October 9th, 2019 – A very deep Lucid Dream dealing with death and the afterlife.

This was kind of an interesting dream so thought I would write it down. I was tired so took a nap at 6:30am to 9:30pm, and the dream was a very long one. It starts where I am at some facility and there is a classroom of people sitting at desks, more are coming into sit down. I wander out of the room in the usual trance-like state of unconscious awareness unaware that I am in a dream.

In the hallways, more people pass me to go to this room to sit down, it starts to fill up with people. I walk back into the classroom and decide to interrupt the group of people with some questions. “I’m working on an essay and wanted to ask you some questions if you don’t mind.” I ask the class.
There is a mixture of children, teenagers and adults.

“How many of you have had deja vu? That feeling of familiarity in a new setting that somehow you know seems familiar? Just raise your hands if you have.” Many of the people and kids raise their hands then put them down. “That’s wonderful, now how many of you have linked the memory of the familiarity to something you dreamed of days, weeks, months even years in the past?” and not as many hands go up, but enough that many of the people are amazed to see others also validating their own experiences.

“That’s really wonderful, what an an amazing experience to have had.” I tell the class and everyone starts to applaud and are very happy. I leave the class and one person decides to follow me. He’s African, very muscular and very interested in what I know about this deja reve experience. I also notice that he’s been drinking, a strong smell of alcohol is emanating from his breath.

“You have to teach me all you know about this, I have it and don’t know why it happens.” he tells me. He’s very friendly, puts his arm around my shoulder as we walk, staggering a little. “You gotta come with me and check out my car, I’ll take you for a ride in it.”

“Sure, I’d love to see it.” I tell him.

“You are going to love it, it’s super-charged with 450 horse power. A real muscle car!” he tells me.

We walk outside and he’s talking about his car and I am thinking he seems more interested in that than in the topic of deja reve. I still don’t realize that I’m dreaming but at least this interaction is starting to kind of bring my awareness into the focus state that comes later. We walk by this outside pool with a fence, there is a park and sidewalk leading to a parking lot where his car is. However, there are a bunch of teenagers fighting near where the cars are. Some have bats and even some with axes.

He’s still talking about his car as we get closer to where it’s parked. I see it, it’s a grey 1980s Camaro and looks in mint condition, but some people are leaning up against the hood. He gets angry and runs up punching one of them in the face and starts to fight a group. This draws in the attention of more of the people already fighting in this group brawl.

I don’t want to fight and try to walk away from the crowd. This other person, very muscular targets me and comes over to fight. He throws a punch and I dodge it. “Relax man, I don’t want to fight you.” I tell him as he throws another punch and I move out of its way.

“What’s wrong with you? Why all the irrational hate?” I ask him.

He tries to kick but I do a leg block and step back. “Do we really have to fight, I’m not a fan of violence.” I tell him.

He finally starts to talk, “Why don’t you want to fight.” he asks.

“It’s so unnecessary, I’m not into hate and violence. I’m a very nice person, I have a lot of respect for humanity.” I tell him.

He stops and looks at me, “What if I don’t give you a choice?” he asks.

“Do you really want to be that type of person that just goes around beating up random strangers for no reason? That seems pretty crazy.” I tell him.

“No, I don’t just beat up random people.” he tells me.

“Well, that is what you are doing right now. I don’t know you, I’m just walking to a car. I wasn’t interested in fighting anyone, or hurting people.” I explain.

By now I am starting to realize that I am in a dream. He grabs my arm, “But you’re strong, you can fight.”

“I’m 47, and not that strong. I have a daughter, a career and take care of my mom. I don’t spend my days looking for trouble.” I tell him.

“So you’re a nice guy?” he asks.

“Yeah, I am. It’s better that way.” I explain, “What kind of world would we be living in if everyone wants to beat up everyone on a whim. Not the kind of world I want to live in.”

He tries to pull my arm, but I don’t budge. “I still don’t know why you don’t want to fight? It’s fun!” he explains.

“Well, for one, we are all just aspects of each other, so fighting you would be fighting myself in the big picture. I respect that we came from oneness even if you don’t understand that interconnected relationship,” I tell him. “Here let me give you my business card.”

I pull out my card from my wallet and pass it to him. He looks at it and reads it. “Your card says You Are Dreaming on it?” and he looks at me confused.

“That’s right. This is a dream, and isn’t that more interesting than wasting it to fight?” I explain.

“How can it be a dream? It’s real!” he asks.

“Who said dreams aren’t real?” I reply.

I see off in the distance the other person getting attacked with bats and is hit in the head with an axe. “Oooh ouch, that’s gotta hurt.” I say.

“What’s that?” asks the guy.

“Oh that person I was walking with just got hit in the head with an axe. Not nice at all.” I reply and decide to go check on him. I watch as other people try to help him and they drag him back into the building. The teens with the weapons are scared because of what they have done and are scrambling to climb over the fence to the pool, dropping their bats and axes.

