And old dream from Feburary 27, 2000 Dream/Lucid Dream

This is another dream with a precognitive element with regards to a person in the dream named Alicia, I did eventually meet this person because I ended up working with her in 2012 so to give an idea how far back a precognitive insight from a dream can come… 12 years. How deep that rabbit hole goes.


February 27,2000

Time :6:00 am


Non-lucid conscious stream.

        The dreams are few, I can only recall fragments of a long night
of dreaming.

Segment One

        I am walking down by a lake and there are some people playing
It is a beautiful sunny day and lots of people are walking on the
strip.  My thoughts were on the lake front property and how it’s value
was declining.
One of the guys playing, throws it at me, and I fail to catch it.  I
wasn’t expecting the disk to be tossed my way.  I pick it up, and throw
it back, but my aim is awful and the Frisbee hits a small girl (Apr.
3yrs) in the back.
        I am totally embarrassed and sorry for hitting the girl by
accident.  I walk over and apologize to the father who is quite
understanding and polite.  The owner of the Frisbee, a young teen makes
fun of my throw.  I tell him I never play the game and need some

Segment Two

        The dream starts where I am with my brother.  His fridge is
full of beer.  I see Budweiser (bottles), Labatts Genuine Draft
(bottles), and cans of Budweiser.  The fridge is well stocked.  I walk
by a stereo and turn it on.  My brother returns and takes me out for
        We go for fast food.  I have b burger, fries and soft drink.
We end up going to a market.  There is a seafood section, and the live
crab/lobster section harbored some creatures that seemed to come right
out of some gothic H. P. Lovecraft novel.
        I am shocked at the size of these large, grotesque lobsters and
crabs.  The sight of their enlarged, and distorted pinchers make me
wary.  There are no elastic bands, and the crustaceans open and close
the pinchers in a threatening manner. I go to pick up some of the
chipped ice they were lying on.  One small crab grabs hold of my hand.
It only has one arm w/ pincher but even that is enough to cause pain.
        The pain is quite strong and I try to remove the crab.  It digs
it’s one pincher deeper into my flesh.  I don’t scream or complain
about the pain.  I find the pain comfortable, although
powerful.  “That’s enough from you”, I say to the crab and I pinch it’s
arm with my fingernails severing it.  I take a close look at the small
crab, it is about 2″ in diameter.  The texture is what one would expect
from a crab.
           I drop the crab and it’s severed arm back on the ice, and
employee sees me do so.  “I’m sorry for damaging the crab, but the
little bastard attacked me.”, I tell the clerk.  He gives me a mindless
stare.  His eyes black and unreal.  He moves like a zombie to clean up
the mess.
        My brother and I leave, we go and pick up some more beer.  We
return to his house and he puts the beer in an already beer loaded

Segment 3

        I was in a building, what activities are lost to dream
amnesia.  When I leave, I walk in a park and a group of men start to
walk by.  I recognize one of the men from school.  We begin to talk.
He is a German student.  His friends give me a bit of a hard time.  It
looks like a fight is about to break out.  I warn them that I know Ju
        One of the men grab me, and I immediately flip him on the
ground.  I do no harm other than just throwing him off his feet.  “I
told you, let’s not fight, we are all friends here.”, I tell the men.
They agree and invite me to join them in a night of partying.


Start time: 8:30am  End Time 9:00

        After being awake for a while, I return to bed.  I make sure
that I drink no less than 1/2 a cup of water, and drain the bladder as
to not be disturbed by anything.

            As always, I start with a love meditation and begin to relax.
I breath warm loving energy into my body from all directions, and
breath out love to the universe.  Soon, my body starts to relax and a
warm energy fills my body.

        I state my Stage One affirmations and intent to have a lucid

        Stage Two begins as small wisps of white lines and clouds start
to appear in my visual range.  Soon, I start to see text appear.  It is
a story, well spaced and in clear, easy to read letters.  I start to
read the story, still fully awake and conscious.

        It is a detective story, the detective is working on a homicide
case and he is trying to find a missing roll of 35mm film that was
stolen from him.  I try not to get to involved in reading, but I am so
pleased to be reading something so clearly that exists only in my mind.

