March 20, 2019 – Had a fun lucid dream with Ariana Grande as a dream character.

Now before you think it was one of those dreams, it wasn’t. I was lucid in the dream, and the backstory with her dream character was we were on this vacation where she had 3 weeks off and we were friends. Seeing her in the dream is what triggered my lucidity as I realized in waking life there is zero chance I’d ever see this person.

My reality checks often can be triggered by seeing someone like a musician or actor where I know with certainty that the only way I’d be meeting this person is because the location isn’t waking reality rather a dream.

We were sitting at a table, and eating this very healthy organic salad. I’m looking at her and recognize who she is from real life and rationalize that I must be dreaming. I start to become lucid and I put my hand on the table to anchor and stabilize my awareness.

I crack a smile, happy to be self-aware in this dream. It’s the second dream that I know of where she was a dream character. In the first dream, we sang karaoke and ate pizza, just hanging out as friends but her voice was as amazing as it is in real life during that dream.

She’s telling me that she enjoys eating very healthy and likes organic foods.

I tell her that I like clean living and don’t like to drink or do drugs because it interferes with my ability to be lucid during a dream.

She tells me she likes dreaming and I nod in agreement.

“They are a lot of fun aren’t they. The only place I can go and live a second life.” I tell her. “Where else can I meet someone like you other than in a dream?”

That comment makes seem to question and she asks, “What do you mean by that?”

“Kind of obvious isn’t it? Sitting at a table, eating a dinner with you isn’t exactly something that happens in my waking life, but it certainly can happen in my dream life. Therefor, this is a dream, not waking reality.”

“You really think so?” she asks.

“I know, and that’s great. If you weren’t here I probably would have realized I was dreaming at all, so thanks for that.” I tell her.

“How can you be so sure that this is a dream?” she asks.

“I’ve only been at this for decades. Becomes easier and easier to realize it, I mean I want too know I am dreaming while in one than not realize it at all. It makes dreaming way more fun and interesting.” I explain.

I go along with the flow of the dream, and focus on my hand and the table using it to further stabilize my awareness that I am indeed in a dream. It’s fickle so I can get caught up in the dream drama and loose focus.

We get back to eating the salad and she’s telling me about her 3 week vacation and how it’s nice to have time to rest and relax. She tells me how stressful and busy her career is.

“Same, life is busy for me as well. My vacations only ever take place here when I sleep.” I laugh.

We finish eating and decide to go for a walk. We go outside, and the city or location is completely unfamiliar to me. The sky is vibrant blue, there are some cumulous clouds and there is lots of trees and very nice landscaping for the buildings that are there.

I see a nice pool as we walk towards it and we continue to talk about dreams and some of the things we can do with them. I decide to sit on a lawnchair by the pool and the conversation on dreams continue as I tell her, “I do not always appear as I am from my waking life, we can change forms and be other things which can be a lot of fun.”

“You mean you can change into something else? How do you do that?” she asks.

“Easy, just think about what you want to experience. Shape your intent and the dream will shift to accomidate the request.” I tell her. “Try it, think of something you want to experience and see if you can become it.”

She gives it a thought and suddenly morphs into a house cat. The cat hops onto the chair and climbs onto my chest. “I’m a cat!” the cat says.

I laugh and pet the cat, “Yes you are, see how easy that is? Dreams are composed of our thoughts and changing our thoughts change the dream.”

“But I can talk, I am a very intelligent cat.” the cat speaks.

The cat shifts back into Ariana and she tells me, “Thank-you so much, you are teaching me so much about dreams.”

The dream starts to shift and we are now in some University classroom, likely triggered by the teaching comment. On the desk there is a paper with mathematics and a drawing of the pool with calculations showing the pool volume with other calculations and geometric drawings.

I look at the paper and some other person is there saying they are studying for an exam. This professor looks over at us annoyed at us speaking in class. I’m not able to hold the focus on the dream much longer and wake up.