June 26, 2017 – My World of Warcraft dream as my character

Pulling some dreams off of reddit where I didn’t post them on my website here.

Most epic Lucid Dream in a while. Even changed into a Game character with near perfect accuracy.

This was probably one of the most fun and coolest lucid dreams I have had in a while. I woke up to do my second sleep and to fill the time played a little World of Warcraft before going back to bed. The body starts to fall asleep and I start seeing very vivid dream imagery forming around me.

Could see this tile floor with photographic quality and a room, the scenes kept changing but the vividness was exceptional, like wearing Virtual Reality goggles. I entered the dream semi-conscious and there were a couple of people sitting at a computer playing World of Warcraft.

I take a moment to go from semi-lucid to fully lucid and my awareness kicks in. I’m now in this rich fully immersive dream reality and know that I am dreaming with no uncertainty. Since World of Warcraft was fresh on the mind, and even the dream had it on the computer with some gamers I wondered if I could transform my dream body into my character from World of Warcraft.

I frame the intent and what is kind of interesting in how this transformation worked is that I knew what the character looked like and focused this knowing into my dream body and could feel the thought that structures our dream shift and respond to this knowing. The transformation happened almost instantly and I could feel my arms grow, formed a bit of a hunch and the body morphed into the wide shoulders, muscular arms.

I even had the weapon which is the Maw of the Damned strapped on my back. My voice changed to this deep growl. The character I play is Horde, and Orc Blood Death Knight. To give you a reference to what I turned into, here is a link to the character.

The two gamers in the dream reacted to this transformation, and it freaked them both out and they ran out of the room. I took a moment to look at the now armored arms and hands. Even moving in this new body felt very different, it was the hunch all the way and even the width of the back and shoulders all felt very different.

So now I am this character from the game, but the world I am in is some gamers room, hardly the World of Warcraft. I leave the room and the dream changes to this new room which had two very large spinning pillars with ample spikes sticking out of the side. In the room was a horde of Skeletons which definitely looked Genre specific to Wow.

There was enough room to easily bypass the rotating spiked pillars. The skeletons seemed to be pouring out of a bone pile at the end of the room, and some would end up in this spike trap, but it just pushed them to the left of the room adding them to this massive group.

I cast a spell called Blood Plague, and this wave almost like a sphere of translucent red energy billows forward into the mob of skeletons and their bones light up with this corrosive red energy which starts to blacken. It had a sizzling, crackling sound and the skeletons would collapse into a pile of bones.

Then I reached for the Maw of the Damned on my back and pulled out this crazy looking weapon and cleaved my way to the other side of the room sending skeleton parts flying in large swooping strikes. It was truly epic.

I get to the end of the room, finish the battle and put the weapon on my back. The room has a double-door that is not Genre specific. Just a normal waking reality double door and when I opened it I was now in the lobby of a Customs/Border crossing building with people in line and border guards at the gate at the end of the line.

I decide to just have fun and see what the dream characters would do when I stood in line. They reacted looking at me with WTF expressions and concern. I was being polite thanking them for moving. I scratched my beard and acted all nonchalant. More people moved from the front of the line, making the line move quickly. Perhaps the dream characters were hoping the crossing guards would deal with me.

The guards were looking at me with a look of fear and terror as I approached. When I get to the two guards, they have uniforms on with guns hoisted at the side. I’m expecting some kind of violent response but instead they ask me what my purpose was for entering the US and I told them that I came to fight the Legion!

They have no idea what the legion is, and I tell them that hordes of demons are going to invade and I have to stop it from happening. The looks from them was priceless, confused, terrified and dumbfounded.

Outside, these green Fel energy bombardments started and loud booms and explosions started to emerge. The guards look outside and see Genre specific Legion demons appear where these bombardments hit.

“Yep, I’m here to fight those guys”. I tell the guards and they immediately let me through. I walk outside and pull out my weapon. People are running and screaming in fear, cars are crashing into buildings trying to avoid the bombardment.

It wasn’t the World of Warcraft in terms of setting, but the Legion invasion couldn’t have been more from that Game. In a way it was far more interesting because it was like Real World meet WoW demons.

People run past me and clearly do everything to avoid my path. I charge the first Demon and cleave it down in one powerful swoop. The army of demons starts to grow, and we are talking what started as a few rapidly becoming hundreds filling the streets and even the hillside in the distance. Chaos everywhere, like right out of a disaster movie.

I continue battling them, loving the fact I was dreaming this amazingly wild and crazy adventure. There was this woman who was about to get cleaved by a demon and I rescued the poor damsel. She begged me to help her friends and I go off and rescue them as well.

A group of people start to follow me, I assume for protection and I decide to lead them into a building to get them to safety. This weird thing happened as I was walking to the building, I literally stepped out of the body of this Orc into my normal self, but the Orc still existed as a separate dream character where I could see it finally in third person. It was very much spot on like my character from the game.

What made it even weirder was I was controlling both that dream character still and myself at the same time. By the time we entered the building however it disappeared and I was now left in a very normal setting with normal people talking about the invasion.

I told them that they shouldn’t worry however, it’s just a dream. One of the ladies I rescued hugged me and wanted to be by my side. I could still see Legion demons on the street and looked at my normal human hands.

Damn, I wanted to be that character again, was way too fun. So I try to transform a second time and this time I watch my arms as they begin to change color and grow muscles, my hands and fingers becoming larger. It was like a Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk moment. This transformation was longer, more dramatic than the first but I pulled it off a second time.

Went back out side to battle more demons except I ended up waking up dammit. Oh well, what a blast. So fun, so visually amazing. Talk about making dreams beyond great. More fun than the actual Game by like an astronomical margin. I’m still super stoked about this lucid dream. Had to share.