September 9th, 2018 – A lucid dream of decadence and tasty experiences.

This was a very welcomed and fun lucid dream adventure.  31 years of lucid dreaming and the second life it offers is rich in vivid and beautiful experiences.  I’ve been busy so haven’t been writing down my lucid dream adventures, so I miss out on sharing some of the wild worlds that are lived like being in the matrix, or inception where fantastic fantasy creatures are brought to life.  I had a Skyrim influenced lucid dream with amazing specters with glowing red crystals for hearts.  Another one in a Buddhist temple and golden 4 faced statues that came to life.  Just endless experience for the price of closing one’s eyes and remaining conscious of the experience.

In today’s lucid dream, I was at some courthouse, and this person named Kent was suing his girlfriend because she wasn’t obeying his contract which was a 1,000 page manuscript of rules she had to follow.  Kent was an older man obsessed with control, and his girlfriend didn’t obey any of them.  This comical expectation made me quickly realize it was a dream.  As I was becoming conscious, I walked with Kent talking about his problems and told him he should really try expecting love and empathy in his relationship towards his girlfriend, that love is the one rule he should follow if he is to be with someone.

We walked out of the courthouse and down a street towards a Tim Hortons where he stood in line to buy a coffee.  I picked up this plastic serving tray and started to explore the richness of the dream and its vivid realism.  While there it’s as real as waking life, very much what the movie Inception portrays as the trees, sky, buildings were masterfully detailed.   Breaking immersion to know it is a dream and not reality is the only barrier otherwise one would think for that time it was real and not a dream at all.  A very genuine and real experience for the short duration that the dream offers.

The plastic tray was orange, and I could feel the texture on the surface.  I pulled the plastic stretching pieces of the tray as if it was putty then set it on a table of confused dream characters who wondered how I was able to do that to a plastic tray.  I take a butter knife at the counter as a worker watched as I took the thick metal end of the knife and bent it effortlessly.  I then twisted it into a spiral and passed it to her.  For her it seemed as solid and real as a knife, in reality, she too confused as to how I could just mold it like clay.  The secret, it’s a dream the knife is just highly-organized thoughts expressing themselves in the final rendering of my expectation of a knife based on my waking world experiences.

I decided to ditch Kent in favor of now embracing the dream and exploring it.  I walked out of the Tim Hortons, and there was this metal railing which I decided to climb over rather than walking down the concrete stairs.  I jumped down and walked towards a mall, taking in the beauty of the dream.  “This is where I want to be, in a state of full awakened consciousness and self-realization in this dream,” I say to myself happy and joy-filled that I am now living vicariously in this second life that lucid dreaming offers.

At the mall, I this lady walks up to me asking me if I knew it was a dream.  I told her indeed this is a dream.  She said she likes dreaming and wants to lucid dream.  So I ask for her name, and she says it’s Stephanie.  She’s an older woman with dark hair, shorter than I am roughly about 5’8” and a little on the heavy side pushing towards her 40’s.  I tell her that I am not some artifact of her dream that I am a genuine person and tell her my name.  I direct her to my website, “” and tell her if she wakes up and can remember my website and this dream to e-mail me.  One never knows, I’ve shared dreams with over 14 people in my life and am always open to the idea that one day I might share a dream with a random person who might remember.

We walk towards this food court.  I could smell the delicious scents of food and watched as people sat at tables with food dining.  “Everyone, may I have your attention,” I yell. “This is a dream!  Say it with me.  This is a dream!” I chant and the dream characters start to chant with me, “This is a dream!”.  That made me smile as I continued to explore.  I saw a grocery store in the mall, and all the shelves full of items took my attention.  I wanted to see just how many things I could explore.

I walk down a cereal aisle and pick up boxes of cereal and examine them looking at the artistic designs of the logos and characters on the boxes.  Reading the text on the side of ingredients was not a problem.  The details are again vividly real.  From fruit-loops to corn-pops the cereal aisle was spot on accurate from waking life.  The next aisle had cookies, and I picked up a box of Christy Pirate Cookies, they are a peanut butter version of cookies and cream.  Looking wasn’t good enough, so I ripped open the cardboard box and tore through the cellophane.  I grab one of the cookies, it seems identical to the real world counterpart.

