January 13, 2018 – Lucid Dream with Putin, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and other oddities.

This was a fun series of dreams. On a side note in waking life, I bumped into a person that I talked with at a Christmas party who is an older gentleman and a skeptic but he was interested in lucid dreaming having heard about it from another friend of mine who started to learn to lucid dream and loves it. What is nice about lucid dreaming is that it’s not woo, rather there is ample scientific evidence available now that proves we can be conscious during sleep. However, this is something each individual needs to aspire to achieve and one can read about it until blue in the face however once you have one, you’ll then know it is something you can accomplish. I always say, be conscious when you sleep. It’s a blast.

This person was quite excited because he had his first lucid dream since we last spoke and for the first time got to experience just a small taste of it. Hopefully he continues to participate consciously in his dreams and finds a whole new series of adventurous experiences that naturally emerge once one engages their nightly ritual of dreams with full waking consciousness.

In this dream series, I find myself at some Russian military base and there is a General whose name is Ivan, in the dream, I knew his last name but am having a difficult time recalling it as it was the first of many dreams that followed so is a bit buried in amnesiac memory. His first name, however, was Ivan and that is easy to remember.

Putin is with this general and both are very interested in me. They are asking me about hacking reality by changing dreams before they come true. This inquiry immediately makes me realize that I am in a dream and Putin becomes the reality check. It’s very obvious to me that I am dreaming considering the company I am within this dream.

I tell Putin that precognitive dreams can be accessed through lucid dreaming and one can change the dream which can lead to a causality event where those changes happen when the dream comes true. However, accessing this focus state is the challenge as it’s hard to know where one is focused on the dreaming spectrum.

Ivan is very interested in this idea and he wants to know how I do it. I tell him, “I don’t really pursue this anymore, but changing a dream is very easy once you know you are in one.”

“Just like this dream, all I need to do is focus my intent and change the dream.” and demonstrate by using dream control and I cause this counter that we are sitting at to suddenly move and roll across the floor.

Both Putin and Ivan look at the event in total shock and start talking in Russian with one another. I have no idea what they are saying but find it amusing that they are dream characters. I think this is my first lucid dream with Putin as a dream character in it.

Ivan wants to know how I did that and I tell him, “That’s pretty easy, this is a dream so changing it or controlling it is child’s play for me.” and I laugh.

Both Putin and Ivan are confused with this idea that the current setting and situation is a dream. Quite often dream characters participate in the dream reality as if it is our waking physical world, bound to all its rules. However, once here the rules are very malleable and can be changed on a whim.

Ivan wants me to write everything down, every step, every technique and give full disclosure. Putin stands there in amazement and they both start talking again in Russian. I sit at a table and they give me this pad of paper but I’m not really interested in writing anything down in the dream.

“Are you guy’s hungry?” I ask them. “I wouldn’t mind some food,” Ivan tells me that they will send out for some lunch but I tell him not to bother I got it covered. And I use dream control and summon up some McDonalds. I mean, if one is to eat McDonald’s and not feel the consequences a dream is a perfect place for guilt-free fast food.

Again they are amazed that I just materialized a bunch of greasy fast food and Putin sits down to join me. He’s a bit skeptical about eating it but I dive in and start eating some fries. I notice that under the table, my niece’s dog is now begging for some food so I give her some French fries.

“It’s pretty cool to hang with you Putin, I think this is the first dream where you’ve been a dream character,” I tell him and grab a hamburger and unwrap it. I accidentally knock my fries over and the container falls spilling the fries by the dog who happily starts to snack on them. I shrug it off and take a bite of the burger. I always like the taste of dream food, and for a McDonald’s hamburger, it was pretty spot on for taste and texture.

Putin grabs a burger and I just chill and have lunch with him. This large spider climbs on the table. I don’t know what kind of experiences you’ve had with spiders in dreams but they can be quite aggressive and exaggerated in mine. I look at it and it’s already 3 times the size of a normal Wolf Spider. But it is most certainly one. It has huge fangs and is slowly crawling in my direction then it leaps at my face.

Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with spider jump scares like this, actually, this is such an old dream gimmick that I’ve gotten pretty used to it and am very prepared. The spider just stops in mid-flight as I use dream control to stop it. It’s floating very close to my face and I have a good look at it. I can see the legs moving and the fangs moving. “Better luck next time,” I tell it.

Then the spider transforms into this very cute fluffy cartoon spider with a big body, small stick legs and gives me the classic large cute cat eyes if you’ve seen Puss in Boots you’d know the stare. I laugh. Dreams are a dynamic art form, and I treat them exactly like that so to have this really cute cartoon spider begging to be released from my hold on it was fun. Wish I could take a picture it was so cute.

