August 7th, 2018 – Lucid Dream with Keanu Reeves as a dream character.

Sorry to anyone that might visit my site to read some new deam entries, that I haven’t posted a dream update since March, it’s been a very busy period with my career not to mention the 3 hours I commute to work. Add to that my mother had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago, life has a way of limiting free time. Suffice to say, I am still very actively lucid dreaming and thought I would log a few recent ones.

This dream starts where I find myself
in some maximum security prison in a cell with a person who was
falsely accused, and I was basically counseling this person for
support. Then Keanu Reeves shows up as he’s there to help petition
against this persons false incarceration.

I don’t think I’ve had a dream with
Keanu as a dream character in it, and usually when I see some
celebrity type person in my dreams, it acts as a reality-check and
the same is with this case. As he’s talking to this person I start
to realize that I must be dreaming. I look at the prison cell, the
bars and the two beds in the cell. Definitely a setting I should not
be in, add to it Keanu Revees is there I quickly assert that I must
be dreaming.

I turn to Keanu and say, “It’s nice
to finally have a dream with you in it Keanu.”

He looks at me, smiles and asks, “What
do you mean a dream?”

I smile back, “This dream Keanu, I
believe it’s the first time I’ve encountered you as a dream

He looks puzzled at the reply, “You
think I’m some dream character?”

He walks over to me and grabs my arm
and squeezes, “Does that feel like a dream to you?”

I laugh, “Yeah, it’s too late to go
back, I already know this is a dream. No manner of pinch tests or
other is required. Already past the reality-check.”

“How do you know its a dream?” he

“Well, not too hard to figure out,
I’ve been lucid dreaming for over 32 years. If the fact I am in a
prison cell wasn’t a dead give away, having you here makes it
obvious. I don’t think you are someone that I would just randomly
come across unless it was a dream.” I reply.

“What if I hurt you, would that prove
it’s not a dream?” he asks.

“Well, I don’t like violence, I find
it abhorant. Hurting me wouldn’t change what I already know. I can
feel pain in my dreams just like I can do in my waking life. It’s
fairly sensory rich.” I explain.

“I don’t know how you know this is a
dream, but I think it could be.” He replies.

“Trust me it is, it doesn’t get any
more in the Matrix than being lucid during a dream. This entire
experience is a virtual reality composed of highly organized thoughts
which program the dream interface.” I tell him.

He laughs, “The Matrix, that’s

I reply, “But it is like the Matrix
in a way, we are merely rendering a datastream of highly organized
thought that describes the dreamed of experience. There is no time,
no space here. Everything is the result of cognitive information

“Well, it’s nice talking with you but
I have to go. You have a different perspective on things, I like
it.” he says as he starts to leave the cell.

I decide to go with him and walk out.
“Don’t you have to stay in your cell?” he asks.

I look at him, “Me, in prison?
Seriously? I’m too nice of a guy to be here. I’ll walk you to your

There are a few prison guards outside
the cell and one tries to stop me. “You have to get back in your
cell.” he tells me.

I see that I am wearing prison clothes
and instantly change them into normal clothes. I then focus on the
guard and like Obi Wan; I use the classic Jedi Mind Trick and wave my
hand near his face, “I’m not a prisoner and am free to go.”

He looks confused and says that I am
free to go. Keanu looks at me in surprise. “Like I said, It’s a
dream so no need to play by any rules.”

We walk through the lunch area, there
are prisoners everywhere in prison clothing sitting at tables. There
are two prison guards escorting us. This one prisoner who is very
large gets up and ends up grabbing me, I can feel the warmth of his
arm as it cinches around my neck. He tries to pull me but is unable
to budge, I keep walking and he walks making some efforts to pull me
back. I tap his arm and say, “Time to let go.”

He does. Keanu turns to me, “That
big guy didn’t even phase you. What are you? Super man?”

I laugh, “When you know you are in a
dream, the drama that the dream attempts to create can be tempting to
react to but I’m so used to this it’s not a big deal. Nothing in a
dream can hurt you unless you come at it with fears and manifest

“You seem to know a lot about
dreaming,” he replies.

“I know a lot about a lot of things.
For example, not everything we dream is in this particular focus
state, there are other focus states we can access here which can
yield information about the future. So what you dream here, can
become something you experience later in your waking life.” I tell

“No way, like deja vu?” he asks.

“Yes, like deja vu, except if a
person is having deja vu then they don’t have memory of the dream so
the deja vu acts as an amnesiac trigger. The real potent version is
a lucid precognitive dream. I’ve had those, and even changed the
dream before the dream came true watching those changes happen in
waking reality.” I explain.

He laughs, “That’s impossible!”

“Sure, it sounds impossible until you
actually do it. Once you have that direct experience and know it’s
possible, it’s a bridge once crossed one can’t simply uncross. I’ve
done it enough times to prove to myself that it’s absolutely
possible, but not easy.” I reply.

“So you changed reality by changing a
dream? How is that possible?” he asks.

“Simple, dreams are the forge of
reality. There is nothing we experience that isn’t first composed in
the language of dreams. Highly organized thoughts with a rule-set
and constraints that form a recursive feedback loop to create an
interface that interact with. I mean, it’s doing that right now, we
are rendering a data-stream into an interface which describes the
dream experience. The mechanics are the same in waking reality, but
the immersion we are under is so deep that most are unaware that they
are living in a dream at all. They call it reality, they call it
physical and very few see the dream that hides in plain sight.” I

“You mean everything is a dream?”
he asks.

“Indeed, that is a constant. We came
from oneness, a singularity that was self-aware. It could think,
those thoughts formed patterns, those patterns became recursive
feedback. It evolved more advanced patterns of thoughts which
started to form more immersive dreams. To make the experiences more
exciting it started to immerse itself into every actor in the
unfolding dream making each iteration more real, more intense. We
are that singularity of the self in immersion, all parts of the same
whole. And this is why we dream, it’s part of this creative
process.” I explain.

“That is intense.” he replies.

“Like I said, I know a lot of
unknowns. I also remember existing before this life, I’ve gone all
the way back to my pre Earth self, only to discover there is no
beginning and no end, only new patterns of experience. What is your
first memory?” I ask.

“My first memory, I think I remember
breathing, I was just suddenly breathing and I could feel how good
that felt.” he replies.

“Good, you need to work with memories
that you know come from yourself, like that memory but keep moving
back finding those fragmented threads and you’ll find also that there
is so much more than the limits and constraints the being human
imposes.” I tell him.

“You are a really interesting guy,
thanks for all the insights.” he tells me as he gets to this large
black pick-up truck. “I have to go, but maybe we’ll have this
conversation again sometime. You gave me a lot to think about.”

He drives off and I smile. I even
remind myself to write this down when I wake up and scan my memories
to see if I have any other dreams of him as a character and find some
faint non-lucid memories of movie influences but nothing where I was
this lucid.

I look back at the prison and decide to
go explore that place a bit more. Nothing too exciting, I did get to
try the prison food however and it was pretty disgusting. The Keanu
Reeves bit was the only thing really worth jotting down from that
experience worth sharing.