Feb 1st, 2018 – Another epic action packed lucid dream, twice in one day. Fantastic!

After work, I have been doing naps which usually allows me to have another go at a lucid dream. Having had such a fun one this morning I was pretty excited to get back at being conscious during sleep. I didn’t expect this dream would turn out like it did but again another epic dream so had to write it down.

As always, WBTB/WILD with MILD in the even WILD fails. It was a bit noisy so I put some ear plugs in, and that wasn’t filtering enough noise to make WILD easy so instead I switch to WILD. Getting pretty good at habitual reality checks.

The dream starts off where I am with my Father who lives in Vancouver. I have my daughter and she’s happy to see him. He wants us to go for dinner but asks me to pick up his Mom. He and his wife take my daughter and get into their SUV, she’s happy to go. I get into my car and drive to an apartment where his Mother is.

I open the door and she is lying on the couch happy to see me. Then it hits me, the obvious reality check. She has passed on since 2012. I’m caught up with a bit of emotion seeing her obviously. I realize it’s a dream but how wonderful that I have my Grandmother here, to see her again as real as if she was alive today. I put my hand on the wall to start stabilizing my awareness in the dream. I knew I was dreaming but couldn’t deny the joy and happiness of seeing her once more.

“Where is your daughter? I would so love to see her.” she asks.

“She’s fine, she’s with her Grandpa. I’m here to pick you up to go to dinner with everyone.” I reply.

“Oh that’s wonderful, it’s so good to see you again Ian.” she tells me as she gets up.

I didn’t want to tell her it was just a dream, rather I wanted to just go with the flow on this one. Maintain my knowing that I am dreaming but this is one dream character who’s drama will be fine (or at least I thought).

She tells me she needs to get ready and heads to her room to dress up. Somethings never change. I sit down on the couch, happy to be in this dream. Use the time while she is getting ready to further focus on the dream. The apartment is not at all like her one from real-life. Different couch, TV, coffee table. But these details were not important, this isn’t real life, this is dream life. The TV has some news article about terrorists on the loose and to contact police immediately if spotted. The whole considered armed and dangerous. They show pictures of these people wearing black military outfits, almost sci-fi looking.

My grandmother emerges dressed up for dinner and is excited to go. I extend her an arm bridge where she can hold on to my inner arm for support and we walk out the door into a hallway. When we exit, it opens into the landing platform of the Sky Train station, as if we transitioned to exiting a train.

There is a flight of concrete stairs going down to a exit area and we start to walk down. There are exit pillars with the small gate that one would have to push through. Behind them are security guards, three of them standing behind these small protective stalls that come up just slightly above their waist.

When I pass through the gate an alarm triggers and the guards pull out machine guns and demand that I stop right there. I’m a bit confused but realize this is classic dream drama and get a bit cocky because as if I have to follow some random dream character’s orders right? Even if they are pointing big ass machine guns at me.

“I don’t have to listen to you, I haven’t done anything wrong.” and I step forward. They unload with all three machine guns which was fine because the bullets had no influence on me being that it was my dream, however I didn’t factor in the idea that they would shoot my grandma. I turn to look at her and she collapses riddled with bullets and blood pooling around her. Now that made me angry.

The security guards having paused shooting and stunned that I didn’t go down open fire again. “You shouldn’t have done that. Now you just pissed me off.” I tell them. I mean, fuck these guys right? Gunning down one of my most beloved people in my life deserves retribution.

I walk forward slowly right into the stream of bullets that the middle guard is aiming at me with bullets ripping through my face, passing through but causing no effect. I walk up to point blank range. “You really think your guns are enough to take me down?” I tell him and I grab the machine gun from his hands, the other guards still shooting at me screaming for more back up.

I decide to see how they like it, and I open fire on the middle guard, the bullets rip into his chest and he falls back. I turn and mow down the other two guards. Some more security guards are in the crowd and they are now running towards me so I just open up unfortunately catching a few of the other dream characters in the line of fire. I mean why are they standing around when gun fire is going on any ways?

I throw the gun down and thank myself that it’s only a dream. I look at my grandma and although a part of myself wants to buy into the realistic immersion the dream presents emotionally, I rationalize that it’s just very dramatic. I still wasn’t happy about her being shot and the drama was about to escalate.

This is all brought about by the terrorist news article from TV, because now these terrorists or alleged terrorists are at the station however they have some defensive technology that inflates around them and produces basically a bullet-proof plastic bubble that grows into a corridor as they move up the stairs.

I love dream effects, especially when they have a certain plausible logic yet fantasy element. The bubble was square and had at least a foot of thickness for the walls, it pushed people out of the way clearing a path. And it looked really cool. I walk up and touch it, it feels like what you would expect from inflated thick plastic. Perfectly see-through.

It’s too thick to walk up the stairs but I want to see this effect in action so have to fly over it. I fly up and go to the head of the corridor watching the action as these terrorists run up towards the train as it docks and square corridor bubble presses up against the open door of the train where they then cut through the wall and enter the train which promptly closes it’s door and heads into a tunnel.

I fly behind the train just over the tracks, which are sparking electricity, more nice effects. The train exists the tunnel and I land on the tracks watching it disappear into the horizon. I look at the city and sense that I am being hunted by someone very powerful.

I have a third-person flash of this man surrounded by these militarized police force who are wearing black faceless helmets. He is investigating the train scene where I shot down the security guards and uses this device which re-animates the corpse of one of the guard allowing him to interrogate it to find out what happens.

The device has all of these wires that burrow into the body, it’s very cyber-punk. The guards eyelids forced open by wires that emerged under the skin. Again, another very cool dream effect. He tells the investigator that I refused to stop when an alarm triggered so they opened fire. Describes how the bullets had no effect.

