Jan 30, 2016 – Another Fallout 4/Borderlands 2 inspired post-apocalyptic lucid dream.

Another Fallout 4/Borderlands 2 inspired post-apocalyptic lucid dream.

Had to jump out of bed to write this lucid dream down. It was epic. When I get into discussions about why I like to lucid dream, one of the reasons is the dream worlds ability to bring fantasy, the real gritty realm of the imagination to life. That was this dream, set in a post-apocalyptic world which was like a blend between Fallout 4 and Borderlands 2 with a ruined city reminiscent of Maze Runner 2 in terms of epic sky scrapers in complete ruin. Another really unusual quality was that who I was in this dream is not who I am in waking life. Rather I was a female type character who had some mutations. Very skinny, taller than average, probably 7 foot tall and there the legs definitely not human more like an animal. Multi-jointed, pan-like somehow enabling some pretty impressive jumping and sprinting. From what I could remember about the face, it was elongated elf-like with large pitch black eyes. All of the physical characteristics had a very odd quality. Thin lips, thin nose and the hair was matted but kept in a pony.

the dream starts, I’m outside and the first impression is one of awe. I
immediately know I am dreaming and in seeing the post-apocalyptic
world, buildings in ruins a group of armed thugs looking fresh from a
Mad Max movie… I knew this dream was going to be amazing, it was going
to be fun and somehow I was different (hadn’t figured out I was female
yet). This was one dream where I opted for ambient lucidity meaning I
didn’t take control of the dream world, rather was more interested in
seeing what the dream world had to offer. For me, it was like a
movie/video game had just entered my virtual reality head-gear and I was
game for playing it out.

armed group was in the distance camped out in a ruined building which
was near where I lived. The group was mixed with male and female, they
were loud talking, partying and I saw them as an dire threat. This
character, who ever I had become had memories which certain terrain and
settings triggered such as remembering where I lived, knowing that I had
to sneak quietly past this threat and to do so there were was a good
path that involved passing through a few ruined buildings but there were
other threats still to avoid to make it there safely. The memories
themselves were just fascinating to have, just impressed at this power
of the mind to invoke such a super-real first-person reality so life
like yet so effortlessly to even include the finer details of memory.

I had a quest. Sneak past this group of campers and make it home. I
was out scavenging for food and had travelled too far from my safe zone.
I’m crouched down peaking over the corner of a concrete wall, there
was even rebar rusted, bent poking out of the concrete. My hand was
using one of the rebars as support as I spied on this group. When I
pushed back behind the wall, the first movements was the give that
something about the body I was in, was nothing like my normal waking

The weird joints in the
legs, the odd movement and power of them was so creepy strange to feel.
Hard to really transpose such odd new sensations into text suffice to
say that is when I started to realize that what ever I had become it was
not human, rather human like. As the thoughts of the dream character
kicked in, I picked up the female voice as part of the inner-monologue.
I was thinking about the escape route to avoid the armed gang of thugs,
reminding myself to be quite. I could feel fear coming as part of the
feedback and again, it was like I was the host of some other person and
was now taking over it’s mind as if to only use it to share in it’s
experiences, but now able to control the character as if it was myself.
Just made this dream so strange and epic.

journey to home meant I had to go inside of a ruined building and take
an underpass which connected to another one. Along the way, there is
this over-sized rat, about as big as domestic cats can get. Without
thinking my hand smashes the poor fella knocking it up against the wall
it was scurrying from. The hit stunned it, probably already killed it
but I finished it of by twisting it’s head. The rat felt warm, it was
heavy and the solidity of it was vivid. It was dinner (blech), and the
thing even pissed on my hand, which grossed me out but I knew it was the
first real food in days.

prepared the rat for the journey home by trying a rope around it’s back
feet and front feet, like a rat hammock. Attached it to this ring on my
belt so it could hang from the side of my waist. Had some type of bag
full of all sorts of survival gear, scissors, ropes, matches etc. The
rat was too big to fit in it and didn’t want it in there.

