Old legacy lucid dream from January 3rd, 2001

One thing about these old legacy dreams, lots of depth and epiphanies scattered about them.

Source: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/alt.dreams/GgIVti8nIs0/Td24mqBiGvEJ

January 3, 2001

I have a dream with vampires in it.  I am in a very large room,
it has a very tall ceiling, nice decoration.  I think it’s more like a
restaurant but there is no patrons, or it could be a pub.  At any rate,
there are some vampires which look ordinary enough aside from the fact
they are trying to kill me and suck my blood.
        I am not at all afraid of them, and the fact they are vampires
triggers some kind of realization that I am dreaming.  When they
attack, I yell out, “You have no idea who I am?  I am like the king of
dreams, I come from a universe that dreams.”
        I so a flip and land on a counter, one of the vampires lunges
at me.  I brush her aside and leap upwards about 20 feet.  “You’ll have
to be quicker then that to touch me.” I yell.
        The vampires take flight and I wave my hand like I was brushing
away flies and cause them to slam against the wall.  “Don’t mess with
the dreamer when he knows he’s dreaming.” I advise the attackers.
        The dream shifts and I enter a black void.  The shift effect is
trance like and I loose lucidity.  I should have taken time to balance
and focus my attention, rather then playing around with the dream
        I am in a huge skyscraper, there is lot’s of people walking
around in it.  Outside it is raining something fierce.  People are
talking about a flood.  They keep moving upwards to avoid the water
below.  I join in walking upwards sensing their fear and dread.  The
rain turns to thick snow when we hit a higher elevation.
        The group that I am with are talking about this as being a
second global flood, a cause of global warming.  I just tell them that
it’s probably just a really heavy rain, and the storm pipes can’t
handle the water flow.  There is a restaurant/pub on the next level and
I ask everyone I am with if they just want to go there for food and
drink until the flood passes.  They decide not to because it’s too busy
and decide we should go somewhere else.
        I agree, and I start going downstairs.  The dream shifts to
being in a truck driving down the highway, there is snow on the road
and my friend and his father are in the truck.  We are going to the
town center.  As we drive closer, there are some Christmas carolers
singing.  I see a Santa dressed in green, and his female elves are also
dressed in a very shiny green material.  They have white hair and are
quite beautiful.  I think it’s strange that Santa is dressed in
        The town center is small, no room to park and full of people
celebrating Christmas.  The shops are small and all connected forming a
U.  We go inside one of the buildings and I meet some nice people
there.  There is a girl with red hair and she is fairly attractive, and
I seem to know her in the dream really well.  We end up getting
together and I cuddle up to her.  This other girl is upset because she
likes me too, and I am not with her.  I tell her that I have always
like the girl I am with, although I have no idea what her name is, and
don’t recognize her from real life.

At this point I wake up and write this down.  After about 1 hour of
daily activity, I go back to bed.  Notice the difference in lucidity
and quality that the second sleep provides.

