September 30, 2019 – Using Lucid Dreaming to come out of a horrific nightmare scenario.

This dream is the embodiment of true horror genre. It’s very rare for me to have disturbing dream content, having been a lucid dreamer for over 32 years. This is a good example of how learning to control dream content can take what could have been a terrifying nightmare for most people, and turning into something playful where the fear and trauma is inconcequential.

The dream starts where I am in the usual trance-like unconscious state of immersion that dreams often capture most people in. The reason is dreams can simulate a kind of realism that is equal too even greater than our waking reality. If we take the virtual reality metaphor, dreams are natures perfected virtual reality simulator where unlike todays modern VR goggles, dreams don’t just invoke sight and sound as their immersive qualities but can virtualize taste, touch and even smell.

I find myself sitting at my office desk at work looking at my computer screen. Everything is normal, so it is very hard to distinguish this dream from waking reality because it’s a normal common setting. However, I’m anxious as there are problems with one of the servers and I have a lot of other pressing work that needs to get done, where this problem is getting in the way of that work.

To make matters worse, I am having a hard time conceptualizing the solutions for the problems and for obvious reasons, I am in the wildness of the subconscious mind and for the moment unaware that I am dreaming at all. This part of the dream drags on like a usual work day, but I am stressed, unhappy and anxious.

While I am sitting at my desk, I am eating junk food like Doritos, Kit-Kat chocolate bars and that almost forces a reality check as I’ve been on a diet for two solid months and wouldn’t dare touch this food, likely never again. Thus I was wondering why I was eating this garbage, but it tasted good so I rationalized it must be a cheat day, I won’t eat this again for some time.

I had to come into work at 2:00am to deal with the problem and it wouldn’t be until people started to arrive at the office ~9:00am that I decide I need to take a break.

For a few minutes I go on twitter to reply to some tweets and DMs from some people. They are all questions about dreams, and I was answering them according to how I would normally respond to such questions from my waking life. But, I was still anxious and needed to leave the office and decide to go for a walk to clear my head.

Outside the office, the setting isn’t at all what would be my usual outdoor setting. The location was more an infusion of where I live and where I work. I commute 1h 30 minutes to work, so this should have been my first clue towards a reality-check. It was striking me as being odd, so the dream presents a dream character to distract my focus.

This lady sees and she cries out, “Hey, can you help me?”

I see she is in distress and she walks over to me. “My friends house is on fire, I need a ride to pick him up.”

I look at the city, there are houses and appartment buildings with large green trees and cars on the streets. Behind a few trees and houses I can see black smoke billowing up against the horizon. The rolling clouds of smoke look perfectly real as does the entire dream setting.

Then I look to the right, and I see more smoke and houses on fire but this time recognize the area as my neighbourhood where I live and I am on the top of the street and see my house ablaze.

“Sorry lady, it’s not just your friends house that is on fire, I can see my house and it’s burning too! I gotta go!” I tell her as I start to run in panic mode towards my house.

As I am running I see these large burnt holes in the rooftops of the houses that are on fire, as if some directed energy weapons had been used on our neighbourhood. The dream is creating a lot of tension and drama at this point. People are on the streets panicking and there is this old man with a white moustache and is yelling, “Who did this? Who the hell did this? We are under attack!”

He tries to stop me, and other people are saying all sorts of things like it’s the Government using DEWs or Aliens. He grabs my shoulders and tries to stop me on my way to my house. “You have to help me, my wife is still in there and the house is on fire!”

“Sorry, my family needs my help!” I tell the man and I have to forcefully push him aside as I race to my house. Sure enough I see the same large burning holes in the roof. Smoke is billowing out of the holes and windows.

This is where the dream starts to take on the gruesome qualities of nightmarish horror as I bust down the door and move into the entrance way. Around the corner I find my nephew, he’s been hit by the energy weapon and it has burned away most of his body to the point where he is just a fraction of a torso with only one arm and his head.

He is crying out in pain and still alive but in shock. I can’t make sense of it. How is he alive when his body is nearly completely destroyed by whatever weapon caused this event. His wounds are all cautorized so there is no bleeding. It still doesn’t add up, how can this be, he should be dead. The sense of tragedy and dread is hitting me, it is a horrific sight to witness. There is nothing I can do to help him, and I know I have to see who else may be alive. I tell him I have to check on everyone else and will be back. He doesn’t want me to leave him, and his cries of agony are deeply disturbing.

In the back of my mind thinking, if this is some major global event, he’s not going to have medical care, I might be left having to put him out of his misery realizing that I may have to kill him to end his suffering, and that thought terrified me.

There is fire and debris everywhere, and a see another family members dead from the blast. They are burnt and debris part of their limbs are sticking out from the pile of rubbish. I can tell right away who that is, but with the fire, I am unable to check to see if they are alive and asume the worse. The terror and fear is gripping me as I am terrified my mother is gone. I go to her room but this part of the house looks undamaged. She comes out of her room, and is wearing a white nightgown a piece of clothing that she doesn’t own in waking life. That does strike me as odd.

Something doesn’t look right about her. She seems different. I don’t want to have to tell her about her Grandson and Grandaughter, I just want to get her out of the blazing inferno that was once our home.

“Mom, we have to get out of here right now, no time to waste. We are under attack and the entire house is on fire. The whole neighborhood has been destroyed.” I explain, her face worried and concerned.

Then the darker side of this horrific genre starts to take hold, shaping the nightmare in more grisly details that only masters of horror like Stephen King or H.P Lovecraft could inspire. She looks at me, and her eyes go solid black, her face becomes twisted and turns white. Her mouth blackens with ichor and her teeth sharpen to long points.