        The shift from visual hypnogogia changes into tactile
hypnogogia and there is a sudden rush as I am propelled backwards.  My
whole bed is moving and the visual range dissolves into a clear blue
sky.  There are passing cars driving at high-speeds.  I am lying down,
and my bed becomes a car/bed.
        The car still has the box shape of my bed, no roof and It
drives backwards.  My sister is sitting in the passenger seat
frightened for her life.
        “We are driving backwards!  Turn the car around!”, she screams
in alarm.
        “So we are?  Now isn’t that interesting.  Normally, I would be
frightened driving this fast down a busy highway backwards, but I think
today I will just enjoy the ride.”, I reply.
        “We’re going to crash!”, she complains.
        “No, we are not.  If this wasn’t a dream I would be scared.
This is a dream, and I am well, not scared.”
        The car moves fast, I feel the rush of energy as we speed down
the highway still backwards.  I decided to have some fun and just jump
off the car.  I leap from the car/bed and fly over other passing
vehicles.  The flight is enjoyable.  I feel wind against my face, and
resistance from the air.  All the time knowing it is just a dream.
        The detail in the dream is staggering, I have full vision.
There is no hazy fog, or distortion in my peripheral vision.  As far as
I can see, the dream is rich with real life detail.  If I wasn’t so
keen on dreaming, I would be convinced otherwise that this was waking
        I start to walk to absorb the detail and affirm that it is a
dream.  I walk down a road for about 10 minutes looking at houses,
cars, trees.  The sun is in the sky and it gives no warmth, and looking
at it doesn’t bother my eyes.
        Soon, I am at  a church which is near my house.  I remembered
going to this church when I was a child.  There is a strong presence
emanating from the church.  It feels like the energy I pick up when
people worship.  Hard to describe as it’s a dense field that permeates
in churches.
        I start to float upwards, and down again.  I re-affirm that I
am dreaming.  I start to laugh because they never taught this in
church.  It’s a lot more fun.
        Two ladies appear and one walks to a car.  They are looking at
me, so I return to the ground. “Hi, how are you today?”, I ask.
        “Good.”, replies one, the other is entering her car.
        “Damn, you are one fine looking cutie!”, I say to her.  She was
really beautiful, nice long brown hair, big eyes.  She stood around
5’9.  Thin, probably around 135 lbs.  Early twenties (20-22).
        “Thank-you, your quite cute yourself.”, she replies.
        “What is your name?”, I ask.
        “Alicia<sp>”, she replies.
“Nice to meet you Alicia<sp?>, my name is Ian Wilson.”
        We start to walk together, and I summon up a box of Tim Horton
doughnuts and grab a honey-glazed donut with chocolate on top.  “Would
you like a doughnut?”, I ask.
        “No, I don’t eat them”, she replies.
        “Why, worried about that waist?”, I ask.
        “I have to get to my ??????? meeting.” She looks at me, and the
puts her arm around me.
        “Oh, your meeting was cancelled.”, I tell her.
        “What?  They never cancelled meetings!”, she argues.
        “Sure they did, there is no meeting today, are you sure you
don’t want a doughnut?” I start to eat the honey glaze, It’s very soft
and tastes better then in reality.  The flavor is strong, and I chew
with a big smile.
        “I said  I don’t eat them.”, she complains, “And why is the
meeting cancelled?”
        “Because today is a special day.  It’s a day you can eat
doughnuts, fly, and enjoy existence.  Today is a dream!”,  I explain.
        She gives me a look of shock and disbelief that makes me laugh.
        “Look, it’s a Dream.  This isn’t really a day at all.  Just a
nice enjoyable dream.  So have a doughnut!
         She doesn’t look convinced, but from the stunned stare in her
eyes, she is definitely thinking about it.
        “Trust me, I know dreams, and this is a dream babe, so you mind
as well enjoy it!”, I tell her.
        Something wakes me up and I look at the clock.

Ian Wilson
Author “A Course on Consciousness”
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