An old lucid dream from October 10th, 2001

Just pulling out some of my scattered dream journal entries from days gone bye.

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October 10, 2001


            I have this elaborate dream that I am a jewel thief, part of an
organization that is attempting to steal these jewels from Russia that are
at a museum.  We have sophisticated equipment, harnesses, repelling gear and
a motorized glasscutter.  As we infiltrate the building, we end up getting

            The building didn’t match our plans, rooms kept changing, and
people would appear and disappear.  They are where the jewels were supposed
to be kept didn’t have them.  We go one more level up and we find where they
were stored, but armed Russian soldiers had prepared them for moving.  It
looked like there was no chance of ever stealing these Jewels and I was
frustrated with who ever planned the heist in the first place.

            It seemed like we have a fence and everything to move the jewels
should we have obtained them, and the pay out was in the hundreds of

Lucid Dream/ Possible Out-Of-Body Experience

            During my second sleep, I focus on going out-of-body and prepare
myself to study as much as I can about the state.  I start to fall asleep
and notice the changes in the hypnogogic patterns, visual and audio patterns
emerged.  I feel my self slip out, but I don’t seem to transfer my
consciousness over fully so I am at the mercy of the dream.

            For a brief struggle, I start by going to my computer and
pulling up my dream website.  For some reason, it’s totally different.  A
complete redesign.  Also, the number of hits to the site was in the tens of
millions.  I was surprised because it’s nowhere near that.  Trying to
decided what was going on, I kept typing in certain URL’s to the page, but
these adds keep popping up and I get frustrated because they are
geocities/yahoo ads and it makes me angry.

            Also, my girlfriend, my mom and my girlfriends children where
there and they decided it was a good time to all talk to me at once asking
questions and distracting me.  I was becoming more and more frustrated as I
tried to figure out what the hell was wrong with the website, why I couldn’t
enter in a URL properly, and why typing was so difficult.  I noticed the TV
was on and it was also adding to the noise level.  Finally I just told
everyone to shut up for 5 minutes and let me think.

            I turned off the TV and sat back down, but the youngest of the
kids decides he wants me to go to all these kid game sites like
I turn to him and order him to be quiet. He looks a little upset.  But keeps
quiet.  Then I start to think a little clearer.  And I notice that my tooth
starts to hurt, I touch it and it’s loose, then I pull it out.

            That queued me to the reality I was in a dream.  As a defensive
precaution I immediately left the building I was in, and flew on to the
roof.  I didn’t want all the people in the room to start to engage me in
chatter, as that would totally distract me and force me to loose awareness
that I was dreaming.

            “Ok. this is a dream, I just pulled a tooth out that was. well,
no where near what a tooth looks like.  But it certainly hurt.” I think to
myself.  Then I pinch myself, “Hey that hurts too.”

            I sit on the roof and I can feel the moss covered, slimy wooden
shingles.  They look old, cracked and have a grain texture to them.
Everything has a very rigid reality to it.  I can even feel myself breathing
in the dream.  So I start to analyze it.  The dream pattern was a complete
match to a physical reality pattern.  There was an atmosphere, wind, visual,
audio and tactile senses working to perceive the dream.

            The only thing that stood out was my conscious realization that
I was actually in my bed dreaming.  And that this dream that I was in, was
something real as well.  Looking at the dream, I realize that everything
here are complexe patterns of thought forming a layered reality.  There are
cause and effect laws in effect, but they can be over-ridden by thought.
For example, I jumped off the roof and fell to the ground complying with
gravity.  But I flew up to the roof defying gravity.

            I flew and landed on main street and saw many people walking
about.  I stopped to observe them.  I noticed that they made direct eye
contact with me.  This is an indication of many things to me.

1.)   I am not on the physical layer of reality.  That is, people there
would not see me.  And there would be no interaction.

2.)   Knowing this, I realize that I am on a mirror of the physical reality
which many dreamers are present.  Time is not relevant to our current time
because the laws which govern linear time/space do not apply here with as
much rigged order as they do physical reality.

