Jan 27, 1995 – A powerful vision showing how thought forms reality.

I was pretty young back then, 23 years old and this vision rattled me in very profound ways. I remember how hard it was to transcode the experience into language here. The summation of what it entailed was showing me how reality is in fact a type of rendered output of thought.

As a person who experiences precognitive dreams, has had lucid precognitive dreams, has changed those dreams before they come true, has had his life saved back in 2012 from precognitive dreaming. This knowing reaches far back, and in interviews where I claim I viewed life as a type of dream at the age of 2 well here is just some more of that perspective at 23.

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This is an old article I wrote and thought I lost when my hard drive
crashed some years ago.  It is a very interesting article and I feel
many of you will enjoy reading this powerful vision I had.

27 Jan 95  01:24:12
By: Ian Wilson
To: All
Re: Universal Vision

The Geometry of Light into Matter

The model is a representation of a vision that I had where I saw
sub-particles of matter as units of consciousness. The following is
an overview how the order of this consciousness relates to itself
and combines to create physical matter and the laws of cause and

The area of thought that this vision contained was relationships in
numeric unity and geometric form. I am still researching several
outlets to this form and attempting to articulate as much as I can
the vision as it creates itself in to logic and unity.

Keep in mind that this model is a representation and it’s a small
tool to observe relationships in energy and thought as well as it’s
relationship to matter. The nature of this is from the science of
spirit into the logic of matter so you may find some of the concepts
not adhering to linear time rather (to) events happening in infinite
timeless expressiveness.

A single group or sub-particle is a separated unit from a whole.
This whole is represented by infinite timeless existance and ties
into an order of thought that addresses a universal consciousness
that is self- actualising and expressively harmonious. Light and
pure thought was the intended model as a representation of this
universal infinitum. And all aspects of this universe was divided up
into an infinite number of parts. When these parts descend into
matter, they transform from light [energy] into physical matter.
From there laws are establised creating the structure and physics
that we form in our science.

For what ever reasons, the model for the singular personafied unit
of an infinite order was represented by this following model :

                      12                This model has 12 sides.
                11 ___  1           We add 12 by it’s numbers to get 3
             10__|      |__2
            9   |              |   3        eg.  12 :  1 + 2 = 3
               8“`|       |“`4
                  7 “““5              We do this to fit it into a feild
                      6                     unity.  Sorry about the crude
ansi drawing.

This singular unit is a part of a greater body of energy. In it’s
material state, it combines with other particles forming
relationships and bonds. The bonds were represented by a loving,
harmonious recognition of self and other parts of self. Since this
energy is light and light has consciousness this unit is self-aware.
The relationship was called a family and from this family we have a
molecular order.

The particles then bond in harmonious order to form larger matter
based relationship. Keeping in mind that all matter comes from a
universal field of light energy that has altered it’s frequency into
lower vibrations to form matter. But in it’s pure state, it is the
same: Light. We can take a look at Einsteins theory of relativity
where E=MC  This formula represents the relationship of matter and
light as energy.

And all this light has consciousness. This key (that) is lacking in
our science is that energy is consciousness and aware that it
exists. That it is self aware. And self is what this model is

When light in matter unifies, it forms a relationsip with other
particles according to laws of relationships between matter and
light. This becomes a greater whole and we’ll form how this order
creates a larger sub-particle.

We’ll look at four groups of consciousness forming a single particle
of matter in a relationship. That particle has a unified number and
it has a relationship; we look at 4 units.

     A cruder Ansi       4 units X 12 sides = 48
     Drawing omitted   we add 48 together to unify the number

                                   48 :  4 + 8 = 12

                                  And we have 12, which in turn adds to 3.

* Insert : Using numerology to demonstrate the number 3 which is a powerful
number represented as the number of creation. *  end insert.

What physical matter reality represents is light at a denser
vibrational state. Since light is consciousness, it was by thought
that the light had lowered itself in it’s vibration into sub
particles. And it was this light in it’s thoughts that formed
frequency, matter and fields of energy et al; the laws we strive to

The order comes from attraction and replusion. Since light in a
matter state creates a resonance of vibration it has a magnetic
order. Electro-magnetic fields form at various frequencies and this
identifying order creates the grounds on which matter collects into
it’s schools of particles and families.

