September 17th, 2019 – Lucid Dreams with Orcs, Zombie Rats and Macaulay Culkin.

It’s nice to sleep again. More so, it’s nice to light up the dreamstate like a bad ass and actually have some time to write down what I dreamed about.

The first dream was just an epic, I went to bed very early because I hurt my shoulder making a mistake at the gym so having a rest day. I wanted to dream something exciting and fun and as most of my dreams lately have been using the MILD technique, and feeling more up to WILD, I let the dream form around me so I could architect the content of the dream.

Lucid Dream 1: Orcs and Zombie Rats.
I won’t hide it, I still play Dungeons and Dragons and staying true to the art of Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming [GLSD] what would be more fun than creating a dream inspired by a classic pen-and-paper game? As I start to fall asleep, I shape my intent to dream in this fantasy setting just to see if I can pull it off. Create a challenge rather than do something mundane and simple. I want to play a rogue type character.

The hypnogogic shift starts and I start shaping the morphing noisy on-set of dreaming into a stable construct of an old tavern, with large wood trunk beams, iron mugs and lots of shadowy dark patrons. I start to create the avatar of the dream, which is this half-elf rogue type and as the realism of the dream starts to take shape and my body enters sleep, I snap my focus from my physical eyes into the eyes of the avatar so that I am now in first-person in the lucid dream, fully awake and conscious.

I put my hand on the table and focus on anchoring in the dream, taking a moment to stabilize to make sure that I wasn’t going to shift awake or back into an unconscious dream state. The sounds of the dream are now crisp and audible, I can hear people talking, laughing and all sorts of activity. I look at the iron mug with ale, the head of the beverage spilling over the cup. I lift it up and look at it, checking for the quality of realism present in this new focus state.

I take a sip, it’s warm, tastes terrible and I set the mug down, oddly satisfied at this nice detail as I suspect they wouldn’t have proper filters and cooling in this fantasy setting. As I scan the tavern a villager breaks through the door. “To arms! To arms, we are under attack!” he screams and everyone starts to scramble.

I get up and pull out a dagger heading for the door. Outside the tavern, there is an orc raiding party attacking this small village. I see the orcs, but they aren’t the Lord of the Rings variant, rather these are true to D&D lore, green, stalky wearing furs. It’s been a long time since I had a good dream with some solid looking orcs hanging about, and of course I have to take a moment to appreciate the art. I mean, the graphics here in dream land are outstanding in their high-fidelity recursive feedback.

I charge into battle, and an orc swings at me with this massive rectangular sword but I drop down and slide under it striking at it’s inner thigh with the dagger and turn around to it’s back and drive the dagger deep upwards into it’s chest. The orc screams out in pain and drops to the ground. This was more like it, exciting and fun delivered.

Villagers are fighting off the orcs and they start to flee. I just watch and observe since nothing advanced to attack, I want to take in the sights because how often do you get to stand in a fantasy setting as rich in detail as this seeing an epic orc raiding party going at it with village guards and adventurer types. If you don’t Genre Specific Lucid Dream, probably never, and this is rare for me also. My last orc based dream I had was many years ago, except I was an 8 foot tall Minotaur wielding a double edge battle axe and chains with hooks on the end.

When it calms, the city guard approaches and they want to hire my services to track and find out where these orcs are coming from. Of course I say yes, and set out on an adventure following the orc tracks in the dark, but I did seem to have some nice night vision as even though it was dark, I could see the forest and tracks quite clearly. I start walking keeping to the trees and shadows trying to stealth.

The forest looked amazing, the sky was clear with stars and part of the fun was again just admiring the scenery. I could hear sounds in the woods, strange animals and insects. Great detail, and great ambiance. The walk does take some time, it was visually nice and eventually the tracks led to this orc village. It had a large wall of sharpened tree trunks around the perimeter and decapitated shacks of buildings. I could see orcs with bows watching guard in some crudely crafted watch towers.

There was a swamp outside of the perimeter and I could see a large sewer pipe which would gain me access into the orc village. I go into the water and start to swim towards the pipe. The pipe is slightly submerged, and as I swim into it and it levels out, I see these rats start to swim towards me, but to add a level of creepy, the things were undead zombie rats. I was also in a very tight space, so I pulled out a flint-lock pistol and shot one of the rats. It was white and black but I could see ribs and pieces of flesh rotting off. The bullet shredded the rat knocking it back.

