January 17th, 2018 – Lucid and semi-lucid through most of my dreams.

This was kind of an exciting series of dreams.

The first dream takes place, and I am on a yacht for some private work function. There is just a few of us from work, and we are in the ocean. It’s huge with a reasonably large midsection with multiple rooms and an upper and lower level, and one of the people I work with is in charge of steering, etc., but the boat has GPS and an auto-pilot feature so he sets those so we can relax, have a few drinks and food.

It’s very relaxing, I spend quite a bit of time looking at the ocean, and seagulls are flying. The water looks beautiful. I don’t want to drink too much although they want me also, even in dreams, not a fan of too much alcohol. As the night sets, instead of retiring to the rooms the other people leave the boat while it’s in the middle of the ocean. It’s not something that I bat an eye too, and I go to this charming room, with this charming bed and lay down to sleep.

As I relax, I realize that there is no one left to steer the boat but me, I am all alone on this vast ocean. I get up and run to a bridge where all the controls and steering are. It’s very sophisticated with a lot of panels, switches and things I have no idea about. There are various screens, but I do see the GPS and navigation, the boat is self-driving and has radar and other technology. There is a radio, and I realize I can use that for help. I leave things as they are and go outside, it’s night time, and there is nothing but ocean all around me.

I think that for such a large vessel there would be a crew, so strange that I am even here at all. I go back to the room with the bed and lie down and go to sleep. When I wake up, I am no longer on the boat instead I am now at some house. I notice that even the room has changed, it’s now a standard looking bedroom, but still not my place. I am worried about the boat again but realize somehow I am not on it and am suspicious that I might be dreaming. But not confident as the dream realism is so over-powering.

I walk around investigating the house, and I am the only one there. I step outside, and there is a man-made river with concrete, and in the distance, there is the ocean. Still doesn’t explain how I got there, and I am a bit confused still uncertain it might be a dream but the fact I am questioning makes me use a very long-standing technique when there is no strange dream symbolism to do the reality check. This technique is just a simple one, “If you even suspect it is a dream… it’s a dream.” affirmation.

“Ah, I must be dreaming again,” I tell myself. But I am semi-lucid, not fully lucid and don’t pause to lock down full awareness rather see the man-made river as inviting and decide to go for a swim in it and jump in. I’ve had so many dreams where I am in a river just going with the flow. It’s quite relaxing and a nice thing to do in the dream. So I float down the river and admire the setting and details of the dream. The river eventually fades and blends into the normal dry ground, and I naturally move from swimming to walking.

This lady approaches me, and she is Native American, and we have a friendly conversation. She is dressed in more traditional native clothing and is a practicing shaman. She says she is a dream walker and wanted to meet me. That her culture is very big on dreams and she finds it interesting that I am so interested in them.

“Well, I do know I am dreaming,” I tell her. “I mean, look at this place it’s beautiful. Rich with nature and comes with a profound realism.”

“Dreams are a sacred place for my people,” she tells me. “But many do not want to dream anymore. No one sees this beautiful realm as you see it, many see their fears and are afraid of the dream.”

“Not everyone. There are people I know who are very passionate about their dreams. But it does seem the majority of people don’t care about this place.” I tell her.

We walk on this upper beach, and it’s much more unkempt where nature has kind of reclaimed the land. There are these dead trees, and they have massive beehives, some crows disturb the nests, and suddenly swarms of bees billow out and start to fly everywhere. She gets a little caught up in the drama, and I tell her “Let’s go to the ocean in case we need to go in the water. That’s a lot of bees.”

I’m not too worried, I know it’s a dream, and the swarm effect is quite impressive considering the solid number of bees flying about. Sure enough, they eventually make their way to us as we are walking to the Ocean, but they don’t sting or land fly about. I go into the water, and it’s deep quick, a significant drop off right by the shore. The ocean is also teaming with life so I can either get stung by bees or eaten by a shark however knowing it’s a dream, I relax and enjoy how beautiful the water feels. The dream walker is no longer there, and she just faded out along the way.

Two other men come over. One has a sweater on with an emblem that says Stanford University, and he and his friend are academic types. “Why are you swimming in that water?” he asks me.

By this time the bees had pulled back to the upper beach area. “Look behind you,” I tell the man. He turns around and sees this wall of bees in a huge swarm. He looks back at me and says, “That’s a lot of bees.”

“Safer in the water in case they come back,” I tell him.

