And old lucid dream from Jan 15, 2001

More legacy dreams but they are very fascinating to re-read after so many years and see how much I really haven’t changed in how I view this whole relationship between dreams and reality. Just not much of the same focus though as I tend to seek entertainment more these days.


January 15, 2001

           The first dream starts with Ozzie Osborne sitting on a hill
with a group of people.  We are talking about rock and roll, partying
and smoking pot.  I make mention that this is a dream, and Ozzie looks
interested, but I loose my focus and we go back to talking about what
to do tonight.  We decide to smoke some weed and play guitar.  My
friend Sam is there and he has a few joints rolled up.
        We drive in van; there is a group of people with us.  Back at
the hotel, I bump into Ron Howard and Henry Winkler (former cast of
Happy Days), and I recognize them as they are walking into the
restaurant.  “Hey Ron, how are things?” I ask him.
            “Do I know you?” he asks.
            “Probably not, my name is Ian Wilson, author of a book
entitled a course on consciousness.”  I look at him and smell
weed.  “Hey, you’re baked!”
           He gets a little nervous then heads into the restaurant.
There is a woman with black hair there, and I say hi to her.
           “Hi, who are you?” she asks.
           “I am a man of mystery.” I tell her.
           She goes back to what she was doing.  I then tell her who I
am, and what I do.
           We don’t make it back to Ozzie’s room before the dream
           I dream that I at a park, near a lake.  There are several
people from my grad class there.   I sit down and talk to one girl that
I remember.  She is asking me about my book, the stuff on my web page
and if I really caused the triangles to form.
           “Absolutely, its very cool.  All through manipulating
precognitive dreams.” I tell her.
          I start describing the nature of reality to her and I create
a very clear model of a group of triangles forming a net.  We are stuck
in a prism so to speak, which layers our thought and knowing.  Much
like this net here, we are trapped in its grip until we unlock its
         The net shifts and pieces drop until two triangles are left,
both tips touching each other forming a symbol like this |><|.  I
explain that the nature of our conscious perception and focus gets
trapped in this hourglass shape.  When we are awake, we are only aware
of one end of the hourglass, the other side, totally oblivious to us.
         When we dream, we move to the other side of the hourglass,
totally oblivious of our physical life.  This shift through the center
of the glass causes our thoughts to form; it is the cause of much
forgetfulness, confusion and amnesia.
        The triangle represents one side of the hourglass symbol.  It
represents three-dimensional reality, three-dimensional thought, and
how light passes through a prism to become layers, as does our
conscious mind when we view the totality of who we are.
            I raise my hand and a triangle appears in the sky.  The
focus is no different then this, just know you are dreaming, and change
the dream.  It is that simple.
           She is quite stunned and amazed by what I show her.  I get
up and leave, apparently another girl is there from the class who is on
acid.  I never get to meet her before I wake up.

            No second sleep today, so nothing to report

January 15, 2001

           Eating pizza seemed to be a theme in this dream.  I was with
a friend we drive to Boston Pizza so he can talk to his girlfriend.
When we are there, we eat some pizza, and take the leftovers, which are
eaten during the remainder of the dream.  Not really anything exciting
in this dream.  Mostly driving to and from Boston Pizza.  Will have to
see what a second sleep will produce.

My second sleep yields and interesting lucid dream.

          The dream starts and I am in a car, I am with a cousin and
she has two friends.  They are very cool, and one of them likes me.  We
are driving somewhere, and her friends decide they want to sit with
me.  The one takes my hand and snuggles up to me in the car.  I can
feel her excitement, joy and happiness that she is with me.  Although,
I am not too responsive, her pure joy and love moves my heart so I send
her waves of kindness, compassion and love.
           We drive to some unknown area, and I get out.  I am walking
on the sidewalk and I notice a mottled pattern in the cement.  Again,
representative of hypnogogic imagery leaking into a dream state causing
a pattern on the surface of something.  This immediately triggers a
lucid dreaming response.
           “Wait, that pattern is pure hypnogogic imagery, only dreams
produce that pattern.” I stop looking at the mosaic.
          To affirm it’s a dream, I levitate upwards about 10 feet and
hover over the sidewalk.  I look at the concrete and affirm that I am
dreaming.  Landing, I notice an old man approach me.  He seems to be n
the 70-80 ranges.  “How is it that you know you are dreaming?” he asks.
           “I have trained myself to recognize key symbols that only
appear in dreams, and use them as triggers to induce consciousness.” I
tell him.
          “Interesting.  Do you know who I am?” he asks.
          “No, I don’t, not at this point, sorry.” I reply.
          “Can you show me how you project shapes on things?” he asks.
          “Certainly, it’s not that hard.  Please, stick out your
hand.” I ask.
          The man puts out his hand and I move my hands over his.
Energy starts to flow from my fingertips and the fields created
surprise the man.  “Wow, that is quite powerful.  My hand is definitely
responding to what you are doing.” He explains.
          “I establish that I am dreaming, then to mark the dream, I
project a shape like this.” I explain as a small triangle appears on
his hand.  “It’s mainly used to map out the layers of dreams, to
isolate precognition.”
           “Amazing, I can’t believe you have figured this out.   You
must fully realize then what you are, what reality is.” He continues.
           “This is reality.  There is no end to it.  It’s thought,
ideas and concepts that have been intelligently organized to form
experiences.  Where there is a dream, there is a dreamer.  And where
there is a dream, there is reality.” I explain.
           “What do you plan to do with this knowledge?” he asks.
           “Help us.” I answer, “I want to help others reach this
potential and go far beyond where I have not.  To see what we see, and
know what we know.  That truth, knowledge and understanding can be
attained no matter where we end up in the spectrum of existence.”
           Another old man approaches.  He looks at his friend.  “So
this is him.” He asks the man.
           “Yes, indeed.  He has demonstrated that he is now fully
awake and conscious, and that he is aware that he can change the
dream.” He adds.
           “I am truly honored to meet you Ian.  We are very pleased
with your progress.  We both will be watching you.” The man explains.
           “I wish you both the best, and may peace and love be with
you.” I tell them as I wake up.