also occurs in waking life reality. When you consciously change a precognitive dream, those changes actualize and happen in waking life. Robert Waggoner talks about this in his book entitled, “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

If you have had lucid dreams, and you have had precognitive dreams, you are a prime candidate for this experience. You may have already had this experience. If so, I want to hear about it. You can e-mail me on my public e-mail address using the subject tag to override spam filters: [ALPD] and e-mail to

Please be as detailed as you can in regards to your level of conscious lucid awareness; what steps took you to the precognitive dream, what actions you took in the dream; and how all of this actualized in your waking life. If you have no experience with this at all; please consider where your experiences may present such an opportunity.

In dream phenomenology, we are talking about two states that emerge to give you an insight into a greater potential, a greater relationship with what is dreamed and what is actualized as physical reality.

There is no question that this topic is extremely rare, and not fully scientifically embraced or understood. As of 2010, you are on the forefront of this science and knowledge. It is not something that is extensively covered in dream literature in our history; that said. It is something that you have the potential to explore and experience for yourself based on your own attention focusing and intent in regards to dreams.

We take precognitive dreams; which you may or may not have; and progress into these dreams with full waking lucid awareness; as you would expect from a lucid dream.. another experience you may or may not have. The convergence of these two experiences sets the requirements and frameworks to actively participate with the precognitive dream data and influence some type of change.

The mechanics of precognition is not widely understood; we are still embarking on a journey both metaphysically and scientifically to understand this paradox in anomalous cognition and how precognition happens. You can be skeptical of this potential; or you can explore this potential and live the experience first hand. That is what this article is all about.

Personal exploration and pioneering into a realm of dreamed experiences that currently probably was not on your radar until you read this article. Having lucid dreams, and having precognitive dreams is the per-requisite for active lucid precognitive dreaming. I do not anticipate that non-dreamers and non-precognitive dreamers can bridge this obvious link between consciousness and precognition easily.

This is why we have people who master the piano, or soccer, or any other skill. It is a certain person with certain qualities that can endeavor to progress into a unique niche and develop skill and understanding within that niche. I consider ALPD to be a very unique and exclusive niche of experience that only few may follow. You will determine if you are this candidate and are capable of the introspection and exploration to validate such a wild concept as ALPD.

ALPD requires your participation and desire to explore the possibilities that lie between waking and sleeping realities. You are the one that needs to bridge lucid dreaming with precognitive dreaming. No one else is capable of taking you there. It is your own edification of this truth through first hand personal experience that will determine your success or failure. Do you have what it takes?

What it takes is a genuine curiosity and exploration of your naturally occurring dream states. Connecting the dots in what is a systematic progression of self-realized experiences. The potential and tool-kit already exists in you, it’s how you direct your attention and intent that ultimately will result in achieving this unique synergy of precognitive dreams and lucid awareness.

This post is simply to raise awareness to this potential and provide some information regarding the experience to encourage your own personal exploration of the possibilities that lie within. In having first-hand personal experience with ALPD, all I can do is present the opportunity to those who will listen and act on that information. There is little I can do to convince you otherwise that it is real or not.

This is something that is to be experienced and not believed. Do you have what it takes to change a lucid precognitive dream; and experience those changes happen here in waking reality? Why not find out?

Feel free to contact me and discuss this potential further via my e-mail, make sure to tag the subject with: [ALPD] to prevent ending in the endless junk folder of internet spam.

Warm regards and happy pioneering,

Ian Wilson