He walks over to my grandmother and uses the device to interrogate her. I’m like, oh no you don’t and snap back to where I was standing at the tunnel. I fly back up the tunnel to the station and stand on the platform before the stairs where I can now see him and his guards standing around my grandmother’s corpse.

He’s already used the device and I’m a bit drawn into the drama because I didn’t like the idea that they would do that to her even though it’s a dream. So it’s getting a bit of an emotional response. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I yell from above the platform.

He looks up and his guards aim machine guns at me. “You better turn yourself in, who ever you are or my guards will open fire.” he tells me.

“I’m afraid you didn’t bring enough guards.” I reply.

He laughs, “So you think your tough, what are you some kind of super hero?”

“Buddy, you have no idea who I am.” I tell him. I smile and decide to go a little Akira on the guards. I basically gib the whole lot of them showering the entire area in well bits and pieces of security guard. Blood now drenching the ceiling and walls. Posters now covered in the mess.

He looks at me in horror and runs to this LCD terminal which acts like some type of portal where he is hit with this red beam and dematerializes and enters the LCD screen. I stand there kind of in awe at how cool and unexpected that was. I walk over to the screen and it has this symbol on it. I put my hands on the sides of the screen and can see my reflection in the black part of the screen.

The logo turns to a date and it’s something like the year 3360 implying he time traveled to some unknown location in the future. I press the screen trying to activate it, but instead it crashes to a dos prompt. It even has the c:\ prompt. This other dream character comes over to assist me.

“I see you are having some problems with the transporter. Lucky for you, I know how to fix it.” he says as he presses on the screen a few times and the screen boots back up, the red beam then shoots out and pulls me in. It was a very new and different effect.

I emerge in this very cyber-punk looking world, the buildings are large black towers with flying cars and robots patrolling the street. Very futuristic sci-fi looking. I see the man running down the street and he goes into this tower that has two security droids with large guns who move to block the door.

I take a moment to assess the dream, it was so cool visually. I didn’t have to go after this guy but I didn’t mind the fun, adventurous role-play present in this dream and decided to go along with it. Instead of engaging the security droids, I cut into this dark alley beside the building. Who needs doors when you have no-clipping mode in a dream. I press up against the wall of the building and pass through it into an office. There is this asian girl who sees me and she panics.

I decide to go into stealth mode and shift myself into what can best be described as a shadow person. I start to pass through the next wall of the office into another office. Another person is outside but they don’t see me. I wave my hand at them and no reaction. Stealth mode achieved. My arm and hand look like the silhouette of a shadow.

It’s also very fun to pass through objects and walls so I press on chasing this guy by walking through walls until I exit into this larger area where he is standing with a team of security guards. They are armed with these large guns, but unlike a rifle, these are designed to rest on their chest, they have a circular lens for the gun and two handles for each hand.

The Asian girl who saw me runs up to them, for some reason she can still see me and tells them that I am coming then turns and points to where I am standing. The guards open fire immediately and these guns shoot a sphere of energy that grows as it comes towards me. I dodge and they blast through the walls and offices explosively.

I’ve never been shot at with energy weapons like this before and try to take cover tucking back into the office through the large hole in the wall as more spheres blast through causing desks to explode and paper to fly everywhere. I see this pair of goggles that look like night-vision goggles and snatch them because they looked cool, had to check them out. I put them on as I hide behind a desk and they turn on with a high-pitch buzzing noise. The goggles give me a HUD complete with tracking squares and information such as distance written in this holographic text.

I don’t get to enjoy that effect before more rounds of fire burst through the office. These spheres just ripped through partly disintegrating everything they pass through and cut the desk into pieces as I roll out of the way. I run back into more of the offices I passed through and see a wall with these guns hanging from them. There were also suits of armor and helmets. A nice little armory. I grab one of the guns and turn around and shoot back.

We start to shoot it out, the HUD locking on to the guards and I fire blasts of energy at them. It’s really wild, and fun until on of their spheres hit me. It completely knocks me into a new dream, likely because I died in that one. I shake it off and find myself sitting in a hair salon of all places.

I’m on the floor and get up. There is this guy getting his hair done and he has black wavey hair which almost look like black feathers. This lady asks me to look at a magazine to choose a hair style. I have to restabalize because I was a bit stunned from the blast of energy. I remind myself that I am still dreaming, relax and sit down on a chair. The magazine has pictures of female models with some really nice looking hair styles.

I see this picture of Selena Gomez with black hair and though it looked similar to what the guy was getting done. Looked at him, then looked back at the picture laughing a bit but then Selena started to move like a run-way model and her hair starts and outfit starts to change. I was like wow, this is cool. Would love the day where images in magazines could just start animating like that. The more I looked at the images of her changing looks, the dream changed so instead of being in a magazine she was suddenly there as real as if in real life.

There was this fashion designer who was now assisting her with her outfit. By this point the style changed so she had this really cool short white hair with black stripes. It was almost like a bob cut, like a half sphere. It had three sections however where the second sphere layered slightly higher over the first, and then a much smaller cap at the top.

She was uncomfortable with the hair piece and the designer was making adjustments to it. Each section having a little bit of movement. She was wearing a white dress that complimented the hair style. He grabs a camera and starts taking pictures. She starts to pose and I watch fascinated at the artistry of this particular scene.

When they were done with that shoot, she flips her hands at the hair and it transforms into flowing black hair, her dress morphs to a black dress. Such a great effect. This goes on for a bit and I just relax somewhat mesmerized by the changes in styles thinking how cool that was.

Then like any good dream, I woke up. I normally don’t have such action packed lucid dreams in the same day. The Kingsman dream than this one. A good dream day to say the least.