“You cannot tell anyone what you saw. You too must die!”, she screams and she attacks me knocking me backwards, I fall through one of the holes back downstairs. I land in a pile of rubble, but notice it didn’t hurt. I’m in a state of shock and then it starts to hit me. I am dreaming. I start to laugh and tell myself, “It’s ok, I totally got this. It’s just a fucked up dream.”

Instead of waking up, or getting all scared, I center my focus and stabilize myself in the dream. A long tested practice for lucid dream stabilization, and all the fear and drama of the dream no longer has any effect. The visuals of the dream however are quite stunning, it’s like being in some gothic horror movie and now that I know it’s a dream, I’m more interested in the artistic way in which it is conveying this horror genre, like being in my own dark movie.

The fire and debris is no longer a threat, I just focus on the fire and it goes out, even the smoke clears. I walk to where my nephew was and the dream tosses in another horror element where some parasistic doppleganger has been growing out from what remained of his torso. That part of him is now dead and I even remark to myself that this dream effect has a sincere influence from the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. His parasitic twin has grown from him and detaches from some embilico chord like connection. He is much like the evil twin of my mother, his eyes are black but with this glowing red outline.

His doppleganger rises up, and somehow had read my mind (understandibly as this is really a story narrating between my conscious and subconscious mind in this language of dreaming.) and moves towards me saying,

“You would dare kill me to end my suffering? What kind of uncle are you? It won’t be you killing me, I’m going to kill you!” he screams as his face twists with black veins and sharp teeth dripping black ichor.

He has a pair of sharp sissors in one hand, and a large screwdriver in the other and moves in this contorted way shambling towards me. But… the dreamer has awoken. I subtly use dream control on this character much like how I just made the fire vanish like it was no big deal. The doppleganger starts to move very slow towards me, it’s arms being slowed as it tries to swing both the sissors and screw driver towards my head. It comes to a complete stop, now paralized and a look of fear starts to come over its face.

I reach out casually and simply put my thumb on it’s forehead. “Hard to kill someone when you can’t move.” His forehead feels cold and clammy, I can feel the solidity of bone from his skull and it gives a lot of resistance, so I focus and this energy comes from the tip of my thumb into the dream character and it starts to have this siezure. Pressure starts to build where my thumb is pressing, it all feels very real, and his skull collapses inwards the head completely implodes, the eyes then turning from black to a lifeless grey and it slumps to the ground.

“Not so scary now are you.” I tell it and I stand up, brush myself off and smile. Time to deal with this mother version of what ever the dream is trying to convey. I go to the hole where I fell down and I levitate upwards like Magneto and softly land on the floor. She’s standing there now confused as to what is going on.

“You probably shouldn’t drag my family into this, that’s really poor taste.” I tell the thing that is some Call of Cuthulu inspired copy of my mom. “Making it personal will only piss me off, and you don’t want to piss me off.”

The thing starts to become enraged and angry, shoots her fingers into tenticals at me and they try to pierce my dream body but it doesn’t work, and I grab all of the tenticle fingers like a bushel of flowers and pull the thing hard, fast towards me as I power punch it in the face shattering bone and causing the face to concave.

“Told you… now it’s personal.” I tell it.

I walk out of the house, all the fear of what every nightmare it could have been is gone as knowing it’s a dream, I knew I had total control over the situation. These nasty demonicly possessed dream characters don’t stand a chance, I mean… they act like they do but… they don’t.

I walk down the street and people look very normal, but now that I am keen on what is going on and what to look for I can spot these dopplegangers, kind of like the movie “They Live” with Roddy Piper. The other dream characters are oblivious to what lurks in the others, but I can see them clearly as they are. I see one walking up to this concerned lady and she’s about to do the nasty transformation attack but I tell it, “You don’t want to do that. I’ll make you very sorry.”

It’s a fairly attractive woman but her eyes turn black and same effects as my mother, but I walk right up to it and grab her by the head and use just enough dream control to crush her skull with my left hand. Another one comes from the right and I grab it at by the throat and push it up against a brick wall and lift it off it’s feet. It makes this hissing sound and gnashes its teeth.

I look deep into it’s dark black eyes, and it starts to become scared and afraid. “You picked the wrong dream bud. I have no time to waste on you.” I tell it as I cause it to disinegrate using dream control.

The dream starts to amp up these characters and they start to crawl out from the crowds of people. They instantly start to convert into their horrific forms but I’m up for a fight. It is a dream after all, and it was time to knock some heads except… just as the action was reaching a climax I find myself waking up, which is often the worst part of dreaming, as everything else comes with zero concequences.

In summary, the wildness of our subconscious mind is likely one of the reasons most people have fears with regards to our dreams. As evident in this dream, it is the aquisition of full waking lucid consciousness that changed the tempo of the otherwise nightmarish plot allowing for a more playful power-trip regarding the horror elements.

In 32 years of lucid dreaming, I seldom have dreams that I concider to be nightmares, this would fall in that category. Nothing disturbs me more than when a dream composes itself using people who are dear and close to me making them a type of victim in the plot of the dream. It’s about the only way to gain any kind of emotional reaction from me while within the dream content.

The other known fact is no matter how weird or strange a dream might get, they are not harmful other than perhaps making a person confront some type of fear or anxiety. That means, you wake up unharmed carrying forward some fears. Not a big deal, so no reason to stop the pursuit of enjoying this night time entertainment system.