was some sense of relief about finally having food, even if it was a
filthy rat to eat. It was very cool walking in the ruins towards home,
from broken floors and rotten carpeting the post-apocalyptic world was
detail rich. When I arrived home, it was cleverly hidden admits a
collapsed section of a building. There was a broken floor that covered
the entrance and I had another piece of floor which was used as the
camouflage. It was a very small room, and just a total mess. The floor
was so covered in clothes and other scavenged goods I had to crawl over
the piles. There was a bed burred in the mess. A mirror was propped
up against the wall, and it was here where I saw who I was. It was a
real wow moment seeing a reflection in a mirror of someone who you are
not reflecting back. Thankfully, seasoned lucid dreamer here and
completely into this adventurous type of dreaming.

was kind of funny looking at myself seeing this strange looking female
person looking back. I reached up and rubbed my chin watching the
reflection portray all of the movements as expected. It was very cool
and gave me a chance to think that I was really in an epic genre
inspired dream and also made me want to go out and explore the world a
bit more. Had to go cook the rat and there was a place that this
character used to do just that, there was no way food could be cooked in
this mess of a room.

Just to
note, the character when I was in the room was thinking about how bad
life was, how much it sucked and I was thinking how amazing the dream
was how cool the details were. Kind of weird having almost a
dual-consciousness, but bad ass epic.

journey to the safe-place to cook was again all about stealth, what
ever was in this world had my character spooked most of the time. Lot’s
of fear about what could be out there. The place to cook the rat was
kind of out in the open, which if you got the impression of the
character she didn’t seem to be out in the open often. But unlucky me,
there is this synthetic talking, very loud. This flying robot was off
in the distance, it was egg shaped but at least 5 feet tall. It had a
big ass mini-gun on it’s right side, the gun had a blue glow to it,
mostly the circuits that moved up the arm to the shoulder.

there is this split in the thoughts of the character I seem to be
hi-jacking and myself. She doesn’t know what the fuck that is and first
instinct is to hide. I’m like cool, it’s a flying robot with a bad-ass
mini-gun. Then I realize shit that thing will shred the fuck out of me
and go with the hide option. I duck between a counter and a wall and
move in as far as I could which wasn’t very far. The robot was
broadcasting a message over and over again ordering any civilians to
surrender themselves immediately. It was scanning the area and I
thought it didn’t pick me up but nope… the damn thing did and comes
floating along the wall on the outside where I am hiding, now the view
of the mini-gun and the awesome glowing effects were clear as it passed
by a broken window.

The character
was absolutely shitting her pants the fear feedback was intense now. Me
however, I was like… this is going to suck because I knew what was
going to happen. The robot had locked on to me with it’s scanner,
probably thermal and did what ever dream path-finding to work out how to
get into the building. All I did was watch in horror as the robot
entered the building, it doesn’t even look around and b-lines right to
where I am hiding.

As soon as the
mini-gun has me in it’s sights, the robot unloads and a storm of bullets
rip into me. Fortunately, zero pain and having never been shot before
I’ll assume that’s about as close as what it feels like to be blasted by
a mini-gun. Well, that’s it… game over man. I die. But this dream
is keeping to some type of video-game genre and I respawn in the
hell-hole of a room this character calls home.

my character, it’s like waking up from a dream. Of course, just to be
in the same dream. I look in the mirror but this time I quickly project
my own image back and remind myself I am dreaming and this is just a
game so role-play have fun, it’s cool as fuck. I decide being without
weapons was not cool. All I could find in the stack of crap covering
the floor was a box of shotgun shells and no shotgun. But there was
plenty of piping and other things to salvage thus I made home-made
one-shot shotgun pipes. Managed to find a pretty nice knife, at least
12 inches and put that where the rat used to be.

and now into the game quality of this dream. I set out for adventure.
I decide to scrap the stealth because the body was too agile, strong
and amazing to move so instead of crawling under buildings, I was now
running full sprint and jumping like 20 feet or more. Unfortunately,
this caught the attention of the group of campers which as soon as they
discovered me set out to hunt me down.