I bite into it, the cookie crumbles and the cream filling compresses.  It tastes delicious, the peanut butter filling is sweet and decadent.  It’s outer cookie layers are crisp and rich in flavor.  Being a dream, I just toss the box down on the floor and grab a box of Chocolate Chip cookies and rip it open again to sample the cookie inside.  It’s a perfect chocolate chip cookie, simulated to perfection as I bite into one.  The chocolate tastes wonderful.

Then it hit me, I need to go to the bakery aisle and just keep eating and sampling everything.  The bakery has a bulk food section which offers up a wide range of candies and chocolates.  I start there and see this bin of assorted chocolates.  I lift the plastic lid and pick up a small butter finger chocolate.  I bite into it and the inside with the candy was wafered by being rolled so wasn’t solid.  The layers were very delicate and airy when I bit into it.  The chocolate mixed with this peanut candy center was delicious.

The next chocolate was a Crispy Crunch, and it too was perfect in every detail of texture and taste.  I look at the baked items, there are pastries, strudels, pies, and shortcakes.  I see this tray of tiny cupcakes of all colors and flavors.  They are super small about one centimeter but detailed vividly in colorful icing and sprinkles.  I pick up on that has a light purple frosting, there is no paper on these small cupcakes.  I eat it, and the icing had this sweet buttery creamy taste, it was remarkable.  So I sampled a few of the varieties offered and each one was an explosion of sugar, cream and cupcake goodness.

The baker watched as I just sampled items then recommended I try this truffle dessert.  He said it was the best one they offered.  It was in a plastic container, and the price tag said $86.00 on it.  I look at the desert, it has these cream filled crepes rolled as the base with a custard layer with whip cream on the top and chocolate stripes decorating the top with truffles.  Forget paying for it, I open the plastic lid and scoop out a mouthful.  It was terrific, the custard and whip cream combined with the crepe and it’s thicker creamy filling was outstanding.  That hint of chocolate just complimented everything.  The dessert was so good, I ate it all and then put the empty container back.

The baker said, “You have to pay for that.” And I just reply.  “Don’t worry I will, I’ll pay for everything I eat.” As I pick up a strawberry cheesecake in another plastic container.  Oh man, this was also beyond delicious.  Cold, with its graham base.  The cheesecake was sweet and the strawberry glaze spot on perfect.  Being able to smell and taste in a lucid dream is terrific.  Knowing it was a dream made taking the time to appreciate all of these beautiful delights all the more exciting.

After eating that I moved on to this strudel.  It was a cone-shaped strudel with filling.  On the top of the strudel were grains of sugar.  The first one I tried was grape which in real life I’m not a fan of grape jelly, but here it was all about exploring everything there for the experience offered.  The pastry was light, flaky and I could taste the sugar grains.  The grape filling was sweet and gooey.  It was wonderful.

I was loving all of it.  How often can you have a consequence-free pig-out of food that tastes equal too or better than real life?  The next item was this strawberry mousse which I just scooped out with my finger.  It was soft,  light and the flavor of the strawberry just exploded in my mouth.  So damn good.

These two ladies were watching me pig out and started to interrupt by asking me why I was just helping myself to all the bakery items sampling them all.  “This is a dream, and I want just to take in all of this rich guilt-free decadence.” I tell them.

This one lady starts to talk about her daughter wanting to dream, and I tell her, “We all need to learn to dream.  Look at what we miss out on if we don’t participate.  See how vivid and real it is here.  It’s rich with wonderful experience.”

I have them touch my hand to feel the realism and suggest they should also join in on tasting and experiencing the excellent baked goods.  We walk over to the items on display, and one lady is hesitant about just freely eating.  “Don’t worry about it, this is just an experience.  Make it a wonderful one.”  The other lady walks behind the counter so she can access all the items on display and pulls out this dessert with a strawberry glaze with a half-cut strawberry on top.

She’s into it and starts to eat amazed at how good it tastes for only being a dream.  The other lady declines and is afraid of consequences so doesn’t participate.  I grab another grape strudel cone because, in this dream, it was literally the best grape jelly I’ve ever tasted.  I put it in my mouth and start to eat loving every moment until I realize that I am waking up and feel the dream around me dissolve as my awareness shifts into my waking state.  I open my eyes and smile.  That was one delicious lucid dream!

A small price to pay for merely closing one’s eyes.  Lucid dreamed for 31 years really opens up the art of dreaming of being a means by which to have new experiences and adventure.