The rest I had to fend off with my dagger, they were very vicious little bastards and creepy AF. The sewer pipe fortunately didn’t smell, sometimes I can smell quite clearly in a dream and this time, it was glad I couldn’t smell a thing. The pipe expands large enough for me to stand and walk. It’s dark, there is algy and slime on the walls. Then something happens, the dream collapses instantly and I wake up. Yep… external outside noise, the ultimate dream killer.

No worries, I get up and make a few notes for this dream for writing later and go back to sleep to see if I can lucid dream again.

I go back to sleep satisfied with my success at some GSLD and very happy with the results so I just let myself nod off with no intent to dream, just let the dreamstate be it’s own thing.

Lucid Dream 2: A dream with MacKauly Caulkin
I’m now in an unconscious dream where I am unaware that I am dreaming. In the dream I am working for a food delivery service (ugh and you wonder why I like to modify my dream content) and am driving to various food outlets picking up food and delivering it to people. I get a call to pick up an Egg McMuffin and that it’s for Macaulay Culkin. I am told that I need to ensure that the food quality is good because apparently he has had some bad ones. I go to this McDonalds and tell them I need to have an Egg McMuffin and it has to be perfect. That I needed to watch over the cooking process, so they let me in behind the counter and this young teen who is assembling the sandwich is telling me how it will be the best Egg McMuffin he’s ever made. As boring as it was listening to him describe each step as he assembled the sandwich, I still had to make sure and adjust the pieces so they fit in a perfect stack with the egg, the sausage, the cheese and the bun, until perfection was achieved.

He wraps the sandwich and I put it in this food bag and go to my car and drive to some building. This man with dark hair lets me in, he’s talk, some what fit and middle aged. The building is like an office and I tell him I have a sandwich for Macaulay Culkin and he tells me to sit at this table and wait while he fetches him. Sitting without being in the thick of the dream drama lets me start to think, and thinking is good as it leads to opportunity to pull a reality-check. Why the hell am I delivering fast food, let alone delivering it to Macaulay? I start to think as to why any of this would be going on. I know I’ve listened to a few of his pod casts and read some of his tweets but the chances of meeting the guy is zilch so it hits me, I am dreaming. I start to laugh and see him walking towards me. He’s got this rabbit hat on. His face doesn’t have any rabbit features or make-up, rather the head piece goes around the outside of the face and the ears attach to that part of the costume. One ear sticks right up, the other is tilted to the side. He looks unimpressed, bored as he walks over to me.

“You have my sandwich?” he asks.

“Yes, and the cook took extra special precautions to make sure it was the best sandwich he could make.” and I hand it to him.

He unwraps the sandwich and looks at it. “You said the cook took extra precautions? Did he know it was for me?” he asks.

“Yes, I told him who it was for.” I reply.

He makes a sneer with his nose now distrustful of the sandwich. I get the impression he thinks the special precautions might be a wad of spit. I decide to fully break the role-play and immersion, “Don’t worry about it Macaulay, enjoy the sandwich it’s just a dream.”

He looks at me strangely, “A dream?”

“Yes. This is a dream, so the sandwich is fine. You an eat it, it won’t hurt you.” I tell him.

“How do you know this is a dream?” he asks, now somewhat curious and puzzled.

“I always know it’s a dream.” I tell him. “Dreams are what I do.”

He looks at me and shrugs then walks away with sandwich in hand and I kind of laugh at the rabbit hat. That was a nice touch.

The person who answered the door now begins to act like my boss and tells me that I have to go make another delivery. I look at him and shake my head, “Sorry mate, I quit. Deliver your own damn food.” and I toss the keys of the car at him, he looks surprised as he catches them. Like hell I am going to waste a perfectly good lucid dream on doing some stupid task like delivering food. People don’t even seem to appreciate the hard work and effort put into making a dream sandwich anyways.

I walk outside of the building and find myself in a city that I have never been in. The streets are ransacked with filth and garbage, there are homeless people everywhere, lying under cardboard. I could even smell piss on the streets… see that sense of smell kicking in. I’m quite disgusted at the sight and decide it’s time to change the dream, screw this place.

The dream starts to warp and distort as I start to think in this language of dreaming and a beautiful blue sky starts to emerge, with a wonderful lake and mountains. There are birds and pine trees everywhere. This is more like it, something serene and peaceful. I walk over to a dock on the lake and sit down. I gaze into the dream landscape and relax kicking my feet off the dock. “This is more like it. Peace and calm.” I say to myself.

