May 1st, 1998 – A Star Wars themed dream.

Just to show how far back I go with Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming and also treating dreams as an Entertainment System. Long before the Scientific Studies on the effects of Video Games (2002, 2004, 2010) on our dreams, I already knew this well in advance and was all ready simulating games and genres from an early age. Just to demonstrate this isn’t something current and trendy for this day, I’ve always dreamed this way. The Star Wars portion starts towards the very end of the dream, I was Luke Skywalker, how cool is that?

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Lucid Dream from 1998 with Star Wars influences also supporting how long into my childhood this Genre has been a pbig part of my dream life.


May 31, 1998 9:59pm

        After finishing the course, I have decided to start practicing the
techniques even though I have moved somewhat past them in order to see how
easy they will be to apply.  I start by standing on the edge of my bed and
I get a clear map of myself as waking consciousness.  I hold out my hands
and look that them pulling in a deep breath and clearing my mind of
everything except for my intent on having a lucid dream.
        I ask a few simple math questions, think about what I did today.  I remark
on the time, and the date.  As I lie down, I clear my mind and start to
focus on intent.  ITENT:- I am allowing myself to have a clear conscious
lucid dream.  I will be as conscious as I am now.  I will remember the
dream as clearly as I can with full recall when I awake from the dream.
        STAGE TWO :- As I relax, my body starts to fall asleep like it naturally
does.  I use no mental commands other than just letting go of my body as it
falls asleep, I try not to disturb it’s natural progression towards sleep.
The hypnogogic imagery starts immediately.  I am observing complex images
such as perfectly drawn black and white cartoons of my own design.  They
are my own characters.  I watch them but do not get involved.  I notice my
mind starts to wander and I am asking myself questions about the course,
how this will benefit people, what I can do that would benefit people the
most.  I realize that I am drifting so I calm that part of me down and
relax.  The visual hypnogogic imagery starts to take on more of a computer
animated style of rendering with multiple images and screens to observe.  I
end up focusing on one image without realizing it before it was too late.
STAGE THREE:- I see a friend named Tessa in my hypnogogic field.  There is
a two dimensional window floating in front of me, and I hear her talking to
me faintly.  I am suddenly rushed through the window and I am sitting in a
car.  It happened so quickly I am startled and since she is a friend, I
forget to recall my intent and immediately engage in conversation with her.
        We are sitting in a car.  There is a definite road in front of me, and I
see pine trees abound.  “We are going up to Kelowna tomorrow and Ginger
wanted to know if you wanted to come?”, Tessa asked.
        “Sure I’d love to, but something doesn’t feel right?”, I reply.
        “What you don’t think we should go to Kelowna?”
        I stop and clear my head.  I remember that I was lying in bed moments
before and that I was trying to Lucid Dream.  What was I doing in this car?
 Where am I?  Am I dreaming?  “It can’t be a dream, it’s too real!”, I say
out loud.
        “What are you talking about Ian?”, asked Tessa.
        “Oh nothing, I just thought that I might be dreaming right now.  Uh…”, I
look around and more of my consciousness starts to assemble, “And I guess I
am right!”
        At this point all I can recall is the fact that I did just lie in bed and
I remembered the window with Tessa in it.  Realizing that I am in a dream,
I make all the sensory information stop.  The dream reality starts to decay
and Tessa fades into a hologram, then nothing.  The mountains, the trees
and the road come to a surreal stand still and begin to turn into a common
yellow and white cloud like mixture.
        Looking at my hands, I stand perfectly calm and still and start to draw in
more of my awareness.  Patiently, I wait until I feel fully conscious.  I
can’t remember the math questions, what I recalled from my memory, but I
did know it was about 7:30 at night and I am in a lucid dream.  The reason
why I didn’t recall the information is I forgot I used an INTENT.  And did
not ask myself what my intent was, and what my logical test would be.  [ I
am making a note of making sure to program that logical test with more
attention next time since I failed to apply it this dream.  I was
functioning at about 80% conscious capacity which is ok since I do know I
am dreaming and pretty much myself with a little suggestibility]        When I refocus, I notice my friend Todd standing with a very unusual
person by a car.  Knowing that I am dreaming, I observe what the meaning of
this was to better understand it’s purpose.  I over hear their
conversation.  “If you don’t get me the money, you and your entire family
is dead!”, scowls a very mean, rugged looking Mexican.
        “Things got all fucked up at the boarder and I had to drop my cargo.  They
were on to me!”, he replies.
