Aug 27, 2015 – A lucid dream as Neo from the Matrix.

Had a very interesting lucid dream where I was Neo in the Matrix.

There are times when you can step back, look at this ability to dream and really appreciate it as an artform. When conscious during this genre specific dream, it really becomes a movie in it’s own right.

it was very different from the matrix is the plot involved myself being
in charge of protecting this new born baby. It was being held in a
military facility which I broke into and rescued.

baby was kind of creepy looking, but that gave the dream an ever more
welcomed surrealism. There was a woman with me who I believe was the
mother and we ended up on top of the roof of a parking lot. It was
about 4 stories and instead of agents chasing me, it was more like the
vampire types from the second Matrix.

this case, a woman with really wild and animated hair flew and took the
baby from my arms. As she flew mockingly down towards these other
vampire types, I simply reached out my hand and focused on her throat.
She was suddenly caught in this force death grip and I pulled her until
her throat was up against my hand and returned the baby to her mother.

sent in this group to attack, and the fight scene was really
exceptional adding that I pretty much had super-powers. After defeating
all of them, they called in drones which had guns et al.

to say, it was fun because I knew I was dreaming and had a great time
controlling the dream in this matrix themed genera that rendered out