And old lucid dream from Jan 23, 2001

This dream is supercharged with some powerful insights on the nature of dream reality, and reality. Glad I am digging these up, some really great blasts from my dreaming past.

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January 23, 2001

Today’s dreams were all lucid.  Having a late sleep, I woke up not
remembering any dreams, had a second sleep, during that time; the whole
session was one large lucid dream.

The dream started when I was lying in bed.  I started noticing
hypnogogic imagery and this indicated I was closer to sleep.  The
imagery soon changed to a building and I shift into the dream state
fully lucid.
           There was a woman paining pictures, and they were mostly of
natural scenery and quite well done.  She was painting in oils and I
asked her how long she had been painting for, she answered, “Two weeks.”
           I walked into a larger are, it seemed I was in a mall of
some kind.  People were milling about as one would expect in a shopping
mall, and I decide to levitate and fly.  I fly in a vertical stance, my
arms slightly to the side.  People start to take note, and a security
guard comes running up to me.
          “Hey, you can’t fly in here!” he yells at me.
          “Really, you mean I can’t do this?” I yell as I float up to
the ceiling, rotate so my feet touch and I start walking on the
ceiling.  To create some atmosphere, I summon up the song by Lionel
Richie, “Dancing on the Ceiling” and people start to laugh.  I drop
down off the ceiling, and a woman comes running up to me.
          “That was amazing, that was truly amazing!  How did you do
that?” she asks.
          “It was nothing, this is just a dream, and I am just changing
it.” I reply.
          “Oh my God, this is a dream?” she asks.
          “Yes.  It’s a dream.” I reply.
           The woman suddenly jumps me and starts kissing me.  I am a
little taken back because I wasn’t expecting it.  I fall backwards and
start to laugh.  “Hey, ease up.  I’m not interested in that right now,
maybe next time.”  I didn’t want to waste a good lucid dream on boring
sex when there were lots of other more fantastic things to do.
The dream shifts, I observe the shift, and notice I am now in an
airport in Russia.  I am carrying a backpack, and a Russian security
guard is at a terminal as I walk by.  “Hello.” I say to him as I walk
           “You shouldn’t talk to me.” He says as he looks at me
        “I can’t help it, you were staring at me.” I explain.  “So I
said hi.”
            For whatever reasons, he gets angry but before he can get
up from his seat, I wave my hand and cause him to relax and sit back
down.  “I am still dreaming so don’t get pushy.” I tell the guard.
             Walking further, I notice everything is in Russian and I
can’t understand anything.  People are different, and there is a food
court.  Even the food is different.  It was cool.  “Man, dreams rock.
Even if this is just a dream, it’s pretty damn real and cool.”  I say
out loud as I admire the detail of the dream.  The smell of the food
court and how lucid and balanced I was in the dream.
            Knowing I could do anything, I took some time to just
observe detail and quality.  Walking to the food court I order some
pizza and the slice is nice and hot with a strong taste of pizza
sauce.  “Perfect, almost as good as real life.” I smile.
            Since flying is fun, I start to levitate again and fly out
of the airport.  I streak upwards at high speeds and land in a park.
There are people walking about and I notice a police car.  It has its
lights on and he is racing on a highway.  I decide it would be fun to
fly beside the car, so I do.  But the officer doesn’t notice me.
            I keep trying to get his attention, but he is oblivious to
me there, even when I fly over his car.  “Hmmm, I must be invisible or
something.” I think to myself.
           Landing on the road, I am met by some people.  “Your Ian
Wilson right?” asks a man.
           “Yeah, how do you know?” I ask almost forgetting it’s a
           “What do you know about dreams?” the man asks.
           “What ever you want to know about them.” I reply.  “For
example, this is a dream right now, so we can start here.”
            “How do you know it’s a dream?” the man asks.
            “Well, years of dedicated practice.  This is most
definitely a dream, and not physical reality.  However, it is very
similar to physical reality as we are all conforming to certain beliefs
about reality and conveying this belief in this dream.  Hence why we
are still experiencing gravity, the sense of a physical body, and a
three dimensional system.”
            “That still doesn’t explain how you know?  Most people do
not when they are here.” The man replies.  “But you seem to.”
           “Ok, let’s start at the very basics.  Consciousness is key,
obviously.  If you are not conscious, then you are not able to be self-
realized or aware of the dream state.” I explain to the man.
           “Secondly, when in a dream, the soft subtle changes that
occur are inconsistent with reality, so identification is possible.
Such as being able to fly.” I levitate upwards to prove a point.
           “Reality is designed as such that everything we can’t do
there, we can do here, so this is like a mirror of reality, with less
rules and restriction.  Everything here is governed by thought, not by
physical law.” I explain.  “Now pay attention, this is for your own
good.  I form a triangle with my hands and focus on them through the
shape.  I become super lucid and the dream shifts into energetic
fields, layered in a series of harmonics and frequencies.”
           “We create reality through dreaming.  These harmonic energy
fields are a combination of organized thoughts and ideas expressing the
notion of perceptional reality.  The nature of these fields is still
fundamental.  They exist as a layer of highly-organized thoughts.”
           “When we want to change these fields, they respond to
desire/need and intent.  So to change them, we need to externalize what
we desire them to be.” The fields of energy start to form complex
geometric symbols and patterns interlocking a very organized layer of
hypnogogic imagery.  “These crack like patterns are a type of
circuitry, they transmit and carry thought from us, and then form the
structure of the desired thought into the externalized illusion of
three dimensional reality.  However as you can see, they create
time/space and are fourth dimensional in nature.  You could also shift
out of this layer outside of time/space into other realms of
           The man is stunned.  He doesn’t even say anything, just
stands there in awe.
            “See how easily we create reality, it is second nature to
us.  However other aspects of our total conscious self govern this most
often, so our normal survival based physical part is usually unable to
change these systems.  But as we progress outside of that construct, we
begin to see the natural formation of reality as it flows from us.  The
limited nature of physical consciousness finds it difficult to perceive
due to the shift in dimension, from a third dimension, to a fourth
dimensional perspective.  The conscious mind normally shuts down due to
information overload, and stress on the belief system.”
            “So you are saying reality is thought?” the man asks.
            “See for yourself.” I tell the man as I cause the fields to
shift to a very real construct.  “This is reality.  It has all the
makings of real-life.  We have concrete, air, plant life and all the
elements, which make reality what, we believe it to be.  But a closer
inspection…” I cause the concrete to shift.  “Will reveal the patterns
associated with this fourth dimensional circuitry which externalizes
the thoughts.  All these mosaics and forms are related to this
             The road forms a series of fractal like patterns, and I
could see all the energy fields working together to form the dream
reality.  “And if you study precognition, then you will see the
relationship between dreams and reality… and you will answer your own
questions.  Everything is related, and all is governed by thought,
belief and knowing.”
            “How do you know all of this?” he asks.  “Your just a
human.  How can you know how reality works, how creation works?”
            I smile at the man, “What is human, you see only the body,
not the mind.  Now, I can show you the mind, and not the body.  You
will see the body is just an extension of the mind.  I am the mind of
the body, and the overseer of all things related to me.  It is my duty
to know and understand these things, as it is yours as well.”
           The man is deep in thought. And I leave him as I wake up.