January 10th, 2018 – Very long time stretch in a one hour nap. Eventually became lucid.

It’s been a very busy 3 months, my career is at it’s peak for business so I haven’t had much time to dedicate to writing down dreams or producing videos but I think I am over that hump and what better than starting off 2019 with today’s lucid dream which took place during a 1 hour nap. It wasn’t until the tail end of the dream that I finally figured out that I was dreaming at all. What made this dream very interesting is that I had a chance one again to observe time stretching in the dream. The perception of time in dreams is not like our perception of time when awake. It lends to similar claims from people who have experienced the Kappa Effect or had some other altered state of consciousness derived from hypnosis, or taking hallucinogenic drugs like DMT, Mushrooms, LSD. Until you actually have an experience of Duree or time stretching it might sound wild or fanciful that one can sleep for a mere hour but dream for what feels like a month.

As a practitioner of lucid dreaming, spanning 31 years I have had more than my share of dreams that demonstrate this uncanny ability to present a long duration in the perception of time vs the amount of time one is physically asleep. Over the years I have talked with many dreamers who encounter similar experiences. For me, I call them mini-vacations because they can span days to weeks. Quite often this happens when I am lucid in the dream, so I am very aware of the passage of time however in this dream, I was not lucid so found myself dream locked.

The dream started where my company moved our head office to Phoenix Arizona and I had to move there. As boring as it was, much of the dream was just going to work. On the weekends, I had to fly to Canada where I live to see my daughter. The dream seemed to convey that a month of time had passed because I remember at least 4 weekends with her. On the last weekend she wanted to come to Phoenix and spend it there with me it would be this final weekend that I would then come into the realization that I was dreaming.

The dream went on so long, at one point I sat down with my boss and complained about the move because I wasn’t happy living there, I was working way too much and it was hot, humid and I was getting home sick. As to the actual amount of time, I don’t believe an entire month passed as one would experience a month while awake. The days were much shorter, there are moments when the dream jumps from one event to the next which condenses down the perception of time to roughly 6-8 hours however clearly a lot longer than the 1 hour I slept.

The house I was living in was shared with another worker. He also had a daughter but she was an adult in her early 20s and there was this sub-plot in the dream where she was attracted to me and constantly flirting and hitting on me. She worked at a coffee shop as I do remember taking her there for work and dropping her off one day. She flirted with me in the car but as I would in my waking life, I did the gentleman thing and didn’t return on her advances. As time went on though she was getting more and more aggressive but I would always turn her down in a very kind and polite manner. No doubt she was very attractive, she had straight black hair cut in a bob. She was into piercings and tatoos so had a nose ring, many ear rings and tattoos on her arms, shoulder and the classic tramp stamp on the back. On top of that she was very pretty.

The bulk of the dream was work, so it’s very boring not worth mentioning and I did way too much of it to say it was fun. However some of the eating out at restaurants was memorable, I always enjoy eating food in my dreams. When I picked my daughter up at the airport we drove to this persons house. He was having us over for dinner but things got really crazy at the house which then triggered my reality-check in the dream and then the remainder of the dream became much more fun.

He had two dogs and warned me one of his dog bites so told me to sit on the couch and let the dog get to know me. His friendly dog was already on the couch, it looked like a Border Collie and was sleeping so I sat beside it. He brought out his other dog and stood in the hall, but the lighting wasn’t very good and I couldn’t make out what it was. It barked, he told him to calm down and then lets him go. The dog, or at least what I thought was a dog charged up and bit me on the left arm. Now I am a very tactile dreamer and I do feel pain in my dreams. In this case, I could feel the bite as well as the pressure on my arm bones as it squeezed the arm. But get this, it wasn’t a dog at all. It was a minature horse that acted like a dog.

The bugger clamps on my arm and it hurts, the owner is telling the dog to let go but just stands in the hall complaining and appologizing for his horse that thinks it’s a dog. I pet it and notice it’s a miniature horse which makes me wonder why the person would confuse it with a dog but then thought maybe he’s kind of crazy as I didn’t really know him. The horse finally lets go after some calming down and petting. I admit it felt very real, I could even feel the saliva on my arm after I wiped it off.

It runs back to the owner but then turns back and charges me again biting my arm and locking on. Now I am getting a little fustrated with it, pet the horse to calm it down and show it I am friendly but the bite hurts and in my mind I am thinking this guy needs to get his pet under control. It lets go but now I am on guard and not trusting the animal. It turns again and charges towards me but this time I grab it’s mouth and clamp it shut pinning it against the couch as I lean on it’s head. It’s unable to open it’s mouth and starts to struggle but I’m pressing it’s head into the couch with the full weight of my body and I don’t let go.

I can feel the horse trying to open its mouth and eventually it manages to stick it’s tounge out and trys to lick my hand. I can feel that it has stopped struggling and I let it go, it now starts to lick my hand then licks my face almost as if to appologize and it trots off. The man’s wife comes in and she has two crabs, one in each hand. I assume this is what we are having for dinner but the crabs didn’t have their claws coverted in a rubber band. Instead they had these almost Japanese ornate bands on the arms of their claws that almost look like flags as they stuck out.

She puts them on the ground and they start to walk under the coffee table waving their little claws and I start thinking this is getting very weird and wonder where my daughter is. I see the crabs scurry towards the kitchen and she is in there. She picks one of them up and plays with it very happy because she loves crabs in real life. There is a large pot of boiling water however there are lobster, crabs and even large coconut crabs in the kitchen.

