January 13th, 2019 – Went to bed early and viola, another lucid dream.

I decided to go to bed early, busy day of work awaits and a good night sleep is always nice considering Mondays are upon us. I went to bed at 7:00pm and it’s now 10:00pm however what a huge amount of dreams in such a short sleep. I decided to write them down. The dream starts in a non-lucid state and I find myself at work. It’s the early morning, quite often I go to work around 5:00am if I am very busy and know there are a lot of deadlines and important things that need done. Even though I start at 9:00am, this is a very common part of my waking life. Also why I tend to have big gaps in my dream journal it’s a career work thing in the way.

I’m at my desk doing boring old work and the boss calls me on my Cell. He is asking if I am at work and I tell him yes. He is relieved because there are some very big things that need to get done. He tells me he needs me to step up and make sure they are and that he’s counting on me because we are really busy and growing fast. I tell him not to worry and get up with the phone and decide to walk outside and talk. There is this odd cable running down the stairs (it really is just the dog tether from my waking life exaggerated in the dream) and I put my free hand on it and follow it as it leads out the door having a work conversation with my boss.

“You know I got you back, what ever you need I’ll do my best. I’m already at work, you have nothing to worry about.” I assure him on the phone.

He’s happy to hear that and I hang up curious about this strange cable and follow it. Outside my work, it’s a totally different setting from my waking life, I’ll have lots of chances to do a reality-check at this point due to all the inconsistencies but the dream creates drama, which if engaged can cause me to be so caught up in it that I don’t even think to question that I am dreaming due to the engaging drama that ensues. But this is all good, shows you how I process in a dream to reach lucidity, I do find as I lead up to lucidity in these cases the dream gets very vivid and real.

The cable is leading me to this woman and man talking near a street light. It’s still dark outside, and I recognize the woman from my waking life. She is with this younger man, he’s probably in his early 30s and in good shape, wearing a tank-top. I walk up to them and she says hi and introduces me to this guy she is with. He is apparently now her boyfriend, so I say hi and she tells him that I am into dreams.

He’s not impressed, “Who the fuck cares about dreams!” he says. He pushes her back and rips off the left part of her top. “You are coming home with me now!” he yells at her.

“Sorry, I have to go.” she tells me and I am thinking this guy is a total douche bag. But she ends up kissing him regardless so right away I turn back and start walking back to work now raveling up the cable as I go. I look back and there are three more people there, and a fight is breaking out. This other woman has the person I know in a choke hold and three men are fighting.

I decide I am going to run back and help her, I don’t really care about her douche-bag boyfriend, he’s likely the reason the fight is happening. As I am running there, the boyfriend pulls out a gun, it looks like a glock and shoots one of the people he’s fighting in the chest. The guy drops and he points the gun at the other person who then backs off. The other person knocks out the gun and he scrambles to go pick it up.

I stop in my tracks as I see three police officers now approaching, there are two women officers and a male officer. I am pretty close but seeing all these guns I don’t want to get hit in some crossfire so drop down and lay on the ground. The police has everyone lined up and is arresting all of them including my friend. There are other people on the sidewalk now stopping to watch.

I tell one person, “Thank-god for the police, that guy had a gun.”

He agrees. Once the situation is under control I start to walk over to see if there is anything I can do to help my friend. Maybe tell the police that she was the one being assaulted so they don’t have to take her in. I’m walking on the sidewalk and the dream subtly is changing. I see my friend and she has a bruised face. “I’m sorry!” she tells me, “I should have been with you, you would never do this to me.” she says.

“It’s ok, I’ll try to get you out of this. What happened anyways?” I ask.

She tells me her new boyfriend deals coke and they got jumped by some people who wanted to rob them for some. The police officers tell me that I have to move on and I walk between them and the arrested people who are lined up against a fence. They form a bit of a corridor and there are more people and police lined up, instead of 4 and one shot person, there are at least 10 people lined up against the fence and 10 police standing in a line as I walk through them, ahead there are now even more people and the fence, sidewalk and setting are shifting into a Broadway style theater for live acting and I am walking into a dark area between the curtain and the stage.

A person tells me that I am not supposed to be back there, and I am confused as to what is going on. Out of the blue someone smashes me in the face with a ceramic unicorn of all things, but the tip of the horn gets stuck between my two font teeth, right at the top near the gum and it’s painful as fuck. I mean it really hurts. I run forward to a ladder and start to climb it to get away. It has a trap door at the top and I push it open and climb through.

It leads to a balcony area there are people sitting in these very nice red theater chairs, and there is beautiful oak railings on the balcony. The people see me come out of the trap door and an usher asks me what I am doing there. “Sorry I took a wrong turn!” and I see a flight of winding stairs leading down to the concession area. Over the balcony I can see other rows of chairs and people seated.

