A warm Thank-You to Mike Marable

I had the pleasure of bumping into a fellow long-time lucid dreamer Mike Marable on a Facebook Lucid Dreaming group.  Both Mike and I have been lucid dreaming for nearly the same period spanning three decades.  We end up having a 2-hour phone conversation which was one of the most in-depth, experience-driven discussion that I have had in my entire life.

Similar to me Mike came across LaBerge’s Omni Magazine article and has been lucid dreaming ever since.  He has broken through the immersion and tumbled down the rabbit hole gaining a lifetime of knowledge and experience related to consciousness during sleep.

On top of all of that, he is very passionate about helping change the destructive nature of our modern world to stem the onslaught of environmental and climate change problems which makes him a hero in my books.

Here is a link to his Bio, and if you use facebook and need some advice from a very seasoned and professional lucid dreamer he freely offers up his advice on threads in the Lucid Dreaming group which I will link below.

Mike’s Bio:

Facebook’s Lucid Dreaming group.

Here had some very nice things to say regarding our discussion, and it’s scarce to encounter someone who is as in deep as yourself in something as wonderful as exploring the extraordinary world of lucid dreaming.