January 14th, 2019 – Non-lucid dream, quite violent which is unusual as I’m very much against violence.

This was an interesting dream and I wasn’t able to break out of the trance-like state of unconscious dream immersion to have lucidity, I wish I did because I am certain the outcome would have been more to my liking.

The dream takes place in a house that I am living in, it’s not any of the houses that I have lived in from my waking life so the setting is unique to the dream. I am living with other people, one a woman and the other a man, both not recognized from my waking life so unique to this dream.

Our front door is open and I watch as this man enters the house and he goes into the closet and steals a green propane camping BBQ (I don’t own one in real life). I don’t want to confront him and I felt if he needs this BBQ that bad that he has to steal it he can have it. I do however want to close the door, but the door isn’t there. Instead, there are sheets of tall mirrors against the wall that I start to move into place to block the door.

The man is now with a group of other men, there is a total of five people outside. “You can have the BBQ but I don’t want you coming back into the house,” I tell the man.

As I move the mirrors to block the entrance one of his friends says, “Hold on one second.” and he moves to come into the house. To defend myself from this invasion I punch one of the mirrors shattering it, and I grab a shard of glass and use it as a knife and stab the man in the throat. It is a deep cut, the shard cutting almost through to the back and he recoils.

His other friends then move towards me and I lash out in a piercing motion stabbing another person in the neck. The third person who gets in slicing range gets a slash against his neck which cuts deep opening a large wound.

They all are left holding their throats upset at what I have done, lamenting that they are dying but don’t collapse rather just complain about being stabbed. I feel bad, but felt I had no choice but to defend myself.

One of the invaders who isn’t hurt tells me that they were sent to the house to fetch the BBQ because they needed it for a cooking show with Bobby Flay and I was supposed to do some type of cook-off with him. (Trust me, not a chef nor the best cook to even fantasize about a cook-off with Bobby Flay).

I decide to go with them to this studio and we meet with Bobby who is aghast when he finds out that his crew members were attacked and we talk about the situation on how they came across as home invaders rather than nice, friendly crew members. Bobby said the home invasion was supposed to be a practical joke and didn’t think it would end up so badly. However, being a dream the characters that were cut recovered from the attack and were fine.

Gordon Ramsey comes in and he hears what happens and is angry with Bobby saying that doing a home invasion to steal the BBQ as a prank was stupid, that he should have expected it would all go very wrong.

I feel bad about it all, and the decide to cancel the show which is probably a good thing, I’d likely lose a cook-off but that is also a bad thing because there might have been some awesome dream food.

I leave the studio and start walking home. The dream ends and I wake up. There was a lot more dream content leading up to the house but I am unable to recall it.

I don’t normally have violent dreams, but they do happen. Sometimes they are fitting in with some influence from a violent video game or movie but when I can even in my dreams I like to avoid violence and hurting other people, even dream characters. Just not my thing. For example, my last lucid dream where I had access to a mini-gun I made sure to target a building and not any of the dream characters. I still wanted to see the effects that the gun would have in the dream which was fun but didn’t require shooting people to explore the unique gun.

Being lucid allows us to be in the drivers seat rather than the mercy of the wild flow of our subconscious mind.  Hence why I strive to achieve lucidity to produce better quality dream experiences.