January 23, 2019 – The new Netflix Titans series influenced this dream.

One of my reasons for learning to dream and have lucid dreams stems from a childhood desire to project myself into TV shows and experience them from the perspective of the characters and be in the fantastical worlds of imagination. I noticed that I couldn’t per se do that in my waking life but my dreams responded to that intention and I started having genre specific dreams based around movies like Star Wars, cartoons as silly as Bugs Bunny and even computer games, role-playing games, books and so on.

The entertainment value of lucid dreaming has never lost itself with me and I developed a technique called Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming which has been very self-serving in providing some of the most incredible beyond the movie, tv, and gaming entertainment to date. Still rivals boring virtual reality which has nothing on a fully sensory rich and 100% immersive lucid dream. It’s catching up but will never have taste, touch, touch and even sound and sight compared to what a lucid dream yields in terms of realism.

Although I wasn’t lucid in this dream, the reason being is a back problem surfaced last week has become increasingly painful. I’m seeing a Chiropractor and taking some meds to ease the pain but it’s aggravating from sitting, so far it’s up and down in how it’s behaving. Worse of all, it’s affecting my ability to have a restful sleep which means it makes lucid dreaming far more challenging but still not impossible.

What made the dream interesting is it involved all the current characters from the new Titans series on Netflix which I’ve been watching. My daughter loves Teen Titans Go but this take on the characters is far darker and closer to the comic than the cartoon versions. There are things I like about it because I do like the characters, it’s not perfect however so overlooking that my friend at work is really enjoying it and I like the super-hero genre as it often influences my dreams. This was no exception.

The plot of the dream had some supernatural entity that was using a form of influential mind control to manipulate the Titans. In this dream, I had the third-person perspective meaning I was just observing the dream which is rare as I usually have a first-person perspective. Thus I seemed to be more like a camera watching the story rather than engaging in the story as a character.

The entity would manifest in different forms for each character. The visual effects, however, were really well done. The entities different forms were very sci-fi ranging from demonic to alien to almost an HP Lovecraft influence of the Deep Ones, a humanoid fish. For me, the artistic quality of dreams never ceases to amaze. The characters looked spot on compared to the real-life influence and how they talked etc fit with the show.

Interesting that I would have a dream so early as I’ve only started watching the series a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I really love this style of dreaming as it incorporates all the Art of Dreaming elements that drive at the engine of my passion for this night-time entertainment system. Instead of having nothing, I get to have this unique, rare and very fun style of genre influenced dream.

I was very fascinated by the entity mostly because the character design and how it animated and moved in each incarnation of itself was fun to watch. In a dream, the special effects or dream CGI still rivals waking world CGI in many cases as the lighting and shadows appear more natural and the character fits in with that superb dream realism that I have come to love in my own dream life.

Overall the Titans finally discover the entity which leads to a fight and they all have to combine their efforts. I didn’t get a resolution of the story because I ended up waking up and recorded this dream as I drove to work which is helping me keep on top of writing dream journal entries. I think having these help other dream interested people find inspiration to improve the quality of their dream life to further their adventures during sleep.

There were other dreams that lead up to the Titan influenced one but unfortunately wasn’t able to recall due simply not having enough rest the past week. This back problem is a real pain.