I go into the building and now it’s a hospital instead of a school. I’m in the same hallway that lead to the classroom, but this time it’s full of people who are all very intoxicated. They are all happy and listening to music. The door shuts this time and is locked from the outside and the room is now more of a drunk tank than a class room. There are some middle age women that start to flirt with me and I smile but decide I don’t want to hang out in this cell. So I just fly and pass right through the door like a ghost. I land in the hall and I see myself in a mirror, but I look different. I laugh and have fun with it making a few faces at myself as I walk down the hallway.

I walk into another room and there is a group of people grieving, it’s the family of the person who died, and he has teenage daughters and his wife is there. The doctor is explaining to them that he was hit in the head with an axe and there was nothing they could do to save him.

“It’s ok, this is only dream drama. There are no consequences in this focus state. I’m sure he’s fine.” I tell the family.

The doctor who is an Asian man, in his late 50s looks at me and says, “No, I’m afraid he is gone. You’ll have to accept that fact.”

I look at the doctor and smile, “You need to accept the fact that this is a dream. And the likelihood that he’s dead is just dream drama.”

The doctor looks confused, “What? You think this is a dream?”

“I don’t think it is, I know it is.” I tell him.

“But… how do you know?” he asks.

I look at him and say, “I always know. I’ve always known.”

“But that’s not possible. Who are you, what else do you know?” he asks.

“Oh man, that’s a long story. Let’s just say I even know I existed before this life and am threaded deep into the Universal dream.” I explain.

“Impossible! You can’t know. That would mean…” he pauses and looks at me.

“Tell you what, it’s easier if I just show you. Put out your hand.” I tell him. “Don’t worry I won’t touch it, so just keep it stable”

He puts out his hand and I start to use dream control sending information into his arm. He looks at me feeling something strange, “What? How are you doing that?”

“Just relax, I’m just sending you some information.” I tell him, and he starts to roll his eyes back and falls asleep. The family is watching me in shock that I caused the doctor to pass out. I look at them, “Don’t worry, it really is just a dream. He’s just processing some information about me.”

I release the focus and the doctor wakes up, his eyes open up wide with shock and awe. His eyes fill up with tears and he just grabs me and gives me this big hug. I smile and tell him, “See, I’ve always known.” and he just takes in this big hug. I let him go and the family gives me the key to the Camaro saying that whom ever that was would have wanted me to have it.

I smile, “Thanks, but this really is just a dream. But I will take the car.” and I grab the keys and decide that would be fun to drive. I walk out past the fenced pool and see the car parked. This time, there is no one else there. When I get to the car however, it changes from what would have been a nice ride to this very tiny circus car that would only ever fit one person. It’s so small, I even lift it up and move it out of the parking spot. “Classic dream foolery” I laugh knowing the dream shifted somewhat creating a more symbolic car than a fun muscle car that I really wanted to tear around in.

This other person now arrives and they want to go for a ride in the car so I just hand them the keys and they get in and I watch it drive off, finding the whole small miniature circus car effect quite amusing. But the drama somewhat leeched a bit of my lucidity so I’m drawn back into a bit of an unconscious focus and wander to this long ladder that goes up a steep cliff and start to climb to the top.

The top of the mountain, the view is beautiful and I am walking on unstable rocks that shift and slide near the face of a cliff. But the view is breath taking. I see wonderful forests, birds flying, clouds and the sky is vivid blue. I can feel the wind blowing and see a smaller ladder to a ledge and climb down, causing some rocks to shift and fall. They reveal that something else is behind them.

I knock a few more rocks away and it’s this ancient Indian burial site. There are some native artifacts, pottery, carvings and paintings on the stones. I realize that this is a tomb and feel bad for disturbing it, so I start to put the rocks back covering it back up as best as I could. The dream setting has morphed a bit, so the ledge where this was located now has a long path leading back down. It was very cool artistic wise, because it was all stone, like the mountain had fallen away leaving this windy trail down. A very nice fantasy like feel to it.

I walk down the path and start to see these native people dressed in traditional clothes with the feather head sets and they see me and are happy that I respected their ancestors tomb. One waves a feather in front of my face and I come back too the realization that I am dreaming instantly. “Thanks” I tell the person and smile as I pass more. They look interesting because they go from being solid looking to ghosts to even wisps and there are literally over a hundred of them walking this path. I find the whole scene very beautiful to watch so I just relax and observe this pilgrimage enjoying the very artistic and stunning details of it all.

As I reach the bottom, there is a road leading to a tree. These humming birds start to wizz by my head, I can hear them. There are so many flying easily in the hundreds all heading to this tree. It’s again a very beautiful scene, the tree is quite large and the birds are just landing on leaves. I walk over to the tree and touch it’s trunk. The bark feels very real, the tree is heavy and solid. I look up at the humming birds as they continue to land and just enjoy this breathtaking dream animation.

