And old dream from January 17, 2001

This is also nice, as it shows I wasn’t a software programmer or working on servers as the other dream I posted in 2001 predicted accurately later on in my life. I started doing website design which eventually lead to my software engineering career in 2005. During that era I worked part-time jobs and was doing websites on the side for extra cash. Other dream:

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January 17, 2001

         My dreams consist of being at a friend’s house (The
Jubinvilles) for dinner.  We are having a great meal, lots of dishes.
After we eat, we have desert.  Then we go to the computer and surf the
         Another dream I am with Sam and we are driving around
Penticton.  Eventually he drops me off at my Dad’s old computer shop,
which I am now running.
         When I am at the shop, I realize that I might be dreaming as
his shop closed down about 5 years ago.  My focus is on setting up a
team of network sales people, organizing the back office to a web
design studio, the repair shop to a certified technician shop.  The
front to retail sales.
          The interesting thing about this dream is all the computer
games on the shelf were non-that I recognize from RL, but the level of
detail and quality in the game artwork is fantastic.  There is one
called War of Wizards. The front cover has two mages battling it out.
On the back there is a write up, and it shows screen shots from the
game.  Summoned monsters fighting, Spells cast, and arrows flying in
the air.  The front cover was a nice oil painting, and the screenshots
definitely computer generated graphics.
           That was one of many that I noticed, but the only on I
picked up and fully examined.  Cool how detailed it was non-the-less.
           My grandma comes into the shop and she wants to get
something from me.  It ends up being this new teeth-whitening

In RL, I have just picked up two web contracts, and am rushing to
finish an auto-cad contract, so no time for sleep let alone a second
sleep, for a while.  You will notice the difference in dreaming and
dream recall I am sure in the next few days.  I had no time to write
down yesterdays dream, and forgot it all by the end of the day.

Ian Wilson