I gently lower the spider back to the table and it reverts back to the monster-sized scarier looking wolf spider. I’m still admiring it though, it’s so fascinating to see how realistic it appears knowing this is a dream. It turns again as if to jump a second time but before it does, I just use dream control like a force push and send it flying off the table.

I notice Putin is gone, dream characters suddenly appearing or disappearing is quite common so I don’t really give any attention to it. Ivan, however, has returned and he wants me to stay at this base and has assigned me a room, and also has a uniform in his hands all folded up, complete with a nice army hat. With Putin gone, however, I’m not that interested in this dream anymore and bid Ivan goodbye.

He’s not happy that I’ve turned down their offer to stay but I tell him, “Ivan, this is a dream and there is just too much fun stuff to explore.”

I leave the building and Ivan isn’t happy about it. Dream characters can often create drama which I find can distract me causing a loss in lucidity. By not engaging in that drama and focusing on the dream itself I find I can usually maintain a good focus.

When I go outside it’s night time, and I don’t recognize any of the scenery from my waking life. It has some strange sci-fi tone to it with black buildings that look more from a movie than real life. I see this spacecraft off in the distance flying down towards me. Now the dream was starting to get interesting.

The space ship lands and it looks like it’s right out of Star Wars, a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle that the Empire uses. A door opens and a ramp lowers, out walks Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (as the younger Mark Hamill), and a nice smoky fog effect with light coming from the door.

Now, this is dreaming, I mean it’s one thing to see one of these shuttles, even on a 3D movie screen. But in full first-person dream reality, it looks so badass and amazing. I love the old classic Star Wars and to see these 3 legends from that movie now walking down a ramp towards me, I admit I was very thrilled at how cool that is.

Luke is wearing a black uniform from the Empire, and I like the fact he’s aged roughly around the 30s. He pulls out a lightsaber and I watch as it turns on, the saber growing to full length crackling with the classic sound effects.

They call me by some weird name, wish I could remember it but it wasn’t my name. And they want me to come aboard the shuttle, by force if necessary. I look at Palpatine and he’s got this wicked grimace of a smile and is standing at the left of Luke and Darth Vader is standing on his right.

I am really just in awe at looking at them, “Can we just chill and hang here for a minute.” I tell them.

I’m more interested in just seeing these characters brought to life in the super hi-def dream realism. It’s hard to really describe how cool it is to see. As I said, I love dreams for the art and this is about as artistic as it can get.

Darth Vader commands, “No, you are coming with us.” and he pulls his lightsaber. But it was Palpatine, who now glares at me with that crazy grimace of a smile and he has his hands up tapping his fingers that gets me and I start to laugh.

“Sorry guys, this is too much right now. I really should get on that shuttle but it’s just awesome having all three of you in my dream, you have no idea how cool this is.” I tell the dream character.

That was probably a big mistake because now they break character and Luke says, “Come on man, you don’t always have to point out it’s a dream. You totally ruined it.” and he throws his lightsaber on the ground turns to Darth and Palpatine and tells them to go.

I yell out, “No please just chill man, we can hang out and play some games. It’ll be fun.” and I shift the dream into this really cool arcade with three of the baddest force using characters in the Universe.

“See, they even have Pac man,” I tell Luke. And he just looks at me like WTF? But they go for it, Darth starts walking over to an arcade machine and Palpatine is looking around all confused and wanders off.

I walk over to Luke and there is this foam pit that kids are jumping into. “That looks fun,” I tell him. He looks at me, gives me this disappointed smile shakes his head then says… “Yeah, it does.” and he jumps into the pieces of foam.

I watch him lying on the foal smiling, but then the dream does something kind of cool as the foam pieces starts to move like a conveyor belt and organize into a more geometrically uniform shape, where he is lying the blocks fit around the body. To add some more cool effects, the blocks start to illuminate in multiple colors flashing and blinking as they move. As it gets to the end he sinks down as blocks cover over and then at the beginning of the pool he surfaces and is moved, this happens to some other kids that are in the foam block pool.

The other curiosity is each time he goes around this loop he becomes younger and younger until he’s a kid again. The kids are also talking about computer games and paid content complaining about how expensive it is to play and how hard it is to finish the game.

But the hypnotic trance like patterns forming in these blocks cause me to lose my lucidity and I forget that I am dreaming. Bummer. Lucidity in a dream can be unstable and fickle, I should have noticed the shift but it was so subtle. Once I lost control, the dream changed to a very long and boring mundane dream void of any really cool characters or effects. It went on for a very long time before I woke up, hence why recalling Ivan’s last name proved difficult at that point, very layered under a lot of other dream content.

Needless to say, it was a fun lucid dream however in hindsight, I should have got on the shuttle, it might have turned into an epic Star Wars themed dream. But I have had so many Star Wars themed dreams over the last 30 years it’s not like I am missing out but on waking I won’t deny what could have been had I not broken the forth wall revealing it was a dream changing the plot to something else.

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