September 26th, 2019 – A nice lucid dream with a very scenic ocean view.

Not going to lie.  It’s very difficult to take the time to journal lucid dream experiences.  Life wants to be that busy.   Suffice to say; it’s always a pleasure to become conscious during a dream as it takes on real-life qualities making the experience no different than being in the waking world, except the location is this wonderful world of dreams.   That and I’ve worked on improving the level of awareness, memory, and perception I have spanning 32 years of regular lucid dreaming.

In today’s Lucid Dream adventure, I entered the dream state like most in the usual unconscious state.  I’ve been making a lot of lifestyle changes so going through with WILD is not the best option, and I’ve been doubling down on the MILD technique as it’s almost too easy to achieve a lucid dream but not always producing the dream I want to have like constructing it using WILD.  Always a give/take in this experience.

I found myself climbing up this unusually high diving board on the beach overlooking this ocean.  And by high, I mean this was over 200’ up, and the board was very bendy, close to the shore with a mixture of ocean surf, beach and rock meaning a fall in that situation could be water or the shore.  I was experiencing vertigo while being on the diving board, and in addition to the odd exaggerated narrow plank, the wind was blowing making me feel uneasy about being on this diving board so high up.

I sit down and notice I have a backpack on, I take it off, and the backpack is filled with fireworks.  I start to think why I’m in the situation I am in, why do I have a backpack full of fireworks and this starts the usual thought process that leads to the needed reality-check in the dream and I become lucid and self-aware.

A dream reality check is a tool that lucid dreamers use to recognize that the current state one is in, is, in fact, a dream.  Dreams invoke a trance-like state keeping us in an unconscious state of awareness where while in the rich high-fidelity realism that the dream world presents, requires an assertion of rational, logical and coherent knowing to break the immersion and trance. 

It is through applied reason and processing through the trance that I start to know that the current state I am in, is a dream.  I grab the diving board and anchor myself into the dream using this calm focus state to bring my waking awareness into full lucidity.  I relax, letting go of the vertigo and fear that the unconscious state of my awareness was causing.  Have no doubts, being up so high up on a seemingly unstable diving board overlooking this oceanic scene would cause a sense of self-preservation, only if this situation was real waking life.  These sensations of fear dimmed as I accepted the fact that while in a dream, there are no consequences. 

The ocean view is stunning.  It is very much like waking up into physical reality with all the sharp contrast of artistic visual feedback.  The tactile sensation of the board was so real; one might think it was made up of atoms.  However, in this state, the dream is composed of highly organized thoughts that are programming the dream induced virtual reality.  I’m merely looking at a composition of highly-organized thoughts in this recursive feedback loop.

Now fully awake and conscious, I stop to admire this wonderful view.  The wind still blowing strongly against my face, but now I am aware that this is merely my avatar within this dreamscape.  The skyline has beautiful white clouds dressed against the backdrop of a blue sky.  I can see mountain ranges along the coastline.  Below, I see people walking about, tiny like a colony of ants.

The backpack has these fireworks, which I start to take out and lay across the diving board.  I want to see what they will do if I light them.  There are some small fuses with bright colors against a white background spiraling around the fuse like a candy cane.  I light one up with a lighter, and it sparkles.  I throw it off the diving board, and it falls for a moment but then starts to rise with a bright white sparkler effect.

I light some more and throw them over, the effect repeats utself.  I take some larger ones, and they shoot up into the sky exploding into a small firework display.  I love the realism and special effects.  The diving board still wavers in the wind, and I feel that I might fall.  I laugh, knowing it’s irrational to worry about any harm befalling me in the dream state.  It’s a very safe space to be in, and I decide to meditate and focus on awareness while in the dream.  I relax my mind, my fears, my anxieties, and enjoy the moment of being that comes with being lucid.

After some time of stabilizing, I resume playing with the fireworks, and the diving board is slowly lowering down towards the beach.  This child walks up to me, seeing the fireworks and wants to play with some.  I’m satisfied with my playfulness with them and hand the backpack over to the kid who excitedly starts to pull out bottle rockets and larger rockets.  There are also some beach toys in the backpack such as molds of starfish, turtles and other objects to sculpt the sand.

I decided a walk along the beach will be nice and start to move towards a group of people who are attending some event.  There is a reporter there, and a cameraman who is going through the crowd interviewing people.  The reporter stops at me and asks if I wanted to be interviewed.  I tell her sure, and she asks me what I think of the new improvements to the beach.

I smile and tell her that the beach looks wonderful; it’s good to see people out enjoying the grand opening event.  She asks me some more trivial questions that I quickly become bored with and in turn say, “You’ve been asking me all these questions, can I ask you an important one?”

She replies, “Yes.”

I ask her, with the microphone close to my face, “Have you ever had déjà vu where you linked the familiarity and memory to something you dreamed of days, weeks, months even years in the past?”

The cameraman and reporter looked stumped by this unexpected question.  The cameraman warns in a stern voice, “We don’t talk about that here.”

I look at him and reply, “This is the time to talk about this.  It is something that needs to be discussed, as it is affecting so many people.  It cannot hide in the taboo of our subconscious knowing.”

He looks even more stunned and says, “How do you know of these things?”

I look at him, “Because I know the covert relationship between these dreams and their relationship with reality.  It is an important part of why we exist and should not be dismissed.”

Both the reporter and the cameraman are in disbelief and shock.  “You should be wise to the fact that this right now is a dream, and we are all dreamers here.  Since we cannot run from the dream, it is best that we come to know it and face it as it plays out in front of us.”  I tell them.

“But you can’t know, how did you find out?  This is supposed to be a secret!” he tells me.

“Who said it is supposed to be a secret?  I never said such things.” I reply.  “It is only fear and uncertainty that tells you this is so, don’t listen to fear as it will give you nothing in return.”

I wave goodbye and smile as I carry on my way walking towards the heart of the event.  There are banners on posts sticking up from the ground.  Booths are all around with various wares for sale.  Some sell clothing, swimsuits, and some tables with foods.  As I am walking the dream starts to waver, and I feel the inevitability of the body pulling me back to its focus and wake up.