Both men come into the water close to shore before the drop-off. I get out of the deeper water and shake the one man’s hand. He has brown hair and a thin beard. This is where I notice the emblem on his sweater and make a note of the Stanford University logo.

“What field are you into at Stanford,” I ask the man.

“We are both in physics,” he tells me.

“Nice field, too bad it won’t do you much good around here,” I tell the man.

“There is a lot of good that comes out of physics,” he tells me.

“Sure in the real world, but not here. Not in a dream. This is a different kind of reality.” I tell him.

“What do you mean a dream?” he asks and kind of laughs about it with his friend.

“Don’t let the realism fool you, and this isn’t a physical reality by any measure. It’s entirely composed of thought.” I reply.

“What makes you think this is a dream?” he asks.

“I remember going to bed, really that’s about it. Other than that, I wouldn’t be by the Ocean. You get used to realizing dreams are dreams after a while.” I explain. “We need more people studying this reality, it gets fairly neglected by the waking world.”

The physicist thinks I am crazy and deranged. “You are crazy if you think this is a dream,” he tells me.

“No, I’m afraid you are crazy for thinking it isn’t,” I reply. “It’s a dream, and I can prove it if you want.”

The dream characters become a bit sober from their laughing, the water starts to calm completely, and the bees pull back to their nest, everything goes completely still and quiet. “You didn’t just do that.” the man says.

I look at him and the water starts to rage, the ocean lifts in a heavy tempo of a storm and the sky darkens and lightning crackles then I let it return to calmness. “Sure I did, it’s my dream. Easy to change.”

I look at the beehives and summon them all again, they fly uniformly and around us my finger pointing the lead to which they should fly and like the storm I make them return. “See easy,” I tell him.

“How are you doing that, that’s impossible,” he says.

“Nothing is impossible here like I said. It’s a dream.” and I bid them farewell and decide to move on.

I go back to the house, but the setting has changed a little. When inside there is a tall man who approaches, and he wants me to help him. “You have to come with me, I need you as my wing-man,” he tells me.

“What are we doing?” I ask him.

“Exploring consciousness,” he tells me.

That perks my interest; I’m all about consciousness exploration and what better place for it than a dream. We go outside and get into this car, but the man then changes into an East Indian person, and I am now their driving instructor. But I still manage to maintain lucidity and know that I am dreaming, even though I am just going with the flow.

We are driving on a bustling road, and he is nervous and concerned that something terrible might happen.

“Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, and you’ll be fine,” I tell him, but as I do, he just rams into the car in front of us. I look like a BMW, and I feel the force of the impact and lunge forward. No airbags deploy, and the car in front pulls off to the left, and he keeps driving.

“As I said, you need to keep a safe distance. Give the car in front 2-4 seconds, in your case I would give a full 4.” I tell the man.

He is very nervous and drives midway into an intersection that is bustling with people. He doesn’t hit anyone but comes to a complete stop, and people start to walk around the car. I kind of sit and admire all the people; every person looks so unique and interesting. The man leaves the car and starts to hand out posters to a restaurant. I kind of laugh at how the dream characters just go from one severe drama to flipping on a switch like it never happened, no consequences here.

But on a positive note, he did stop at an East Indian restaurant, and dream food is pretty damn amazing, so I know what I want. I go inside; it’s very nicely decorated. It smells fantastic, and the staff is wearing all white clothes. I sit at a table and grab a menu. It smells so good. I look over the menu, but before I get through deciding, I wake up.

After writing this down, I go back to sleep and have another wave of dreams. This time I am at some resort during summer time. I walk out the back the house, and there is small gutter with two rows and water flowing. It is concrete and reminds me of my last dream. I go for a walk and sit by this large pool, it is a wave pool, and the water becomes wavy and then calm. This too reminds me of my last dream. The pool is bustling with people swimming, but I am confused as to where I am and try to find the name of the pool.

I ask this lady, but she tells me the pool has no name. I find that hard to believe and look at doors and any other sign that might give me a name. I walk into a coffee shop and ask the lady there if she knew what the pool name was. She didn’t have any idea what I was talking about. She tells me the coffee shop is called Cranberries and she gives me this bag of chocolate covered cranberries. I eat one, and it tastes nice. The chocolate is very rich, and the dried cranberry is chewy. There are also chocolate covered coffee beans mixed in, and I crunch down on one, the taste of chocolate and coffee are both very strong.