        “That’s no excuse, if you do not meet me back here in five hours, your
family is dead!”, the man yells.
        I watch as the burly Mexican lumbers over to a black truck and drives away
with a few of his armed comrades.  A quick analytical study tells me that
this is some fun dream plot where Todd is somehow a gun smuggler for some
Mexican gang.  Todd tends to dream dreams like this and in the slightest
chance that this might be a part of his consciousness, I decide to play
along and see where this dream ends up.  I realize that my goal was
successful, that I was dreaming and knew it.  I wanted to kick back and
just analyze the changes in the dream as it unfolded.
        “Hey Todd, I couldn’t over hear your conversation with that guy!  He’s
going to kill your family?”,  I ask.
        “Yeah Ian, I am up against some really rough individuals and they mean
business.”, he replies.
        “What are you going to do about it?”, I ask.
        “The only thing I can!”, Todd walks to the back of his car and opens the
hood.  The car is stacked full of guns and other assorted weapons.  He
picks up this 1″ thick book and starts flipping pages.  The book has black
and white illustrations of various military grade weaponry.  Each page
contains statistical information about the weapon, it’s rate-of-fire,
muzzle velocity and other information related to the weapon.
        I manage to catch the title of one of the rocket launchers that had was
called a M-1 Rocket Launcher that used a lazier guided rocket and had a
tactile computer uplink to it.  The picture occupied the top section of the
page and I couldn’t read the information on it before the page was turned.
I was making  a point of trying to read text which I could see clearly and
        As Todd worked on searching out some weapons, I was busy analyzing the
dream and coming up with a few solid conclusions.  This dream is like a
game, it has an elaborate plot and will have lot’s of action in the
conclusion.  Not wanting to waste my energy on controlling the dream, it
was a perfect chance to have some fun and observe the changes in the dream
as they present themselves.
        “You don’t have to do this with me, it’s my fight!”, he explains as he
opens his car door.
        “You’re a good friend, so this is my fight too.”, I reply with a beaming
smile knowing that I was dreaming.  I raced over to the passenger side of
the vehicle and get in.  The car was not too comfortable, kind of old had
thin bucket seats, a low ceiling and looked like a 1960 Chevrolet
Hatchback.  Resting in the car as Todd drove, I just focused on the details
as I would anything I observed.  I watched the road move, traffic in front
of us drive.  I noted that we did not decelerate at all and kept a
consistent speed.  So there were no stops at stop signs, no breaks in
traffic.  Mind you it was late at night and not much on the road.  We drove
for a couple of blocks then stopped near a row of suburban houses.
        While we drove Todd was filling in the scenario of how he owed this guy
over $60,000 for gun’s he was bringing in from Mexico.  That his wife was a
total bitch and he didn’t care if she died.  But he loved his children of
which he in the dream had five.  [Todd has no children here in reality].
“Don’t worry about it, we will make sure your kids are safe.  No one’s
going to get hurt.”
        When we stopped near his house, I thought what kind of gun would be fun to
shoot.  I have no experience with any guns except for rifles and shotguns.
I decide to take a double barreled pump action shot gun because I like
room-sweepers.  Marveling at the size of the gun, I make sure it has ammo
in the chamber and I grab a few shells and stick them in my pocket.
        “Ok, I want you to go through the front door first and clear a path to the
back of the house.  I am coming in right behind you with supporting fire.”,
Todd explains as he pulls out two revolvers and stands to the side of the
        I look in a window and see the family all sitting in the living room on
the couch.  There are about four armed gunmen that I can see who are just
standing as if waiting for something to happen.  I pump the shot-gun
loading the chambers and move to the front of the door laying in a solid
kick.  The door blows open and I charge forward lowering the rifle at the
center of mass of my first target and I shoot.  The gun recoils and raises
as the person flies backwards arms stretching out front, blood and ichor
exploding from his chest.
        I slam up against the wall of the hallway and brace myself as I load the
gun again and open fire at another armed gun man as the surprise of his
friend getting shot has set him off guard.  The blast hits him square in
the chest and he goes down.   I run into the living room and I hear gunfire
from behind as Todd is taking care of my back.  A man comes out from the
kitchen and I am ready for him, with dream like reflexes I shoot and hit
him again in the chest.  There is not much room for missing with the
shotgun and I love the special effects.