3.)   The fact people are looking at me means they are either dream
characters which are the product of me creating the dream.  Or they too are
in a universally shared dreamstate participating in their dreams, but not
aware that they are dreaming.

4.)   The evidence that they are not aware that it is a dream, is that they
engage the dream as they would engage physical reality in their real life.

          I try to determine if they are in fact real people who are now in
the dreamstate dreaming, unaware that they are dreaming.  Or that they are
dream characters that my mind is producing to populate the dream.  The test
comes down to how much of the dream am I responsible for creating.  I run a
test, a sudden shift of the dream to test it’s resolve.  I try to change
everyone and everything, but there is massive resistance, and I cannot
change anything.  This is a prime indicator to me that I am not on a
mutually exlusive dream band where all my thoughts and my thoughts alone are
responsible for producing the dream.  There are others countering my
attempts to infiltrate this dream band.  Their thoughts act as resistance
and I note that if it was strictly me dreaming all this, then I could change
it on a dime, no resistance.

            I start to observe these people milling about in the dream.
They are semi-conscious and not demonstrating direct logical or analytical
abilities. Almost like mindless zombies responding to action and reaction.
I notice one man is intimidated when I stare deeply into his eyes trying to
scan him for any information.  About four other men walk towards him and
lead him away.  I start to sense fear.

            It seems that many people are afraid of dreaming, this fear
makes them seem to withdraw into the dream.  The other element I was
observing combined with the fear was an ego trait where they feel what they
know for that moment, is the definitive.  That for the moment, they are
walking down a street talking to a friend.  But in reality, they are
dreaming that they are walking down a street talking to a friend.

            I reason that this is because they have no dream awareness and
only focus on physical reality as the prime or only reality that they exist
on.  This red headed woman sees me and I decide to test her for lucidity.  I
walk up to her and ask for her name.

            “Get away from me you looser!” she says.

            “What?” I am taken by her judgment. “What do you mean looser?”

            “You’re a looser, get away from me!” she protests.

            “What is your name?” I ask her.

            She seems almost drugged up and catatonic, she doesn’t answer
the question about her name and continues to concern herself that I am some
kind of sexual predator trying to take advantage of her.

            “Look, my name is Ian Wilson.  I’m not a looser.  Remember my
name, it might mean something to you one day.” I tell her.

            She begins to get so belligerent and hostile that I decide that
I have to tone her down.  “Stop being a stupid bitch!  You are not in any
danger, you are in a dream!  This is a dream!”  I point my hand at her and
cause her to float about five feet in the air.

            She looks down at her feet and she realizes she is floating,
this only scares her more.  “It’s a dream!  You have to realize this is a
dream and you are safe when you dream!”  I yell at her.  She clicks out and
disappears.  I ration that either I scared her enough to wake her up, or she
phased somewhere else.

            Frustrated at trying to help anyone, I remind myself of the many
times I have tried to wake people up.  I levitate about 100 feet up in the
air and look down.  “It’s a good thing I don’t have a fear of heights when I
dream.” I think to myself.

            I float over the city and I decide to fly down and touch the
pavement with my feet.  It is course and has much friction.  The dream is
definitely a very real state.  Although completely designed by emotions and
thoughts, I declare it a reality where consciousness can become

            I decide to become determined to awaken people to the dream.  I
start to fly top speeds over people, sending out waves of energy and love
telling them it is safe to realize they are dreamers, safe to realize they
can dream.

            Lots of elderly people watch me as I fly over them.  I radiate
warm loving energy and continue to broadcast, “It is safe to dream, it is
safe to realize you are dreaming.”

            People seem to take notice and they react by looking at me.  I
fly towards the lake and keep projecting this awareness to others.  I feel
that if I can influence or effect anything on this band, I should then at
least do something positive and pro-active towards our conscious evolution
en mass.  Then I wake up.