The Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming Challenge!

I’ve been a lucid dreamer spanning 32 years clocking over 10 years worth of conscious run-time in the dream state. Why I do it, I learned to control my dreams and program them to simulate genres, worlds, games, movies and beyond because once you know what dreams are, a thought-process and you learn to think in this mysterious language between your waking-self and your subconscious-self you too can dream in any genre that you want. I am currently training myself to dream in Borderlands 3 after having several successful Borderlands 2 Genre Specific Lucid Dreams. I kid you not, I can simulate even the cell shading right down to the most minute details and so can you, with a little understanding of how. I don’t just play video games, I dream in those worlds because it’s badass!

The Progressive Guide to Lucid Dreaming:

The Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming Guide:

Video on Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming the Original:

My Borderlands 2 Genre Specific Lucid Dream.