An old dream from Oct

This was kind of a nice find because it literally described that I would be programming computers, setting up servers and at that time, none of that was going on in my life. That ended up happening later on in my life and I started first as a Linux server technician in 2003 and worked on servers, and didn’t start programming software until 2006.

I love how in the dream I say that work will come in due time as if I knew then what I would be doing later on as my career. I still software engineer to this day, that’s my bread and butter. Glad I am digging these up.

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October 3, 2001 source

October 3, 2001


I dream that I am with my mother at some cabin.  We are talking about
what I should do with work.  I tell her that I am programming
computers, setting up webservers, dns servers and that work will come
in due time.
        Her boss is there and he is interested in some of the business ideas
that I am working on.  I tell him that there is nothing at the moment
that he can invest in, until all the server side and client side
programming is done.
        My mother then decides we need to go to church.  I really don’t want
to go.  But, because she talks me into it.  I go to a church.  The
church is a Baptist or Pentecostal Church all for the worship of
        They are happy to see me there and because I am new, they give me a
very special welcome.  Time progresses with a boring lecture of sin,
the devil and many fear plugs for God.  I find it to be quite void of
any love.
        Towards the end of the sermon, they start handing out these sheets.
I guess it’s to validate what kind of person I am because I recognize
one as a type of personality test.  Another is a test to see what I
know about God (in their mind) and the other is a test to see what I
know about people.
        I look at the first test, and I am supposed to describe what kind of
person I see.  Some of the people are prostitutes, murders, all are
stereotypes.  I think to myself, “What the hell is this?  They are
encouraging judgment of others. This is ridiculous, I won’t do it.”
        The other tests do not interest me either, the personality test is
again geared to fish for something that a test can not define in me.
The other is a bad test on religion.  A lady from the church comes by
and asks me if I am having a problem doing the test.
        “No, I really like to read these things over before I do them.” I
tell her.
        “Oh you don’t have to worry about it, we are not in school, these are
just general tests and don’t require any real good answers.” She tells
        “Great, then you won’t mind if I don’t bother doing them.” I tell her
as a push the tests towards her. “A lot of this material is hate
propaganda and designed to create a false classification of the people
you wish to inspire towards God.”
        They become quite upset at my refusal to do as they wish.  I sit back
in my chair and suddenly become suspect of being not Christian.  They
start bringing out some baked goods for the people.  I decide to have
some and observe the behavior of the people around me.
        Finally, I get challenged on my belief.  “Why do you not want to do
the tests.” Asks the preacher (who also has a few of his higher-ups
with him).
        “Great, here comes the inquisition!” I think in my mind.
        “Frankly, I think tests like these don’t fully represent what God
wants for us.  If God wanted us to take tests, we’d all be born with
pencils and notebooks.  Life is God’s school, and it tests us every
day.  These are tests of man to test man, not of God.”  I explain.
        “Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?” asks the
        “Lords are for people who believe in Kings.  Humans are not to be
ruled, and God certainly is not about to enforce the ideals of a
monarchy to further suppress and rule others.  This ancient approach
to validate Jesus as some kind of Lord, or King of King is a cry of
comparison to exonerate him above the ruling class at a certain period
of time.  What about the times before we created the idea of king and
queens?  What would he be called then?  This is again a humanized
model by which you wish to validate belief with another validation of
belief.  It falls short of truth.”  I explain.
        “Are you saying the Bible isn’t true?” he asks.
        “If you believe truth can only be found in a book, then you have not
even begun to see the truth that is already around you.” I tell him.
“I do not have the time to waste on such limited questions about the
validity of the Bible, and the dogmatic religion created around the
teachings of Christ.”
        I go back to eating some of the baked goods, and they don’t seem to
happy with me.  I start to walk out the door and this one man asks me
to help him with a problem.  We start looking at something on his
        Soon the dream shifts and I am working on the computer, and it starts
to play a game.  As I play the game the dream shifts and becomes the
game.  It is a Doom/Quake/Half-life style game much like
Counter-Strike.  There is a group of hostages, and terrorists.  Except
the terrorists all have minimal super powers… ie. Electrical bolts
from their finger tips.  And all very violent.
        At this point I realize that I am dreaming, and I shield myself.  The
terrorists shot at me but I suffer no damage.  They start to interact
more like humans and less as video game characters.  They start to ask
me where more people are and show off their powers.
        I walk them to a door that opens up to a village.  They go inside and
start to massacre people.  I get offended at the violence and start to
protest it.  This one terrorist points a gun at me and I force it out
of his hand as if I had Jedi like powers.  I then wave my hand and he
flies back against the wall.
        “You are under arrest!” I yell at the man.  I turn him around and
cuff him.  I walk him through a door which opens conveniently into a
police station.  I talk to the police officer there and tell him the
crimes the man is guilty of.