The unicorn horn tip wedged in my teeth is throbbing. I can really feel the pain in my gums. I rush out side and stop to try to get it out. It’s small, like a sliver and I can barely get my finger nails around the broken piece. It’s also corkscrewed but I start to move it side to side, it hurts a lot and finally I pull it out and my gums start to bleed. I can taste the blood in my mouth and spit some of it out.

Another dream character approaches and asks me that he saw everything and says he needs to know how badly I am hurt for the police report.

“Not that bad, just something got wedged in my teeth from what ever he hit me with. I think it was a Unicorn.” and I spit out more blood.

The guy has a tablet and he is scrolling through some social media pages. In the post there are people talking about what happened and I can even see my own comments however instead of talking about the Unicorn that hurt me, I am talking about drugs referring to the reason why my friend was assaulted.

The guy gives me some gauze to put in my mouth to help stop the bleeding, much like the kind you get at the dentist rolled up into a cylinder. I put it in my mouth and it even has that yucky dry feel and taste of gauze. This woman walks up to me, she is younger in her 30s with short black hair. She says she is the person who I knew that was arrested but definitely not resembling her, or even a younger version of her at all.

“I know this is going to sound confusing but I am Sophia, I know I look different but I am a younger version of her and have traveled through time to be with you. I realize that I didn’t know who you are, but now that I know you I wanted to tell you that I love you and need to be with you.” she explains.

She looks nothing like this person I know from real life, to be quite honest she’s pushing model quality here. In real life, I’ve been single nearly 8 years while my daughter is growing up, haven’t really been looking for any relationships just busy working and holding off on meeting someone. She kind of plays into that with me. “I know you’ve waited a long time for the right person, and I am finally here to be with you.” and she looks at me with the big beautiful eyes and gives me this really nice smile that warms my heart.

“I don’t know, this is way too much for me right now. I mean, I like you but this is happening faster than I’d like.” I tell her. Then I start to realize something very very important. She’s just a dream character and I am in a dream. I start to laugh, that explains the whole violent drama with my friend, the stupid unicorn being used as a weapon to hit me in the face, the change of setting from work. All clear dream exaggerations that I could have used to trigger my reality-check. It just took a while, even though the dream is just pushing drama out like crazy this calm conversation gave me enough down time from the action to do that one important thing that many lack in dreams. Think.

Now that I knew I was dreaming, sure she can be my girlfriend until I wake up. I know immediately that our relationship may last all of a few fleeting moments. “I’m all yours!” I tell her and she is over joyed and throws herself into my arms and gives me a kiss. But I decide to have some fun and fly with her, so I start to fly as she kisses me and we spin flying over the road and then upwards. When she realizes she is flying, she de-materializes almost immediately in my arms and I land back on the road.

One thing about the dream state, dream characters can just come and go. I have learned not to sweat the small changes. I see this elderly couple walking a small poodle and pass this guy who has a large sheep dog. All the dogs are on leashes and I hear the older lady yell at the man that he needs to keep his dog on a shorter leash when people are passing because he might bite someone.

The guy argues with her saying his dog is really playful and nice around people. He never has bitten anyone. The dream again creating drama which I find can strip lucidity if I engage it. I just watch and he lets his dog off his leash and the dog runs into some snow and starts to play. This horse appears and the dog and horse play with one another. Soon some more dogs appear and the whole lot is having a fun time.

“See” he says to the old lady, “He’s friendly and playful”. The husband agrees and tells his wife to carry on their walk. I just stand there watching and admiring the details. Dreams are like watching a movie but in first-person virtual-reality style. And if you are me, apparently Unicorns can really hurt your dream teeth.

I start to look at the sidewalk and details of the dream, and I sense myself being inside something like a living being, but this being is the dream itself. I can feel and sense it’s presence in everything, it is old, ancient and watching. I start to laugh, “I know you are watching me old friend.” and I run feeling this ancient presence. “Don’t think I can’t see you, you are everywhere and everything.”

I’m basically talking with my subconscious self at this point recognizing it as being responsible for all this lovely dream output that I find myself in. It’s really just me as my waking conscious and my subconscious having a little reunion. The dream lights up and becomes very beautiful and I feel this wonderful sensation of love. I recognize just how long I’ve been at this little game of moving in and out of consciousness through myriads of patterns and experiences, the sensation of time has a sense of eternity and the dream starts to become animated and fractal like.

A tunnel forms and I move into a void, pure emptiness and calmness. I rest there, knowing this place and all the times I have come there and left just to be immersed in experience. The void is known to a lot of people who party with consciousness during sleep. It can be a great launch-pad for new dream experiences but I like it, it’s like being in empty space free of drama for the moment. No thoughts rendering out as dreams and I just relax, but I get too relaxed while being there and wake up.

Had to use the washroom. Like I say to most people who want to learn to lucid dream, when you become proficient at it the worse thing that happens is you wake up. The body always wins in the end dragging me back to wakefulness so I can deal with it’s petty pee problems. Still, it’s 11:00pm and a lot more time to dream, likely not a lot of time to write the next wave down but if I wake up early enough I’ll try.