I’m wondering about the symbolism in the dream related to the last one and wonder if I am again in another dream. But the realism is so overwhelming, and I find myself doing the same kind of reality check, “If you even suspect it’s a dream, it’s a dream.” I think to myself and laugh. It has to be a dream, and I decide to go with the flow.

I leave and walk down the street looking at all the buildings, cars and people bustling about. It is such a vivid recreation of reality, no doubt this immersion into this dream is why it took that leap of faith to just accept it as being so. I don’t recognize any of the details or location from my waking life. It’s nice, pleasant and beautiful.

I go for a nice long walk just enjoying myself being in this alternate reality and think about how nice it is to live a second life through lucid dreaming. I walk to a beach house near the ocean, my father and his wife are there. They have their boat parked on the ocean. I go inside, and my brother and his family are there. He is cooking dinner, washing mushrooms in the sink.

It’s nice to be with family. I seldom see them as my brother lives in Europe and my father on the West Coast in Vancouver. I hear some noise and an animal scream. “What the hell was that?” I ask my brother.

He tells me that they have a device that slaughters animals automatically and prepares them for our dinner. “So this device just kills a live animal, and you cook it?” I ask.

“Yes,” he replies.

“How many animals have you killed this way?” I ask.

He tells me they use it all the time. I laugh about it; the evidence that it’s a dream is now very clear. That is something that wouldn’t be normal in our waking world. I notice I have some other friends there as well. My friend Brent and his wife are sitting on these brand new couches; they are a light tan leather, very soft. Delia is drinking wine, and there is a bowl on the table that has blueberries in it. I grab a handful and eat them. They feel very real, and of course taste real.

I sit on the couch and relax taking in all the qualities of the dream world. When I get up, I notice all these squashed blueberries on the couch, and it is quite a mess staining the new couch. I think about the stain and then realize it’s pointless to get caught up in any drama over it, it’s a dream, there are no consequences here.

This other person who I do not recognize from my waking life is there. He looks like he’s mixed African, and is talking politics. I tell him I am not into politics and he asks me why. I tell him that our society is so overwhelmed by greed and corruption that the average person struggles daily to meet the rising demands of the cost of living. That banks and politicians have done nothing but increase taxes and housing costs, and at the rate that inflation is happening more and more people are becoming homeless and impoverished. The greed is so rampant that the quality of life for the majority has diminished we have all become slaves of some broken system. Soon it will become so bad; no one will live comfortably anymore, we will all be poor.

He says that politics will change all that, and I tell him it never does. It’s just a rich man’s game, a distraction and a belief. What matters is life, but we have traded life which has all the value for money which has none. As a result, our planet is dying and eventually us along with it.

He doesn’t like my pessimistic view of the world, but I tell him the truth speaks louder than the denial. We are in a Holocene mass extinction event, over 50% of the species have become extinct, and soon 2/3 will be. Ecosystems all over the world are slowly collapsing, and pollution is rampant with no change or effort to stem the tide of what is to come. I tell him that Humans are already dead clades walking and just haven’t realized it. What were once mass die-offs of birds, fish and animals will soon be humans.

The man becomes terrified, saddened and despairs. “These are the things to come.” I tell him, “They are already happening right now.”

I go back to where the couch is, now people are upset about the stain on the couch. Even being a dream, the expected drama ensues, and I try to calm them. “Don’t worry about the couch; we are just in a dream. The couch isn’t even real.” I tell them. That doesn’t seem to help much, but only further confuses the dream characters.

I notice that the floor has changed to sand, it’s wet, and I can see air holes for clams with water and bubbles coming out. I reach into the sand and pull out three of these very unusual clams. They are large, probably about 5-6″ and when I hold one it opens and inside the structure of the clam is completely different from anything on Earth. But the design is very beautiful, everything fits the shape of the shell, but instead of being a bulky mass, it is so detailed with all these different organs and parts. I pick up two more from the sand.

I wonder if they are edible and as I am thinking that a dream character then tells me as if reading my mind that they are not safe to eat. I look at them and ignore him. I go over to the sink and wash them off. My grandma who has passed is there; she tells me that they are ok to eat. “I’m sure they are fine, I mean what is the worse that is going to happen… I wake up?”

I grab a pot and fill it with water putting it on the stove to boil. I leave the clams in a bowl in the sink and walk back outside to fetch my father to tell him to come in for dinner. But it is short lived, I end up waking up.

And this is the on-going saga of living a second life in the wild world of dreams.