        Then I realize I am dreaming again.  I stop and take time to fully
anchor myself in the dream.  “Ok… this is definitely a dream.” I
think to myself.
        I watch and observe the characters in the dream. I take note at the
high contrast of realism.  If it was not for all my training, I would
never suspect the system to be anything short of real.  I notice
police men, detectives and even some FBI agents.  There are criminals
and thugs sitting on benches, behind bars.  The wake of all the
humanity gets me thinking.  I think about the church, the focus on
fear and judgment, the way the people were in the church.  Many afraid
of death, aged and weak.  Others there for personal gain,
self-inflated egos waiting to prove God their worth in heaven.
        A jail room full of people, and I start to see confusion in so many
people.  “Why do people not get it?” I wonder.  “Is it so hard to
realize what is right in front of you?”
        I walk out of the Jail and stand on a street corner.  I have to keep
validating the reality that I am in a dream, and not on a street.  The
super-real nature of the dream is quite overwhelming.  I decide to
observe people, and do something that I have never done before.
        I start walking to an apartment building and I enter the first
apparent I see.  The apartment is in chaos, a total dump.  There is a
mother with a baby, and some other children running around.  I sense
that she is a single mother, welfare and unable to cope with the
stress she is suffering.  Her life is a chaotic struggle with her
children, she is depressed and doesn’t clean because she is unhappy
with herself.
        Her nor the children take note of me.  It’s like I am not even there.
 I think perhaps I am actually out-of-body and not in a dream, but on
the physical layer of reality.  But further investigation reveals that
I am not exactly on the physical layer, rather a mirror of the
        I walk through the door and into the hallway, where I go directly
into another apartment.  This one has three people in it.  Two male,
one female.  They are young adults, a long history of alcohol and drug
abuse.  Again, the apartment is not clean, it’s quite disorderly.
There is food stuffs in the sink, on the stove and if I could smell, I
bet it would be robust.
        One of the males has a large knife with him, he often likes to
fanatize about using it in self defense.  A token of his struggle with
fear of conflict.  The other male is drunk and violent, he is being
abusive to the female.  I study the pattern that they are, and see the
struggles they endure as they embrace humanity.  Kind of disheartened
I move through the wall into another apartment.
        This apartment is much more orderly, there is one occupant, a black
man.  He isn’t home at the time, but it is clear to me that this is
who occupies this apartment.  Highly motivated, full of self-worth and
dignity.  He is much more inspirational.  I sense that he is at work,
and he works hard.  He has had troubles with relationships and is
currently a bachelor.  I look at some of the art on his wall, some
photos also decorate the wall.  All in all, he is taking good care of
        I leave and enter another apartment.  It is also quite orderly, and
an elderly woman lives there.  She has lots of knitting, and sewing in
her apartment.  She keeps herself busy at her age.  Retired, widowed
and determined to pursue her passions even at her age.
        When I enter another apartment, one of the dream characters see me
this time.  “What a nice Tuxedo you are wearing” she gleams.
        “A tuxedo?” I think, “Interesting, I didn’t think I was all dressed
up for show.”
        “You can see me?” I ask the woman.
        “Oh yes, I watched you come through my door.” She explains.
        “Good, then you can hear me as well.  My name is Ian Wilson, nice to
meet you.” I tell her.
        “Oh, you don’t need to bother with names.  I already know who you
are.” She explains.  “You are very important to me.”
        “Really?” I ask her.
        “You are quite something Ian.  You bear the mark of Ascension and you
walk between that layers of reality unhindered by the forgetfulness of
sleep.  Have you forgotten that you are God?” she asks.
        I laugh… “Hardly God.  Perhaps a part maybe.  We are all a part of
God.  But each part is not the whole, but a part there of.” I tell
        “Perhaps, but you’ll see what I mean in time.  Let me see you’re
hand.” She asks.
        I show her my left hand and she sees the triangle in it.  “How then
do you explain this mark?” she asks.
        “Well, I put it there.  I needed to remind myself that I am more then
just a body.” I explain “And I needed a permanent reminder of
something phenomenal to keep me focused.”
        “And is it normal for mortals to put triangles on things?  How did
you know to do this?” she asks.
        “Well, it was obviously something that I did to a dream which later
came true.” I tell her.
        “Go on.” She encourages me.
        “Well, thought creates reality.  Dreams are a form of thought and I
know that we en mass are responsible for what we view as our physical
lives, but our physical lives are still just a part of a much larger
system of reality, like this layer here.”
        “Very Good!  Very good!  You are definitely holding up to your
reputation.  This is a dream, and you are a dreamer.  Thoughts do
create reality.  You are already in a state of Ascension, that is why
you stand here now.” She explains.
        “Have you ascended?” I ask.
        “I am here am I not?” she asks.  “It is you who is ascending, don’t
think that even if you die, that you have not ascended.  That is why
you are who you are.”
        I thank the woman and return to my body.  It appeared that I was
out-of-body but caught in a conscious stream.  I notice on returning
to my body on waking that there was a moment of separation.

My analysis of the experience shows that I am observing humanity to
further understand human behavior, and the patterns which emerge in
our contact with human life.

Ian Wilson