March 1st, 2018 – The adventure of Lucid Dreaming never fails to deliver.

I have been busy preparing for my trip to The Monroe Institute, and will be flying out tomorrow so will be unable to post any dreams until March 12th. I had a lucid dream the other day and didn’t have time to write it down.

It was a lot of fun because I found myself facing off in the UFC Octagon against Georges St-Pierre. In the dream, I had no idea how I ended up in the situation and of course this brought the needed reality-check and I became fully lucid.

Someone was helping me lace up my gloves and I was thinking there is no way I could take on Georges. I’ve spent the majority of my working career in front of a computer, not training for mixed martial arts. But I am a fan of Georges, I think he is a fantastic UFC champion and I knew there is no way I would survive a fight.

The referee squares us off and signals that it was go time. I back up and try to avoid him, but he comes in and grabs me into a take down. The realism of my dreams are so accurate to waking life after 31 years of developing the skill that I do feel pain but it’s never severe like one would have in waking life. Plus it usually goes away very quickly.

Georges as a dream character felt very real and solid, I could feel not only the strength but solidity and mass. May as well have been real life. In no time I am in a rear choke and decide this is enough, I don’t want my ass kicked in my own dream. I phase out of the lock and transform myself into Mad TV’s Blind Kung Fu Master played by Bobby Lee.

Why not have fun, throw a bit of comedy in. I have a staff, and zero fighting skill but did a pretty great job simulating the character complete with voice and humor. “You have no chance to win against the Blind Kung Fu master!” I yell and laugh maniacally as i start swinging the staff and throwing air kicks screaming “Hie! Hie!”.

He starts to laugh, people in the crowd start to laugh. “You are not allowed to use a staff!” he tells me. I keep doing goofy fake martial art moves and walk into the ropes.

We end up going for beer after, so it was a nice lucid dream to hang out with Georges St-Pierre as a dream character. Loads of fun, didn’t end badly.

Todays lucid dream was also very fun. The dream leading up to lucidity took place in early 1920s era London where I was a grave robber tasked with recovering a very valuable diamond that was buried. I didn’t know I was dreaming until later but leading up to that moment, I was digging a grave and looting someone of all this gold and silver jewelry but couldn’t find the diamond. I was allowed to keep everything else.

I remember this old man with a wooden wheel barrow and shovel that I was hiding from. He had a shack at the graveyard where he lived. It was dark, and I was crouched behind a grave stone waiting for him to enter his building before I started looting.

I returned home, and the person who I was supposed to deliver the diamond too was very disappointed it wasn’t there. But then I started to fill the table full of all the other jewelry and he was happy about the large pile of loot. Very uncanny how the subconscious mind can create at run-time all of these highly detailed and ornate items.

As I was unloading the loot I noticed they some items were missing. I had found these large gold coins and they were not in the bag. This started the necessary questioning and thinking which lead to me finally realizing that I was in a dream. The realization that all these valuable items were now really meaningless was a momentary disappointment as I knew none of this would return with me. It was all just figments of my warped imagination.

But I liked the quality of realism in the jewelry, took some time to really look at the artistry and detail. This woman walked passed us and I thought I recognized her, I saw her disappear through a door and up some stairs. Decided to follow to see who she was.

She is at the top of the stairs trying to open a wooden door. “Do I know you?” I asked her.

She turns around an I see it’s Selena Gomez who I recognize immediately. She looks at me and smiles, “I think we’ve met before.”

“Only in dreams.” I tell her. “This isn’t the first dream I’ve had where you were in it.”

She looks confused about my comment. “Do you know who I am?” I asked her.

“You are Ian. I know who you are.” she replies.

“Do you know this is a dream?” I ask her.

She stops trying to open the door and looks around, “I think so.”

“It’s certainly a dream, want to go explore?” I ask her. “This place is pretty fun. I’ll show you around.”

She smiles, “I’d love to learn more.” and she starts to walk down the stairs. Like any good dream, the stairs have now turned into this massive array of stairs that descend to levels, there is no more walls and the setting has changed to this really amazing out door setting were we are on the face of a cliff. There is an ocean before us and off to the left there are more cliffs and these buildings forming a town. It is still night, and there are stars and the moon.

She runs down to the first level and looks up. “You don’t have to walk if you don’t want.” I tell her and I leap down to the ledge, almost 25 feet down. “We can fly here.”

