January 12, 2019 – Short lived Lucid Dreams – Darn cat…

Leave it to a cat to wake me up but suffice to say it was nice entering into today’s lucid dream. This lucid dream came about using the WILD technique, which you can read about in this progressive guide: https://youaredreaming.org/2017/08/19/progressive-guide-lucid-dreaming/

As I am lying in bed looking at the black blank canvas through my closed eyes, visual thoughts start to form and I see what appears to be a mall. There is a grocery store and as the dream starts to form around me the details of the mall become vibrant and vivid. In this segue from waking to sleep, I am not fully 100% immersed into the dream meaning I am still partially focused in my body and in the dream at the same time. To lock and anchor into the dream, I put my hand up against this plastic advertisement for the grocery store. The large plastic sign had pictures of produce on it. Once my dream hand touches the plastic, I focus all my awareness into the dream separating any sensations of the body until my dream body becomes the vehicle of which I am now sensing through and 100% immersion into the dream is achieved.

I am fully conscious and aware that I am now dreaming, I look at the other stores in the mall and marvel at how realistic it appears and how the plastic feels. I want to explore other details because I know every aspect of this dream reality is being generated using highly-organized thought to render out the dream interface. I walk to a counter and touch it sliding my hand over the top as I begin to walk. The counter feels hard and is also cool to the touch. I knock on it and it feels perfectly real even though I know it’s just a rendering composed entirely of thought. But it is this art of dreaming, to be able to simulate a vivid realistic reality while in that focus state that makes it so thrilling to me.

There is a store that has lots of items on display and I decide to walk over and take my time to examine them. Many of the items are small ceramic animals. There are other bric-a-brac items and the shelves are stocked with a wide assortment again these details impress me given the sheer volume of items. No matter where I turn my head and look, the dream environment is rich in realistic and elaborate details. There are some stuffed toys like bears and other cute animals. I see plates, cups, cutlery and other items that are all ornate. As I go to take in all these wonderful details in the real world one of the cats decide to jump on top of me. The dream collapses instantly and I wake up, my bad for not shutting the door.

After the cat gets the attention it wants I slip back into sleep, but this time I am not conscious as I enter it. I find myself meeting this person who wants to rent me an apartment. He is a middle eastern man and we go into an elevator, he presses six and it lights up, the door closes but I become quickly aware that I must have fallen back asleep and am in another dream. The man says he wants to get us a drink before we see the apartment and the elevator opens up back to the same mall.

This time I see a restaurant/bar, it has wood chairs, tables and I can see glasses hanging over the bar. The bar is stocked with various bottles of alcohol and there are taps for beer. I think this is where we are going to have a drink and walk over, but the man disappears else where. Not a big deal, I was back in the dream and again interested in the artistic quality of this dynamic rich focus state.

The bar is empty, there are no people or servers present. I do take the time however to just explore the tables and chairs, just to look around and admire the setting. Then I leave and walk in the mall. I go to a convenience store and decide to check it out. It has shelves full of chips, chocolate bars, gum, candy and pop coolers loaded with various drinks. The man finds me again and he has two plastic bottles of water and goes through the cashier. I tell him, “I thought I lost you, you just disappeared.”

He tells me, “I just came to this store to buy us some water. We can go look at the apartment now.”

I go with the flow and the man walks back to the elevator. I don’t see what number he presses this time because the elevator is now smaller and cramped. When the door opens up, it goes outdoors not into a building. Not surprising, this is classic dream details. We walk outside and up a flight of wooden stairs to the side of a building that has no door. It is white stucco but the man opens the wall as if a secret door was there. Again, another fun detail of a dream and I laugh at how typical it is. No door, no problem we will just open the wall.

I go inside the building but this time it is the house that I am currently at because I recognize the kitchen. The man also changes roles from being this apartment manager to being an employee for some company which I believe was called, “City Digital” and was now a contract IT person. I see food cooking in the kitchen and it smells good. There are potatoes in a pot, and green beans in another pot. We walk to my bedroom and there are other people there, the dream is mixing in work and my home life.

I see my computer and sit down, the screen has a bunch of code on it. I read the code and it’s all work related. I decide I’d rather try some of the food and go back to the kitchen, grab a plate and open the oven. There are backed potatoes and a chicken cooking. There is also some steak on a plate resting. I load the plate with chicken, steak, baked potato and green beans. I don’t bother with the boiled potato and turn, as I do the baked potato rolls of the plate and breaks open on the floor. I shake my head and laugh at the mess but don’t bother cleaning it up being a dream and all.

I take the plate back to the room and tell the people there that dinner is ready, so they all leave to go grab a plate. I sit down and start with a piece of steak. It tastes very good, cooked to medium rare. I can taste the salt and pepper. Then I try some of the roast chicken, I have slices of chicken breast. It also tastes very good, seasoned nicely and the breast is tender and juicy. I notice that my plate now has alfredo pasta where the baked potato used to be, another classic dream glitch but being lucid and conscious I don’t mind. I like pasta and use a fork to twirl the noodles around it. It too tastes very good, lots of garlic just the way I like it.

The people start to return with plates of their own, some just have a mountain of food on it. They are talking about work and sub-contracting out jobs and how the jobs are taking so long to finish. I remark that I could have done that same job in one day if they didn’t contract it out and it would have been done. Shrug it off focusing back on the food because dream food is so nice and guilt free. The steak was probably the best of the food however I decide I wanted to try a baked potato in my dream and go back to the kitchen.

The potato is still on the floor, I open the oven but there are none there. I see the microwave is on and I look inside, and see potatoes cooking there instead and laugh. I mean, who microwaves a baked potato… yuck. The kitchen is a big mess after everyone got their food. Thank god it’s a dream, don’t have to worry about cleaning it up. It will go away when I wake up I tell myself and laugh. It’s just nice to be in a dream again lucid.

I walk outside of the house and the sky is vibrant and blue, I see the same mountains and details that I see every day in my waking life but this time I can have a different perspective of them, and begin to levitate and fly. I lift up about a mile up and look down at the town seeing it from a birds eye view. This unique perspective is only ever appreciated in these types of dreams. Flight in dreams which I have done for many many years never gets old. Birds are so lucky, but in this world we certainly have the same privilege. I love this perspective.

I start to fly towards the lake and as before, I am now being woken up by the same cat. Once again, it’s time for attention. They really don’t seem to care that we sleep too. Anyways, it was still a nice sequence of lucid dreams and I got to fly so that was just perfect. Eating food in dreams is a blast, in many cases I find it tastes better than waking life but in the dream I am merely eating for the experience of eating because there is no spoon there. It’s all just an amazing ability of the mind to simulate a rich realistic reality for a brief moment of sleep. I love it.