I sit there for a bit and start to slip out of lucidity unknowingly, this happens and now like most I am at the mercy of my wild and unconscious mind (for a bit).

I fall asleep in the dream and wake up at my Mom’s old house. I am in the basement and there are two women there, one is a blond the other is a brunette. They are watching TV. I’m confused too who they are and why they are in my old house. I sit on a couch and observe them laughing and talking. The blond lady sees me and she says “Hi, glad you can join us.”

I’m not lucid so don’t reply but sit and observe thinking about the situation. Something is not right, I recognize that I am at my old house and know this is not where I should be. It doesn’t make sense unless… I’m dreaming. I smile, and break the unconscious immersion and pull myself back into full lucidity. I look at the blond lady, she is wearing some hand crafted jewelry and is in her 20s.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I tell her and get up and walk over. “It’s a nice dream.”

She looks at me surprised, “So you know?” she asks.

“I always know, just took some time to get orientated.” I tell her.

“You are quite gifted, not many break the immersion so easily.” she tells me.

“Not many like to dream. They dismiss them as reality, locked in the rich realism that the dream presents, or as nothing at all.” I tell her.

“It’s really an honor to meet you, I’ve been waiting for some time.” she tells me.

I don’t know who she is, and her friend is sitting there watching and smiling. I tell her to put out her hands and she does, I take my hands and hover them over her hands and arms feeling an energy flowing from my finger tips.

“I can feel that.” she tells me.

“You have a nice energy about you, trustworthy.” I tell her.

She smiles and her friend asks me what I am doing.

“I’m just scanning her, getting a sense of who she is.” I reply.

“Can you scan me?” she asks.

“Sure” I reply and walk over to her. She is sitting with her feet up on the couch and she sticks out her hands. I do the same and tell her, “Don’t worry, I wont hurt you” as I sense some insecurity coming from her. “I won’t touch you, you’ll be fine.”

“Oh my god, I can feel that. What is that?” she asks, referring to the energy coming from my hands. “It feels like heat, but it’s not” she explains.

I circle my hands around hers and my one hand brushes against her knee and she becomes concerned and scared that I was going to try to have sex with her misinterpreting that as some kind of sexual advance. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. I am not that type of person. I just want to get a sense of who you are.” I tell her. “You are safe.”

She relaxes and I step back. “Just because it’s a dream, doesn’t mean I do what I want to other people I meet. I have a lot of respect for you.” I tell her.

She smiles, “Thank-you, I was worried that you might hurt me.”

“No, not at all. We are friends here.” I tell her. I turn back to the room and look at the house, it is as I remember it when I once lived there. I go walk out of the room to a back room where there is a door to the car port. I walk outside, and there is a motor home. It’s my mom’s current motor home. I go inside and there is a bed, it looks comfortable so I lay down and close my eyes falling back into unconsciousness. I wake up back in the motor home stripped of my lucid focus state and someone is outside the door.

I open it, and it’s my friend Brent. He has a butchers cut of beef and asks me to cut it into steaks. I take the meat and unwrap it from the paper. I put it ona cutting board and start to cut some steaks out of it. I season the steaks with course salt and wrap them back in the paper. There are some trimmings and my dog is there, so I give it some pieces which it happily eats. I leave the motor home and walk over to this back yard where there is Brent and some other person who is already eating steak. Apparently this is a very expensive type of steak, like a Japanese Wagu.

There is another person there, he’s already eating steak but not with a fork and knife, rather just holding the steak in both hands tearing bites out of it. I look at him and tell him we have some more steak, and give him one of the pieces raw. He looks at it, grabs it and proceeds to just eat it like the other one which I think is kind of weird.

Brent has a BBQ ready, and I pass him the remainder which he then proceeds to start to grill up. I can smell the meat cooking but feel weird, something is not right. The dream starts to waver and I can’t keep my focus. The dream collapses and I wake up. Yet again, an external noise jars me from my sleep. It’s still early, 2:00am so I decide I am going to write these dreams down as it’s hard to find the time these days to journal these nightly adventures.

I might go back to sleep and see if I can lucid dream some more. Need to make up for some loss time due to the six weeks of chaos since my mom’s heart attack. Feels good to be back in my second-life.