An example of Symbolic Precognitive Dreaming from this morning’s January 13th, 2019 lucid dream.

Today I had a good example of same day symbolic precognition and was able to capture some of the symbols from my dream that had Putin, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine as dream characters.

I’ve written about symbolic precognitive dreams for over 20 years as part of a lower-order form of precognition similar where dream symbol is making the information distorted but the symbols are clear enough to become apparent in the future. Same day symbolic precognition is nothing new to me, I’ve more than had my share over the 31 years of lucid dream exploration. It’s not the best form of precognition as I favor 100% literal lucid precognitive dreams but those tend to be rarer for me. But you can see in this example, even a lucid symbolic precognitive dream has emerged.

You can read the full dream here:

January 13, 2018 – Lucid Dream with Putin, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and other oddities.

And I will break out the common symbols which appeared later in the day. On Sundays, our community has a Metaphysical group which on rare occasions I like to stop by and visit. I haven’t been there in a few months making a trip over due.

When I arrived one of the members asked me if I could come and be a speaker on March 10th, 2019 and talk about lucid dreaming. They also asked if I could do a workshop on Lucid Dreaming which is something they have never asked me before.

In the dream Putin and Ivan want me to tell them everything I know about dreaming, detail all the processes and give them full disclosure which you can read from the full context of what we are talking about leading up to the request. From the dream:

“Ivan wants me to write everything down, every step, every technique and give full disclosure. ”

I sit down at a table at the Metaphysical group and another member who is holding the talk comes by with a pad of paper and pens and puts sheets down in front of me.

In the dream, Ivan puts down a pad of paper asking me to write everything down. The same exact type of paper pad that the member had. From the dream:

“I sit at a table and they give me this pad of paper but I’m not really interested in writing anything down in the dream.”

Here is a picture of the table with the paper from the pad placed on it.

She also sets down this box of cards called, “Animals Dreaming” and by now I have told her about the strange correlation of the morning dream and shown her the dream on my website for what has taken place so far. She asks me what if I think there is a correlation between this box of cards and the dream. I told here there was a dog underneath the table perhaps that it and she laughs and walks away. TAbout the Dog under the table from the dream.

“I notice that under the table, my niece’s dog is now begging for some food”

Turns out it was the card I pulled from the box. I pull a spider card entitled, “The weaver of dreams”.

In the dream, a large wolf spider walks on the table. From the dream:

“This large spider climbs on the table.”

Here is a picture of the card.

Now, I am sure many people will be skeptical that symbolic precognitive dreams exist, and quite likely that will be linked to Putin showing skepticism at the table. From the dream: “He’s a bit skeptical about eating it.”

In symbolic precognitive dreams, the abstract dream symbology doesn’t convey a clear message but elements and very clear symbols will appear. In the same day, I’ve even met people I’ve never met before having dreamed about them in a wild symbolic dream to recognize them from that dream the same day. They can be very subtle and difficult to translate, it’s only when enough clear symbols from that dream surface it becomes apparent that precognition is playing a role in the dream content. I feel this is a classic example of such a dream so I decided to share it. But that is up to you to decide, perhaps you have had symbolic precognition of your own and can relate to how this cryptic form of future telling lends itself in some of our dreams.

For more on Precognitive Dreams and Symbolic Precognitive dreams I recommend reading this paper that I wrote entitled, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams”.

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