January 10th, 2018 – The other dreams that took place after my nap with a cool smart mini-gun turret.

I have a cold but had to work through it and it’s not letting up. I am staying home today to recover. Gives me a chance to write down some more dreams as I know some people are visiting my site looking at how to dream, how to be lucid and also just wanting to know what the dream experience is like. Having lucid dreamed for 31 years, it is the one place that legitimately allows us to be self-aware, conscious and awake like we are in our waking life. Thanks to participating in the 5-6 dreams that we all have with conscious intent, I have added well over 10 years of conscious experience through dreaming that I otherwise would have lost to empty amnesiac sleep.

I’ve covered how to progress through lucid dreaming in a quick start guide which you can read here.

A Progressive Guide to Lucid Dreaming

I’ve written about dreams since 1998 and every book, paper and article I have written is free because I believe in open-source community orientated knowledge. Dreaming is my one true passion because it’s highly entertaining, simulates a reality that can be as real, even more real than my waking life and I certainly admit I live a second life in my lucid dreams. I cover some of the perks in an article I recently wrote called “The Art of Dreaming”: https://youaredreaming.org/2018/10/19/art-dreaming/

This dream starts off at a movie theater. I find myself sitting in the theater with my daughter. The pre movie ads and trivia are playing and I decide to go to the concession to buy some popcorn and pop. I notice many of the people there are part of the LGBT community as I see men dressed up as women and some type of event has brought them there. I stand in line and this person is talking highly about how great the community is growing and how wonderful it is. I mind my business as usual and the person then addresses me, “I can see you are not here for the LGBT event.”

I turn around and smile, “No I am here for some pop and popcorn. How are you today.”

The person asks me, “What do you think of the LGBT community?”

I start to realize that I am dreaming and smile, “I don’t really think about it. Everyone is an individual so who am I to judge.”

“I doesn’t bother you?” the person asks.

“No, it’s not my thing I’m more into dreams and consciousness.”

The person looks at me strangely, “I love dreaming!” they say.

“I know right. We are in a dream right now, how cool is that?” I reply.

The person looks at me with wide open eyes. “You think this is a dream?”

I laugh, “I know it’s a dream. I’m lucid right now.”

“Get out of here, that’s crazy!” and the person then puts their had on my head. “You feel pretty real to me.”

“Who says dreams are not a form of reality?” I reply and the person pulls their hand back and looks at me in shock. It’s my turn at the counter and this young female concession worker with a pony tail and concession hears the conversation and she tells me, “You know, you can have what ever you want. I’ll even make you a blueberry and gummy bear drink.”

I laugh, “Sure I’ll have one of those.”

She gets a young man to make the drink. He puts ice in the cup then pours some gummy bears in and then pours blueberry pop over it. He hands me the drink and I look at the gummy bears floating around. They have a sparkling luminescence to them, almost cosmic looking. I take a really good look at the details, it’s this art-form of dreams I admire. Very unique, different and fun. I put a straw in the cup and ask for a spoon or fork so I can scoop out the gummy bears. He goes and grabs me two plastic forks. I have a sip and the drink is cold, tastes like blueberry pop with a sourness perhaps from the gummy bears.

I go back to the theater but now it has changed, the theater looks more like a school with desks where the rows of chairs once were. There are now children doing school work at the desks and my daughter is one of them. Since there was no more movie to enjoy I decide to leave them be and walk out of the theater and explore the dream further.

The city has a more run-down poverty stricken appearance with garbage everywhere and lots of homeless people on the streets. I toss the drink in the garbage and look around, there is a gang off in the distance beating someone up and I see some military personal around with machine guns. On the top of a building I see a mini-gun pointing down towards the street. There is no one there but the gun is autonomously moving and scanning.

It was interesting so I thought I would go check it out. I walk to the building and climb a fire-escape ladder until I reached the top. The mini-gun sat with sandbags around the base. It had a seat that one could sit at with a couple of different monitors and a keypad. The interesting thing about this was it was all the smart technology. It had facial recognition, tracking boxes but you can take manual control of it. It had two handles which I grab and it’s motorized so the gun moves very smoothly and I could hear the whir of the motors as the gun turned.

I wanted to try this bad boy out, I never shot a mini-gun in my dreams and probably never will in real life. I didn’t want to shoot at people but I did move the gun near the violent gang, the screen lit up with targeting squares and the gun automatically moved to each target locking on so I turn it away from the gang and point it at this building and open fire. The gun starts to shoot as it warms up and the barrel speeds up creating a vibrant stream of hot red bullets that explode when they hit the building. Smoke and debris rise up and I stop, the gun winds down. The sound effects were perfect. The gang scatters and everyone on the street runs away in fear, going back into buildings or even jumping over fences and hitting the ground.

This draws the attention of the military so I leave and just jump off the building and start to walk resuming my exploration of the dream. Soldiers finally catch up to me with machine guns pointing and yelling in what I think might be Spanish, definitely a foreign language. But I am dreaming, so one of the nice perks is having dream control which lets me change the dream or use super-powers. I make a gesture with my right hand and their machine guns go flying out of their hands. I then do a force push and send them flying back toppling them over. The soldiers get up and turn tail and run.

This lady comes out from the base of the building and calls me over. I walk over and she tells me to come inside. I go with the flow and she tells me that they are part of some resistance and had hacked the mini-gun and have been uploading targets for facial recognition. This other lady greets me and asks me if I want something to eat. I say ok, and she puts this bowel of soup on a plate then puts it in a microwave.

I sit at a table and the other lady shows me a series of pictures of targets and I notice one of them is my friend from waking life. I laugh and say don’t shoot him, he’s my friend. Then I ask her, “How do you know the facial recognition is accurate what if there are people who look similar, wouldn’t they be at risk.”

She tells me it’s a risk they are willing to take. The microwave goes off and the lady brings me the plate with the bowel of soup on it. But the plate has warped from being in the microwave. I look at it and the edges are waved and curling slightly upwards. I feel the plate and it feels like solid ceramic but again I remind myself it’s a dream so this is just classic dream physics gone wrong.

I decide I want to go outside and check out the mini-gun again, it was kind of cool and the effects were fun. This time however the escape ladders had been pulled up and I could see a large white lock on them. Well, so much for old school climbing a ladder and I simply levitate upwards on to the building.

People have returned back to the street and I could see the gun moving scanning the people. “Now that is a dangerous toy”, I think to myself. I sit back on the chair and grab the handles. But before I could find a spot that I wanted to shoot I woke up. Such is the way of dreams. Still a fun little adventure rather than nothing at all. The mini-gun was a cool thing to explore in the dream and no dream characters were harmed 😉