I take the next flight of stairs leaping down floating, there is ice at the bottom and the stairs turn left leaving us exposed to falling off towards the ocean hundreds of feet below. I slide to the edge and turn around. She jumps and I watch as she descends and catch her, the force knocking us both of the ledge and we fall off the cliff.

I laugh, “Hope this is not your first falling dream.” we fall and I slow it down but she then disappears, like a ghost wisping into nothingness and I land on a street as the setting changed again from the ocean to a street.

I’m a bit disappointed that she’s gone. She was a fun dream character far more interesting than the grave digger earlier. I’ve dreamed of a lot of people, celebrities etc so there is no real fancy here. I’ve simply concluded that why I identify with people who are celebrities in dreams is only because I recognize them as many of the characters I meet are not from my waking life thus I take an interest in the familiarity.

Now left with a new setting, I decide to enjoy what ever the dream throws my way. It always feel great to be in this focus state. The rich realism is always the attraction, a true second life experience.

The street is part of a city of which I am not familiar with. I walk past street lights and people. It’s still night time and this limo pulls up beside me and the window rolls down. There is this elderly lady who looks like she is in her 80’s wearing a thick gold necklace, bracelets and rings. All blinged out.

The car stops and she’s yelling at me. If you read many of my dream entries I am aware of dream characters creating drama that can distract my focus state stripping me of lucidity and my usual approach to this pattern is to not engage the character and ignore them.

The result is it usually makes them really angry because I won’t give into the drama. The same was this case, she was yelling all sorts of expletives and accusing me of stealing from her (could be related to the earlier grave robbing dream).

I like the limo, it looks really nice. I walk to the last door at the back of the limo, open it up and sit down closing the door. What’s she going to do now? The driver gets mad and tells me to leave. I reply, “It’s my dream, why don’t you leave?”

He’s an African man, wearing the classic limo outfit and hat. “This isn’t a dream! Get out of the FN car!”.

There is this crystal alcohol container with crystal glasses and I pull one out, grab the bottle and pull out the crystal top and pour a few fingers of what looks like whiskey. “No, I think I’ll stay. Like I said, it’s my dream so you behave or get out.”

The old lady turns around but she’s not as angry. “Why do you think this is a dream?” she asks me.

“I’ve been at this game for a long time sweetheart. If anyone knows this is a dream, that would be me.” I reply.

The driver asks me, “What is it like knowing you are dreaming?”

“It’s fun. I love the realism. Instead of just being in my bed, here I am in this nice car, sipping away at a nice whiskey.” I take a sip. “Best of all, it feels as real as my waking life.”

I put the drink in a cup holder and lift my left hand and explore the realism by touching the hand feeling the muscle and bone. “It’s just like being in my physical body, I can feel the skin, texture and bone in my hand. This level of detail and immersion is wild. I love it.”

The old lady is now interested in me, she comes to the back seat. “You need to teach me everything you know about dreaming.”

“I’m afraid there isn’t much time for that.” and I watch as she starts to become youthful, a slow reversal of aging as her white hair starts to take on a blond look and thickens, her wrinkles tighten and skin becomes younger.

I take her hand and feel how realistic it is. “See, I can even feel a deep realism in your hand, as if you were a real person sitting here with me.”

“What if I am a real person, do you like me?” she asks. “Could I be your girlfriend?”

I laugh, “Yeah, I suppose you could but there is not much time here for a relationship. A dream relationship is very fleeting and momentary.” I tell her.

“Why?” she asks.

“Because I’ll eventually wake up and all of this will just be yet another dream to me.” I reply.

She cuddles up to me and whispers in my ear, “Then don’t wake up.”

I run my hand along her face, and look at her eyes. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, I’ll wake up even if I am unwilling to do so. But we can still enjoy each others company for the time we are here.” I tell her.

She looks sad, “I don’t want you to go.” and she leans over and kisses me. It was a nice kiss.

I can’t deny how wonderful it is to have this quality of realism from a dream, all the nice feelings, the tactile feedback. Here mouth was very soft, and even the wetness one would expect was there. About as real as it gets to be honest. I think I was more interested in enjoying the realism than the over all activity because back of my mind I knew all of this was just a wonderful simulation in the form of a dream.

But as forewarned, my new dream girlfriend was about to disappear as waking up as much as I would have liked to stay happened. Still better this dream than nothing at all considering magic like this happens only when the body is asleep and the mind is awake.