Some more potential Symbolic Precognitive dreams in my recent dream posts.

Had a couple of dreams that may have also exhibited more examples of what I call symbolic precognitive dreaming.  On Sunday, January 13th, 2018 I made a note of same day symbolic precognition.  It’s a very cryptic encoded form of precognitive dreaming as the information in the dream that relates to future events becomes greatly exaggerated in the wild stories and plots that dreams sometimes have.

What makes it interesting is that certain symbols or themes in the dream can seem to relate to future events.  This can be more evident when certain clear symbols become apparent.  For example, meeting someone first in a dream to whom you’ve never met before and then later meeting this person which is what happened on Monday.  In my 31 years of exploring dreams, I have met many people first in my dream only to meet them later in waking life.

Not only that, one night I was helping a stranger with their car, and they said, “I know this might sound really strange, but I had a dream with you in it.” And what they described in their dream matched my understanding of symbolic precognition as the current event was similar but the details of the dream had that blend of mixed information.  Suffice to say, I never met that person before and our encounter was entirely random due to circumstances related to a car that had broken down.

One of the best examples of meeting someone first in a dream took place when I traveled to the Monroe Institute last year and met a person named Banipal, and I even recognized him from that dream.  The good news was I had written that dream down and was able to show it too him.  More than enough markers in that dream fit and I was almost spot on for a name he discussed in the dream, so when he mentioned it in waking life.  I traveled 4500km to another country yet somehow my dream managed to show me information relative to future events in this more cryptic version of precognition.

In my paper, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams” I break down many of the different types of precognition that I have observed through my life.  My preferred type of precognition isn’t the lower-order forms such as Symbolic Precognition as I’ve also had 100% literal lucid precognitive dreams and those are probably the most compelling form of prescience in dreams that I have experience.  In the literal form, everything is correct from the dream right down to the most minute detail.  It makes the future event feel like a re-run.  It took those types of dreams to wake me up to the reality that somehow some dreams can tell the future.  Over the years, I’ve learned that many people do have experience with this in their lives.  Often it starts as a sensation of Déjà vu, but the person then links the familiarity and memory to something they dreamed of in the past.  If you have had this type of déjà experience, it is known as Deja Reve, or already dreamed, and it’s not as uncommon as most would think.  Lot’s of people say their déjà vu is really déjà reve once they understand this term.

Now back to the dreams that I think had elements of symbolic precognition.  The first one was very clear because I met a person I’ve never met before in waking life who was a powerful dream character for a moment.  I went for a beer at a pub on my way home for work on Monday, January 14th, 2019 sat at the bar, and another person in that dream was bartending.

Here is a link to the full dream and I’ll break down what I feel fits the criteria for symbolic precognition, then let you be the judge.

January 13th, 2019 – Went to bed early and viola, another lucid dream.

In the dream, she is the person who is being robbed.  But in real life, she ends up telling me about someone who stole from Shoppers Drug Mart and was on the news that she then later saw.  Could the dream have distorted this idea of theft and greatly exaggerated it by making her be robbed in the dream?  I thought about that, as the dream was still fresh in my mind.  From the dream:

“She tells me her new boyfriend deals coke, and they got jumped by some people who wanted to rob them for some”

Could the dream have taken the context of her talking about someone she knew and just made a boyfriend represent this person?  Not very compelling, I would say at this point only a very loose likely bias link to the dream until I notice another person at the bar who looked identical to another dream character that appeared later on.  So now we have both people from the dream at the same place and the second person I’ve never met before.  Not saying that I might have seen them unconsciously at some point but now we have two markers from that dream.

After a bit ,I go over and talk to the person.  The memory of the dream was still very fresh as it took place on the 13th and it was the 14th.  The person had the same voice, same hair and all the facial details we a match.  Yet I know for a fact this is the first time we have ever met.  I also ask them their name, but in the dream I had Sophia.  I won’t share that person’s name for their privacy suffice to say it was similar and did end in “a” and started with a “t.”   I have a hard time remembering names from dreams, as many of us do.  Sometimes I get it right, or very close.  For example, the time I met Banipal he talked about a person named Tamara but in the dream, as best as I could recall the name I wrote it down as “Sumara” because the best I could do was it sounded like… Sumara?  Yeah that sounds I close, so that is what I write down.  It’s not a common name for me so to be a few letters off is just the nature of how complex and challenging memory and dreams really are.  There is a lot of challenges with recalling dream information clearly and accurately on waking, and lots of the details are lost in translation from the vivid 3D details of a dream, reduced to petty text with no real visual connection.

So how did I manage to dream of someone I never met who was first a dream character in a symbolic precognitive dream?  It’s not the first time this happened to me, but at least it’s something I can share with those interested in hearing about direct experiences to perhaps see how it fits in with your own dream experiences.

From the dream: “I know this is going to sound confusing but I am Sophia, I know I look different but I am a younger version of her and have traveled through time to be with you. I realize that I didn’t know who you are, but now that I know you I wanted to tell you that I love you and need to be with you.” she explains.”

What is interesting too, is that she mentions traveling through time which is precisely what we are talking about, seeing something from a dream in the past, that later comes true.  Has everything to do with time travel and future information and events.  Now, the dream clearly is being very exaggerated with the details, so I don’t buy into much of the drama and action of that dream instead just making a note of the symbols that survived the encrypted distortion of noise causing the loss of literal precognitive information here.

To make things a little more interesting, the next dream I posted had some similar theme emerge in conversation that I had with another people that night at the pub.  It’s not as compelling as meeting someone you’ve never met, but the theme of his discussion somewhat fit the plot of the dream.

It would have been more compelling if they were the dream characters in that dream, but they were not.  What was interesting however is the first person starts talking about smoking meats and jalapenos which makes me think of the dream because it had a gas BBQ in it and we seemed to be on a similar topic.  But it’s really reaching to make a connection.

Later I am chatting with a chef, and he starts to tell me about a cook-off he had to raise money for a fundraiser, and that information fit the theme of the dream with the BBQ because I find out that it’s for a cook-off with Bobby Flay.

January 14th, 2019 – Non-lucid dream, quite violent which is unusual as I’m very much against violence.

From the dream:

“One of the invaders who isn’t hurt tells me that they were sent to the house to fetch the BBQ because they needed it for a cooking show with Bobby Flay and I was supposed to do some type of cook-off with him. (Trust me, not a chef nor the best cook to even fantasize about a cook-off with Bobby Flay).”

I even make note that it’s a bizarre theme in my dream to think about a cook-off as it’s outside my skill set.  Again are we seeing short-term future information bleeding into the wild exaggerations of dream content in this mysterious and cryptic version of precognition?  Some of it can be easily dismissed but when it’s new people you’ve never met, and you know it recognizing them from both encounters and the first being some past dream it’s essential at least have the discussion and try to understand what is really going on in this mystery of dreaming.

I have an excellent discussion going with Paul Kalas author of “The Oneironauts” and Jm DeBoard author of “1-2-3 Dreams” on this thread on Reddit where we are discussing some theories how short-term symbolic precognitive dreams could happen, what causes the noise and distortion of information.  You can follow that thread here:

An example of Symbolic Precognitive Dreaming from this morning’s January 13th, 2019 lucid dream. from precognition

For the other more recent example you can check this post.

An example of Symbolic Precognitive Dreaming from this morning’s January 13th, 2019 lucid dream.