        I am lying in bed and I focus on my desire to be fully
conscious and lucid.  I start to fall into a deep state of sleep.  I
notice the hypnogogic patterns emergy in my visual spectrum.  My body
becomes more relaxed and I feel energy streaming from my body.  I start
to feel myself down by a lake, and still feeling myself in my body.  I
start to hear a voice talking to me.  It is my mother, she is at the
lake in her car.  She is asking me questions which distracts me.  I
ignore her.  I know I am dreaming.
        I enter the water as a focus.  I notice the cool refreshing
feeling that the water has.  I like the way it feels.  I float on the
water, my mother still talking to me so I tell her to shut up and to be
quite.  The energy required to focus on the distraction is too much so
I completely ignore her and focus on the dream before me.
        My thoughts continue from the level of waking consciousness
that I had prior to sleep.  “This water is remarkable.  It feels so
real.” I think as I float.  The sky is clear blue, there are some
amazing cloud formations.  I see some birds flying over head and other
people are bustling about.  “So this is the forge of creation.  An
unending stream of thoughts and ideas pooling about creating reality.”
I ponder as the dream unfolds.
        “How long has this been going on?” I think.  There is a
presence of others observing me.  I sense them, guides perhaps.  They
are more like monitors then anything else, and they are quering me as
to who I think I am.
        The dream has a reality of it not unlike our waking reality.  I
breath and feel like I have lungs, and I know I do not.  The water is
cold, refreshing and the sky is unquestionably perfect.  I know that
there is a drop off in the lakes edge about 20 feet from shore.  There
is a family and their children swimming in the water.  They start to
talk to me and the kids think I am their uncle.
        I observe them and their parents.  They are like they are under
a spell, not showing the clear quality of wakeful consciousness that
people show in daily life.  I swim out to the drop off, and the two
children follow.  I tell them to go back to their parents but they do
not listen.  As I flow down the drop, I notice I do not breath, I raise
my hands before me and touching my two thumbs together, and my two
index fingers, I create a triangle shape.  A symbol to me that I am
both dreaming, awake, logical and able to rationally understand what is
going on around me.
        The guide energy is asking me about the children.  They are
concerned about them.  I notice they are becoming scared as the dream
reaches a pure state of blackness and void.  “Your parents await you
above, swim to them.” I tell the children.
        They begin to swim upwards and I observe keeping a keen eye on
detail.  The look of concern is apparent on their face.  I gently guide
the younger one up until I am satisfied that they are safe.
        “That was very kind of you Mr. Wilson” a guide thought eminates.
        “Oh it’s nothing, I am just being myself.  I would help them in
real life, even though this is a dream, I am sure no harm could fall
them.” I reply.
        “You are aware of us?” it queries.
        “Yes, very aware, however I can only pick up an impression of
you, you seem familiar.”
        “You seem to know a lot about yourself, and this place.”
        “Certainly, I am dreaming right now.  This place is also the
void of astral space.  Here I can see my thoughts create reality as
easily as I breath.”
        “What makes you so certain that they are all your thoughts?”
ask the guide.
        “Obviously not all is my thoughts.  We are all communicating
and the dreamstate can act as a medium of communication between aspects
of the whole.  I am very aware of non-verbal communication and how you
used it to form dreams for us while we struggle down here.”
        “Indeed you so know a lot.” Responds the guide.
        “You haven’t seen anything yet, I am just getting warmed up.”
        The black void of astral space starts to take form, a very
faint floor and hall appears around me.  I am aware that the guide
energies are constructing the enviroment.  I reaffirm my level of
lucidity and awareness.  The mosaic pattern of hypnogogia is evident,
it is the very first initial pattern to emerge, it moves as if
intelligent and guided to form a very detailed mosaic on the carpet, as
well as the ornate paintings on the wall.  All to intelligent to be
anything short of organized and controlled.
        “I see that we are now in more of the style of communication
that I mentioned.” I respond.  There is no response from the guides.  I
feel myself being adjusted as well, and I loose a little level of my
clarity, but I am still aware that I am dreaming.
        I walk in the hallway observing detail, I realize that thought
is everything, there is nothing that thought does not create.  I see a
bathroom and I recognize that bathrooms seem to exist a lot in certain
dreams I have.  I mention this to myself that I am curious as to why
they created this bathroom and what it’s signifigance is.  I see a man
sitting on a stall, I ignore the fact he is doing his business and ask
him his name.  “I am Stephan … ??  I didn’t catch the last part.
Obviously a French speaking Canadian because he asks me if I speak
