October 6th, 2019 – More adventures in Lucid Dreamland this time with Mark Hamill, Keanu Reeves, and Sylvester Stallone.

In the never-ending story of a man and his ability to lucid dream, here again, I find myself in this high-fidelity super-realistic first-person focus state known as dreams. The start of the dreams was fairly mundane, I was helping a friend move. My father calls wanting to take me for greek food and also wants help moving. I have to cancel my plans with my friend prioritizing for family first. He’s a bit pissed but understands because there are only so many people willing to help.

There is this traveling zoo that is parked near the house we are moving too. I stop in to look at some of the animals, and of course how nice is seeing so many beautiful animals, but I am not happy they are in cages so I start to let them out. I go back to the house to help with the move and some of the animals follow me there. There are at least three different species of penguins and they are very cute, very playful. The house even has a room full of water that they swim in. I’m very delighted to play with them, I mean… penguins are amazing.

This beautiful rabbit comes over, and I stop and start to pet it. The fur is very soft. The rabbit is very friendly and happy to be petted. I end up showing the animals to my Mom, and she’s thrilled to see them as well. The penguins, of course, are my favorite but there are other animals hanging out from birds, exotic cats, goats. I don’t realize I am dreaming at this point and of course, the trance-like immersion of the dream has its full hold on my focus state.

I go upstairs and bump into Mark Hamill and Keanu Revees. Mark stops me and says, “So you are this dreamer I keep running into.”

I’m confused for a moment and look at both of them. As I’ve mentioned in other dream journal entries, bumping into a celebrity type person who I know is not part of my normal waking life has become a potent lucid dream trigger and sure enough, it hits me instantly, I’m dreaming.

I start to laugh and smile. “Of course, where else but in a dream do you expect to meet me?”

Keanu smiles, he has a beard, looks much like he does in 2019. “You are not the only one here who is dreaming,” he tells me.

“That’s a relief, I’d hate it if I was the only one. What a boring place this would be.” I tell him, “Since I have both of you here, do any of you lucid dream regularly? I’m always interested in what progress anyone makes with this focus state.”

Keanu tells me, “I meditate regularly.”

“That’s good, but meditation isn’t like letting go of a mind state what comes with sleep. To go really deep, you need to completely let go of the body so that your focus is in a state like this where the same 100% immersion takes over. You need the dream to completely encompass your awareness so that more vivid direct experiences can emerge.” I tell him.

“You should meditate, it helps to calm the mind and improve your focus.” Keanu tells me.

“I could, but right now I am in a dream so the focus is on maintaining wakefulness here. Knowing that this is a dream is the ultimate focus state.” I tell him.

I look and see Sylvester Stallone sitting at a table. He has a plate of food and is eating, listening in on the conversation. He sees me and nods, lifting a chicken leg up off the plate. I see him and smile. Quite evident indeed that I am dreaming.

Keanu pats me on the shoulder, “You are doing great, keep it up. Just meditate more.”

“Thanks.” I tell him and we go over to the table and sit with Sylvester. He asks me what I thought of his latest Rambo movie, and I tell him that I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I’ve been so busy that I don’t have time at the moment to get a break from it all, but I am looking forward to watching it once I do.

“Let me know what you think, I think you are going to love this one.” he tells me.

“Of course I will. Who doesn’t love a good Rambo movie?” I tell him, and he nods again smiling.

“But isn’t this the most fun movie there is, I mean here I am sitting with Mark, Keanu and Sylvester at a dinner table eating food talking banter about movies in a lucid dream. That is just so damn cool.” I tell them and they laugh.

Mark tells me, “I can see why you dream, it’s so much fun here.”

“It never gets boring, that’s for sure.” I tell him. But the table starts to waver, and I put my hand on the surface and try to anchor myself. It’s that damn inevitability of waking up, and it comes too quick for the anchor to take hold and I find myself awake in my bed.

Suffice to say, every dream is a good dream. Especially the lucid ones. I had a lot of fun role-playing with these dream characters. It’s the second time I’ve had a dream with Keanu, likely the fourth time with Mark and definitely a second time with Sylvester. I’m getting pretty good at knowing how many times I encounter certain characters especially if I keep track of these adventures in a dream journal. It’s just finding the time to actually write a dream down is the challenge.