As I look up I see the long ladder leading to the top of the mountain and this man comes over to it. He pulls down a section to access the full ladder. “You are going to climb all of that?” I ask him.

“Don’t you even think of climbing it, it leads to a sacred place.” he warns me.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ve already climbed up there and don’t want to do that again.” I tell the dream character.

He gives me a stern look and starts his ascent up the ladder. The dream is shifting again, I can feel the changes. I’m suddenly back in some other location inside a building. There is this man who notices I can see him. “You! You can see me?” he asks.

I look at the person, “Yeah, I can see you just fine why?” I ask.

“You have to help me! I need help! I can’t talk to my family, they can’t see me. No matter what I do, they never notice, it’s like I’m not there.” he explains and grabs my arm. “I can feel you! You’re real! I’m not passing through your arm!”

“I’m real. How long have you been here?” I ask the man.

“I don’t know, it feels like forever. You’re the first person to come by that even noticed I’m here in a long time.” he explains.

I start to think about the situation, this dream feels very weird, I’m getting a strange vibe from it and I get the impression that this person is dead, he’s a ghost, not a dreamer. “Did something happen to you? I think you might be dead.” I ask the man.

“No! I can’t be dead. I’m here, I’m real just like you!” he tells me.

“I don’t know, I’m getting a really strange insight that you probably have passed on, that is why you can’t interact with your family. You just pass through them when you try to connect right?” I ask.

“Yeah that’s what happens. I can’t touch anything. I just pass through it.” he responds.

“Well, that settles it then. You’ve died and now are somewhat trapped in this limbo, but don’t worry it’s just like being in a dream, easy to fix. I’ll give you a boost out of here.” I tell him and I put my hand up towards the ceiling and the entire roof starts to fade and this bright light comes descending upon him and he moves into this massive field of white light. After he is gone, the light dims and the ceiling returns.

I smile and suddenly see more people coming wanting help. “You’ve brought the light! We can’t get to it and are stuck here, can you help us?” this lady asks. “Yeah, no problems. It’s always just here, just need to focus on it.” I tell them and I do it again, bringing this brilliant white field down into this focus state and these characters all move into it.

After they are gone, the light dims as before and the ceiling forms again. This lady comes up to me, “How did you do that? How did you help all those people? I can’t even do that! I don’t know how.” she asks.

“I’ve been around for a long time, you get used to it.” I tell her.

“But you are not dead, you are still alive! How can you even be here?” she asks.

I laugh, “That’s a good question, I was dreaming then the dream shifted to this location and it definitely has a different vibe to it than my usual dreams.”

“You are still connected to the real world? Can I give you a message? Can you tell my family I’m ok?” she asks.

“I’d love too, but it’s a big world, I’d probably never find your family and time is different here so I don’t even know if I’d be in the same timeline as them. It’s very complicated, you have no idea how the threads of probability flow in that world.” I tell her.

“My name is Carol, just find someone who knows my name.” she tells me.

“There is a lot of Carol’s out there, I can’t just wake up and start telling people I met a Carol who wants me to find her family. It doesn’t work that way.” I tell her, “But I can probably help you like I helped the others.”

“I don’t want to go into that light. I’m scared too. I need to find a way to let my family know I’m OK.” she tells me.

“The light is just the larger you, it’s not harmful because you came from it to be here. Got yourself into this mess and need to get yourself out of this mess.” I explain. “Otherwise you just get stuck here chasing ghosts and ideas that you can’t let go of. It’s just time to move on. Everything is fine, you just need to let go to move on to new adventures.”

She looks at me scared and grabs my hand trembling, “I don’t want to go.”

“But you have already gone, and have come a long way, the journey hasn’t ended for you, a new one is just beginning. Don’t be afraid, it’s better than being stuck here.” I explain

She looks at me and smiles and the light starts to move down and she lets my hand go as it pulls her in and like before it dims.

I decide to explore this focus state a bit more, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I walk up a flight of stairs and pass a young adult who again notices that I can see him. And just like the last one, same response a sudden need to recognition, a need for help. So I do, and the result is the same. The light comes in, and they move on.

I decide to try to go into the light myself for fun. I bring it down and it floods around me, but these bubbles form and I start to hear laughter and feel this big wave of love. “You are not ready yet, but you already know that.” I hear this voice, and it almost feels light the light is tickling me as it moves back upwards and the dream returns to it’s usual format.

I look back up and smile, “Yeah, I know.”

I push back and drop down falling through these layers, it’s time to wake up.

Well, that was one of those deep strange dreams where it’s heavily steeped in afterlife themes, spirits and ghosts. Is any of it real? Or is it just a big play? I don’t really know, but it was certainly a lot of interesting experiences to have while the body is asleep. Never gets boring.