September 17, 2018th – A lucid dream filled with Zombies, how fun.

The dream starts out, and I am at this high-end party with Senators and wealthy businessmen. There is a senator there who doesn’t like me much because I am dating his daughter. She’s this beautiful blonde woman, a total wild socialite partier who as I find out later has a serious coke habit. The senator tells me he doesn’t want me dating his daughter and pushes my shoulder.
In response, I grab her and kiss her right in front of him getting him angry. She laughs and grabs my arm pulling me out of the party saying, “Come on it’s time to go.”

We walk outside; it’s cloudy and with a light drizzle of rain. I start to clue in that I am dreaming and am a bit taken by this gorgeous woman. She tells me she wants to find some Cocaine and I told her I don’t do it, wouldn’t know where to find any. She says she does and takes me towards this shady part of town.

As we are walking there, we notice people starting to scream and run. A group was running towards us. They were being chased by a horde of zombies, but not the slow-moving kind. They were the speedy and agile kind. This African man with a beard grabs me turning me around yelling “Come on man! We gotta get out of here!” and I start to run with the group.

My girlfriend screams as she sees the zombies grab a person and dogpile on it tearing the person to shreds. We run to this stairwell going down. It is the back entrance to a mall. The door was unlocked, and our group ran in with the Zombies close behind.

In the mall, we run down these halls and jump over a railing down some stairs. The group gets a bit scattered, and I find myself in a Sporting goods store. I start to look for a weapon and see a rack of baseball bats that were hanging on these rails.
I pull out an aluminum bat, but it’s light. I grab a wooden bat, and it’s heavier and decides to take that one. There is a display of hunting knives, but I am looking for guns or bow and arrows however the Zombies are right on our trail forcing us to run out of the store back into the main corridors.

A few other people managed to grab baseball bats. When we head further into the mall, a group of zombies pours into the front of us while others were running up from behind. We had to fight our way through the horde and then these two demons appeared. The demons were unusual in that the dream for a brief moment while they were there became entirely composed as a cartoon. It was artistically neat to see this cartoon rendering of the dream reality. I swung at this smaller demon which then stood upside down on the ceiling billowing flame from its mouth which I had to dodge.
Finally, I threw my baseball bat at it knocking it down. My girlfriend ended up having some strange ability because when the zombies were attacking her, she gave off this burst of energy knocking them back. This cleared a path to a door leading outside that we ran through. On my way out I picked up the bat.

Outside in the parking lot, we regrouped to catch our breath. I was telling the other people they should have grabbed more weapons when we were at the sporting goods store. My girlfriend didn’t want to fight zombies she was all concerned about getting high on coke needing a fix. I told her surviving is far more critical. The dream didn’t last much longer as I woke up.

Haven’t had a good zombie dream in many many years, so it was a lot of fun. Just like living in a movie.