The Universe as a Whole.

When addressing any universal concepts we scientifically see the
universe in terms of light, energy and matter. Energy being neither
created nor destroyed, just transformed into one stage or another,
but it is all energy, and the more groups of energy unified in one
frequency or pattern the more intense and focused the energy

The universe is intelligent and energy has intelligence. Our
thoughts are comprised of electrical charges passing through neural
transmitters in the synapse. This unified balance of patterned
energy and it’s applications give us intelligence, but intelligence
is still energy.

The reason we think on a human level is because we have a specific
frequency of thought energy and it’s relationship in it’s creative
design gives the framework for our consciousness and directs or
controls this intelligence for the purpose of this linear human
experience. This is commonly noted by brain wave patterns alpha,
beta, theta, and delta. Controlled frequencies of neural energy

We are focused particles of energy, matter and light formed in a
very specific design to comprise the experience we are. And it is
now very important to start to address thought and it’s influence on
itself. Energy reacts to thought. But we are getting into a series
of concepts that humanly has been denied or submersed by the
inability of our thinkers to grasp that their thoughts are an energy
and are influencing creatively the effects of thought on light as
electromagnetic brainwave patterns.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And thoughts do
create very specific fields of biomagnetic energy in the mind and
this has an effect much like dropping a pebble into a pond. It is an
energy, but it is not felt physically rather by electromagnetic
fields instead of matter fields.

The universe is connected by both physical bonds and electromagnetic
bonds. Electromagnetic energy is becoming the science of the soul
and this is common with such concepts of an AURA which really is a
biomagnetic field that surrounds the body created by the various
patterns of electrical impusles caused by thoughts.

When the mind needs the body to preform a task, it sends a signal to
a muscle and this muscle reacts with controlled electrical nervous
responses and thus creates a movement acting upon a denser energy
stored in as fuel for the cells. Still it’s different fields of
energy preforming very specific tasks. But it is all energy at
different frequencies.

This echange creates the biomagnetic aura as energy surges in this
living machine. And it all starts with thought. And thought is what
we will examine in some depth and draw upon some areas of thought,
of applied thought by influencing electromagnetic energy. And this
gets really interesting.

Back to the Vision and it’s examples.

The vision then began to illustrate a field of pure white light
energy as the sum total of all energy existing in the universe in a
perfect harmonious balanced state of existence. That all parts of
this energy were at the exact same frequency and order of balance as
a body, much like an infinite ocean.

This field was labled the source, source meaning the source of all
energy and energy being consciousness. So a very intelligent and
self aware field of energy.

When this field began to apply thought, parts of it’s self began to
form to those thoughts and this was illustrated as a change of
frequency and the birth of a new level of energy. This new level of
energy was the same but different and since it’s thoughts were on a
different field than the first infinite body, this field was more
focused and represented the first applied thought.

And in an instant of infinite time, a reaction was formed. Call it
the big bang, or what ever concept of birth, and energy began to
lower in frequency and created personifications as this reaction
caused the entire field of energy to form the structure of the
universe by an order of applied self-seeking energy.

This reaction created a number of realities, energy systems and
physical matter reality was one of many. Physical matter reality was
the moment when this energy dropped so low in frequency that it
crystallised and became unified at a series of dense levels.

Since thought is energy and human thought is energy focused at a
very human level, we have to understand that there are many fields
of intelligent energy; all self aware as we are self-aware. We are
by no means the most intelligent force in the universe. And the
application of thought causes energy to react and form around that
thought giving it a dimension to exist in. And depending on the
frequency of that thought, it will manifest. And I mean it WILL
manifest, either as a mental formed image to a chain of events that
gives birth to it in reality. I will go into more depth as I will
lose so many at this point. So I will clarify this so we can
understand the principles of this.

The vision continued to show that these lower particles as they
dropped in frequency became less aware of the source and more
submersed into darkness. I saw that the darker it became, the closer
it came to the physical matter universe until the universe was much
like the stars in the sky, pin points of energy balanced by a field
of cause and effect.