        A fourth man comes out and my gun is out of ammo.  I jump backwards and
sit on the couch trying franticly to load the gun.  The man points a
revolver at my chest and shoots me four time.  I feel the hard impact of
the bullets as they hit me.  I go unconscious in the dream.  This was weird
and I never expected this effect.  What followed was equally surprising.
In a black, unconscious state, I hear more shots fire off.  Then blood
starts pumping through my veins and I feel the adrenaline surging.  I open
my eyes and look at my chest.  I have a bullet proof vest on.
        I am seeing double and the dream is fuzzy.  Todd runs to my side and I can
hear a muffled voice asking, “Ian!  Ian are you alright?  Oh thank-god you
wore that vest.  He was about to shoot you in the head but I got to him
just in time!”
        A rush of pain pulls my senses together.  I look at the bullets imbedded
in my chest and it hurts to breath.  “Fuck this is so damn real!”, I think
to myself, “I feel winded, pain, sick and in shock.  My chest is sore and I
know that this is a dream, but wow talk about tactile vividness”.
        “Yeah, hehe, I always wear a vest.”, I cough out as it hurts to talk.  I
try to stand but I am weak from the blast and the motion makes me sick.  I
drop to my knees and start to vomit.  I feel my stomach muscles contract
and the puke rise up from my esophagus. A stinky, vile spray spews on the
floor and covers the carpet.  I gasp for breath and heave again  I watch as
it comes from my mouth in awe that this is happening.  
        “Oh god, not on my carpet!”, cries Todd,
        “Holy Shit, I just puked in a dream!”, I laugh to myself, “This is so
incredible and I love it!”
        The pile of puke was undeniably real looking and smelled as bad as it
looked.  The dream was so constant and clear.  I stand up wiping my wet
mouth and see saliva and vomit on the back of my hand.  I look at the
children on the couch.  They are part Mexican as Todd’s wife is Mexican as
well.  They are all covered in tears and frightened.  They are ages two to
eight.  “You guy’s will be all right.  Your dad and I just had to get rid
of some really bad men, but your safe now.” I explain to the children.
        The pain was cool, but I was getting tired of hurting so I turn the pain
off.  I stand up rejuvenated and still fully consciously aware of the
dream.  Todd and I walk to a closet where he has a gun holster which I pick
up.  As I am doing this, there is the first inconsistency in the dream and
I make a mental note of it.  The gun I put in the holster is a plastic toy
gun with a cork in the end.  The string hangs out from the holster.  Todd
starts to get some strange realization and tells me he wants to see
        “Ian you won’t believe this”, he explains as he pulls out some sheets of
paper, “I had a dream with this in it!”
        Right away I am interested.  “Really, how so?” I ask.
        He pulls out a page with hand writing on it.  It is one of my testimonial
sheets that I have been using and in perfect English it reads, “As I
watched Ian in the dream, he picked up a holster and grabbed a toy gun.  I
knew then it was a dream because why would he grab a toy gun?”
        Thinking about the time, Todd would be awake right now so he couldn’t
really be in this dream unless it was some layer of his consciousness that
was present and unrecognizable.  I thought the chances of him having this
dream were next to none.  And Todd never records his dreams and definitely
never uses these testimonial sheets I printed out.  It was a very strange
and unusual thing to dream but made some sense since part of my focus is
shared dreams and I treat every dream as if it were shared these days.
        We leave the house and Todd wants me to drive.  We have to have a meeting
now with the first man we met.  As we drive, I start to recognize the
streets.  We are in Penticton driving on Industrial avenue towards the
channel.  I approach a stop sign and come to a complete stop.  The car
stalls and I try to turn it over.  A loud clanging sound is heard and
something sounds like it just dropped in the engine.  I turn the car over
again and nothing.  “What’s wrong with the car?”, asks Todd.
        “I have no idea, it’s not turning over.”, I reply.  We get out of the car
and Todd is frantic.  “Don’t worry about it Todd, I have a car parked just
over here.”  I was using some suggestibility to keep the dream flowing.  I
didn’t really have a car, but I knew I could create one instantly.  For
some reason, I didn’t want to let Todd on to the fact it was a dream
because I wanted to resolve the plot line.  We walked towards a parking
lot.  I could see a Chevrolet Car Dealership sign, Overwaitea Foods and a
variety of other clear signs.
