You are Living a Dream that Lasts a Lifetime.

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Published Aug 21, 2018 @ 08:46

The dream hides in plain sight and simply waits for your realization. Here are some of the ways that it will present this to you. The most apparent insight comes from a form of Deja Vu where you link the familiarity to something you dreamed of in the past. If you have had this experience it is known as Deja Reve (Already Dreamed) and comes from a deeper part of yourself providing knowledge through the first-person experience nudging you towards the truth of what I am stating as a fact. This reality, this moment, this experience you are having is a 100% literal form of deep immersive dreaming. Reality is the dream, you are the dreamer. It has always been this way but to gain this forgotten or unrealized knowledge requires breaking immersion.

The idea that reality is a dream isn’t new. Buddhists, Hindus, Australian Aboriginals, Native Americans, Shamans and modern-day mystics have come to this realization. Even physicists such as Dr. Fred Allan Wolf who is known as Dr. Quantum wrote a book called, “The Dreaming Universe” where he presents this idea. The Dream Argument has been around since Plato and Aristotle. Rene Descartes further expanded on the Dream Argument. A great paper that looks at historical accounts of people coming to this realization is called, “This is All a Dream” by Timothy Conway and can be freely read here: View PDF

Currently, many mathematicians and physicists are turning to the idea that we live in a simulation or virtual reality. This idea has emerged because evidence presents the idea in a series of experiments which I cover in this paper: Immersion into the Human Experience and suggests that our reality is epiphenomenal of information processing.

The idea that reality is information and computed lends to the idea that we could be living in a virtual reality. The idea proposed by Nick Bostrom suggests that more advances in computation could lead to simulations so real they would be indistinguishable from reality and postulates that more advanced civilizations could already have succeeded in producing realistic simulations that we right now could exist in one of those simulations. However, because it takes a technological approach it suggests that some alien computer exists where we are the sims in an advanced computer program lending itself to ideas which have been presented in movies like The Matrix. Even Neil Degrasse Tyson has a hard time arguing against the simulation hypothesis.

Nature has already evolved the perfected virtual reality simulator in living systems. We already exist in a system that uses information processing to render out our experience of reality. In my above paper, I explain how information processing in living systems is how all life has evolved to survive. The problem with the simulation hypothesis is it’s technologically biased and ignores the already existing supercomputer which is in all living beings. The one that naturally evolved in nature. The cell.

In this system, we immediately know what the computer is and also what the programming language is. This emerges in your deja vu linked to past dreams. You may already be privileged to that process if you engage and remember. Dreams are a composition of highly organized thought that is the programming language and the subconscious mind is the computer in which this dream simulation runs. Easy, self-evident and simple to explore. You already have 5-6 dreams a night in which to participate if willing. Not a belief, religion or idea but a genuine achievable experience you can invoke with the simple act of attention focusing and participation in those already available 5-6 dreams. The best way to study the Dream Hypothesis is not to read about it, but to become proficient at dreaming and explore this part of yourself.

The Dream Hypothesis

If the criteria for a virtual reality or simulation is information and computation; then you are already born with this ability. You already create dreams as an extension of yourself using thought to program the dream experience. The brain is natures perfected virtual reality simulator and computes sensory information into a rendered interface where we experience reality. It also computed dream experiences using thought as the programming language.

The bridge into knowing this through the first-person experience comes with a sensation of knowing in a deja vu moment when you realize the source of the familiar pattern comes from a past dream, days, weeks, months and even years before the Deja event. It is through exploring this process that the evidence that reality is a type of dream can emerge and be realized. What it can also reveal is your participation in a creative process that is the engine that drives all reality experiences.

Precognitive Dreaming is the self-evident emerging phenomena of this creative process.
The originating dream is still a dream even when it actualizes. It is a composition of highly organized thoughts that are programming the dream interface. In this relationship, it can expose that reality is rendered from information, that information is a type of dream that is programmed using highly-organized thought. How this precognitive dream then becomes a future event is systemic of a larger information system of which you are a part of. This larger system is what Physicist Tom Campbell describes as the larger consciousness system or TBC, the big computer.

Tom Campbell is not the only Physicist to say the Universe is some type of computer. Physicist Seth Lloyd from the Institute of Technology in Cambridge views the Universe as a Computer. This idea was also proposed by Physicist John Wheeler in “It to Bit” that the Universe is a giant Turn Machine (computer). Physicist Max Tegmark views the Universe similarily that it’s all mathematical. Stephan Wolfram also views all reality could result from some kind of algorithms like a computer program. Mathematician Brian Whitworth deduced that reality also could be some type of virtual system as many of the “Spooky Action from a Distance” effects in Quantum Mechanics better fit a mathematical virtual reality model.

The computer is you. The programming language is thought. You are already rendering out an experience of reality using a highly evolved process of computation where you take in sensory information and your mind computes that information outputting an interface to that data which you then interact with through this interface.