Why thought as a creative energy?

It was thought that gave birth to the reaction which created the
universes. Thought was dynamic and since thought is energy, it
created a very specific field of energy. And since that feild was
energy, it also had thought, but a different thought so another
reaction was formed and we have a chain reaction much like what
happens in a nuclear bomb when a chain reaction occurs.

And in all this reaction there were very simple universal laws that
formed around the relationship of energy and it’s self. And we begin
to get into emotion, love, creation and other mechanisms of
communication that generate our reality and all realities that exist
at the different feilds of frequency.

This now becomes a science of light, and the science of thought.
Reality is energy, and energy is thought. There is a relationship
that we have to identify with since this will be a very major
realisation for most that reality is more energy than it is physical
but since there are specific laws of cause and effect we find that
when energy hits another energy feild it creates a specific
reaction. But it has been and always will be energy and it’s

We exist in a mental universe of crystallised thought energy. Our
senses are a form of communication devices for translating this
specific reality and it’s order of cause and effect. When we touch
something, we are sent a message by that “something” that we touch
according to the relationship of cause and effect. That object tells
us by feeling that it is, say a ball. A group of focused energy in a
constructed thought forming a ball in a reality of cause and effect.
That ball is still energy and energy is thought crystallised at a
very specific frequency.

This is a language. We think that our garbled human words are the
only thing that is communicating with us but we forget that all our
senses are in fact communicating with very specific frequencies of
energy. That the whole observed reality is speaking to our senses
screaming I am BALL! And we feel this ball, taste it, hear it
bounce, see it’s collection of particles. But we do not realise that
we are from the same creative origin and lack the connection to
understand that this ball is a energy system that has an awareness
at a very specific feild.

I would like to go into detail, but the best advice I can offer is
eat some rice crispies so that you can have all your senses
activated by this communication of energy and it’s relationship with
your awareness. And instead of just wolfing it down, be aware that
your senses are communicating with very specific reactions of energy
and this dinner is simply communicating to you that this is what it
is, and you are sharing an exchange of energy with it. And enjoy
eating it, as all of the sensory input is a language of matter
reality. And this is what happens when you observe a very specific
crytallised thought energy. Apply this to all you experience
physically. And be aware that there is a relationship and a language
being observed at many differnet levels at once, to create your
sensory experience with this energy system.

Can human thought manifest in reality?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! 100%!!!! We just have a few handicaps to over-come.
First, we need imagination. We have to believe (and know) that we
can create something. And then we have to apply that thought. It
starts with an idea, say the wheel. The wheel was formed first by an
human idea. And then this human acted upon this energy of thought an
formed it by the means available to it. And by shaping physical
reality to a desired thought, a wheel was fashioned by a very human

Then this wheel had a very specific purpose and it spoke to man, and
man called it wheel. When I say it spoke to him, it was observed by
senses as a circular object of specific order and design.

All of our technology today comes from ideas that man has acted upon
when his desire became so strong that he had to form that thought by
means of physically hammering it out. They could not have formed if
thought was not first initiated. That it was thought seeking
manifestation and building energy, created the events which lead to
the first wheel being fashioned.

If we think of something, and begin to add emotion to it, chances
are we will dream of it if we are active. That the thought formed in
an electromagnetic reality if you would like. If more energy is
added to this thought, a person might have an inspiration all of a
sudden to get off one’s bottom and actually fulfill that dreamed of

Thought forms reality, much how we form our technology. Reality was
a thought before it became crystallised. I will end this portion of
this discussion as I am rushing to get this out before I get lazy
and uninspired 🙂 In the next segment we will begin to unlock how
our thoughts can manifest certain events in reality since there is a
reaction caused by this. And hence we will talk in some detail on
thought manifestation.

                        Till then,
                                 Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson
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This article is still being flushed out, so it is raw material and
will be revised as I include a lot more of what this area is
covering. I am just trying to get this out for a few who asked about
it, but more thought is required before it is fully explained as it


Ian Wilson

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