        We walked into the lot and I was brooding on what would be a cool car to
have.  How about a jacked up Ford Truck with a little bit of artistic
flare?  There is a big brand new shiny Ford with huge tires, the truck is
white with  purple trims.  It had a polished chrome roll bar and flood
lights on the top.  I pull out some keys which unlock the door and we get
in.  The interior is cream white leather with soft twin bucket seats.  It
is a standard with a 4×4 switch box in the center.  There are two purple
fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror.  I fire up the engine and the truck
hums with a perfect purr.
        Releasing the emergency brake, I put the stick into reverse and ease up on
the clutch.  We back out of the parking lot slowly as I am looking for
other cars making sure everything is clear.  Still fully conscious that I
am dreaming, I check the gauges and notice the truck is almost out of gas.
“What the hell, may as well go fill it up.”, I think.
        “Damn Ian, how did you get such a nice truck?  I thought you were flat ass
broke?”, he asked.
        “Well, actually I stole it.”, I reply laughing.
        “Oh shit, you mean we are in a stolen vehicle?”, he asked.
“Don’t worry about it, the plates and registration is in my name.”, I
calmly say.
        Driving though the parking lot, I approach the main street and pull out
towards the first gas station I see.  It is called Turbo.  I pull into the
station, turn of the truck, put it in first and pull the emergency brake.
Still observing the dream I am making note of how clear every detail is.
The gauges on the truck, the numbers on the gas pump all clear and visible
with no distortions.  I watch the gauge as I fill the gas tank and put
$17.00 in before the pump stops.  I am pondering if I should really bother
paying for gas.  What is the worth of paying for dream gas in a dream gas
station with dream gas attendants.  For fun, I decide to not pay and just
tear out and race at top speeds on the street.
        I get into the Truck and warn Todd that I am taking off.  I buckle up my
seat belt and fire up the engine.  Revving the motor I pop the clutch and
peel out of the station on to the road.  Racing like a mad man, I tear into
traffic at about 80 miles an hour.  Todd is kind of scared and I am having
fun being freely reckless.  Todd tells me we have to pull over so I do.  He
gets out and tells me to wait for him.  
        Waiting, I start to analyze the dream again.  So far it has had a smooth
transgression of fluidity.  There has been very few inconsistencies in the
dream aside from a double barreled pump action shot-gun.  The toy gun and
Todd’s testimony.  Time passes and I just wait patiently.  Soon some woman
comes to the window and I look at her.
        “Ian you better get out of here!”, she explains.
        “Huh?  Why?”, I ask.
        “Todd was at school and blamed the whole hit on Carlos’s men on you.
George was also telling everyone it was you.  They are going to kill you!”,
she explained.
        I started to laugh.  Seemed like my dream with Todd had ended and there
was little for me to do.  Without Todd, killing Carlos and George wouldn’t
be fun so I decided to see what I could create for myself should I control
the dream.
        Sitting in the truck, I start to think about what would be the most fun,
adventurous thing I could experience at this moment.  Being a big fan of
Star Wars, I always wanted to fly an X-Wing fighter and take on the Death
Star.  I look at the dash and it soon forms a cockpit.  The truck molds
into an x-wing and I am in space flying at top speeds into a wave of
Tie-Fighters.  There is laser fire everywhere and I am adjusting my
        “This is great!  Perfect match!”, I remarked as I looked at a reflection
of myself.  I looked exactly like Luke Skywalker and had a helmet on, with
the orange and white space suit.  I have a targeting computer and dive into
battle.  I open fire on a Tie-Fighter and it blows up in a blaze of glory.
There are laser blasts hitting my ship and the ship rocks.  I dive towards
the Death Star and flew into the trench where the exhaust pipe should be
located.  I saw the target and fired my torpedoes.  It was flawless of
course, and I pulled out of the Death Star.  As the Death Star blew up, I
was somehow caught in the blast and everything started to decay.
There were familiar patterns of yellow and white clouds and I started to
recall how many Star Wars type dreams I have had.  The memory patterns went
way back into my childhood.  And I could feel the excitement and joy I had
as a child as I played this sort of game in the dreamstate.  I noted that I
was observing childhood dream memories that I had forgotten over time and
thought that was a treasure in itself.  I soon woke up and raced to my
computer to write it all down.

I hope to have more examples of Lucid Dreams and OOBE’s as the time
progresses.  I want to be sure that I am using the techniques I am teaching
so we can all have a clear look as to why it is important to use them for
what ever benefit it serves us.  As you can probably tell, lucid dreams
open up doors to creative possibilities that only the imagination can
conceive.  They are a lot of fun.

Dream sample using techniques for the exploration of consciousness                                
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