French and if I am from Quebec.
        “My name is Ian Wilson, although, I do not know if that is
important for this dream.” I walk pass the man and I see quite a few
people in the washroom.  It is quite large and something starts to
disturb me.  I become instantly agitated and violent.  Size wise, I am
not that big, and the people here are a little more intimidating.  But
I know I am dreaming and I start to toss them around like paper dolls,
throwing them away from blocking a stall.
        I tear the door off like it was cardboard and I see three men
and two children in the stall.  The children are aged about 10 and 12,
both female, both clothed.  Them men however are urinating and
masturbating to them.  The level of disgust and rage that eminate from
me is enormous.  Using a blast of energy, I send the men flying from
the stall.  “What the hell are you doing in here.” I ask the children.
        “Having fun.” Responds the one.
         “Well, play time is over, your coming with me.” I pick them up
and carry them out of the stall.  I create a protective ball shaped
shield around me and hammer through the crowd of men.  I fly upwards
with the children and take them to safety.  But then I start to
rationalize the situation.  “Ok, why did the guides create this
scenario?  What are they trying to say?  That was pretty fuckin’ sick
and perverted.”
        “You might say we are testing you.” The guide returns.
        “Testing me?” I ask.
        “You could just have well been one of the men masturbating, why
were you not?” asks the guide.
        “Simple, that is not me.  I do not masturbate to children.
There is nothing sexual about them… they are well… sacred.” I
        “That is why we are pleased to work with you.  You resist a lot
of the negative patterns of abuse that your world is plagued with.” The
guide beams.
        “You obviously must see me forming that triangle earlier.  It
is a stamp of morality.  I token of my desire to develop and evolve not
just consciously, but morally as well.  Perhaps that is why you test
me, to see if I uphold my own morals.”
        I set the children down on a bus stop, I know that at least now
they are safer in the dream then before.  However I doubt they have any
more reality then a piece of art drawn by an master sculpture.
        “You are not the only ones who can do what you do.” I tell the
        The dream shifts and I give them human form, we are driving in
a car.  “As you can see, I too can create tests, it is a function of
who I truly am.  Now at least I can see you in a manner that I can
relate too.”
        “How do you know all of this so well.” Asks the guide.
        “I learn by observing, listening and asking questions.  Reality
has never been what it appears.  I know I exist beyond my physical
body, and that there is more to me then just my physical form.”
        “Why are there not many more like you where you come from?” the
guide asks.
        “They just cannot accept that this dream reality is more real
then the physical counterpart.  It’s not that they don’t know, just
they are trapped in the illusion of the physical dream.  I am sure if
they could see the quality of experience that is rich at this level of
dreaming, then they would be inspired.”
        “Not many reach these layers as conscious as you do.” The guide
        “I can’t help them if they are ignorant or to stupid to realize
this potential.  But there are many who struggle to be here every day,
I know we will all be here someday.  I think fear and ignorance stops
        I shift the dream into a more exciting adventure.  I turn us
all into battle hardened orc warriors.  “Besides, this is as much an
art form as it is an extention of demonstrating the impossible.”  I
pull out a huge decorative battle axe and swing it around.
        “Doesn’t this seem kind of violent?” the guide asks.
        I transform the icons of us into toy miniatures.  “No, there is
a contrasting difference to violence in reality, or a fun game where no
one gets hurt.”
        “Is there?” asks the guide
        I think about the notion that violence is violence no matter if
it’s real or fantasy.  It premotes the same ideals that we have
struggled to evolve away from for centuries as a social mass.  “There
must be a clear distinction between what is real, and what is fantasy.
Perhaps fantasy itself as a tool can demonstrate why we should not be
violent.  However since we share creation, there are others bent on
violence and an encounter with them could prove to force an inevitable
situation of reality violence.   Maybe it is best that we seek to
improve our ability to love and create, and not our ability to hurt or
        “You do seem to care a lot for humanity.  Violence is another
problem your world faces, we prefer not to support it for the harm it
has caused you all.”
        I wake up.  Although this dream involved aspects of an out-of-
body expeirence (the void of astral space) I will still lable it as a
lucid dream.  The interesting notion is that there was no loss of
consciousness or lucidity during the entire experience from sleep to
wakefullness, I maintained a clear train of thought, and was able to
maintain my morality code and the dream was clearly some kind of test
for morality.  I think I passed, so good for me.