March 16th, 2019 – Had a fun Lucid Dream with Elon Musk, Grimes and Tom Green.

This dream had some interesting dialog and dream characters I thought I would write it down. In the dream, I am working at SpaceX and there is a some sort of manufacturing facility that has various payload containers being made. I can see some crane arms and people are busy. I’m not aware that I am dreaming yet however find it obvious that something is up due to the nature of the location and what I am observing that somehow dreams must be involved.

The dream shifts to a launch pad and a rocket launches. To break the trance of the dream immersion I decide to assert that I am dreaming using the rocket as my focus. Using dream control I stop it in mid launch, the thrusters are blasting smoke and fire but the rocket can’t rise. I dissect the rocket, all its panels and covers open up, the engine is revealed, the payload chamber exposed and I pull the payload out and draw it towards me at a very fast speed to look at it. It flies from the disassembled rocket as the remaining pieces out of my focus now fall to the ground. The payload hovers in my face and its some type of satellite. I rotate it examining the details and assert that I am most certainly in a dream.

“You belong in space.” I tell the payload and I Jedi force push it out of Earths atmosphere like superman kicking a football it blasts off until I can no longer see it. This behavior catches the attention of all the people working on this project and they are freaking out at what they saw. Elon Musk walks up to me, “What the hell did you do to my rocket?” he asks.

I laugh, “Relax Elon, this is just a dream. There is no rocket.”

He looks at me and seems to think about it, “This can’t be a dream.” he tells me.

“Sure it can, and it is.” I tell him. “Very cool to have you as a dream character by the way.”

“I need to talk to you about this.” he tells me. “Is reality really a dream?”

“Dreams are everything Elon, they are the forge of experiential reality and the programming language of existence.” I tell him. I shift the dream from the launch pad to now sitting at a table in some house and we have plates of food, he is sitting across from me and looks around at the strange sudden shift. The food is steak and vegetables, and I use a fork and pull a green bean from the plate and eat it.

“How did you do that?” he asks me (regarding shifting the dream to a new setting instantly)

“Easy, dreams are just highly-organized thoughts, change the thoughts, change the dream.” and I eat another green bean.

“Who are you? What are you?” he asks.

“I’m just a dreamer, no one important. Where you like exploring outer-space, I enjoy exploring inner-space and have been traversing this inner-cosmos beyond the constraints of space and time”. I tell him.

“I like dreams too. They are very interesting and this is intriguing.” he tells me.

“Of course, like me, you are also a dreamer” I tell him as I enjoy this role-play banter with Elon as a dream character. I then notice someone walking and it’s Claire (Grimes) and she stops confuse looking at the two of us at the table. She walks over and asks Elon, “Who is your friend?”

“I don’t know, he’s says this is a dream.” he tells her. She laughs, “So he’s crazy, you always pick such strange people Elon”

“This is an unexpected surprise, I don’t believe I’ve dreamed of you before.” I tell her, and it’s true I have had a couple of dreams of Elon in the past but don’t recall Claire as a dream character. “Come join us for supper.” I ask.

“Why do you like me? Do you want me?” she asks defensively.

I laugh, “No I don’t even know you. But it is interesting to have a dream with both of you so join us and we can talk about the mysteries of reality together. That’s what I am interested in.”

She seems relieved that I am not there as some Harvey Weinstein type and Elon seems happy that I have no interest in her as well. “So you are a musician and love music. Do you ever use your dreams as inspiration?” I ask.

“I love dreams! They are amazing. Yes they inspire my music.” she lights up.

“Good, we are all dreamers here. It’s a fun place to be.” I tell her. “We are in a dream right now.”

She looks stunned for a moment and looks around. “Are you fucking serious? This is a dream?”

“I wouldn’t be sitting here talking with you and Elon if it wasn’t a dream. But that is totally fine, I like these types of dreams. I find even dream characters as fascinating and interesting as their real life counterparts.” I tell her.

“You think I am just a dream character?” she asks.

“Yeah, both you and Elon are dream characters, I’m also a dream character. That is how dreams work. This is my avatar.” I laugh and cut a piece of steak and eat it.

Elon laughs at the avatar comment. “We are avatars! I love it! I need to write this down.” he gets up and goes to a computer and starts to write.

I look back at Claire, “It’s nice to meet you. Dreams never cease to surprise me with who can show up.”

“What do you like to dream about?” she asks me.

“Oh my, that is such a meta-question being this is a dream right now, I love them all. The stories, the narratives and just being awake and aware in each one. I love being conscious in dreams. Lucid dreamer for life.” I tell her.

“You’re a Lucid Dreamer? I love lucid dreams! That’s amazing!” she tells me.

“Lucid dreaming is the only way to dream.” I laugh. There is a knock at the door and she gets up to go answer it. In walks Tom Green which is yet another odd person to dream of. He seems to recognize me and even calls me by name. It’s like we are old friends and I give him a hug and tell him it’s great to see him. “I haven’t had a dream with you in it for decades Tom.”

What is interesting in the lucid dream, is I am able to remember other dreams and apparently I did have some dreams of Tom Green back when he had the Tom Green Show on MTV and was able to reference the memory of those past dreams. Which I notice while in the dream state we can access other dream memories similar to how while we are awake we access waking memories. Just an interesting note.

Tom is upset though, apparently he has cancer again and is very sick. It’s also interesting to note that he is a young version of himself. He tells me he doesn’t have long to live, that it’s very aggressive. “You can’t show up in my dream and be all sick with Cancer Tom, let’s fix that.”

He lays down and Claire is there trying to help him. I just put my hand over his chest and light pours from my hand, he starts to regain weight and his color comes back but also ages but is totally fine and amazed that I healed him.

“Yeah no worries, it’s just a dream Tom. Very easy to change so let’s do something fun.” I tell him.

I shift the dream and now we are all on Jet Skis blasting on water. “This is more like it.” I tell myself. We are on the water for a short period of time, but the rush of moving fast feels great. The setting is beautiful, blue sky with a city skyline and everyone from the previous dream are in this one but now having fun racing on the water.

Knowing it’s a dream makes it even more excellent as I just go with the role-play qualities of the dream narrative having interesting dream characters, a good steak dinner and now blasting across water on a Jet Ski. But I seem to lose focus on the jet ski component after only about 10 minutes of fun and the dream snaps back to the house where Elon and Claire were.

The snap-back is caused from losing lucidity. I was too busy having fun on the jet ski and lost my focus. Back at the house, I was back into the trance-like immersion of non-lucid dreaming. So the dream wraps up less interesting than when I had control and I wake up. Still a fun lucid dream, great dream characters to hang with with interesting meta-conversations.