The science of thought related to this is still a new frontier as we quantize our relationship with it by the artifacts of details produced in the final rendered product. For example instead of seeing an atom information, ie a programmed class of information with a set of attributes that describe how it behaves in the larger reality program. Instead, we see the rendered atom emerge from information processing and because it now renders out to fulfill its role in the program we build our science on the observation of the rendered attribute, not the underlying processes that govern the information.

In the Dream Hypothesis, the atom and all things in the final rendered product is the underlying programming language known as higher-order thought. The type of thought that organizes your night-time dreams and the same thought that links your past dreams to your future deja vu experiences.

It is in these precognitive dream events that we see in the first-person experience of how dreams [highly-organized thoughts] are the programming language for the simulation. If you are willing to explore this in your own experiences know that the originating precognitive dream is still a dream. It is still an example of this highly-organized thought programming the dream environment.

The Big Computer or collective consciousness (also coined as the collective unconscious by Carl Jung) is the Server. If you do have precognitive dreams and remember (as this is really an issue of memory when in that focused state) then you are having a glimpse at a creative process where you and this larger system are co-creating the very reality you are experiencing right now as experience with a rigid rule-set to facilitate a genre-specific definition that facilitates your first-person experience as a human.

This process is a client/server relationship between you and this larger information system. The larger system sends you a data stream which in this case is highly-organized thought as the programming language, you interface with this data stream and interact with the data. The larger system tracks the changes to the data updating all the other active parts of itself so their datastream receives the changes to create the objective experience.

This language is communication between the “Individualized Self” and larger “Universal Self” or your waking consciousness and the collective unconscious. If you have had precognitive experiences it is part of a pre-reality probability calculation which Philip K. Dick back in 1977 cited as evidence we may live in a computer linked to his deja vu experiences that were, in fact, past dreams that came true known as Deja Reve, a term not widely used in his time period.

The paradigm of living in a material world is a belief much like flat-earth was back in the 15th century. Like any paradigm, it is changing. In ancient Greek, there were two opposing views about the nature of reality. Idealism, where Plato viewed reality as thought and forms and Materialism where Democritus viewed reality as atoms and everything else opinions.

Where Democritus was in error in his view is that he saw the Atom as indestructible and indivisible which as we know with modern Science Atoms can be split and fused. That they are made up of sub-atomic particles and forces and can be reduced down to the Plank’s Length.

Furthermore, we know Atoms are not solid. In fact, the majority of matter exists in a state of wave-particle duality known as superposition. The criteria for the Atom to become a solid particle is measurement. My article on immersion goes into greater detail as to why our physical reality is not physical rather rendered from information based on current scientific discoveries.

What Democritus didn’t know was his very act of observing reality was causing wave-function to collapse from a probability distribution [datastream] where the accessed information was then rendered into a view [atoms]. He derived his science from exploring the final rendered product of information processing and not the source of the information.

This problem of being in a simulation and deriving a science based on the final rendered product and not the source of information is akin to Plato’s Cave where prisoners only know their reality as shadows and not the source. This is like a video game character deriving it’s science from the game world implicitly. It could test and experiment in the game world and only ever know a science based on the game mechanics. The information would prove useful and beneficial in that rule-set but doesn’t describe the base reality supporting the simulation.

Elon Musk believes we have a 1 in a Billions chance of being in base reality indicating that it’s most likely we are living in a simulation. However, Elon doesn’t speak on the Dream Hypothesis perhaps he too hasn’t had enough experience with Deja Vu linked to past dreams to have this perspective found in the Dream Hypothesis.

From the perspective of the Dream Hypothesis, our reality is programmed by a highly organized thought-process as a language between the individual and the larger unified conscious reality system.

Plato’s Idealism fit more appropriately into the dream argument and dream hypothesis. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle all viewed dreams as potential sources of future information.

If you are finally breaking out of the immersion and see in first-person glimpses of this relationship in your own life through deja vu linked to past dreams (Deja Reve) then I will add my personal view on the cosmic origins of reality from the Dreaming Hypothesis.

The Conscious Singularity

In cosmology, scientists believe that we came from a singularity. The singularity expanded in violent explosion producing the Universe that we exist in today. What science neglected to consider is that this singularity was also self-aware. The singularity not having time/space as a constraint to exist comes from a state that is absolute, unchanging, eternal having no beginning nor end but empowered with awareness and the ability to think is how it kicked off this big bang using the Event Horizon as the storage device for all information.

This singularity having the ability to think produced thought patterns as a form of language and recursive feedback. These thoughts form as dreams. In those dreams, the singularity then has experience. Having no time rather infinity to run thought processes as feedback for experience, it evolved the quality of these patterns to the point that immersion started to form. The immersion was a trade-off in that it caused the singularity to lose its sense of self to become a character in these more complex dreams then end that sojourn into that experience and return to its base self.

Imagine this monolithic self-awareness having only dreams to create an experience and absolutely no time or space to concern itself with. Through many repeat iterations of new patterns of thought, it simply started to evolve a system whereby it could have experience. The more organized these patterns the more stable the experience.