very friendly folk in post-apocalyptic dreamland. Instead of running
and hiding from them, I decide it’s time to get real and set up an
ambush point by hiding in a hole on the only path they would have to
come through to get to me. Having that terrain memory did prove useful.
As soon as they were in meele range, I thrusted one of the shot-gun
pipes into the chest of this woman and blew a big hole, the slug when
through her body and hit a guy who was right behind her. It was two for

Out comes the combat knife
and no idea why this character was so afraid, super fast reflexes and
exceptional strength. It was cuisinart from this point on. The
aftermath was a group of ganger thugs sliced and diced. They at least
had guns, so of course time to loot. I stock up with as much as I could
sling over arms and back. Game on.

was time to move on, leave the stanky room called home and leave the
city. Now I walked with a fully automatic rifle in hand, no more
stealth. There wasn’t a lot of action for a bit. Mostly leaving the
city and checking out what was left of the suburbs and country side.
The walk was nice, took a lot of time to just look around and enjoy the
setting of the dream.

After a
while, I came across a farm which had live stock and people. They
seemed to know me and were friendly, and my character seemed to know
them. There was their leader who was some type of Paladin. Not sure
what kind, not the Brotherhood of Steel kind, and not the classic
D&D but that’s what I knew him as and he wore a type of armour which
was painted white with a gold cross on the chest. He had a hammer,
which crackled with some type of energy. Either technological or
magical, whatever it looked killer.

was a lot of backstory coming out. Apparently I had stayed at this
farm a long time ago but ended up in the city with another group that
was killed and ended up too afraid to leave. The Paladin was like a
father figure, wanted me to stay at the farm. The farm was nice, and
they had food. I was just into checking it all out and going along with
the flow.

I get a new room, it’s
actually clean and the bed looks nice. I help out with the farm
animals. We end up having a very nice dinner, much better than rat.
Potatoes, roast and gravy. At the table there was a lot of dialog going
on, I can’t remember much of what the Paladin was saying but there was
talk about before the war and mutations. The dialog is too faded to
recall. Everyone retires for the night, and I go to the new room and
lie down in bed. I think I am going to wake up from the dream and fall
asleep but amazingly wake back up the next day.

open my eyes and this is the trippy part, because I am not lucid at
this point kind of gave that up to wake up. I’m now this female
character in full immersed RPG, so no intervention of my waking
awareness. For a moment, I think I am genuinely awake living this life
as this character in a post-apocalyptic world. But years of
reality-checks end up giving away the fact it was a dream and slowly I
figured it out that I was still in dreamland. But the initial waking up
and going on with a new day just amped up the realism.

the story continues, there is this person who has come the farm, he’s
an outsider armed only with a pistol. What everyone there doesn’t know
is it’s not human, it’s some type of shape-shifter. Somehow I sense it
and blurt out that it’s not human. Right away everyone pulls out guns
and we have this Mexican stand-off. Problem is, this thing is
out-gunned but our problem was it moved super-human fast. It starts
knocking the guns out of peoples hands, but my character is fast too, so
we end up brawling it out.

It’s a
high-speed fight and when I hit this thing, it has no bones, like
hitting ballistic jelly. And each punch causes this cool effect of
distortion like that part of the body forgets what form it was to take
for a moment then tries to reassemble itself. I keep it occupied until
the Paladin hits it with his hammer and that finishes it off, the hammer
emits some kind of energy which surges through the shape-shifters body
and it collapsed into ooze on the ground.

all of that is settled, the Paladin wants me to go back to the city and
find someone to tell them about this. Said it was urgent, that we were
being infiltrated by a new enemy. I race off, back to the fun of
running in this weird body. I don’t get to complete the quest because
when back in the city I end up waking up.

Dream was cool enough to inspire writing it down for anyone who likes this type of lucid dreaming.