I tell her that she shouldn’t play with them because they can pinch her with the claws. One of the coconut crabs was slowly reaching for her arm as she sat and played with the decorated pet crab. I tell her we have to leave, but she wants to stay and have crab for dinner. I tell her we’ll take them with us and put them in the pot of boiling water, in goes the two pet crabs and I grab the aggressive coconut crab and put it in. I put a lid on the pot, pick it up and walk out to my car where I put it in the trunk. I don’t even tell the people I want to get the heck out of there because things were too weird. We drive off, for what feels like 10 minutes until I pull over to see if the crabs are cooked.

I go to the trunk, pull out the pot and lift the lid. The coconut crab had split open, and I pulled out a piece of it with tongs. Gave my daughter a piece and tried some myself. It was actually very hot, and tasted really good. I lifted out one of the decorated crabs and it had turned red, all of its legs folded against it’s body. I hold it and then the bugger starts to move and right then I say, “Now that is some fucked up dream shit right there!” and threw it on the ground.

Then I started to laugh, all the weirdness made sense I was in a dream. Now things are more fun, once I became conscious I understood all the oddity I was experiencing with the illogical symbolism and strangeness. That’s the dream world for ya. I grabbed another piece of the coconut crab because eating in dreams for me is as real, tactile and savory as how I experience it in waking life. But now that I was conscious in the dream I could really enjoy the experience.

My daughter wandered off to the house where my friend and his crazy daughter lived. Now I am more interested in exploring so paying much more attention to the details. Without that odd wave of strange dream symbolism I likely wouldn’t have broken out of the trance-like state and achieved lucidity but having trained myself to trigger a reality check when the normalcy of the dream is lost to weird dream symbols that worked like a charm once things got strange.

The house and the street however was all very normal looking. It’s night time so the lights are on in the house. I walk in and the kitchen has a counter with bar stools. Over the counter there is a cupboard. I decide I want to just sit and anchor myself in the dream, this is where I try to just relax and go with the flow stabilizing my awareness, taking a break from the dream drama.

My friend (who isn’t a friend from real-life btw) is in the kitchen working on cooking his own dinner. His daughter comes into the kitchen but this time she’s not wearing pants and wants to show me her new piercings. Yeah… now I know I am dreaming so I’m not to worried about her strange behavior. I still look away and try not to engage her but I am laughing this time. She still tries her hardest to have me look at her but I shake my head and laugh, “This is just a dream you know. You are nice, I’ll give you that.”

I get up and walk away from her looking for my daughter but she is no where to be found. Well, no sense worrying about it and I walk outside to look at my car. It’s my new 2019 Honda Civic LX, shiny and red. I walk to the back bumper and see the decal I had put on last Monday which says, “YouAreDreaming.Org” and I smile. I look at those words and laugh. It’s perfect. Now something you may not know I have a few shirts that have the same saying You Are Dreaming on them, which have many times been the reality-check in other dreams helping be to become lucid. Since I was already lucid the car didn’t achieve the same effect but was so cool being in a dream, seeing my waking life car with the bumper having those words on it.

I pull out my keys and open the door, it is just like my car perfect to every detail. I sit and relax admiring the dream, it felt so good to be here. I back out of the drive way and go for a cruise, turn on the music and roll down the window sticking elbow out the window. The city looks fantastic so I am now in tourist mode, soaking up the vivid rich details of the dream loving every minute of it. I stop at an intersection and lo and behold the crazy girl is back this time she’s dressed in a short black shirt with a black mini-skirt and she sees me, waves all excitedly and runs over to the window. “This is your car? I love it! Take me for a ride ok?”

I really don’t know this person from my waking life, never seen her before. But I’m finally starting to warm up to her and let her get in. She runs over to the passenger side and gets in, gives me the cutest smile and is just glowing with happiness. I laugh, “Do I have to call you my new dream stalker?” I ask her. And she laughs, “Oh you know I am just in love with you.” and she grabs my hand.

We go for a drive and she leans up against me resting her head on my shoulder finally happy she got what she wanted. I didn’t mind, if you ever read any of my other dream encounters with these relatively short-term girlfriends I’ll even tell them we can date until I wake up. It’s kind of funny when you know it’s a dream, that you will eventually wake up and likely never to have this encounter again. This time, I just let her be the flirt that she was and enjoyed her company.

We drove along a beach and she wanted to stop and go for a walk. My car has lane detection so in the dream, the car is having a hard time with the parking lanes but I don’t care, it’s a dream so I just stop and get out. My new dream friend grabs my hand and once again I walk to the back of the car to look at the bumper and admire the words. She looks at it and reads it out loud then looks at me. “Is this really a dream?” she asks.

I laugh, “Yep. Indeed it is.” and she becomes excited and says, “That’s amazing!” then gives me kiss which I wasn’t expecting and that ended up waking me up. Sorry dream girl, such is the way of dreams.

What a lot of fun. For one hour of sleep to have such a long and crazy dream I can’t complain. It’s why I’ve pursued lucid dreaming for 31 years, it always delivers new fun, different experiences and adventures. They never end. I seldom have the time however to journal every one I have but thought I would share this one due to the time effect. I enjoy writing about it because I love experiencing mini-vacations in my dreams. Gotta love living a second life in the world of dreams.