To have more stable patterns it needed to have logical rules by which things behaved in that system and simply built upon rule-sets that worked more efficiently for a grander more verbose experience. By having rules, this allowed for context and purpose within that context rather than static noise or simple low-resolution fractal patterns. (Make note, the fractal patterns was primordial as part of low-resolution lower-order thought and you can still experience and remember it today as part of your heritage of being part of that process).

To make the experience more interesting and useful it quantized itself into partitions of individual bits of self-awareness projecting each node into the more evolved and complex patterns of thought as it evolved this recursive feedback system. Each of us is an individualized part of this now quantized awareness fractal where we have become steeped in immersion for the purpose of having experience with genre and context.

This Universal Awareness Fractal is what the Singularity has now immersed itself in. By quantizing itself into smaller awareness nodes the singularity now had a Universe in which to play as it’s grand Universal dream. Each of us is an awareness node in this system and are a vector of self-awareness within this larger awareness fractal.

This is why the individual awareness and the larger system have a client/server relationship using thought as the language to communicate experience. This is also why we have the observer effect in quantum mechanics as our reality is awareness based centered around the observer who is the one dreaming the experience of reality.

Are you starting to see this process of creating new patterns of thought for experience forming in your own dreams? Did you know that your dreams are part of this larger system with the purpose of evolving new patterns of experience? That each dream you have is creating a microcosmos of yourself in immersion within this conscious singularity?

In this model, you are already fully engaged in a dream that lasts a lifetime but in immersion meaning, you probably don’t know this relationship. And very likely when you sleep the same pattern of immersion follows you so when in a dream you do not realize it is a dream rather for that time in immersion you will think it to be the reality until you wake up.

The immersion is a very profound enigma with this relationship and this reality system is engineered with immersion in mind meaning it is designed to facilitate it. The nature of immersion in this state becomes all you know. To know more, you need to break immersion. The opportunity to break immersion already exists within you and the key is conscious self-realization in altered states of consciousness. Your dreams at night are an opportunity to experience something other than here by taking your waking conscious mind into that night-time opportunity. Learning to lucid dream allows you to have another focus state in which you can be conscious and self-realized. In that new focus state, the opportunity to explore the dream hypothesis opens up.

Going into sleep and turning off your waking mind is a bad habit and not a requirement rather a self-inflicted result of being in a dream illiterate society where dreams are treated as a taboo and not a source of experience. These 5-6 dreams per night are your chance to engage new experience and learn. The flow of conscious dreaming can bridge into precognitive dream experience. But to get there you need to get good at conscious dreaming. Lucid Precognitive Dreaming is something I will put out there for you to consider as an experience worthy of having. Seek out that experience as it will not only break immersion but give you first-person veridical evidence of the nature of dreams and reality as described in this hypothesis.

The complexity of this highly organized and evolved Universal Dream that facilitates experience and immersion may seem beyond your comprehension even though you natively exist within it, as a part of it and already participate in its creative processes in an unconscious unrealized state. The goal if desired is simply to now engage those unconscious processes with waking awareness. Participate in this inner cosmos of yourself during sleep and discover through experience this larger reality.

If you can understand the role of information processing and how this facilitates the rendering of your reality where you can accept that like a computer your mind is generating a virtualization of reality as an interface. You can see how the rendering is composed of thought. The interface here is no different than the interface in your dreams. Both are rendering out thought as experience. What you really are looking at is a rendered dream and always have, always will. At any moment that you become self-aware. It’s just the way it always has been.

Forgetting it is that way is merely the price of immersion. Remembering it, however, opens up Pandora’s box because what exists in this larger reality of the dreaming self is an Omniverse. Endless, boundless, infinite experience awaits you because it is always right in front of you.

The other mind-bending realization one can have in this is knowing that there is no time or space in an information system rather those properties are epiphenomenal of information processing like a computer rendering 3D graphics using Cartesian vectors to plot positions of space. Like a computer rendering, you to exist in a similar system where space is the property of rendered information.

What this really means is you never left the singularity. You are still in that singularity but projecting a node of awareness into the information produced by an infinite cycle of thought forming patterns of experience that have programmed an Omniverse of potential experiences. When you die and the stage collapses you will eventually return to the singularity and likely go off and experience something new within this system because eternity in a monolithic recursive while loop as a self-aware singularity does become quite boring.

The other area of note to consider is interconnectedness with everything else within this larger system. We come from oneness to become many where each part forms a whole. In life, we all start as a single cell, this biological metaphor of oneness that then becomes many cells to form a larger whole. In this system, each cell is individualized but unified in a collective all contributing a role in processing information.

We are all parts of this whole which like individual cells are unified. We are both the conscious singularity and one of its avatars for an experience. It is in this relationship that many people over the millennia have proclaimed the idea that we are one. It is in this that we see the need for a higher understanding of our roles as part of a whole. Why empathy, compassion, kindness and love matter as what we do to others, we ultimately do to ourselves. There is no thread in the fabric of the Universe that is truly separate. Separation is only ever found in immersion.

If you agree with this hypothesis feel free to like and share this article to open more discussion and debate.